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  • Ned's Declassified is a show that relates to regular kids through problems and love, but with plot and humor, which is very well put together. It also reminds you of the "Golden Nick" era only mainstream.

    I've followed this show since the beginning because it started when I myself was in middle school. I used this show as a fall back for me and it really did help! However I'm sad that it's finally over with. I just wish that there was 1 more season so we can see what is going on within the shows world after the Series Finale. I'm going to miss this show, just like any other fan would! Now that's its over, I'm not going to watch Nick again until another good non-cartoon show appears or until Shedderman Rules! shows tonight!
  • good show

    I definitely think that this show is really good, I would prefer ned to go with mose than to go with Susie. So this show mis very attractive and makes you look forward to something new. Uhh, I don’t know what’ll happen in the field day episode but really, don’t make it dramatic because with the winky dinky sound effects I really think that dramatic doesn’t suit this show, I like all the characters but sometimes I don’t know if Susie should have moven, sometimes you look forward to something in this show but the worst thing happens. Bottom line: good show
  • This show is about a boy who has a survival guide about school.

    In this show the three main characthers are Mosby, Cookie, and Ned. Ned writes a school survival guide and includes everything about school and different issues. The story also relates to them because they are having those issues. For example an episode about bad hair days the charathers themselves have a bad hair day. This show is really funny and includes tons of jokes and funny puns. I would recomend this show because its really funny and although it is a " Kids" show it is funny for all age groups. I would also recomend you watch all seasons so you can see how much everyone has changed. This show is on Nick
  • I LOVE THIS SHOW! Sadly,this is the last Season 3!This show is the best thing I have ever seen on Nickelodeon! Ned is a smart and sometimes funny character who sometimes gets in to mischief with his two best friends Moze and Cookie........................

    Moze is a girl who just hangs out with Ned and Cookie because she just likes them. she is still on the search for some new best friends. But Moze best friend with Suzie. Cookie is the super-smart computer whiz. He usually gets caught in trouble as much as Ned and Moze do. Other characters include Billy "Bully" Loomer who has a crush on Moze and Coconut Head whose hair is shaped like a half of a coconut. Teachers somewhat include Ms. Dirga, Mr. Monroe, and somewhat the janitor Gordy who usually help Ned and Cookie in their silly plans.
  • This show is awesome with all the tips and all the funny stuff in it. I mean who doesn't love this show!

    I love this show i mean with all the tips, romance, and all the funny parts! Now personally i don't like the pairing Ned and Moze I mean i like them as friends along with Cookie. But i love how Cookie is always trying to impress Liza. But personally i love the pairing Cookie and Evelyn. Then everything in the show is funny. I mean the weasel rox my sox! I love how Gordy is always helping them out and he always make mistakes so he is funny! I also love the tips and actually some of them do actually help me out!
  • This is a show that any middle school student can relate to.

    This show gives you tips on how to survive middle school. By a guy whos best friends are cookie and mose. Cookie his best guy friend that is a huge nerd and a is the uglyest black dude i ever seen. Mose is ned best girl friend and they been neriboors ever since they were little. Through out the show they make you wonder if ned and mose are more then just friends and since the show is about to end i think hes gonna end of with mose even though suzie came back a former girl friend of his.
  • Funny and Informative.

    This show is funny, weird, and informative. They show what kids go through middle school using comedy to attract peoples attention. You can't stop watching this show and then you end up learning a thing or two from it. Even if you don't want to learn it's fun to watch for other reasons too. Check it out NDCSSG is a awesome show!
  • Funny and Informative.

    This show is funny, weird, and informative. They show what kids go through middle school using comedy to attract peoples attention. You can't stop watching this show and then you end up learning a thing or two from it. Even if you don't want to learn it's fun to watch for other reasons too. Check it out NDCSSG is a awesome show!
  • This show is a great example of what teens go through when their in Junior High.

