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  • ned tells the kids at home helpful hints to get through middle school

    ok my little cousin watches this show and hes heading to middle school next yr..he watches this show like a religion and hes like totally asking me if things are like that and im like no..i told him dont follow those guidelines b/c they do not relate to real life..i have never had a bully, rumors, or anything like that happen to me in school..i was friends w/ the popular girl and we did have our cliques but no one really cared and the popular girl didnt snub sorry but some of these issues may prove true but half of them are just overdramatized and makes the show horrible
  • Helpful and Informational

    This show is made to help kids through middle school. It involves Ned Bigby and his friends Moze and Cookie who are making it through middle school. They get help from their teachers and the school janitor, Gordy. If you need help with bullies, embarassment, or getting organized, you can turn to Ned to help you. This show has funny characters and gags, such as Gordy chasing after a weasel, who is always hiding somewhere in the school. Cookie the hightech geek is Neds best friend and always help him. Moze is Neds other best friend who he ends up going out with. I hope there is a sequel involving high school.
  • Stupid.

    Well, it is. Ned\'s Declassified School Survival guide is as dumb as it gets. This (Among Zoey 101 and Romeo) is one of the shows that ruined Nick. I hate it, my family hates it, my friends hate it. Do I need to go on? This show is way too zainy and whacky to enjoy, plus the kids couldn\'t act if their lives depended on it. Stop wasting your time and go watch Cartoon Network. TEENick sucks, and Ned\'s Declassified School Survival Guide proves it. Really, please don\'t watch this show. Well, that\'s all I have to say about that.
  • This is a ridiculous show its very childish and a waste of 30 minutes this show doesnt deserve airtime nickelodeon doesnt deserve airtime the network has gone down ever since the 90's ended wat were the producers thinking I shake my head at this n disgust

    I am ver disappointed n nickelodeon and they just made my feeling stronger when they began to air this mess of a show
    this show hasn\\\'t helped it just proves the point that Nickelodeon needs to be canceled ever since the kenan and kel show got canceled nick should have been canceled too because its all been downhill since then this show ned\\\'s declassified is just childish and pure garbage I cant seriously watch this show its garbage and how can u even enjoy watching this no matter what age who can enjoy this television show I rate it two thumbs down
  • This show is SO stupid and dumb and also very corny.

    It is so dumb! What kid has a computer in their backpack or on their glases or in theier locker? Who has a printer in their pants? At What school, does a weasel run around and talk in a squeaky little voice? This show is the stupidest show I have ever seen! It's about 3 kids. Moze, pretty girl, Ned, geek, and Cookie, a huge nerd. they all try to make it through school. Ned has a school survival guide. None of his tips work! That dumb episode about writing on the bathroom wall. What was up with that? Are they trying to teach kids that it's ok to write on school property? The whole episode about making the school toilets blow up was so DUMB. What kind of guy dresses up as a girl and gets his nails done to impress a girl? I mean come on! This show is so stupid! Another thing is the Cornyness, well I pretty much covered that already. The principal running around with a siren on his head. That is the lamest and stupidest thing I have ever seen in my life. If I were on this show, I would be embarrasssed. Don't watch this show! Drake and Josh is better.
  • i don't like this show

    This show is so stupid, lame and corny. This is another reason why nick is going downhill. The show is about Ned who goes to school with his friends Cookie and mooze together they give tips on how to ''survive'' school. The plot is original however it isn't enough to cover how bad the show is.

    First of all what kind of name is cookie, i mean who in their right mind would name their kid Cookie. the show is so unrealistic and childish, I mean the adults are so goofy, the students are so unreal and what's with the cartoon sounds. I would rather hear a laugh track then those lame cartoon sounds. the action takes place in only one place. another thing i can't stand is cookie's annoying voice why do they make him talk like that? it just doesn't make sense i mean the should be going through puberty and he talks like an 8 year old. ON the other hand is the corny i mean Ned spends all the show obbsesing with this girl suzzy as if, there wasn't anyother chicks out there while in other shows we see the main character have more than one crush or Boy/girlfriend seriously nick needs to get real i'd rather waste my time somewhere else
  • When I saw the commercial for this show I immediately loved it...... Well, until I watched the actual show.

