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  • It is a show on how to get through middle school and how to deal with the challenges that you have to face.

    This show is so amazing!! it gives you good pointers on how to deal with the challeges of middle school and it also keeps your attention! i love the drama between ned and mose and how you never know when they will both finally realize that they love each other. i cant wait until the last episode of this season because i know that ned and mose will never get together until the very end. i just wish they would hurry up with it already because i dont know how much longer i can wait! all in all this show is great!
  • Ah, a show that helps you with school problems and still remains funny. Classical.

    This story is about Ned, who is trying to make a school survival guide and his two best friends, Cookie and Moze. They encounter many problems and find ways to overcome them. It's very funny. My favorite character is Moze, because of her brains and athletic skills. Also after season 1, the next season seemed even better! It shows that the show improved over time. My favorite episode was the guide to Popularity and Stress. I can't really think of anything else to say, except it's a really great and funny show and theres nothing really bad about it either.
  • Cool show that gives you just the right information about school. But this is sometimes questionable with Ned Bigby. He is a junior-higher just barely making it along with his friends Moze and Cookie. Funny show with many crazy adventures.

    I LOVE THIS SHOW! It is hilarious! This show gets better every season. The suspense is killing me whether or not Moze and Ned will get together or Suzie and Ned will find a way to get together. Will Cookie end up with Lisa? This show has surprises and new twist in every episode. I can't wait. It will be sad to see this show go.
  • Ned's Declassified:SSG is so reminiscent to classic Nickelodeon. I love this show so much.

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is a very unique show. Ned Bigby and his two best friends, Cookie and Moze, try to do the impossible, create a guide that will help them through school. The creator and writers for the show are brilliant. Its amazing how many different ways they explain a situation. The characters have matured a lot since the first season, which makes it a whole lot better because its not too kiddie anymore. I hear that the third season will be the end for Ned and the gang but I definitely hope its not. Nickelodeon would be crazy to end such a classic show so early, give it at least one more season. If they do cancel it, they should release season sets to dvd and I'll be able to cope with the cancellation.
  • A hillarious show!

    Another one of my personal favorites. This is about a not so popular kid, Ned, writing tips for his notebook of school tips along with his friends Cookie and Moze. I like this show for its comedic value and storylines, such as Gordy the janitor trying to catch a weasel running around and Cookie trying to get a girlfriend. It's too bad TeeNick doesn't like this show as much as its monstrosities (Just Jordan and Naked Brothers Band, anyone?) This show is origional and funny many episodes, so it keeps rolling. I mean, come on, this has run longer than those other two bad shows. Respect Ned's Nick!
  • Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is awesome!

    I love this show! It is funny, yet very informative. It has real tips and some nonsense tips that can get you through school. Even though the plotlines are a bit over-the-top, they can actually teach you something. It has tips from organization to cell phones to tardiness to lunch to community service, and the list keeps going. Ned, Cookie, and Moze are all fun, lovable characters as well as the teachers and various students at James K. Polk Middle School. The show is outrageously funny, and best of all, it's filled with helpful tips. I tune in every week for the new episodes. This is one show, that you don't want to miss! A 10 out of 10!
  • 2 words: So Awsome

    2 words:
    Just Perfect

    A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A
  • So funny

    This show is just so funny I can't get over it. Mean Ned has so many things to learn. I guess we do to thats why were watching it. During "cellphones" When Ned is in Sweeny's room and Sweeny is telling Ned no cellphones in my class and Susie thought he was saying no for her to come down to where ever they live. LOL. This show just makes me laugh even if I seen the episode 10 times. It is to bad that this is the last and final season of Ned's declassified school survival guide. I love this show.
  • Hilarious!

    A show about to survive in middle school in random situations but those situations could actually happen to us in middle school. Even though some tips may seem a bit silly, there are also some tips that actually help me in real life. An example of one would be setting your locker combination before you go to your locker. I find this show funny for it does show silly exaggerations such as Ned when he was so close from getting a date with Suzy Crabgrass. The lessons that the episodes teach are also applicable in real life. This show is mostly laughable becuase of how ludicrous it is! It is a funny show!
  • Very funny!

