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  • This show is about a boy who is trying to get through school with a school survival guide that contains tips and ideas about mostly everything in school. Join Ned, the main character, with his friends Cookie, a technological genius, and Moze, a very great

    I think that it is sort of unpredictable, and has many things that a middle school kid can relate to. I just don\'t like the way the janitor is always chasing a weasel, I mean come on! It\'s a weasel. It looks really fake too. I also don\'t like the way everyone nods their heads in the show. Other than that, it\'s a very entertaining show.
  • Neds declassified is a wicked awesome show cuz its so funny/.

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is really funny and thats why i like it, because of how funny it is. I think more shows should have better characters, and I don't wanna write much so i will just say, to reach the 100 word limit, it is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so good, cuz its funny unintentionally and everybody likes it. They need new episodes Soon like today! it is such a Cool show.
  • A pretty cool show, that adresses issues that face teens in middle school. But very funny, and deserves watching by all. So go watch it!(but read my review first)

    This show is about a boy named Ned Bigby, played by Devon Workheiser, and his 2 friends Jennifer “Moze” Mosely, played by Lindsey Shaw, and Simon “Cookie” Nelson-Cook, played by Daniel Curtis Lee, as they go through middle school and deal with the problems that plague teenagers now-and-days. Ned discovered how difficult it is to go through every day at middle school, and decided to write a ‘school guide’ to help his fellow classmates with their problems. His guide contains hints, tips, and an all around knowledge of middle school problems that plague teenagers in our time, like bullies, dances, homework, and how to get through them.

    As for the people in the show, my 2 favorite people are Moze, a self-efficient girl who has a tough personality and isn’t willing to back down from something she believes in (besides that she totally rocks in wood shop!!), and Gordy, the school janitor who is also a good friend Ned’s, Moze’s, and Cookie’s. Although he doesn’t really appear to actually do anything for the school, other than help Ned in his hair-brained schemes to win the affections of Suzie Crabgrass (drama queen, and all around stupid idiot, think Paullina from DP but without the big snotty attitude for all to see).

    As for shipping for this show I’d have to say Ned/Moze, and Cookie/Lisa, even though everyone says Ned and Moze shouldn’t go out, although I haven’t really been one to follow anyone else in their views. This is actually a pretty good show, even though when I first saw it advertised I thought it was going to be pretty lame ~ another teen show based around problems that don’t ever really happen, greeeeat… rolls eyes at predictability~ but it actually deals with real issues we face.

    So go watch it! Now!

    Why aren’t you obeying me? (scratches head)
  • cool show.

    This show is really great you know what better than great,actually it's like the best show on Nickolodeon.Well if you hate it your decion,me on the other hand love the show.If they take off the air I will literally flip out.I think it's the 3rd best show on nick it's not better Drake and Josh and Spongebob though
  • This is the best show in the world!!

    Ned\\\'s Declassified School Survival Guide is the best show I have ever watched. It is a really good show that all teenagers or students that are starting high school should watch it. Also you can learn a lot of valuable lessons and how to survive school instead of getting bullied and not making any friends.
  • This show totally rocks!!

    This show totally rocks!! it is about Ned and his friends Moze (a girl) and Cookie who go to Jame K Polks (or sumthing like dat) Middle School. They sumtimes have their own wacky plots together or seperatly. In each episode Ned gives the viewer a tip on surviving a certain situation in Middle School. And watz great is that they sometimes work! and i know by experience! u should definetly watch this!
  • Addicting, and pretty good, but some bad points.

    Ned's Declassified is a very good show. Its teach middle school kid some really good tips, though some are a little un-realistic. It is also funny but not the funniest show ever. Some of the jokes are extreamy corny and a little dumb. For people are always saying the same thing at the same time like its nothing like "Im Clair Sawyer, future lawyer"(Then Ned and Moze go) Clair, I've know you since pre-k." But overall I would say its a very good show. It deserves at least 2 more seasons. By the way the 2 season is much better!
  • Cool Show~

    I really like this show. It teaches kids lessons, while having their own stories and being entertaining and interesting. If all the lessons werent so obvious, helpless, useless, or just plain stupid, I think the "guide" would be really useful to somebody one day. This show gets better every eppisode~
  • Entertaining, funny, great, influential, positive, everything great about a show!

    This is one of my favorite tv shows. Why? Because the moment you turn on the tv you start laughing and smiling and having a good time, watching the show! Now tell me, how many shows put you in a good mood? Exactly, not many, but with this show, even if you've watched it millions of times, you'll laugh every time! And another awesome trait this show has, is that it deals with stuff we all deal with and can relate to, even me, and I'm about to graduate high school. One of those shows you don't want to miss.
  • Neds Declassified is a show witch teaches kids valuabe life lessons,maybe some are useless, but thats why kids watch it! Its an entertaining show and everyone should be able to watch it! We are thankful to be watching this AWSOME show!