    I just don't get it. This show had such an original and wonderful plot, how could it turn out THIS bad?

    The actors...... Errr..... Dunno' if can still call them actors, they're down right terrible. Every line, every tiny bit of humor, they exaggerate it to the point that it is painful to watch. Especially Cookie(Is that how you spell it?)! My goodness, when I think of bad kid actors he's honestly the first one I think of. I think they meant to make it this outrageous but it honestly isn't funny. If their target audience is kids below the age of 8 I completely understand but......

    *sigh* Maybe I just had too high expectations for this show. I thought it would be a tiny bit realistic, something I could still relate to but with sprinkles of humor here and there. I tried REALLY hard to like this show, I really did. I spent this past week forcing myself to watch it while I told thinking myself "This stuff is hilarious.... HaHaHA....". But I honestly can't bring myself to like it. It just fails.
  • A pretty decent show with interesting humour.

    The idea of this show was actually a very cool one. Having a guide to surviving every aspect of school is something I wish was around in real life. Some of the tips they offered are actually really good though, like when it comes to dealing with bullies and handling homework. Like any other show aimed at younger teens and preteens, the characters in this show were crazy and loud and showed little development over the course of the show, but it was still fun to watch them interact as they tried to survive their middle school year. This show was fun when it first aired, but it too suffered a decline in quality as it went on and eventually lost it's magic.
  • Perfect

    This show was about Ned Bigby and his attempts at surviving in middle school thorugh, bad teachers, field trips, and, of course, love/crushes. When I was younger I didn't really enjoy this show, which is sad because when I watch it now I'm sad to see it go the way of cancellation. It was funny to see all the characters, and the situations they got into, it was a very comical show for nick. I didn't really care for all the tips they gave out, but it was forgivable. This is definitly one of Nick's best shows in the last decade or so. 10/10 A+
  • This is a good show for grade-schoolers. And especially junior high students.

    This is a good show for grade schoolers. And especially junior high students. Not only is it funny and entertaining, it also promotes good study habits, and actually teaches kids stuff.

    Occasionally, the show gets a little weird, Gordy, the school's Janitor, is a good example of this, but over all it's a very well done show. The actors are good, the plots are relatively original, and the over the top cheesiness of everything is so obviously intentional that it doesn't interfere with one's enjoyment of the show.

    I would recommend Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide to any grade schooler from fifth grade to eighth. Possibly even ninth grade.
  • i like this show

    this is a show about Ned Bigby and his adventures of surviving middle show but one of the things I like this show is that Ned gives us his Tip like each episode is about something that relates to school and Ned gives us Tips and I used then back when I was in middle school and those tip did sure help out a lot back when I was in middle school and some times those tips are not always survival tips on school some times it is base on girls boys and dating and left one last survival tips the ones they left out was survival to Gradution
  • Probably the greatest kids show ever created.

    I loved this show so much back in the day. watched every episode. it had creative characters, creative episodes. crubbs, cookie, loomer , ned , gordy, that bmx guy, sweeney and so many other characters. All of which fascinated me. I wish the show had gone on longer but still it was the best of the best. the show went out with a band as the last episode (field trips) was the best. I still see that show on ocasionally on teen nick though i have to sit through the painful degerassi comercials to watch it but its still worth it.
  • Well, I'm not the #1 fan, but I know this is a great show. Now, I'll explain why.

    The reason of the success of this TV show is that some boys love the shows for 9-10 years, but they hate the programs for 12-15 years, and sometimes the adolescents hate the kid's shows. This is the PERFECT combination, with a target for lots of differents aged-people, so this show has a lot of fans, and that's why i'm one of them. 8,5/10 may be unfair, but i think (and you can have a different idea) it's good, but it doesn't deserves a 9.
    Have fun!!! ¡The best critic!
  • Wow.

