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  • Ned's Declassified is a really cool show. Bring it back!

    Ned's Declassified School Surival Guide has so many descriptions. It was one of my favorite TV shows. The biggest reason why I liked the show was because it was funny. Seriously, the tips that Ned Bigby give to people actually help them survive school! What, it helps me. So? It's been a really cool show. But it's to bad they are cancelling it. I am going to miss this show. My favorite character is Jennifer Mosely. She is really smart, and she plays volleyball. This may sound weird, but my friend's favorite character is... is... Simon Nelson Cook! So hilarious!
  • This is a great show for kids trying to get through Middle School. Most of the tips really do work.

    This is a great show for kids trying to get through Middle School. Most of the tips really do work. It's mainly about a group of friends named Ned, Moze, and Cookie. They go through different things trying to mak it through Middle school. Mostly everything in this show deals with real issues in real schools. I like it for that, and many other reasons.

    It's a good show to watch if you are in Middle School. It deals with alot of things kids everyday deal with including bullies, lunch, lockers, and cloths. I would recomend it to alot of people.
  • NDSSG is a great,and hilarious show that i can relate to!

    This show is absloutly amazing!! it potrays a balance between relationships and school. This show is really realistic and I can relate to it. It deals with many problems that real middle school kids go through such as bullies, failing, tutors, getting organized, extra credit, tests, jealsouy, and many others, but the important one-romance (ie Double Dating, Asking Someone Out, When You Like Someone Who Is Dating Someone Else) This show has definatly helped me throughout middle school. The 'Failing' episode DEFINATLY helped me out, becasue like Moze, I had never failing anything in my life, but I got an "F" on a pop quiz. The tips are informative, and actually helpful. The show can be a little unrealistic, but yet, I can easily relate. I'm really bummed that it's ending after on 3 years, but I know it will end with a BANG and on a high note! I'll surely miss this show so much, but I'll always remember the tips that it gave me to help me survive middle school!
  • One of my fav. shows.

    I loved this show when it first started, and i still love it. It's one of nick's best ideas, so good job, lol. The characters are pretty funny, cookie wasn't my fav. in the last season, prob. because of his facial expressions. I loved the randomness of this show, because i'm one of those randomness rules, kind of person. The first season, was my fav. out of all of them, things and characters were just extremely funny, esp. coconut head, omg, he was my fav. character! The last season barley had he guide in it, and the seond season was just cool, lol. But this will always be my all time fav. i can't really put the love for this show in words, so you'll just have to watch it, tehe.
  • This show, Rocked

    Ned's was the best on TeenNick cause it seemed like a Show someone Could Really Enjoy. It was filled with Laughs for everyone From the Weasle to Gordey everything seemed like a School Turned Sideways, Upside down, and turned around. I personally Love this show the characters are funny, It keeps to the Plot of the Episode...and well Its just amazing. The only problem is I wish i could have Lasted Longer. Anyway this show gets a 9.9 out of 10 for being the best on TeenNick..and Keeping to the Plot of the Story. Really even though the show ended, i'll always like it.
  • Oh my!! ^_^

    Neds declassified school survival guide rocks. They acutally have good tips.

    My favorite characters are Seth and Cookie. Oh ya, and Coconut Head.

    I dont really like Ned and Moze together *gasps in the background* Ya, ya. Whatever. I know im going to get mobbed later for that. Oh well.

    My favorite episode is probably.. Positives and Negatives & Parties because I like how that guy makes everyone depressed ^_^. I like Parties because we get to see Symone at Seth's party and Ned gets Missy thrown out. Yayz. I wish Lisa stayed all gross. I like her old ways.

    Thats all ^_^
  • Humorous and fun to watch anytime! This is an absolute classic!

    Classic show, I love everything about it. The only thing bad about this show is that people might like it too much like Hannah Montana, otherwise this show is something you've gotta love! Another favorite show, definitely. This show was a brilliant idea. One episode will make you burst out with laughter. I'm laughing right now :)
  • Ned's De****ified is the best live-action cartoon yet!