    This show is a cool show ! who dosent watch it? If this show was around, just imangine what kids would be doing now! Probably eating their nail buds and running in the hallway not even caring if they break the princables arms,or they might be fighting with their BFFs just because of a dumb reason that could mean there whole friendship! This show is great the way it is!
  • Ned Bibby and friends try to do the impossible, create a guide to help you survive school.

    No one does know I watch this but not because it's bad it was the truth and I didn't see any other classifacations I liked for this show. Mainly the reason I like this show is because they give good ideas of how to handle things in school. so it educational. I also like it because it is funny. but mainly like I said before because it has good lessons. I may repeat things because im wasting space to get to 100. this show really isn't a good show to review cause' theres not alot to say about it. end
  • the best show in the world

    this is the best show its funny and it tells u good advice how to do stuff i love he episode where ned and rose trys to help the twins to separate them and ned wants one as his girl friend and the second episod i like is the one when ned and cookie lose there baby that they need to get graded on and the bully takes it away form them and he gives them parts of the baby and the teacher saw bie marks in it and he said what happend and ned said is a long story thanks for your time to reading this
  • This show is exactly as the title says. It's a survival guide. by my question is. what are they teaching. There was an episode on nick names being bad. Which was ok. But i am ready to protest their valintines special. Read review for the reason why.

    Their valentined episode was about people giving out roses on valentines. seems harmless, but its not. Mid episode they shared the story behind these 3 girls who never get roses on valentines who are called the "HUGE CREW". theres 3 girls are the ONLY slightly overweight girls in the whole episode. and they give them the nick name "HUGE CREW". What are we teaching the kids of today to do? to make fun of the different people? to ignore all the overweight kids and only befriend the normal sized kids. Adults and teenagers may know better than this, But do kids really know any better? They should get rid of their valentines episode.
  • Woot! This show sends me laughing like crazy sometimes. :)

    What's there to say? This show is funny in the greatest of ways! I love the way they raise up their hall-passes immediately. That's just plain funny. :D

    For me, the tips are basically useless. Yeah, mostly. Rarely do they help. It's funny how that works out. :D Middle school isn't THAT fun and exciting! But... I wish it was... *sniff*

    Some things in the show are very unrealistic. VERY unrealistic. I mean, drilling escape tunnels throughout the whole school? Creating the ultimate pot-hole? Weird... but funny all the way!! ^^

    I also like it when papers go whizzing by when someone runs away really quickly. :D I enjoy that as much as I do with the hall-passes. I would've tried running that fast in the halls, but they're just too many people around. Collision City!

    But if I could, I'd definately take a whack at it!

    To conclude all this together, this show will make your day, even if you have had a bad one. If you haven't seen it yet, go try it out!
  • Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide the best show ever!....

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide the best show ever! Its funny in a dumb kind of way. I think the show is influencial also when Ned gives tips. I might sound crazy but I sometimes apply the tips and actually use it. Cookie its my favorite character because he is so uncool, its funny!
  • A fun show to watch.

    a great show, it shows the life of middle-schooler Ned Bigby and his friends and how they get through the day to day struggles of being a kid. Every kid can relate to this show somehow, its just like most schools, just exagertated. The characters are original and the show never gets boring. I am expecting it to last for a long time. It also is a very helpful show, it gives you tips on how to avoid and solve problems. And alot of them are true and actually work. I love this show, and i watch it whenever i can.
  • Best Show on Nick!

    This show is the best. It has sooooooo much comedy. I wish I had a cool janitor like Gordy. He will make middle school fun! I don't think that a weasel could be president or win a recycling contest, but that makes it more fun! This show is number two in my top five list! I recommend this show to everybody. Every show gets better and better. I hope it has more than four seasons. Nick finally did somethng right! Does Nick show Ned... every day? I hope they do!

    In conclusion, Ned Declassified School Survival Guide Rules !!!!
  • A Preteen's Alternative to Scrubs

    This is for the kid whose parents won't let him watch Scrubs yet. Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide executes its own style off-the-wall, unrealistic humor well. The other preteen sitcoms these days mainly focus on the main character's crush, and although that is an element of the show, it doesn't overcome the other plots. Though the humor is unrealistic, the show deals with real problems in a way kids can relate to. It's strong in all areas.

    Ned's Declassified isn't groundbreaking, but it's entertaining and will not disappoint.
  • Funny I like the part when the nurse said do you guys have hall passes? And they show them from their hands up high!

    Funny I Like the part when the nurse said do you guys have hall passes? And they show them from their hands up high!I really liked the show but remember I must rule the world Hey Cookie I am Matt Hotman I love Ned's Dessclassified School SUrvial Guide! I love
  • it's very good at most times, i really like this show. Most of the tips are true & do help.

    it's very good at most times, i really like this show. Most of the tips are true & do help.

    the actor who plays cookie is kinda cute, Maybe he needs to appear on more t.v shows.

    Ned's a pretty good actor same with Moze. I loved the eposide about the shyness & nicknames.
  • This show gets soooooooooo annoying at times.

