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  • One of the funniest teen shows I had ever seen since "The Adventures of Pete & Pete" : )

    Ned's has to be the funniest Nickelodeon series since their run of great shows from the 1990's.The first episode I saw ironically was the last one (Field Trip
    Edition) and it was hysterical so I had to see all of the episodes leading up to "Field Trip".The cast is absolutely's a shame that it only lasted 3 seasons : (

    If the entire series is available on DVD,I would LOVE to have it in my collection.What made this show so special was that it showed the trials of what teens go through everyday at school,but from lighter comical side of things.
  • HILLARIOUS! AND GOOD FOR YOU! I don't know why my Tivo grabbed that first episode, but now i'm hooked! It's not just for kids, i am finding so much to laugh at in every episode!!

    I don't like modern kid shows, but somehow my Tivo grabbed this (maybe one of my key words), but after watching the first episode a few weeks ago, i find this show to be so hillarious!!! And i'm not a kid. It reminds me of Shrek, a cartoon that can be enjoyed by kids, but clearly made for adults? This was clearly made for kids, but has so much in there for us adults. There's alot in there that i don't even know how kids get: The VICE Principal has a whole Miami Vice vibe, with his wardrobe and shades, and even wants to become a PI in Miami(on the episode where he wins a lottery)...and that's only a small example (i'm watching an episode right-now, as typing).
    My Hero: the evil science teacher! Bwahahahaha!!!
  • Great funny show about how to survive middle school life! Some of the tips work even!

    I personally think this a great show! It's my favorite show on nick. It's a shame that it got canceled though. You rarely see shows like this anymore. just everything about it is just do unique! Though it is a bit on the "childish" side but, I just like that kind of stuff! This show, to me is 100% original. It doesn't have like the same plot you see in other shows, it's not predictable at all, alough I must say, at sometimes, it could get just a little predictable, but over all, this show is the most original and best i've ever seen!
  • I get why Nick cancelled this show, but I still wish they didn't.

    Ned's Declassified is a really great show. It gives kids tips on what they can do to help them in school and some of them are really useful. This show is one of the best live action shows Nick ever had on, and it always made me laugh. The series finale was the best series finales to a show ever. One thing that I enjoyed with this series was the fact that Ned has to face everday trials that kids and teenagers have to face today, such as tests on the same day, how to get organized, and stuff like that. But my most fave part of the series is defintely the comedy and the characters. The comedy is hillarious and I love all of the characters, especially Moze. I really wish it was never cancelled, but I know why it was. You can only have so much amount of tips, and eventually, they ran out. That was probably the only reason why it was cancelled. So in conclusion I do love Ned's Declassified, and I wish they would have kept it on longer.
  • It's one of those shows that; you know it's childish... but, still, it's pretty enjoyable.

    When I first heard of this show, I thought of this as a childish one; I mean, Nickelodian dosen't need the teennick spirit!

    But, lately, I really have a liking to it. The characters were all steyotypes, but, still, it talks about real life situations, with some of the best nick effects. And, it's the only one live action show I know that has 15 minuet episodes, which is good when your going for something short.

    So, BTW, I really like the acting, but, I really wish Nick would show it much more. It's still a good show to my heart's content.
  • This used to be my favorite show on Nick...

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is defiantly not what I expected it to be. I didn't have high hopes for this show. In fact, I didn't even watch the first season because I didn't know any of the actors and it seemed pointless. But one day when I did decide to tune in, I was in love with it. Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is about a boy named Ned who makes up tips to survive middle school. Most of the tips work in real life, though. It's a really good sow to watch and it was one of the last good shows on Nick.
  • I remember when I was in Jr. High. This shows give lots of tips.

    Ned's Declasified school survival guide is the best show for Jr. High students. The show helped me (a little bit). So it should help other people (maybe a lot or a bit). Well I liked the part when Susie came back to Polk Middle school. Ned was sooo so so happy. I had a feeling Mose and Ned would be a couple ever since I first saw this show. How cute. I just wish I could get a girlfriend. Well I kinda wish I had Cookie's brains because then I'd be an A honor roll student. Now I'm done with this reveiw.
  • Ned's got some good tips.