    I love this cartoon. I love Moze and all her academic antics. I also love Cookie. He's soooooo funny, especially when he's with Evelyn. I personally think they should have ended up as a couple. I also love characters like Suzie Crabgrass, Coconut Head, Martin Qwerly, Billy Loomer, Faymen Portune and many others. They're all hilarious! And in the future, I'm hoping Nick would do an animated spin-off on NDSSG, starring Moze. It could be like Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Its animated series would probably have almost nothing in common with the real show, except Daniel Curtis Lee would still play Cookie and Evelyn and Suzie would still be in it. But Ned wouldn't and Evelyn would be one of Moze's best friends along with Cookie. Anyway, NDSSG is the best live-action show w/o a laughing track I've seen in years! 9.8/10.
  • Polk Middle School hilarity.

    I was just watching an episode of Ned's Declassified. As you know, the name of the junior high they go to is Polk Middle School. In one of the scenes, Cookie was trying to get a date with hot Liza. I saw a sign in the background about something do to with Polk Middle School. Except it was abbreviated. Polk Middle School is P.M.S.! Some of you have probably realized that, but I just did. Ha, p.m.s.
  • This is my favorite Nick show!

    It is so funny! You can laugh when Gordy tries to catch the weasel -who turned out to be a girl, who knew!-, when Cookie makes that face when he gets nervous, when Moze punches Ned, when Ned overreacted when he thought Suzie was going to break up with him, and basically almost every minute!!! To me, the episode, Field Trip, was funny (especially when Gordy destroyed the school door and when Ned told Suzie that he just had to have the Wild Boy skirt- short thing). And the Alternate Ending was so disappointing! But I know everyone has different thoughts, so if you liked to more than me, OK and if disliked it more than me, OK. Anyway, my main point is, I love this show and I hope Field Trip wasn't the end of it...well its too late they had canclled already......
    I thought Alternate ending that Ned choose is Suzie but its not!
  • Dude, this show rocks.

    Aren't they bringing it back? I heard there is a new season coming up when they're in high school. Of course, my friends could totally be lying to me to get my hopes up. But seriously, if they don't bring it back I will have lost all hope on television and it's educational ways. All this mindless trash we're being fed is just too sickening and if this show continued on the way to high school I knoew I would not be the only one who would benefit from it. Com on, Nick! Bring it back! Bring it back! BRING IT BACK!
  • This is Teenick's best work . . . too bad they had to cancel it.

    At first I was unsure if Drake & Josh topped this or not, but now I'm mega-sure. Ned's definately tops Drake and Josh any day. Too bad they had to cancel it. It was a good show. There was Ned who is smart and helpful, though, talking to the TV was kinda weird, but how else are you gonna get the tips out to the public? Cookie was the most annoying character, I give him two thumbs down. The smartest people always have to be annoying. Moze was all right, but I was more of a Ned/Suzie fan, unlike many others. But Suzie was just way hotter than Moze. Ned should of taken Suzie, and when he had the chance, he would always blow it by annoying, disgusting, or dumping Suzie in some way. Gordy was the best. He was SO funny!!! Those were kinda the main characters, and it was a shame they cancelled this show just after middle school. You can think of many more tips in high school, even if there was only like fifteen to twenty episodes each other season. This was the only thing I watched at 5:00, (if baseball wasn't on)
  • Ned's Declassified is hilarious!

    Ned’s Declassified is about Ned Bigby and his friends, Cookie (Simon) and Moze (Jennifer.) They are middle schoolers whose crazy adventures always put them in strange, hilarious situations. Their main goal, however, is to survive middle school. To accomplish their goal, they follow a set of guidelines that Ned created. These rules usually work, but there are times when they are changed because they don’t. Their teachers usually help them with their guidelines. These rules not only help the students, there have been times when teachers themselves ask Ned for help in certain matters. In Ned’s Declassified, it’s not all about schoolwork; it’s also about issues Ned and is friends need to solve, such as asking someone out. =) The best thing about NDSSG is that the show never gets suckered into the preteen issues that most shows make a big deal out of. (Ex.: school dances, asking someone out, or any other kind of love or romanticism.) Ned’s Declassified always stays hilarious and true. This was one of Nick’s best shows! If you like zany school adventures, you’ll like Ned’s Declassified.
  • ned, cookie and moze go through social problems in school. but with their survival guide, they survive. the problems range from serious things like detention, to not so serious stuff like crushes. the guide helps them get throuhg their problems.