    I think this show is annoying yet it's better then the rest of the Teenick shows. I think it is better then like Zoey 101 or Unfabulous but not as good as the Avatar or Danny Phantom. I really think it's more ment for kids then teens but thats up to Nickelodeon.
  • finnaly nick put on a good show.

    this shows that nick just dosen't put on baby cartoons like the fairly odd parents or sponge bob spuare pants thats way past there prime. this show can auctally be for older kids. this has to deal with real problems that all kids go through. teachers are really evil. they give you homework,tests and quizes to show you they hate you. the actors do a very good job playing their characters and make it funny and intresting to watch.
  • My favourite show...EVER!

    As myself, a middle school student, I find this show absolutely fab!
    The best Nick show ever! It's very funny and I watch everyday when I come home from school. This show is great! I can't get my mind off it! The show is a gem! I wish my school was like it! The episodes get better and better!
    I recommend it to eveyone who is in middle school and wants a change from boring lessons.

  • Awesome show

    I absolutely love this show. I have been watching it from day 1 and it just keeps getting better and better each time. The cast is amazing especially Devon Werkheiser. Who wouldn't watch this show it gives awesome tips on how to survive school, and it adds humour which is great. One of my favourite shows
  • Ned Bigby creates a guide to helping middle-schoolers live their average school day.

    Wow. Amazing show. I use the tips rarely, even, and half of them work. The tips that he doesn't have... well, I have my own guide for those. Like, a couple words for the wise and what to do and not to do at lockers. Here's one:

    NEVER put stickers on lockers, stay with magnets.
    NEVER ride an ultra-high roller coaster on a school night. Like Kingda Ka, trust me.

    But seriously, I don't watch for the tips, I watch for the comedy! This is such a funny show. The actors are great, and so are the plots. Hopefully, this doesn't cancel as soon as Danny Phantom!

    This show is hilarious and extremely informative. All the characters are super awesome!!! I love Ned and Moze! They're hilarious and so is Cookie! Ned and Moze need to go out!!!! lol. I just want them to go out so much! Anyways, this show has such great tips! I am in middle school myself and I use these tips all the time during school! Some tips are hilarious at the same time as informative.

    The storylines for the show are also really funny. Every episode comes with tips and comedy. The teachers are all hilarious and they are all really good actors. Overall, this show roxx my fuzzy soxx and the tips are even better!

  • Just another "average teen" show? Guess again!

    "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide" is pretty much the only show that's worth the time spent watching that airs on the "Teen Nick" segment. At a glance, it seems like another one of those overused "Average Teen" plots that channels like to air nowadays (see my review of "Zoey 101"). It's quite the opposite, really.

    Here, we have raw, idiotic humor, that's an absolute blast to watch. Most shows on the Teen Nick lineup have a tendency to host a plethora of overused plotlines and stereotypes. "Ned's..." got them too, yes. But here, they're blown so out of proportion to become the object of such wacky comedy that you can't help but laugh.

    The actors also seem to have a lot of spirit, and mesh perfectly with the wackiness factor of the whole show, acting so out there and overeacting over everything. Yet, at the same time, some of the tips that Ned gives us are actually HELPFUL, and many can say that they can connect to the sitiuation being conveyed through the show.

    All and All, "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide" is just so corny, so outright funny that you can's help but want to watch it. (And that's pretty big coming from someone who's personal TV lineup is 90% cartoons and thinks most live action is crap)

    So give it a watch. I highly recommend it for those who are sick of all the other crappy teen shows nowadays, or those of you who are just looking for a good laugh.
  • Here's a tip from me: watch this show!

    This maybe one of the best shows on TeeNick besides Drake and Josh. It is funny, well-written, and just plain great. It is even better for middle-school kids because of the tips to surviving miidle school. The only problem is that choosing a subject like this won't last long. There aren't enough things in middle school to come up with more than maybe 3 seasons. I hope the writers can prove me wrong never know. If you have never seen this show at leats give it a chance. It is about a kid named Ned (If you didn't figure that out from the title you got a problem that I can't help you with) who is giving you hints about different things in school while dealing with those things himself. His two best friends, Cookie (real name: Simon Cook) and Moze (real name: Jennifer Mozley (correct my spelling if I'm wrong)), have their own problems that they have to deal with. All in all this isn't my favorite show, but it's still great compared to a lot of crap on TV.
  • Very Influential

    This show is about a group of friends that make up tips to middle school life. Some of it you can find helpful in real life. Some of it is just made up stuff like lockers (not sure) and various other stuff. The best thing that make Neds Declassified School Survival guide is nothing BUT the comedy. You can call the acting good. All the characters on this show are really funny like Coconut Head and Cookie. More funny characters need to be added to this show.
  • great show ever!

    the show is a best helper for school surving. plus the new season is funner that the last season. I wish that this show starter during my middle school years now I'm in high school but the tips can be helpful for all levels K-12. trust me this show can be real helpful.
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