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  • Never knew that I would be watching Nickelodeon again.

    Well I'm 19 years old right now. Back then I really enjoyed watching the old school Nickelodeon shows like Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Rocko's Modern Life, Doug, and many of the other shows. I recently discovered a funny hilarious show called Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. The series is about typical school life and a boy student named Ned Bigby and his friends Moze and Cookie going through ordeals at school. Ned tends to turn to the camera and gives advice about many things that we experience at school. He gives tips such as being a class clown, or school dances, to crushes, and anything that relates to school basically. The show never breaks reality because a lot of these things we have probably experienced or are currently experiencing right now. The show brings wittyness, comedy, and sillyness all in good ways. I also like this show because Daran Norris who plays the janitor has a recurring role on Veronica Mars. Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is an very funny and excellent show that I would recommend.
  • One of my favorite shows on Nickelodeon

    Neds Declassified School Survival Guide is one of my favorite shows on Nickelodeon. Its funny, entertaining, and its kinda educational. Ned helps you survive and deal with problems you have or might have in middle school. I actually used some of his tips when i was in middle school and it worked. He also teaches valuable lessons like popularity isnt everything, that you should stick by your friends, etc. This show stars Devon Werkheiser as Ned, Lindsay Shaw as his best friend Moze(real name is Jennifer Mosely), and Daniel Curtis Lee as Neds other best friend Cookie(Simon Nelson Cook).
  • Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is a very good show to help us the students.

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is a very good show, it helps us the students and give us tips about how to do better in school, those tips actually work and it has hilarious examples it makes everyone's day better, Ned the main character is an average kid like everyone else so that the viewers can think that school is fun and don't fall asleep and it always have positive messages. Ned's Declassified School Survival guide is a good show and it deserves to last a long time before been cancelled.
    Every one can use Ned’s tips and make school a fun place.
  • Good tips . . . even I use 'em!

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is a very unique show, is what I would think. You wouldn't see this kind of show, I mean, you would never see this kind of show. I mean, a smart junior high student gives tips on how to survive school! So unique! This show gets better every season. My favorite character, of course, would be Gordy, the silly janitor at James K. Polk Middle School. Funny, amusing, classic, whatever you want to call it. As I was saying, anybody who doesn't watch or doesn't like this show, you do not know what you are missing!!!
  • This show is the funniest most upbeat show I\\\'ve ever seen. And I think the reason that no one can hate this show is beacuse its something we can all relate to.

    This show is the funniest most upbeat show I\\\'ve ever seen. And I think the reason that no one can hate this show is beacuse its something we can all relate to. Ned and his 3 friends trying to make a guide to survive middle school is impossible of course but its fun to watch them try anyway!
  • How does this show do it. It is very goofy, cartoony, with the main characters being young kinds and somehow it is one of the most honest shows I've seen.

    I remember watching some of the old-school sitcoms with my family, the biggest one being Home Improvement. Every episode was different but we would always laugh at both the absurdity and the real topics they would discuss. We haven't had a single sitcom that we would sit and watch together since.
    My family doesn't sit to watch Ned's Declassifed School Survival Guide, but I do with my brothers. I am in my early twenties, going to college but I love to see this show. It feels good to smile. The initial impression is that it is another Nickelodeon sitcom, but it does several small but deliberate things to make it more appealing.
    The characters can be placed into just about any middle or high school and you can catch the similarities. One person is named Backpack Boy, and he looks like he is on call and ready for search and rescue. I remember a friend like that. There are others: the horrible hair cut, the talker, the one always wearing a uniform, and the ugly duckling. They are all true characters and are more then just their stereotype.
    Devon Werkheiser plays Ned Bigby, the everyman frequently looking at the camera and giving advice on getting through school life. Ned has a flaw that just about everyone has: intelligent but a procrastinator. Devon has plenty of charisma and the timing of a stand-up comic. Without that, the show would be bland, a moralistic story of really strange kids. Lindsey Shaw plays Jennifer Mozely, Neds' best friend and all the awkwardness that comes with that kind of relationship. She is part tomboy, part overworker, part eccentric. Lindsey's character is appealing because Moze is completely unaware that half of the boys have a crush on her. Daniel Curtis Lee is Simon Cook 'Cookie,' Neds and Moze's other close friend. He could very easily be placed into the 'Steve Urkel' style of nerd, but Cookie is reasonably confident and not entirely clumsy. He does have an obsession with computers and programs but he is intelligent enough to figure a way out of the problems they run into.
    A nice touch made by the show is in the handling of the teachers. Some of them are portrayed as loving to torture the students, but at the same time they are always portrayed as being good teachers getting their students to learn something.
    The stories never desolve into complete seriousness, even the teen drama is played for laughs. Somehow even with the comedy going around, the relationships between the characters are honest in a realistic way. The bloopers shown at the end show that the actors are having just as much fun as the viewers are. And I think the most important thing is that whenever I watch the show, it feels good to laugh.
  • ...