    I love this show. It may have some weird moments, but overall it is one of Nick's best tv show. It has one of the greatest cast on television. It will blow your mind away. Laugh out loud funny. They have so many junior high situations such as puberty, asking someone out on a date, taking notes, joining a sport, joining a club, and a lot more. This show is a bit mature for kids, but your kids will have fun watching this show. There longest episode will air on the first week of June so don't forget to watch it.
  • Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is a brilliant combination of helpful, real-world "tips" and great comedy. Ned, and his two best friends, Cookie and Moze, seek to overcome the difficulties of middle school academically and socially. IT'S GENIUS!

    I LOVE THIS SHOW! Declassified not only helps me in school, a la Ned's "tips," but also provides me with some great after school laughs. I have grown very fond of this show since I have begun watching it. Strange for a 16-year old boy, huh? Although the setting is predominantly Polk Middle School, many of the principles, tips, and crazy happenings are present in high school as well, which makes the show so easy to view and enjoy. Devon Werkheiser, Lindsey Shaw, and Daniel Curtis Lee compliment each other very well on set, and seem to have developed good relationships off camera, which is evident on screen. However, among these bright young stars emerges my absolute favorite character, Evelyn Kwong, played by Michelle Kim. Kim does an excellent job of portraying this extremely intelligent and borderline crazy middle school girl who only wants Cookie (Daniel Curtis Lee), the nerd of her dreams, to give her a chance. Michelle Kim has mastered the loud, abrasive, and nave voice of such a student with ease, evidenced by her often exclamations normally directed at Cookie, such as, "You're deranged," or "I'll stay here all night if it means destroying you!" My favorite quote of hers is from my favorite episode of the series so far, entitled "Jealousy." In it, although the plot is centered around Ned and Moze pretending to date so that Missy Meany will leave Ned alone, on the side, Cookie is attempting to make Lisa Zemo jealous by pretending to have a girlfriend. While his plan and attention is completely devoted to Lisa, around every corner, watching his every move, is Evelyn, steaming over who his "girlfriend" is. Cookie then makes the mistake of telling Lisa that he will bring his "girlfriend" to lunch tomorrow for her to meet. Realizing his error, Cookie runs to Gordy, the school janitor played by Daran Norris, who then "borrows" the CPR doll from health class. Gordy then gets to work turning "Larry" into Cookie's lunch date. When Cookie sees Gordy's "masterpiece," he proceeds into gravely dissatisfied groans of knowing that his plan is likely to fail. As Gordy tries to convince Cookie that the doll will do the trick, you hear the exclamation of "Stay away from my man, sister!" The next thing you know, you see a blur smash into the doll, only to arise and sit at the table across from Cookie as none other than...yeah, you guessed, good ol' Evelyn Kwong to the rescue. She grins at Cookie, as she grabs a dinner roll, and asks if the seat is taken, as if she didn't already ruin that. Cookie has no time to remain in shock of Evelyn's interruption, as Lisa Zemo arrives, sees them, and then says, "Oh, so Evelyn's you're girlfriend?" Nearly dumbfounded, Cookie exclaims, "She is?" He then immediately comes back, not yet giving up on his plans to make Lisa jealous, saying, "I mean yes, she is." My girl Evelyn's face absolutely lit up as her jaw dropped into a gigantic, open-mouthed smile, first looking at Cookie, and then to Lisa for her reaction. Cookie then says, "Does this fill your heart with the raging flames of jealousy?" But Lisa replies, "I'm not the jealous type; if you're happy, I'm happy. I'll let you two get back to your lunch." With his hopes crushed, a flabbergasted Cookie turns to Evelyn who then exclaims, "We're going out?!? Kiss me, you fool," and proceeds to plant one on Cookie, who's final word is a "Nooooooo..." I apologize if I don't do the episode justice, which is why I encourage you all to check out Nickelodeon and see this great show. And I have a confession to make. I think I'm crushing on Evelyn Kwong (Michelle Kim). She may be borderline crazy, but she's smart, very beautiful (in my opinion, maybe not Cookie's...), and aggressive, unafraid to fight for what she wants. And if she feels like planting one on you, she's gonna plant one on you. And that's my type of girl. So what if when Cookie was talking to Lisa about bringing his made-up girlfriend to lunch, Evelyn, who caught the bouquet of flowers that Cookie bought for himself in order to have "proof" of his "girlfriend," viciously bit off a mouthful of flower petals, and proceeded to spit them out in the middle of the hallway. If Michelle Kim is anything like her character Evelyn Kwong, I would be elated to be her Cookie.
  • A show dealing with 3 teens and their middle-school adventures. One boy keeps all his adventure tips in a journal.