    This show was a great idea, though with just three seasons, because it started off with Seventh Grade, then a new Semester, then 8th Grade, it was gonna end kind of fast. I don't know what the news is going to be if there is going to be any new returning series sometime in the future, but it would be nice if this show did get renewed, as it was a nice show with some helpful tips and it was funny watching Ned go through all of these experiences along with his friends. But this was a successful show which was another show where it was great while it lasted,and at least Nick is showing some reruns in certain time slots. That is about all i have left to say about this show, though i will end this review after i say this: This great TV show had a lot of different Middle School stories and ran with a hit as the school also had good actors who did a good job playing as teachers. Have a great day everybody.
  • I had never seen Ned's Declassified until this summer, some time after I myself had graduated middle school, and my first showing was accompanied by substantial skepticism. However, much to my astonishment,

    I found the show to be quite charming. This is in large part to do to the writers' unmistakable comprehension of what middle school today is truly like as they humorously address topics such as popularity, spirit week, woodshop, lockers, and more. The charm of the show is also in large part due to the character Ned. Although Ned certainly can make mistakes, he nonetheless is the most positive, loyal, industrious, and altogether winning character to emerge in children's television in years. While the show itself features some kissing, comic pratfalls, and the occasional gross-out gag, it is principally a clean and clever program, and without a doubt appropriate for its intended age group.
  • i missed this.

    i thought that the field trip episode wasnt gonna be the last episode. i thought the graduation was gonna be the last episode. oh well i was wrong. i really did wanna see their graduation and there can be some really interesting tips and some good tips that could work on any body else's graduation. they should make a fourth series about being in high school since you do really need tips for surviving high school. what else can i say now? oh yeah, uhh umm Bring This TERRIFIC Show BACK!! maybe they ended the series because some main character actor or actress didnt want to act anymore.
  • Great show for teens like me!

    I loved this show from the start. I am a little sad that it ended, but I loved the movie. I am really glad that Ned and Moze finally went out because I was waiting for that for a long time. At the end of the second season, I was wondering if Ned and Moze would ever go out and they finally did! I am super happy that that happened. I liked all the episodes that dealt with school problems. Some of the tips actually helped me. I really liked all the seasons exactly the same and I am really happy with this show.
  • Even though the middle School Guide is Complete, it'd be nice if they could have a Second Show with Ned on Tips of how to Survive High School.

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide was a very great Show! It was also a very interesting Show that Showed the Main Character Ned Bigby(Who is played by Devon Workheiser) a very nice and Bright Idea of having Episodes shown what happens and Tips of how to Survive Middle School! It may not be entirely Realistic, but I'm sure some of it is, and the Show still is fun to watch. We watch Ned and his Pals Simon Nelson Cook, Cookie for short, amd Jennifer Ann Mosley go through all sorts of wild adventures and Plans in James K. Polk Middle School!:) By the way, James K. Polk was in fact, our 11th President in Office in the History of the United States!:) So yeah this was a great Show with 3 Seasons, the First one showed the First Half of Seventh Grade, the Second Season showed the Second Half of Seventh Grade by saying they Start off with a new Semester!:)And finally, the Third Season shows them in a new Grade, Eighth Grade! So overall I thought this was a Great Show that ended kinda quick...which is why I'm hoping they can have a Second Edition that shows the smae people in High School With Four Seasons each one showing the Four Grades in High School: Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, and then Senior! Plus since Ned's Declassified shows School, then I'm sure it is somewhat Educational, but it is good because they try to make the Educational part fun! So in Conclusion this Show was great while it lasted! Even though this Show is Cancelled now, I really hope Nick can still Show Reruns of this great and very cool Show! I miss this Show already...
  • A really great show.

    This show is really good and influential for children in middle but sometimes the tips will not come in handy that much. I wish they could still put on new episodes of this show and it was replaced by some other horrible shows. I really wish this show wasn't cancelled Nick please BRING IT BACK!. So the show follows how Ned and his friends Cookie and Moze survive school together and also are best friends. Ned is the one that gives out the tips while Cookie is always working on experiments and science projects and other scientific things and while Moze is trying to make friends with girls.
  • its a bout a 3 kids in middle skool that have weird adventures

    it is a very good show i really like it it is pretty much for kids though but it is a very fun show there are a lot of wacky things happening is this show like in one episode ned was telling his girlfrien that he loved her but it wuz in a note so her broke into her locker and got her math home work it was really funny but some of the episodes are dumb because gordy chases a weasel soo ya my personal favorite character is moze because she regular in the show and thats my review so bye
  • Great show! It sorta helps in school!

    I think this was a very hilarious show that really helps in school and it gives tips, yeah sure this show is made for humor but it still helps. I really like the plot truly original and the acting is okay. The adventures are sometimes not realistic, but that's what makes it funny. Basically it shows what every student is going through it's really a great show for kids and teens to get advice and laughter from school. my favorite actor in the show has to be Darren Norris he's really funny and he is also a great voice actor. Overall Great show Too bad Nick Canceled another great show.
  • Life of Ned, Moze and Cookie surviving middle school.