    It's about a kid named Ned who trys to write a survival guide for Jr. high.Helping him out are Gordie, Cokkie and Moze his two friends from elemantry school.They basicly give tips about things that happen at school although it is exsaduratated a bit.Tips range from the bus to dating.I think this dhow is pretty much the very best show on teen nick everything (but Drake and Josh) pretty much are crappy shows.This show has many laughs although some episodes are well not so great.It is a very good show I like it lot I recomened it to people in Jr.high.
  • Ned's declassified is a brillant show which includes many good tips for the viewers. Throughout the show Ned and his friend's Moze and Cookie struggle with the day to day happening at a high school.

    Altogether I this show is a brillant show for children of lots of different ages. Many of the tips Ned tells you actully work and they help you through life in high school. This show is very entertaining so you laugh aabout it the whole night. Ned's declassified is a very amusing and interesting show. I would advise you never to miss a single episode. In the show you can just picture yourself as Ned and your friend's as Moze and Cookie. The show relates exactly to how children's life is now and all of the problems and struggles they go through.
  • Just so plain hilarious. I'll be sad when it ends.

    This show is designed to help you survive middle school. While it does have some things that are totally unrealistic and would never happen in an actual middle school, it's still downright gut-busting funny. Unfortunately, the show ends this year. It shall be hard, but there will be re-runs! Fortunately, Ned gets the girl of his dreams, and I think I might know who that is *wink*. The show is well thought out, well-written, well everything. Pure and simple genius. I am sad to see it end, but I can't wait for the finale. I just know it's going to rock. ^_^
  • The best show on teen nick!! EVER!!!

    I love this show a lot. It has some very funny plot lines and is pretty realistic at showing middle school life. I really don't think that there are any bad things about this show. I also enjoyed the bloopers at the end because they were usually very funny, but for some really strange reason they stopped showing them. This is the only teen nick show that has 2 parts and I enjoy that much better then a full 30 minutes. So overall this show is the best show on teen nick, maybe even the best show on Nick, and I give it a big 2 big thumbs up!!
  • A very funny show.

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide,
    In Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide we see three kids Ned Moze and Cookie as the try "to survive middle school".Along the way they meet new people new obstaicles new teachers and very funny plot lines. Ned has a guide which he uses to help his friends. He has tips of how to get through school safely,
  • Ned is an average Midlle Schooler, he will give you tips to how to survive school.

    Ned is an average Middle Schooler. He gives you tips to survive school with your friends. His friends are Cookie, who is a smart kid obsessed with technology. His other best friend is Moze, she is pretty smart and very athletic. He tells you. about crushes, clothes, frinds, and everything you can think of. He also has alot of other friends that he gives tips to you and he is learning them on the way. The janitor is Gordy, he is a cool grown-up who is always helping the kids from getting into trouble. Crubbs, is the vice princible, he takes his job very serious he is always looking for kids doing something wrong.
  • Used to be Good...

    This used to be a very good show in season 1. Season 2 is when it started going downhill, in Season 3 it just became totally horrible and almost unwatchable.

    It'a about Ned, Cookie, and Moze, three seventh (or now, eight) grade students who have to deal with problems such as dating, cheating, and bullies. Ned has a "Survival Guide" where he writes tips for him & his friends.

    Things started going downhill in season 2 with the addition of the "Crazy" math teacher (don't know her name) plus they started using Gordy more, and got rid of Mr. Monroe.

    Season 3 is just terrible because of the other crazy teacher who never leaves her house, and they're overusing VP Crubbs, and underusing Sweeney & Mr. Wright. Also, it's just plain not funny anymore.

    In season 1, I would have given it a 7.5
    Season 2 I would give it a 6.5
    Season 3 I would give it a 3
    So for overall, I give it a 5.7
  • Ned's declassified school Survival Guide is a sitcom set in in California at James K. Polk Middle School. It currently airs on Nickelodeon

    What to say?

    This show is pure genius. The sound effects. The visual effects. The characters. The suedo-realistic middleschool situations, that brilliantly relate to real life. The list virtually could go on and on...

    This show exemplifies sitcom maturity. It has made almost incomprehensible leaps and bounds, from the pilot episode, or even when compared to the first season, and it just continues to get better and better.