    This show I'm telling you is crazy, funny, and wierd. They do things other shows (and Middle Schools) would never do. The main character Ned Bigby is your average eight grade student. He has a journal in which he keeps all his tips on surving school in. Ih every episode he pausing out of the show and briefly describes one tip. The other two characters are Jennifer "Moze" Mozely and Simon "Cookie" Cooke. Moze is the girl who Ned (I hope) will date soon. Cookie is the best friend of Ned, a geek as you would say. He like computers and other technical stuff. The other characters are what keeps this how going, along with the main ones.
  • Ned Bigby is surviving middle school with a little help from his friends and a LOT of tips for his "declassified school survival guide". Whether it's crushes, mean teachers, embarresing moments, or health class- Ned's got it covered!

    LOVE IT!!! This show never really appealed to me until lately, and I saw how witty and fun the show really is. The writing is fantastic, the characters are lovable and easy to relate to, and the tips are great! If you are looking for a show that's light and easy, fun to watch, and entertaining than this is for you. Unlike all those hard-core dramas this show really targets what television is meant for- ENTERTAINMENT! Devon (Ned)'s adorableness just adds to the perfection of the show. All together I give this show an A+. Finally Nickelodian has a shoe as great as Disney shows!
  • Ned is a junior high student who offers tips for just about everything.He and his two best friends,Moze and Cookie,get into a lot of goofy situations and depend on Ned's tips to get them out.

    As much as I don't want to like this show - I do!!! There is just something about it that I can't put my finger on. Whether it's the goofy teachers or wacky situations this show is definately one of a kind. There is just so much humor mixed with the real life of a teen going through Junior High School...This has to be one of the best shows Nickelodeon has had on it's channel since The Rugrats (and I know that just sounded lame,but I really don't care). So if you're looking for a good laugh I really reccomend watching Ned's Declassified.
  • Show about a middle school student writting a guide to help others with everyday problems. He gets help from his two best friends.

    Ned is a middle school student that writes tips for other people on how to get through everyday problems. He had started the guid after experiencing something embarrasing in kindergarten. Ned and his two best friends, Moze and Cookie, go through what almost every middle schooler experiences: Crushes, mean teachers, bullies, puberty, and any other situation. Through the recent season it has shown that Ned and Moze, his female best friend, have been realizing that they might have feelings for each other more than just friends. Many kids go through that in life so it is wonderful that they show that. Their other best friend is kinda a nerd for he use alot of gadgets and has the highest G.P.A in school. Its funny and entertaining with a great message.
  • Very good and funny show. Never thought a "children's show" could be that cleverly plotted and unique.

    I rarely tune in Nick because the ads and moderation annoy me and the very, very bright colour hurts my eyes (German Nick by the way) but this show is one of the main reasons I still watch it. A few months ago I just kept watching the show after “Drake and Josh” and found out that there is more than one great show on this channel.

    The main character of this show is Ned Bigby, a student at Middle School who tries to survive these complicated and horrible years and gives tips for the audience. He's joined by his best friends Simon "Cookie" Nelson-Cook and Jennifer “Moze” Mosely and given “advice” by the school’s janitor Gordy.
    Because school is an adventure the three friends find themselves in sometimes weird, sometimes very difficult situations and still manage to find solutions to school and youth problems.