    I found the commercial funny (the one where Sweeny was going "P! P! P! P!" and Cookie had to go the washroom). Although I don't see it anymore. So I decided to watch the show. It was funny, but very exaggerated (a weasel in the school? And how hard is it to catch one?) In my opinion, I don't really like Suzie, she's not even nice or pretty. As for the tips, they're common sense, mostly everyone knows about them. Cookie acts stupid most of the time, relies on technology too much and why does he have a printer in his butt? o_O
  • I miss watching new episodes of Ned's every Saturday... but they all had to go to high school sometime..

    I love this show! Its about Ned Bigby, Jennifer Mosely, aka Moze, and Simon Nelson Cook aka Cookie. They go to James K Polk Middle School. Ned gives us tips to get through Middle School, and they are very helpful. The kids have to get through the bullies Loomer and Missy, the evil science teacher Mr. Sweeney and the creepy English teacher iTeacher. This is such a fun show to watch and it is so unique. Everyone on it is very real and good at acting. I love every single episode especially the Halloween one, lol! I really miss Ned's being on every night, but its a great show otherwise!
  • Annoying! This show is supposedly good. All is exaggeration and stupidity.

    In the middle school, Ned Bigby and his best friends will try to make the impossible, create a guide to help you survive school.
    The show is pretty funny, it´s about the situations of the school, but they make it all twisted and crazy. Everything can happen in the school.
    This show is like, you pick any situation, and it makes it a big crazy dumb situation. It´s very entertaining, actually Nickelodeon is doing a great job with some cool shows on TEENick.
    There are many characters Ned Bigby, Jennifer Moseley, Simon Nelson Cook "Cookie", Coconut head, Martin, Gordy, Vice Principal Crubbs, Loomer and his pals, Seth Powers, Mitsy, Suzie Crabgrass, Mrs. Dirga ,the huge crew, and many others characters that appear in this show. The eight graders, that actually Ned is going on 8th grade.
    But I hate Cookie, I just can´t stand him anymore, his voice is so annoying and his stupid face he does ALL the time, He is the most Annoying person in the world!!! And the show also the little sounds they play every second; there is an annoying little "background noise" effect all the time, and I just dislike it.
    At least the 2nd season is excellent.
    But there is no way, it could ever be remotely as funny as Drake & Josh.
  • This show was very funny. All of the characters were hilarious. You could really relate to them. I think that the funniest character on that show was MOZE. She was well rounded. NED was a cool character. He was popular and everyone knew him and his tips.

    I think that this show was a great show. I wish that it would still continue. They should show this show more often. This show in my opinion can help a lot of Middle School Teens. It's a funny show but it has some great advice. There was a tip for almost everything that the did. Also, I think that a lot of teens could relate to one of more of the character. This show was awesome. There was such a fun and positive attitude and environment on the show. I would give this show an 8 out of 10. I wish it would be on more though.
  • This show is about Ned Bigby and his friends Moze and Cookie,and they are all trying to survive middle school. They find out that it is very very hard for Ned comes up with this journal of tips and clues to surviving middle school.

    I didnt really enjoy this show at first, but as Ned and Moze started to get close and likeing eachother it started to get interesting. The last episode was great..but i dont know if i would bring it back.It was nice while it lasted. Ned is really really really cute and his character was well played. Moze is a very good actress and i think that her and Ned should have gone out way before the end of the show. Thats just me tho. cookie was a good actor also. A very very nice crew working together..A well put togehter show.
  • Bring it Back!

    "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide" is one of my favorite shows in the history of TV. It focuses on Ned Bigby and his two friends, Jenifer Mozely, and Simon Nelson Cook. Ned has created a guide with tips to help kids in school. Each episode points out a diffrent part of school that kids may need tips on and Ned gives tips on that one subject. While Ned does this, the kids and their friends go through a story at school that relates to the subject Ned is giving tips on. It came on Teenick on Nickelodeon for 3 years and was loved so much. Now its gone. Rip Neds 2004-2007
  • Great and informative.

    Believe it or not the tips work. I've tried them! But for some reason students are allowed to throw things at the teacher and not get in trouble like throw vegetables, and spit balls.

    Sometimes the ideas they make are insane but it's all good, there interesting and you learn things too. For some reason, I like this show but I'm not sad it ended! Well there's a first for everything. NDSSG is also another non Disney show that's on family along with Zoey 101, naturally Sadie, and the children shows they show in the morning. This is a show that all teenagers and kids could and enjoy and teenagers should give the tips a try because that's the reason the show was made.