    When it comes to analysing this sitcom, all the important factors are there. Quality ferformances by the actors in their roles, spontinaeity, humor, timing. However, the brilliance of this sitcom, is that, not only are all the factors included, but they are all executed to perfection. From Darran Norris who is great as the lazy and incompetent janitor Gordy, who provides Ned with advice on occasion, to Hamilton Mitchell who acts flawlessly as the over the top Vice Principal Crubbs with his rediculous, ego-centric patrolling of the school halls, even to Mo Collins as the iTeacher.

    The timing and spontineity are remarkably intertwined with the comedic situations, and hilarious lines in the show. Very often during each of the school guides, the three main characters, Ned, Mose and Cookie, played by Devon Werkheiser, Lindsey Shaw and Daniel Curtis Lee respectively, will have their own agenda, as it were. Though their paths will regularly intercept, connecting their issues together. This is evidence of the efficient collaboration between the actors, and the writers, and the quality of the latter. John Allison and Robin Snelson are also to be praised highly for their work on the visuals and sound.

    The style in which the timing sound, and visuals are done, is reminiscent of the all-time masterpiece teen sitcom, Parker Lewis Can't Lose. For Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide to be mentioned along with Parker Lewis Can't Lose, is evidence of this sitcom's elite standard.

    In conclusion, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is essential for one who loves comedy. If you haven't seen this,watch it. Now.
  • 2nd best show on Nick, after Avatar the Last Airbender.

    This show is one of my guilty pleasures. Ned, Moze, and Cookie are all fun to watch during this middle school based show. Ned's tips are funny, and even though I've never used any of his tips, the show is entertaining to watch. My favorite character is Lisa Zemo, along with Coconut Head. My favorite episodes are probably Double Dating and the Last Day and Social Studies and Embarrassment. Most likely because I'm a Ned/Moze shipper. I find best friend relationships to be cute, because the two friends know each other so well. I suggest to try watching this show. I love it, and most people I know do to.
  • A great show and is very interesting and funny.

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is a show on Teen Nick that is a great show and always is funny.
    While they never seem to change Ned always stats a problem and it happens in school. They find quirky ways in which to survive and beat their problem. And it also has elements that you face at school, the teachers, love, and all that stuff. Which is done a good job at but really, if that was school to them they must only have two hours of class and the rest free time. If you enjoy Teen Nick shows you will like Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.
  • People + Cartoons = Ned's Declassified! A great show!

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is the best show on Nickelodeon. It's like a mix of real people and cartoons, which end in marvelous and hysterical results! Although half the time, Ned's tips never would work in real life, it's still a wonderful and entertaining show. With the stupidity of Ned, the tomboy Mose (Jennifer), and the computer geek Cookie, along with the dumb-witted Gordy the janitor, Ned's Declassified gets better ever episode. Along with new and out-of-this world characters like Vice Principal Crubbs, Principal Pal, Counseleor Lowe, and the teacher who teaches in a box (never knew name), I expect on seeing more silly characters soon.

    The best Ned's Declassified episode is "Dodgeball". It's a mix of school, cartoon violence, and Star Wars! You can't find a show better than this on Nickelodeon!
  • i love this show.! im watch it all the time ! go ned go ned !

    this show is propbably the best shi watch it all the time !
    go ned go ned!

    nick has made a great show this time!
    i havwe to say i do use thier tipps!
    i cant believ its in their final season.
    i am sad!! nick better still play them play them. i mean really its the best show ever .i mean the love story between ned and suzie and ned and moze! its like like a love triangle.
    i love those its like the one form dawson creek ..joey and dawson or joey and pacey !
    nick have truly made a great show! bravo nick bravo !!!!

    i love this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    go ned !
  • This is a very good show and may be one of the few good shows left on Nick.

    This show is about Ned, Moze, and Cookie who are three ordinary people who face everyday problems. The show has some funny parts, unlike the recent shows aired on Nick. I find this show better than what I thought it would be. This show has a good balance of comedy. At some points, the show can be a little strange and the characters can seem to be crazy, but I'd definately rather watch this show than much of the shows on Nick. I strongly recommend people to watch this show if you watch mostly Nick. There needs to be more shows this good.
  • Story of Ned and his friends creating a guide to help you survive school.

