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  • Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide,

    I like this show a lot! It is a very funny show! Like the one when Cookie kept matching up with the husky! Funny. It also gives great tips about school and how to make it better for you. I thought the show at first would be bad because of the LONG name But now I like the show a lot. I watch every time I can. It is one of the best shows on Nick. The actors and actresses act well. The show is NOT confusing. The name is long but good. They have funny and good shows. Great you should watch it. I like it a lot. My family likes it a lot too so do my friends too. Funny show.
  • My whole family LOVES this show. IT is SO awsome!

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is absolutley fabulous! This show is about Ned Bigby,a 7th grader (8th grader later in the series)who has his own school survival guide. And his friends, Cookie And Moze (Cookie and Moze are nicknames) are following the guide to survive James K. Polk Middle School. In my point of veiw, this show is dramatic,romantic, and funny. My all time favorite episode is "Arts and Crafts/Lost & Found!!" This episode is the funniest Ned's Declassified EVER!! In closing, this show is a great show to put a smile on your face and to pass the time!!
  • One of the only good shows from TEENick.

    So, this little show premiered a few years ago along with Unfabulous(the show with the emo singer). Ned's was much better. So, it was the story about a kid named Ned who just decided to make a guide for people who go to school. His two friends named Cookie and Mose join him in his very strange life at school. What makes it different from other Nick shows is it's just surreal. No one's annoyingly perfect. The show is usually cut into two shorts. And there's a big cast of characters(eccentric teachers, Libbys, bullies, geeks, etc.) for all you shippers. Too bad there's only 3 seasons. Well, enjoy.
  • A show about a guy with a servival guide to some wacky middle school life.

    This show is pretty fun to watch, it's like it turns middle school life into a silly adventure. It has some quite unuasul things like for example there is a janiter that is so upsesed with tring to catch a weasel. The show also makes the characters very different and sterotypical. Also, the characters do things that normally other people would do in school like when Cookie takes other characters on an after school tour when there bus was going to be two hours late. So my point is that The middle school in this show is not like any other ordinary middle school, this one is much more wacky and unusual!
  • A series that was liked by almost everyone!

    Ned's Declassified School survival guide was a show about three average teens named Ned, Jennifer aka Mose, and Cookie. The series starts out with them in the 7th grade of J.K. Polk Middle School and ends with them in the first semster of the 8th grade. In this series, Ned and his gang give tips about what to do and avoid in school. The tips in real life aren't realy ture most of the time. In the series you meet mean teachers, weird teachers, and the weasel. the weasel is annoying gordie, the school janitor, and he always trys to catch him, but is always unsuccessful. Overall, this is a great series, but ended. i wish they would bring it back. ned declassified gets a 10 out of 10 from mushroom :)
  • Great show, but sadly ended... Nick always ends their greatest shows and brings out the dumb ones.

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is my favorite show ever and probably will be for a very long time. The character all fit their parts. It was just so great.

    There is Ned. He is the main character, as of course, his name is mentioned in the show's name. And I'm sure thats as far as I have to go in the debate for the "mainest" character.

    Anyways, Ned started out the show short, and kind of geeky. Really, his size (height) was awkward for a kid his age, or at least for a kid his age in that school. (James K. Polk Middle School) That was a pattern in the series. All schools mentioned were named after presidents. In one season three episode, a school named Jefferson Middle School was mentioned.

    So my opinion on Ned? A great character. His tips were really good. He created like 100+ tips in the whole series and put together a notebook called "The Guide". There are tips on almost every school matter you can think of. From Reading to Math and School Car Washes to Spirit Week. From Dares to Secrets and Recycling to Lockers. Yes, The Guide has it all.

    Ned has two main best friends. One is Moze. She's okay but in my opinion, a little too forceful. She likes to force her friends Ned and Cookie, (I'll get to Cookie soon) into dumb things and usually wins (I hate when the girl beats the boy) in battles against each other. She was also Ned's best friend since the diaper days. I think that is what kind of got her and Ned together in the end. (I'll explain relationships later, as well)

    Cookie is another of Ned's best friends. He's black (not to be racist or anything) and is usually in a great mood. He's usually a great character. Really funny. But in the third season, it was like in every freakin' episode, he was chasing after this girl, Lisa Zemo. (He previously paid no attention to her when she was a geek in seasons one and two) That got annoying to me.