    Some so like this one would be better to be on Nickelodeon instead of that stupid Disney Channel.It's fine to a perfect channel and it's better than all of those very stupid Disney Channel shows.It's one of the best shows on Nickelodeon and it's one of the best tennage shows ever.It's really not bad people and it's better than that stupid The Naked Brothers Band.I would say that it's really a lot better than that stupid Boy Meets World or anything like that.I can now grade this show a C because it was not perfect,but not bad for me or anybody.
  • How To Survive Middle School

    This show focuses on Ned Bigby, a kid who has a guide on surviving various things in school. He gets help and gives advice to many characters- his best friends Simon Nelson Cook {Cookie}, and Jennifer Moze. He also has bully problems, teacher problems, and relationship problems throughout the show. This show was really good and I miss it. I know it was only for middle school, but I wish we could see their adventures in high school or something. Apparently Ned's actor might star in a new series about high school. Be cool.

    Overall grade for this series: A. Perfect for all
  • Great thinking putting it back on, Nick.

    I forgot how much I liked this show until I watched a couple of reruns that Nick put on. I think it was SO smart of them putting this back on, because I'm pretty sure it was on of the most popular shows on TEENNick. One of the things I love about it is the fact that it's so cheesy (the effects and all that...) like an episode I watched last week, Sweeny fell out a window, and you could totally tell it was a dummy and the punching effects with all the colors and stuff, I think all that was purposely added to make it funnier. All the actors are perfect for playing their characters, and (unless it's just REALLY good acting) all of the main characters seem to have pretty good chemistry. This show is the perfect balance between a comedy, and couple stuff (not like...*gags*....Disney shows...just kidding...sorta) and will have you laughing a lot.

    Grade: A+ (Ned didn't even get one of those in the show....haha..)
  • Nick was smart to put this back on.

    For once a good show is brought back to Nickelodeon! This is definitely one of the better shows on Nickelodeon, and the advice Ned gives seems like it would be very useful. The show can be a tad too unrealistic at times, like the parts with the weasel, but it's still awesome and so funny at times, like in one episode where Ned, Cookie, and Lisa suck in helium and talk funny and in another episode where Coconut Head loses the spelling bee and cries. There are also some episodes where I feel very sorry for Ned, like Study Hall, but this show is overall very awesome and I'm so glad Nick put it back on!!!!!! Marebear2009, out!
  • Quite good, I must say. Definitely worth watching.

    This is actually a pretty good show. Ned and Moze are a lot like me, just middle-schoolers trying to survive in their learning environment. Ned's cute in my opinion, he's a lot like my crush, I don't see why no girl would want to go out with him. Moze is a typical middle-school girl, a lot more tomboyish and tough than me, but I must say, her wardrobe can be pretty cute. And to explain Cookie...LOL. I actually have used several of Ned's tips in real life, like to use scrunchies when I'm having a bad hair day, or do whatever you can to stay awake. I use the second one most often - in history class - ROFL. The only thing I don't like about the show is the teachers. They creep me out. XD

    So, overall, this show is definitely worth watching, as it's by Jack Mackie Productions (the same people who created "Big Time Rush")and it's wicked funny.
    To be honest, I'm kind of sorry this got cancelled. I don't say that about a lot of Nick sitcoms, so that means it must be pretty good. Well, at least I can keep watching the old episodes on TeenNick.
  • Amazing!

    Ned's Declassified has to be Nickelodeon's best sitcom. The idea is just plain perfect. It's about a boy named Ned who, after having an embarrassing moment in Kindergarten, creates a school surival guide to help middle school students' problems. Ned breaks the fourth wall and gives these tips to the viewers as well. Appearantly the writers for the series never ran out of ideas for episodes, (spoiler)with the exception of that girlfriend thing from season 3 (spoiler end), but the series and characters were still just hilarious! This was my first review, so if you boo this review I won't mind.
  • A terrific Nickelodeon TV sitcom!