    This is a pretty decent show. I hated it when it first came on, but after my friends persuaded me to watch and episode of it, I loved it instantly. This show is hilarious! My favorite characters are: Ned, Moze, Lisa, and Gordy. Gordy is probably my ultimate favorite because he's the one who adds the most humor to the show. My favorite season would have to be the first one because it's sooooo funny. I'm upset that this show is on it's last season, but I might as well enjoy it while it lasts. I hope Moze and Ned end up together in the end (they are sooo perfect together!)
  • Its a comedy situation. Its about the guide 2 surbiving school. These's ned moze cookie. ned and the gang try to help other an them selves to survie school

    This show is my 2nd favorite behing avatar at 1. Yes, this is a classic. What else would it be poop? This show is funnier then ever. The things they emphisis on is classic. the teachers are weird that make them funny. ALso cookie face when hes worried or sad is soooooooooooooooo f*** funny
    more than that it sometime acually helps! and there plans to survuve the bullies is funny, too. Nothing (except avatar) could beat this show. Ya zoey 101 and drake and josh is funny , too but this is classic, funny, stupid show.

    go neds! and avatar! pee or not to pee
  • wow this show rocks this show is helping me through school.....

    its about 3 middle schoolers who are trying to get through middle school and they give you tips to get through school this show has been really helpful so far the show gives great tips on life too i really think people who need help in school should watch it and i really like the idea that they just dont do just thier life but tips too even though i am a person who writes reviews on cartoons and a cartoon lover this and zoey101 are really the only show that is not a cartoon that i watch its not just for teens or just kids its for both tell me if you agree or not please now if you love cartoons check for my reviews like for avatar and danny phantoms i try to do tons of reviews over all tvrocks06 says this show rocks
  • Ned and His friends will make it through middle school one step at time. Ned tells the audiance how to get through middle school in one peice.

    A great idea! The stories that are told in the show may be a little unusal but they all have some sort of message in the story line. Ned\'s advice is sincere and helpful. The show is funny and very entertaining! The characters are alsome. Their school life my be full of unsual events, but they make the Show a great thing to watch. I am sixteen and have aready made it through Middle school and still find the show entertaining! One thig I enjoy the most about Ned\'s declassified School Survival Guide is the way Ned talks directly to you, giving you advice. I also enjoy the janitor and the Ferret!
  • Great show. Everyone should watch it.

    I love this show. Cracks me almost everytime I watch it. The new one coming out should be good. I wish our school was capable for lockers and stuff, so I can actually use the tips, but I have to wait for Jr. High. Oh well, still a great show. I wish it wouldn't end so quicklY! Add High School to the show! PLEASE!
  • Cant get enough

    This show is one of my favorites next to drake and josh on teen nick. Although they dont give the best tips I can forgive them for that lol. Three friends try to do the impossible and create a guide for getting past school which in my opinion would be pretty hard even in real life considering the craziness of shcool already. If I were to create a guide it would probably to do all the wrong things anyways so thats another good reason that I should'nt make a guide. For those of you who have a good sense of humor watch this show and if you dont change the channel I guess.
  • This show is actually good! It\'s like the only reason i watch nickolodean. lol. and believe it or not, the tips actually help me!

    This show is good. very good. so good taht i started watching nick again. ha ha ha. I say if ur in middle school these tips will actually help a lot. wether it\'s with school work, bullies, friends, or any other middle school trouble. each episode has 2 different subjects to tip you on. it\'s actually very useful. now i shal fill in the rest of the words with random stuff cause i can\'t think of no one hundred words. so ya. random random random random random random random blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah show is good blah
  • This is one of the shows I tape.

    I think this is a great show. And I watch it every chance I get.

    The funny situations that they get themselfs into are some of the same onmes I remember getting into. Ned, Moze and Cookie remind me of the friends I used to hang out with back then.

    I do have one problem with the show oh. I wish Devon, Lindsey were oldwer and would of done the show back when I was in 7th and 8th Grade back in 1992-1994, so I could of tried out the tips back then.

    Over all I can't wait to see where season 3 will end up.
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