    Suzie Crabgrass was Ned's life-long crush. Or, at least he had a crush on her since the fourth grade when he met her. Suzie Crabgrass is played by Christian Serratos, who I am a big fan of. (If you know me as Dirk4MVP, you'd surely know that.) She is very attractive in my opinion, and I was a huge Ned/Suzie fan, but sadly, it didn't turn out that way.

    Ned and Suzie started officially dating in Season 3. Things were getting great, but then, Ned started to act weird around her, and worst of all, she moved out of state mid-way through the season. Fortunately, as soon as Ned and Moze were trying to develop a relationship, Suzie came back during the last second of the second-to-last episode of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. Things started to get better as Ned and Suzie were again boyfriend and girlfriend coming into the series finale. But then at the end, Ned announces he and Suzie, "aren't working out". So he and Moze then start a relationship, and since then, it has been really painful to watch those kinds of episodes. Look at a picture of Christian Serratos and you'd see why. I have about 25-30 pics of her saved in my computer.

    Other characters in the series (many of them) include: BOYS: Coconut Head, Martin Querly, Seth Powers, Billy Loomer, Crony, Buzz, and a few others. GIRLS: Lisa Zemo, Claire Sawyer, the Huge Crew (three girls that have a crush on Ned in the first season) Evelyn Kwong, and also some more.

    The teachers in this show are average in my opinion. My favorite one would have to be Mr. Sweeney, the science teacher. Other teachers happen to be Dr. Xavier, (math teacher) Mr. Wright, (reading teacher) Mr. Monroe, (life science teacher) Coach Joy Dirga, (athetics coach) Mr. Chopsaw, (woodshop teacher) and... would you consider a janitor a teacher?

    Oh well. In my opinion, the best character, (by best, I mean funniest) the one, the only, GORDY!!! He's the janitor at James K. Polk Middle School and to me, he is the funniest character on the show! Bravo to Gordy!!

    So as you can see, (I am now reaching 700+ words on this review) I care so much about this show, I'm willing to break my hands off to write a long long long review. So if you're reading this, thank you for reading this far down. I guess I am done, but one more time:

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is perhaps the best television show in history of Nickelodeon, and possibly the whole world! A big thanks goes to the writers, directors, and producers of this show for making such a great sitcom! Your show is so great, I'm now reaching over 800 words! Thank you!
  • Worth watching

    Ned's Defied School Survival Guide chronicles the wacky adventures of Ned Bigby and his best pals Moze and Cookie at Polk Middle School, as "every-kid" Ned shatters the fourth wall to share tips and tricks on navigating middle school. Ned's not super cool, and he has no superpowers. He is, however, witty, well-groomed, upbeat and self-aware. Moreover, with more than a little help from his two best friends, he's equipped to conquer middle school minefields. From crushing bullies to crushes, from off- the-wall, mean and cool teachers to pop quizzes, elections and detentions, Ned knows that nothing, including the seventh grade, is as bad as it seems. This show has alot of good tips that can even go beond middle school. I just recently came across this show and I really enjoy it.
  • An school survival guide,that will help you in school results may vary.

    This show well the setting revolves around the middle school.An boy name Ned Bigby is the one that write tips give tips surviving school.His best friends are Cookie,who is an computer wiz and Moze who is tough loves sports.This basicly covers an life of being in middle school.Where they survive everything from school liked crazy teachers.Well through the first season and second season.Ned has an crush on Suzie Crabgrass.Even his plans,to try and go out with her fail.But eventually those two go out together.Than Suzie moves away.Than Missey start liking Ned.Which I haveno clue where that came from all of the sudden.Moze first likes Zack,than Fayman.But she relized that she likes Ned.

    This show is wonderful.I really enjoyed it.I was bit of an fan of Loomer and Moze being together.But Ned and Mose are prefect together.So I guess it meas that Cookie never probabbly wont be going out with Lisa.I am not sure though but this show is awsome.
  • One of my favourite shows EVER!

    this show is one of my favourite shows Ever because its so funny and it helps me alot Neds not the coolest guy ever but he is funny and helpful and can really be undertanding.
    Devon Werkheiser (Ned) is a awesome actor and i look forward to seeong more of him!. Sadly the show is finished and they will probably show re-runs now but its not really the same :-( Ned declassified was awesome show and I'll miss it dearly. So this is a farewell to all my fave characters Ned, Moze, Cookie, Suzie, Lisa, Cocnut head, Loomer, Missy, Gordy, Seth, Mr sweeny and many many more. R.I.P Neds declassified i will never forget this show :-D
  • that show is great. with devon werkhieser. sometimes i need school tips. it's cool. awesome show.