    There's also a mistake. Like when Ned is sad about Susie's leaving, Gordy shows him the past but when he shows the bathroom incident, they show that he wasn't saved by anybody. But in the episode when Ned helps he's old teacher, he says that he saved him from the bathroom three times and moze says she saved him from the bathroom once

    Storylines: Insane-9.4
    Characters: Great-10
  • i really love this show its awsome ned and his friends have crazy times in middle school and know the thing am going to say is mainly to the director please a millon times please have more and newer episodes of neds declassified school survial guide

    only 1 thing to say this show is awsome and i really love it so please everyone who made neds declassified plese make more and newer episodes of this great episode i have to say that the field trip episode was the best one or carrer day well when suzie returned that was a good episode and the tryouts plus the clubs one was really good accuatlly all of them were good so thats why i want the director to make more episodes of this amazing great brillant outstandig epidodes so once again please make more of the neds declassified school surival guide
  • Ned and his best friends have hilarious adventures in middle school.

    I have to admit, when I first watched this show, I thought it was just bizarre and ridiculous. But I eventually realized that that was what made it so hilarious! All the characters are so likeable and unique, and fun to watch. Even the childish romance is enjoyable! Even though the best-friends-start-dating idea has been done over and over again, I thought the way Ned and Moze's relationship was built was very cute and tolerable. The ideas in the show may be extremely unrealistic, but that's what makes this show so entertaining to watch! I miss this show, and if the actors didn't have to grow up I would say they should bring it back. :(
  • Sure helps you in school for sure! (sarcasm)

    This is one of those shows that I personally classify as " L m f a o " shows. My " L m f a o " shows are the shows that I personally consider to be Awesome ! Shows like this make me laugh so hard . . . and this is one of them due to the fact that well . . . it makes me " L m f a o . " I seriously consider for those of you to watch shows that i classify as a " L m f a o " show. Thank You!
  • Of all of Nick's Live action shows, this is the best! (well, at least that's my opinion)

    Ned writes tips to help us normal students who aren't particuarly good at sport or really high up on the popular scale. He and his two best friends Cookie and Moze (just by the names you would guess Cookie was a girl and Moze was a guy, but it's just the opposite) I think that the tips actually work in real life, at least in some circumstances. I've used some of them. (which ones they are are none of your business) Ned is just a normal kid who gets picked on by the school bully. Cookie is a computer geek, and he does some really weird stuff, but it's funny. Moze is a real tomboy, and she's smart. Gordy is the Janitor, and he's friends with Ned and Cookie (not so much with Moze) who is on a quest to capture the evil weasle or feret or whatever that little thing is.
  • Better than I thought it would be.

    This show is about Ned Bigby who creates a guide to help kids survive school. Joining him are his friends Jennifer " Moze " Mosely and Simon " Cookie " Nelson-Cook. There are a bunch of other kids who need his advice from things such as bullies teachers etc. They attend James K. Polk middle school and a lot of wierd and wacky stuff happen their. And ned constantly tries to impress his crush Suzie Crabgrass. I did not think this show was going to be funny at all. I am so glad I actually watched this show. I recommend this show.
  • Totally Cute!

    When I first saw the advertisment of this show, I despised it. I thought how stupid this show would be. However, my friends convinced me otherwise. My friend told me it wasn't a waste of time. It was totally cute and hilarious. So, i decided to give it a try. I started laughing hard when i saw the episode 'School Plays'. It was totally stupid and somehow funny. I fell in love with the show at once. I taped every single episode of the show. Wow. i really must thank my friend for finding my new best friend. Totally, totally awesome!
  • thsis show is okay its sucks that it had to end it was a show wenn disney had nothing new this was my favorite show the cast is okay my favorite chacter is ned then cookie and moze the show is funny and the weasel rocks! its a coll show my 4th favorite n

    nick show the tips are okay some are just out there and some work but its all funny just one thing no parents ever why idk ned loves suzie but she like ned but she does not know how to tell him his best friends is a computer and a tommyboy the show is cool my favorite one is feild trip withc is the last one but its the funniest one of all this show rocks its funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny this show rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rocks!!!!!!!!!!! rocks !!!!!!!! rock !!!!!!!!1 rocks!!!!!!! rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 rocks !!!!!!!!!!!! rocks !!!!!!!!!! did i mention it rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I tried the tips and most of them seem to work!

    I luv this show to death! Well, not as much as I luv Drake and Josh but it's still a fantasic show. Much like Phil of the Future and Lizzie McGuire, it's a live action show with cartoon fetures and effects in it. I like the 'tips' that Ned always gives. They really seem 2 help! That's what I like best about the show. The 2nd best thing about this show is Rob Pinkston, he's soooooooooooooooooo hot! He looks very young fer 18. And it has great comedy and a lot of relationship situations. However, the one thing I don't like about this show is the way everyone treats Cookie. They treat like he's not an important character. I don't know why but I might never know. And the acting could use a little work. But other than that, it's a really great show and even my older brother likes it.
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