    Ned Bigby and his friends try to survive middle school buy Ned using a notebook to write tips about boys, girls, dating, responsibility, friendship, dating, sports, tests, and others. Ned likes to take the easy way and is lazy, but can to well when he puts his mind to it. Cookie is smart in school, but crazy about situations that go on while battling between Evelyn in the smartest person in school. Moze is athletic, but can be pushy if mad. Although they are very unlikely, they are best friends in a funny tv shoe by Nickelodeon and Jack Mackie Productions, they same production of Big Time Rush. I wish that Ned could just choose between Susie or Moze. I would go for Moze, because they knew each other better. Anyway, a great series.
  • Had a good reason to be cancelled...but I still wish it could've gone on longer.

    Ned's Declassified was truly an awesome show. It had good comedy, good plots, an incredible idea for the show, great characters, and for once, great tips. It was a really amazing series. I could relate to many of the characters and the problems they underwent in the show. Of course, most of the time, it was a more dramatic than it would've been in real life but that is natural, considering it's a television show. They gave great tips on how to survive school. The only reason this series was cancelled was because all of the writers and stuff ran out of tips to do, so they had to end it. Still, though, I think they could've come up more tips that could've last them at least 1 more season, if not more. Compared to the other Nick live action shows on today this show was better than all of them! Grade: 100/100
  • It was an okay series.

    Okay, back when it was being broadcasted, I wasn't interested in it. However, 2 years later, I decided to like the show. My favorite episode was Detention. It was hilarious. There were a few emotion glitches I had, like Cookie's schemes, Ned's cowardinece/stupidicy, Crub's selfish desire, but most of it was hilarious. Also, Loomer, I'm saying is a good example to describe stupid high school students. However, the whole series was really funny and somewhat gross, but I liked it alot. There were a bunch of songs that were silly and goofy, but cool. I guess most of the scenes that imitate cartoons was funny, too. I will still have some laughs from this series. But Drake and Josh and iCarly is funny as well.
  • I'm glad Nick's airing this show again, I missed it so much.

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is one of my most favorite live-action shows on Nickelodeon. This show stars Ned Bigby, Simon Nelson Cook, and Jennifer Ann Mosely, three middle-school kids that meet some other cool students, get to know teachers and administrators, like the vice-principal, the principal, and even the super intendent. Sometimes situations and other cool events happen at the James K. Polk Middle School, and Ned tries to figure out how to solve them by writing helpful new tips in his guide to help you survive middle school. I think this show is very entertaining, I always want to see my favorite episodes, and I never get tired of watching this show. I think Ned's Declassified School Survival is truly a school-based masterpiece. My favorite character was the evil science teacher, Mr. Sweeney, who turned out to be a pretty cool and nice guy after all. I also liked seeing the janitor going after that weasel. There's so many different middle school subjects and ideas that Ned tries to provide tips for in every episode, which means that I think every new episode idea was well put together.
  • I Can't Wait for Ned's Declassified HIGH School Survival Guide!

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide was one of my favorite shows, and now that they started to replay episodes, it still IS one of my favorite shows! Ned's Declassified circles around Ned Bigby, a kid who goes to James K. Polk Middle School and has a guide to survive every little obstacle that goes his way. Along with his two best friends, Simon Nelson "Cookie" Cook and Jennifer Mosely, he will use the guide, which he created to help him and anybody watching the show survive school.

    If this show wasn't replayed, I would have purchased all of the episodes off of iTunes and I'd be sitting in front of my computer screen, watching them like there was no tomorrow. Now that they've replayed it, I'm so happy, because it is one of my favorite Nickelodeon shows! I love them for that! P.S. Devon Werkheiser ROCKS.
  • Oh thank you so much for putting this show on! I love Ned's! It's awesome!

    Thank you nick for bringing back Ned's! The middle-schoolers out there needed it. This show aired for a long time, before I even needed it. ended. Now, it airs at the end of the school year, when we are about to close the doors to school and say "Good bye school, hello summer!" It is a great helps me with my middle school problems (if only they had an episode which was the guide to Spanish class) Although they ad in some weird things, such as the weasel and a bunch of weird stuff, they say things that are pretty true:
    We have bouncy cafeteria food, bullies, stupid lockers, crazy teachers, strict teachers, mean teachers, jocks, preps...all the things in normal middle school. They just add a little more drama to the mix and BOOM! got Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide to help YOU survive school :)
  • Thanks for all the help Ned!