    I really like this show for several reasons.
    - Ned. He’s a very sweet and funny kid and is perfectly played by Devon Werkheiser. He manages to play the part goofy/funny and not just stupid, which I think this role would be in the wrong hands.
    - Moze. Very great role and strong girl. She stands up for herself and has everything under control while being nice and sensible. The female world could be a little better if there were more Mozes out there. ;)
    - I always like a show that shatters the fourth wall because this creates a special link with the audience. And somehow I'd really like the idea of somebody narrating my life (I should see a doctor...)
    - The friendship of Ned, Cookie and Moze is something you don’t see that often on TV. I totally buy that these three completely different students are friends and it's interesting to see their interaction.
    - The humour. The characters on this show are always over-the-top and represent rather a type of student than one person. There is the nerd, the jock, the weird kid, the popular child... and so the show seems almost like a cartoon.
    - Gordy, the janitor who’s also very exaggerated but funny, too. He reminds me a lot of the janitor on Scrubs who is – in my opinion - with no doubt one of the funniest roles in TV history and even a little Scrubs-Janitor can lighten up any show

    So, all in all: great characters, great stories and very good writing. A show truly worth to be watched and really not “just” a children’s show.
  • y

    In this show I think it sends a message to kids in middle school and kids that are about to go into middle school. I think you should continue in the seires except they are in High School and they are not making any friends. You should also include Susie coming back in High School. When you start the new season while ned does not know that Susie is back he gets a new girlfriend. I also think that you should include Mr.Sweeny as there 9th grade science teacher. I still think this show is better than any show series.
  • This show is about a noy and his two friends who try to make a guide to help you actually survive the 6 hours of torture on weekdays...SCHOOL!

    I enjoy watching this show very much. It's one of the first TV shows that relates to teenager's actual expreiences in school (excluding the weasel, and some things that could never ever in a million years, well maybe by then, happen). Some of the tips Ned gives actually help you out in school, educationally, physically, and socially. I think it could especially benefit kids who instead of going to their guidance counselor for advice for how to deal with school, can go to the television set and get rid of their problems in an easier and more realxed way than the pressure of someone questioning you.
  • i love this show and the tips actually work!!

    so the show is about three friends mose, ned, and cookie. they go through strange adventures with the help of thier friend gordy the janitor who is obsessed with trying to catch the polk weasle. they all have different personalities and intrests mose is athletic and does good in school. ned trys to do whatever he can to avoid doing his work and cookie loves technology. they teach you how to get through school and sometimes how NOT to get through school! the show is funny and the tips really helped me! now i use an accordian folder and im WAY more organised!GREAT SHOW really!
  • Not bad!

    I have loved this show since the first time I watched it. This is the only show on Nickelodeon, besides "Drake And Josh", that truly reminds me of the older Nickelodeon that I grew up with. It has entertaining episodes plus really makes me laugh. The actors and characters are wonderful and you get really attached to them. I don't watch nickelodeon much lately, but I always watch the two shows I just listed because they bring me back. Everyone should watch this show and give it a chance. It will truly make you laugh. I think that this show will last a long time on the air and more people get into it each time it's on. I have seen every episode and I can't wait for the new season. And being in High School now but going through almost everything the show has said, it really helped me.
  • This show is about how three friends survive their strange middle school.

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, commonly known as Ned's Declassified, tells the fictional story of Ned Bigby and his friends Cookie and Moze. This show is a great one and the actors are also great. This is a show that I look forward to new episodes every week. I record this show frequently on my TiVo and watch it with all of my friends who love this show and my family who loves this show. This show is a great one and the characters will grow on you, even the nerdy kids like Lisa Zemo and Coconut Head. Ned helps all of the students in James K. Polk Middle School and all kids watching the show.
  • Nick's best show!!!

    In my opinion, this is Teenicks best show ever! I like this show because it has to do with middle school, comedy, anjust about everything else.This is their best Teenick show since All That. So far my favorite episode is Guide To: Class Clowns. I don't really know how to fill up the rest of this, so blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah bla blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah and this show is very very very very very awesome.
  • Reality, Drama and Comedy ALL IN ONE!!! I love it!!!

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is a great show on how life and school can really bite. I think that the idea of giving tips to students who have such tough times in school is a great plan for this great show. The Cast members will definitely grow and be great actors and actresses. I just love how each of the characters can actually be possibly be in your own life. And also the crews and groups they have are so cool like the bullies, the spellers, the oh - so - popular and many more variety of real groups in your own Reality. I love this show!! The first time I watched it... I got hooked and started to watch the show at every time possible. Watch this show more often and I tell you you won't regret a single minute of it!!!
  • This is THE best show EVER, and im not just saying that.