    Ned Bigby is a cool dude with Cookie,Vice Princpal,Gordy,Insane Teachers,bullies and other funny dudes. That's so funny when vice princapal saying things in funny accent. here's my favroite one.: it's detentions for you and your crew! for life!!!! LOL!!!! very funny show!!! not as good as drake and josh but it's cool. I like all the teachers and students. I like the field trip episode. I like class clown episode and spring fever episode. That shoe makes me snicker alot. i like it when cookie did laughmaster 9000. and his act in pricipal's office when in trouble. very cool show indeed.
  • It was good at first, but then it started going downhill after season 2.....

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide was actually an entertaining show to watch on TEENick. It was original, funny, and clever. It had some interesting storylines, and it was funny, despite the annoying cartoon sounds. It provided some good tips, but after season 2, the show just got boring. Season 3 became such a cliched romance plot between Ned and Moze, who they tried desperately to get together. I lost interest in the show at that point. I'm sorry if you're a fan of Ned and Moze being together, but they honestly don't make a good couple. Ned finally gets with Suzie, who he's liked since 4th grade, and all of a sudden he has a crush on his best friend? That just ruined the show. Moze...well, she crushes on really popular guys, so why would she be interested in her average friend all of a sudden? The third season was more about their romance than actual school problems. The show could have ended better, like all of them graduating 8th grade as just friends instead of ending in a field trip where best friends end up hooking up. Overall, it was good, until they focused on getting Ned and Moze together.
  • A decent Show for kids to watch and get good school survival tips.

    Well I don't watch this show, this is not a show I would turn on the tv and turn to automaticly. I see this show because my younger siblings watch this show and I think this show has a great original idea to make jokes of school and help them survive in school and thats cool. I listen to it here and there and it's pretty funny. So I give this show a decent rating for being a decent show and a better show on tv that my siblings watch because they do watch some corney shows so this is an upgrade from what they usually watch.
  • Good show!!

    I like this show a lot! It is a very funny show! Like the one when Cookie kept matching up with the husky! funny. It also gives great tips about school and how to make it better for you. i thought the show at first would be bad because of the LONG name But now i like the show a lot. I watch every time i can. It is one of the best shows on Nick. The actors and actresses act well. The show is NOT confusing. the name is long but good. they have funny and good shows. great you should watch it. i like it a lot. my family likes it a lot too so do my friends too. funny show. i give it a 10 out of 10! so do my friends and family. Good and nice people.
  • This show rocks!!

    James K. Polk Middle School is just a normal School. Like most Middle Schools, there is everything from bad habits to vicious bullies. But, thankfully, Ned and his two best friends, Cookie and Moze are here to help.

    Every episode is about different things such as 'Guide to: School Dances' and 'Guide to: Gym' and many more!

    Together, Ned, Cookie and Moze have incredibly wacky adventures but, somehow, they always end up on top.

    My Favourite Character is Gordy, the School Janitor because he is always trying to catch the weasel and he is funny because he is stupid.

    Anyway, I love this show and I recommend it to anybody.
  • This is a great show.

    I love this show so much, I really like how it involves Drama, Comedy, and Reality altogether. This show is what I would say is my big favorite. It is about a kid named Ned Bigby, he attends a school called James K. Polk Middle School. He made a guide full of tips to help other people survive school. With the help of his friends, Simon Nelson Cook (Cookie) and Jennifer Ann Mosely (Moze), he gets a lot of tips, which include Bathrooms, Lockers, Hallways, Class Clowns and a lot more like this. This show has great information, and tips do actually Work.
  • Funny and great, but unrealistic.

    This is a great and funny show. Even though you can't really use the tips,(well some of them you could) you should still watch it. Three friends create a guide to help you survive school. That's pretty tough to do. I crack up every time I watch this show. If you don't like it, you probably have a terrible sense of humor. I highly recommend it. hi hih hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi
  • Ned Bigby tries to help all middle school kids survive, well middle school. Middle school comes with a bunch of problems. So Ned tries to help by writing a guide. Some tips are great and help, and some just get you into more trouble. But it all works out.