    this show is very cool its an alternate instead of talking to your guidance consulor. ned, cookie and moze go through the same problems us kids go through today. so for advice in your social life you should watch this show. this show could help in any type of problem. it could help with trips, detention, problems wit friendss, crushes and a whole lot more. this show is only one of its kind to offer advice to kids going through schoolife crisis. this show even helped me a couple of times with social issues. i reccomend this really good show to anybody with social issues, especially people who are afraid to approach their guidance consulor.
  • A candid review of one of the most delightfully entertaining children tv series of the 21st century.

    In a world where the bulk of current kiddie-vision is littered with programs either too prosaic and frustratingly uncreative (the vast majority of Disney shows) or reigned by unappealing “cookie-cutter” actors (Jamie-Lynn Spears, Emma Roberts, Miley Cyrus, etc) Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide truly stands out as a diamond in the ruff. Ned’s makes no pretense at being realistic or taking itself seriously; its very structure is characterized by off-the-wall unrealism. But it’s in the midst of the wacky scenarios and comedic gags that the the show shines, for its style harkens back to one of the oldest principles of the visual medium: entertainment. And entertain is what Ned’s does time and time again, without disappointment. Of course, the colorful and creative writing alone isn't what makes this show above par. I gotta give mad props to the wonderful actors, whose dynamic and interactions with one another are what ultimately drive this show. They’re all charming, appealing, and so dang likeable, no matter how many times they have you grunting in disbelief. The only downside to this show is that it’s sadly ended, and with it I feel like the last remnants of intelligent kid television have gone as well. It’s hard to imagine another series in the future reproduced in the same vein and fashion, since shows like Ned’s can only really happen once. Hence I must sigh in sad resignation—intermingled with regret at not having discovered this gem earlier-- and reassure myself that I’ll at least have the wonderful memories (along with reruns and, hopefully, future DVDs) to fall back on.
  • Ned's Declassified School Guide is and always will be about 3 friends Ned, Moze,and Cookie exploreing the world of Polk Middle School.They go through normal things and unusual things. What ever they go through they have tips!!!

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is and always will be my favorite show. On the last episoide it left us with many things that just made us go "finally", but it's sad because well yes, Ned and Moze did end up together but, we'll never get to see it more than about five minutes. I've waited a long time to see them end up with each other, they ended the series way to early, right after things many people have waited for. Overall they ended a great series to early and if I'm right (and I always am) I probably have your vote when I say this. BRING IT BACK!!!
  • The perfect show.........that I wish never ended.

    Ned's Declassified was a outstanding show that everyone of any age can enjoy. It gives everyone something to laugh at. The acting is top notch for a Nick sitcom and the show in its entirety surpasses anything else on Nick or the Disney Channel . Ned's is a show for our time and will be remembered by everyone that watched it. From the first episode you are 100% hooked and can"t stop yourself from wanting more. Its only sad that the show was overlooked for such a long time up until its third and final season. I my self only started watching it in season two and as of now after watching the series finale, Field Trip, cannot get over it. The comedy, the stories, and the love twist in it make it the ideal show. Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide will always be great and I and many other fans hope that DVD's of its episodes are released.
  • During most of its run, Ned was overlooked.

    People were missing out! This show has great comedy and wonderful writing. Once you watch an episode, you will be hooked and wanting more. My only regret was getting into this show late in the second season. Ned is one of those rare shows that offer both kid and teenager elements. So watch this show!
  • Ned Bigby a smart yet lazy student comes up with survival tips along with his 2 best friends Jennifer "Moze" Mosely, and Simon Nelson Cook aka: "Cookie," as they deal with the trials and tribulations that is, Junior High School.

    This show is by far one of the best, if not the best show that is, or rather, was (as of June 8, 2007)on Nickelodeon. It dealt with real life occurances that tend to leave Jr. High students insecure and and scared to face another day of school. Actually, this show started while I was in high school, and a lot of the tips came in handy then as well.