    Honestley this is THE funniest, most entertaining (and not to mention helpful :D ) show i have ever seen, and I have seen alot of TV shows in my 16 years time span. :D I only started watching Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide a while ago, but i have already caught up on all of the episodes which are out now, which shows how good this show really is!!!!!
    I must say though NDSSG is way underated and should have alot more publicity and should be alot more well know than it is currentley today, because it is REALLY THE best show ever and it is very cleverley written! and i will be incredibly sad when it does end (but there is no sight of that in the near future so YAAAY)
    This show is so good that i have bought all of the epsiodes off iTunes for my ipod. That shows dedication :D and it cost alot :D.

    NDSSG ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This show is just great!!! Love watching this hilarious show!!

    Ned's Declasified School survival Guid is just awesome! The show does not lack anything. The show is funny and while it's funny you get to learn stuff from it from Ned's Tips. Ned is a kid whos trying to get through middle school. He's got two best friends Moze and Cookie but, hes also got his love on his mind Suzie Crabgrass. He uses tips to get through the days in his school. While trying to dodge the bullys like Bloomer. His best friend Cookie is very funny. He overreacts to everything which makes ten times better. Cookie is smart and is kind of a nerd in James Polk middle school. Moze on the other hand is smart but, is popular because, she is very funny and is also on the vollyball team. Overal this show is just awesome a definite must see!
  • COOKIE continue to ROCK DUDE!!! ..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................

    I have heard that some people watched the initial showing of Ned's Declassified last year and that it was great. I did not get a chance to see it. But I could not imagine the show without Cookie. He brings an element of comedy that the other actors just are not developed to do. He is ridiculously funny which is great, I mean it's NICK, go figure! The show is the GREATEST!!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • A way to help tweens get through junior high/high school with some very interesting tips.

    This show got me all hyped as soon as it had debuted. From the start, I just fell in love with all the characters and the entire situation/plot of the show. It puts a twist on a kind of informative show adding a little comedy and drama. I mean, a show dedicated to helping teens, kids, children and such of all different ages is highly entertain-able and educational.
  • only just started watching it but its an excellent show i dont follow neds tips but i stil watch it

    i've only just started watching this show but it's an excellent show. Although i don't follow neds tips i still love the show. The show is full of laughter and excitement and good for young people to teenagers. and i recommend it to anyone. I would love to hear other opinions
  • Great Show and It's Very Informative!!

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is a TeeNick show on Nickelodeon and it's very good and very informative. And at the same times it's informative, it hilarious!! I mis judged this show and I didn't even watch it. The first episode I saw was Hallways and Friends Moving when I was sick. Those episodes made me watch this show. Moze (Lindsey Shaw) is my favorite character because she is so funny and she is also gorgeous. I also like Ned (Devon Werkheiser). Cookie (Daniel Curtis Lee) is sorta annoying, but he can also be annoying. Overall, a really good, informative, funny show.
  • A classic!

    I love this show- it's funny, innocent, and just very enjoyable. While Ned Bigby's 'two best friends try to do the impossible' Ned usually leads them both intoa crazy mess. Along with Gordy, this show is going to take fans of (most =)) ages on a crazy ride every episode!
  • I love this show.

    This show is awesome! One of my favorites. Ned gets Spring Fever and tries to break out of school. Moze goes crazy with spring cleaning and Cookie has to spend the day with boogery Lisa Zemo. Ned and Moze try to get a juicy news story as they investigate a school scandal and Cookie starts up a horoscope column. This is just plane genious.
    MAKING NEW FRIENDS; Ned tries to be friends with Faymen, Moze wants a friend to go shopping with and Cookie befriends the Weasel.
    MONEY; Ned, Cookie, and Moze all want to go to a concert, but they need 50 dollars a ticket. Moze works hard to earn the money, but Ned and Cookie have some other ways to get the money easier. Same with this.
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