    I absolutly love this show. Its really funny. Devon (Ned) is a great actor. I personally dont like the weasle thing though. It was kind of stupid. And how Moze and Ned ended up together..NO! Lol that is just my personal opinion. But the show is funny. And some of the tips do work, which is great actually for all grades just not middle school. But they have to realize that not all schools are like that. I know its just a tv show but it still annoyed me. Sorry. But I do give the show a ten. It was inspirational. Kinda of . lol
  • great show

    Sometimes, all we need is comedy. This is what Ned's Dec.lassified is. It centers mainly around three students, smart but lazy Ned Bigby, the titular character, Jennifer "Moze" Mozely, his friend who happens to be a girl, and Simon "Cookie" Cook, the typical computer geek.
    This trio always has a problem to deal with, from grades to girl (or guys, for Moze) and from extra credit to lunchtime. But they always come up with a solution that defies reality.Like many comedies, this show gets on the side of surrealism, sometimes too surreal. But it executes it greatly, so you actually get some entertainment.
    So, how can I wrap this up? It's a great show, though some episodes are lacking, but if it's on, give it a try, and maybe get a laugh out of your day.
  • Why'd it have to go so soon:(

    Whats kinda sad is, i just started watching Ned's Declassified this summer, and safe 2 say i have seen just about every single episode already. That means this show is too good to be gone already. I think the cast is perfect but if they were going to use this cast i think they should have started the show with them in a higher grade. I think this is why the show is no longer around because by the 8th grade season, the characters began to look like the 11th graders they actually were. So they should have written differently, but while the show was around it was great, it couldve been an absolute classic, but still it just wasnt around long enough for people to remember 10-20 years from now and say,"this is what i grew up watching". So, good show that just got a bad break.
  • This television series is about a middle schooler named Ned Bigby, supplying tips to viewers in order to do well in school, and get out of bad situations. This show had it's flaws, but it seemed to go though well.

    The idea of a television series giving tips to viewers to do well in school was a very well idea. The problem was, the show went downhill when they began to run out of storylines for some episodes. The show began with a typical sixth grader named Ned Bigby, who is new at James K. Polk Middle School. "Me and my best friends try to do the impossible, create a guide that'll help you survive school" - actor Devon Workheiser says in the introduction. He, along with is two friends, Simon Nelson Cook, "Cookie" and Jennifer Mosely, "Moze" live through middle school together and go through typical school situations. There are two nine - twelve minute episodes per every show, excluding specials. Few things they talk about are standard school subjects such as Mathematics and Science, being organized, extra credit and much more. This show was decent, and ended with a one hour special involving a school field trip. Catch this show on Nickelodeon, you may find it interesting, and maybe even helpful if you are struggling in school. Enjoy!
  • Ned Bigby is your typical middle schooler, giving tips in an out-of-whack school.

    Sometimes, all we need is comedy. This is what Ned's Dec.lassified is. It centers mainly around three students, smart but lazy Ned Bigby, the titular character, Jennifer "Moze" Mozely, his friend who happens to be a girl, and Simon "Cookie" Cook, the typical computer geek.

    This trio always has a problem to deal with, from grades to girl (or guys, for Moze) and from extra credit to lunchtime. But they always come up with a solution that defies reality.

    Like many comedies, this show gets on the side of surrealism, sometimes too surreal. But it executes it greatly, so you actually get some entertainment.

    So, how can I wrap this up? It's a great show, though some episodes are lacking, but if it's on, give it a try, and maybe get a laugh out of your day.
  • WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY???????!!!!!!!!!

    why did this show have to get cancelled? it was so cool. i want it back!!!! and suzie and missy were so hot. it was my favorite show. and it just had to get cancelled. why didn't they cancel the naked brothers band instead? i mean it was so funny. i mean or they could have cancelled just jordan, or el tigre or unfabulous or zoey 101 or they could at least cancel the premiere for stupid icarly. i mean neds was just so awesome it was the greatest thing since sbongebob. no its better than spongebob just bring it back please.
  • Ned has to deal with typical problems as a middle school student and he has a guide and two best friends to help him.

    Ned's School Survival Guide is another one of those shows that I assumed would be terrible. But once I actually saw an episode, I realized this show is great.
    Ned and his two best friends, "Cookie" and "Moze" have to deal with life as middle school students with various issues in each episode. Ned has a guide that he uses to help kids solve these problems.
    Even though I'm a bit older than what I assume is the target audience, I find this show to be very entertaining and amusing. If I'm ever in a bad mood, this show cheers me up instantly. Although, I will admit things can get a bit unrealistic and silly, but I still enjoy the show.
  • A great show!