    Although many of the hijinks were rather, off the wall, they had a conclusion that we could all relate to or use with our own day to day issues. The hilarity of it all helped as well. And as far as cast, the chemistry between the 3 young leads was amazing, and one could truly get a sense that they were a tight-knit trio, even from season 1.

    Gordy and the Miami-Vice obsessed Crubbs were hilarious, and too bad there aren't janitors as dedicated to the students as Gordy. And who hasn't suffered the wrath of a teacher like Mr. Sweeney or Coach Dirga? All in all, this was an amazing show, that was great for kids as well as stressed out college students who needed an escape from lectures, exams and the nonsense on TV meant for our age group. This show was highly entertaining, and will be greatly missed.
  • Ned Bigby and pals

    This show is very helpful and always makes me smile. Ned Bigby's tips for getting through school are actually pretty helpful. I know its just opinion but Ned is just too cute! Anyways back to the show. This show puts together both comedy and helpfulness. I heard the show was ending after Field Trip, which is kind of sad. Anyways favorite adult character has got to be Gordy. I love how he's always trying to catch the weasel. The Gordy tricks are always hilarious, and as for Missy well I don't like her. I know I'm rambling and making random points, but its just somethings I had to write
  • Ned Bigby creates a guide to help teenagers get through everyday problems at school, from tips for teachers to sneaking out of school, Ned covers just about anything with help of his two friends Cookie and Moze.

    -My Summary-
    Ned Bigby creates a guide to help teenagers get through everyday problems at school, from tips for teachers to sneaking out of school, Ned covers just about anything with help of his two friends Cookie and Moze. -My Opinion-
    I think this program can be useful for anyone who still goes to school, from kids to pre teens to practically adults, nobody should miss out on this fantastic guide to everyday school life. It may not cover some things for schools in other countries, like how to wear uniforms or how to pack your bag if they don’t have a locker, but it most things most of the time, my rating 9.9/10!
  • In 2004 Nickelodeon finally created something well over their standards and thus Ned's Declassified was born.

    I happened to catch it on the air while flipping around and took a glimpse to Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide somewhere in 2004. I was surprisingly interested at how the show presented itself I mean the characters playing Ned, Moze and Cookie all had such a natural chemistry with each other and the show was very fast paced that it was interesting and never dragged. I mean Drake and Josh is okay but it gets boring when the same running gag of the sister always being so much powerful then Drake and Josh it gets a little boring. Ned's is more inventive, playful and with characters like the Assistant Principal who lives like he's from Miami Vice, the lazy uninspired Janitor Gordy, the evil science teacher Sweeney, the tough gym teacher, the nut-case woodshop teacher and of course the other students like Loomer the tough guy Bully, his pal Crony, the nerdy Coconut Head, Seth Powers the resident basketball team member, Lisa Zemo the girl that Cookie has a crush on, and of course the main cast which included the wise talking Ned Bigby who often breaks the fourth dimension giving tips to viewers, then there is Moze the athletically and tough minded volleyball player who may have special feelings for Ned, and of course the funniest part of the show Cookie. The nerdy kid who tries to use his brain unsuccessfully in different scenarios. None the less the show works on levels and is highly entertaining. It really makes you feel great about yourself. Good show.
  • Best show on nick. WHY DID IT HAVE TO GO!

    This show has been great since the beginning. Even though I just started watching this show the same day it ended. This show would probably be worst if it had a laugh track. It had a bunch of things that usual shows would have an audience laughing. Like most shows 2 best friends end up going out with each other in the last episode which happened here of course everybody knows that and I'm glad that that tradition is still going strong. I always loved the episodes that had Cookie cross dressing that was always funny.
    Overall best show to every grace the television from nick. Why did it have to go!
  • This is the best show ever!