    This show is hilarious, and sorta strange, but that's what makes it great!This show is about a boy named Ned Bigby (that spelled right?) makes a guide on how to get past school, and also has weird adventures in his school with his friends Moze and Cookie. I really miss this show it was really awesome! It was even a great series finale to make a movie. Hopefully there will be a spinoff that has Ned going to high school! At least for now Ned is back on Nick every weeknight at 8pm! 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98,99, 100 words. 10/10
  • A show that helps you through school? It's about time!

    This show was one of the greatest shows i've ever watched. It helped me and alot of other people through Junior High. The plot of this show was just genius and it's the reason why this show was so great. I mean a kid going through Junior High by making a notebook full of tips? It's just such a great idea! Ned Bigby is just a regular kid who decides to make a notebook containing all the advice he needs to get through school. It may sound wierd but it's a great concept. We kids just have one mission in our life, and that's to do well in school, and if someone actually makes a show that gives tips on it, it's gonna be a major hit. This show was one of the best things in my childhood and i just hate that it's gone. It was way under appreciated and that's just too bad, but the fans will always see what a great show it was.
  • It's more than just a show of school tips! It was the best show on Nick!

    Ned's Declassified is one of the best shows that I've seen in my whole freakin' life. Why? Well to start, it's hilarious! I mean, every time I watch this show I laugh at least once. When Ned's first aired, I was not a big fan, because I was still kinda young. But now I am, and now I love it! Every episode makes you laugh at least once, if not every time they tell a joke. And for once, they didn't have a series with a laugh box in it, which didn't make this show annoying in any way. Best of all, the acting was great and the kids were not jerks. Okay, there were some, but the 3 main characters-Cookie, Ned, and Moze-weren't jerks in any whatsoever. Y'know, even my parents said they loved this show. This show is realistic, and it can give you awesome tips on how to survive school. (Oh believe me. I've used a few of them, and they work like crazy) Anyway. I love Neds and I wish and hope it'll return to TV eventually.
  • Funniest show

    This show was the best on Nickelodeon. This and Drake and Josh used to be the only two things I ever watched and I was happy with that. :D This show was at times cheesy but their way of cheesy is hilarious. It's not like any other shows at all. I actually wrote down the tips in one of those composition books just like Ned had done. I had every single tip. It shows how much I love this show. So, if you ever see this (if it's still on TV) or online, watch it! You will not regret it.
  • One of Nick's best most clever shows. Much better than the garbage they are now airing on Nick.

    Ned's Declassified School's Survival Guide is, in my opinion, the 2nd best Teenick show, 2nd only to Drake and Josh. The shows these days on Nick are garbage. It upsets me that they haven't aired reruns (if they have I haven't seen them).

    The show is about a middleschooler, Ned Bigby who writes a guide to help you survive school. Ned is like most school kids, lazy and could care less about working. Cookie is the rare genius, and Jennifer is the overachiever. These are very typical characters for middle school, which makes the show realistic.

    What I love about the show was the mix of comedy and outragous events mixed with realistic problems school kids encounter. The problems the trio encounter are all problems school kids go through. The tips Ned gives, for the most part, are tips that viewers could use in school which could improve their performance in school. Others are simply there for comedy reasons.

    My only problem was towards the end of the series where they pushed the Ned and Jennifer romance. Why must Teenick shows have romance like this? It doesn't fit. The only good "romance" is the Ned and Suzie relationship. It was good because Suzie was Ned's crush, and I think a lot of people have crushes in middle school. The Ned and Jennifer romance is up there with the Logan and Quin romance (Zoey 101) and the developing Freddy and Sam romance (ICarly). All of these romances killed these shows for me (ICarly hopefully won't develop the FreddyxSam relationship)

    I wished that there was a season w/ them in highschool. There's a hole set of problems that develop in highschool.
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