    This is a really good and entertaining show! Its also quite funny aswell. It got better every season and you could really see a change in the charactors. The look, and the personalitys. Especially Devon!!(Ned). He looks SOO young in the first season!! You wouldnt believe it was him. He looked so cute and small and had a high voice. Its so sweet. And now he's older and more developed and looks great! (lol). Anyway back to the show, I really liked the charactor Suzie but she was gone for a bit and came back for the last episode which was good! I liked Jennifer at the start of the show but as she got older I didnt like her as much. She looked more evil and was becoming a bit meaner! (I hate to say it).
    The minor charactors, I like Gordy, Lunch Lady and Coconut Head. They are all great and funny! "Its in the beans baby!" haha lol.
    I love the themetune. Its so catchy and rocky! And not too babyish. As for the tips, I think they were quite helpful. Not all but Most.
    Anyways overall it is a great show! (Even my dad likes it ha!)
  • awesome show!!!!!

    this show is umm excuse me WAS about Ned Bigby and his 2 best friends Moze and Cookie, Ned would come up with advice on how to survive school and give it to anyone who needed it. This show was so funny and entertaining and should not of been cancelled!! it was one of the best shows on Nick and always will be! Ned was funny and very smart at giving advice, Moze was so great she was funny and tough but had her soft sides, Cookie was a super-smart and super-crazy kid. I love this show!! the characters the plots and the weasels!! But sadly it got cancelled!! Overall I would give this show an A+
  • One of...if not, THE best show on television. Why did it have to end!?!

    For 3 seasons, we got to live what was known as...Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. Sure the title is long, but the show is a destiny. You have the San Francisco 49ers of football in the '80s. Your weird pokemon in the '90s. And now, in the new have Ned's Declassified! You have Ned, Moze, Cookie, Gordy, and all the other people that made this show great. So I ask you, if you read this, would you watch it! Of course you would. It was great when it had new episodes and its certainly GREAT today. And what a series finale. JUNGLE BOY!
  • I LOVE IT!

    I really really really really Love this show it is very Funny yes lol. I mean who cant love this show?? Its very awsome! I really just hope they make more eps soon because me and my friends really want to see more eps!!!!!!!! and Sometimes my friends use some of the tips that Ned gives on the tv lol she said it works sometimes I just love Cookie he is really funny same with Evalin lol they are my favorite charaters in the show and always will be!! I just Simply Love this show it rocks X3 Once again who cant love this show!!!!!!!!
  • i wish it wasnt over:'(

    ned 's declassified school survival guied is so cool and some of those tips really work. i wish they diddnt have to stop makeing it. My fave part is that is has teo olivares (he plays Crony, Billy 's frend ) in it i think they should of gave him more lines lol and that other guy but he only talked in the volentering episode so. . . . . . yeah. I hope Teo plays in more movies and shows and stuff, i like his hair. And the other ppl 2 but i dont know how to spell their names right so yeah.
  • u probally know by the name of it whats it about

    An awsome show it should come back, i mean nick won't be as good, This e a perfect 10 , it has on of the greatest endings though but it leaves u wanting more. But The fact that its over, kills it also makes u wonder what happens if not a season, but something that tells u what happens to them but still its great.i love the best friend thin its sooo awsome i mean i love i don't really rave for kid shoews but this is great It makes me depress that its over.I hope they do a reunion. no mater what this is one of the greatest show of all time.
  • A classic show that millions enjoy.

    The show tells about the adventures of a middle-schooler named Ned who made a guide to help people get through school unharmed. At his side were his friends Cookie the genius and Jennifer aka Moze (who could be more than a friend). The three friends faced daily troubles with bullies, teachers, homework, tardiness, social lifes, and other problems students normally deal with at school (as well as problems students normally don't deal with). Aiding the group was the lazy superintendent Gordie, who spent most of his time chasing a weasel that inhabited the school. For many years, Ned had a crush on a girl named Suzie Crabgrass. At the beginning of the last season in the series, Cookie developed a crush on Lisa (a geeky girl who underwent an extreme makeover) and spent most of the season trying to win her heart. At the sametime, Moze spent most of her time trying to find a soulmate of her own. In the finale of the series, Cookie won Lisa over, Ned and Moze finally discovered the true meaning of their relationship, and a secret was revealed about the weasel Gordie had chased for three years. Though the series has ended (unless fans protest) this show will live on for many years.
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