    This is the Best show ever i love the show Ned cookie and moze are so funny they will make your head spin this is a all around good children sitcom. everone as a actor plays there part very very well my favorite is Gordy he is so so so so so funny he is great. it is sad to know the show has ended but i will always love the show. i think the best episode was the field trip you i thought it was so funny i recored it and i'm watching it now Neds declassified is the best show ever!!!!!!

    this show was amazing. i cried when the series finalie aired just because it's not going to be the same without the wacky adventures they made. they made laughs and horomones rage with the relationships. they made great tips for middle school kids. we want this show to stay alive, not get cancelled like rugrats, all that, the amanda show, rocket power, rocko's modern life, etc. those shows we're the ones that we grew up with and want to keep alive! i was eleven when the first episode of ned's declassified aired... and just because i'm older and in high school now doesn't mean i want all the shows i grew up with to disappear because they make up our life. they make up everything we stand for... when we grow up and tell our kids and grandkids about the stuff we used to do, we want ned's declassified to still be playing on nickelodeon [whether they're not making new episodes or not] so we can say "hey! i used to watch this show all the time when i was a kid..." and we can tell them about the great things they rubbed off on us. the tips devon [or shall i say the producers] wrote that got us through the drama, bullies, and teachers, and most of all middle and high school.
  • Ned Bigby (Devon Werkheiser) Simon Nelson Cook [Cookie] (Daniel Curtus Lee) and Jennifer 'Moze' Mosely (Lindsey Shaw) are everyday, average 7th (now 8th) grade kids. This show is about their struggle to survive middle school with the help of The Guide.

    NOOO! I cant believe it's over!! This is my favorite show!! it's not fair! not fair at all. Personally, i LOVE this show! sure it might be a total exaggeration of middle school but it's classic! very original. I find the show hilarious and as an 8th grader...well i graduated this year..but i could honestly connect with the characters. And some of the tips are extremely helpful! i love how the characters aren't super popular and how most of the situations they go through actually can occur in real life. and just a quick note, Devon Werkheiser is just about the funniest and cutest teenager. =) Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is a must see show and i recommend you watch the reruns. I just wish that they wouldn't cancel it. =( Bring Ned's Declassified back. please.
  • Keep Ned's Declassified and Drake and Josh going. Don't cancel them please. It will not be the same with out these two shows. Nick won't be the same. These two shows are so awesome and very funny. A lot of people enjoy watching these two shows.

    Why are you canceling Ned's Declassified and Drake and Josh? They are swesome shows and Nick is not going to be the same. Please keep Ned's declassified and Drake and Josh. It's not going to be the same without these two shows. The actors and actresses are awesome. Keep Ned's declassified and Drake and Josh going, please. I don't know what else to say but I sure hope that the shows will continue for a long time. Ned and his friends should be going to high school. I think everyone would like to see that Ned and his friends go to high school. That is a big moment for them. They did so good in middle school that they should get a chance no matther what.
  • a show about a school survival "genius" and his tips on how to overcome routine everyday problems

    The show used to be mindblowing. It was funny, witty and downright creative. All this changed in the season 2 finale when moze and ned kissed. Since then, its turned into a cliche (i've used this word so many times its tiring), sappy romance-themed story and the writers have run out of interesting topics! all the witticisms it originally had have vanished, sad to say. But still, I believe that the old eps are so good that they can neutralize the ones i didnt like. im spellbound by daran norris. He has impressed me throughout ALL nicktoons. Hopefully, ned's declassified will be back to its original trend soon.
  • This show is great! I don't understand why it got cancelled. With this and Drake and Josh being cancelled, TEENICK is going downhill fast.

    Ned Bigby, and his two best friends, Jennifer Mozely, and Simon Nelson-Cook create a guide to help survive school. The guide contains tips from being vice- boyfriends and girlfriends to doing well in spelling bees. Ned is your average teenager, who faces normal problems, such as girl trouble and grades. Simon, AKA Cookie, is a smart, humorous boy. He is always coming up with schemes with Ned to try to save normal problems. Then there is Jennifer Mozely. She is Ned's best friend who is very athletic, smart and funny. Ned and Moze are not really sure if they could love eachother, but viewers know they do.
  • Cool!

    I cannot get enough of this show to save my life.I mean,seriously people.This is one heck of a show.I love it oh so much.It's so wonderfully wonderful that it makes me wonder how could I love it so much?Guess I'll never know.All I know is that this show is tight and out of sight,not to mention dynomite.this show is so cool.
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