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is a decent show. Ned Bigby - The main character gives out some school-tips from his "guide" to the viewers alongside with his two bestfriends, Cookie and MOze. They has to deal with stuff like: different classes, school lunch, mean teachers, bullies, school crushes and more. I like the plot alot and I think that there's great actors in this show and the characters are pretty odd but funny. This is a must see TV-Show
  • Ned is a student at Polk Middle School and he has a guide that is supposed to help people survive middle school. Very good advice!

    Ned\'s declassified is a very good show, and surprizingly, some of the advice is good. SOME of it. Some of the advice is kind of strange, with some of the episodes. Some of the episodes that are good include First Day Project Partners Teachers Seating
    Some of the bad episodes include Bathrooms Daydreaming Late Bus Shyness
    This is a good show to watch, but I only think it would only make sence to a 7th or 8th Grader, not a 4th Grader. Like the episode \"Asking Someone Out\", like a 3rd or 4th Grader is going to follow that advice, It is a good show though.
  • I love this show! Even if I didn't like it before...

    Ned's Declassified: School Survival Guide is a pretty cool show:) I really like it, even if I didn't like it before. It might be because I have never been in middle school (there's no middle school in my country) and I didn't get the meaning weel. I started to watch it from a new season, cuz I didn't like some old episodes... But new epies rock! Besides the show is very funny and it's kinda "animation" humor. Which means it has cartoon jokes and cartoon jokes are my favorite, I've never seen them in that kind of shows tho:) And that's what makes it original. I mostly like Gordy, he's really cool and funny and Ned's cool too:) (i like his blue eyes) Actually I hope Ned will end-up with Moze, cuz they're really cute together in my opinion (even if Moze is taller than Ned)) Especially in some of new episodes like "Double Dating" "Last Day of School" or "Reading" (when Moze falls on Ned) and others:) So it gets better every season, and it's one of my favorite TeeNick showz!
  • Completely awesome! So unique. Nothing else like it.

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is great show. (with a really long title.)The show actually deals with real life situations and the characters are incredible. They actually know how to act and how to relate to people in the real world. Though some of the stuff in the guide I would never try, it's still hilarious, sometimes good advice, and makes for a great episode. Devon, Lindsey, and Daniel make a great team and work really well together as Ned, Moze, and Cookie. I have no idea how anyone can come up with such an incredible show, but I thank the creator for creating one of the best kid-drama-comedy-reality TV shows ever.
  • This show is a great influence for kids.Great Humor.Great Tips

    This show helps because I am in the 7th grade now and this show has helped me in school knowing how to handle teenage situations.I totaly think this show helps me greatly understand life at my school and as a teenager.I think this show is the best on Teenick.Althouh There Have been some down episodesthe series continues to pick up fans gain ratings and is indeed better every season.This shows past 2 seasons have been te best of all.Knowingly i think the best episode was the ne with the dance.t has helped me the most.Sadly it will be coming to an end as this is the shows last Season
  • Ever since the premiere in 2004, it kept getting better and better.

    I remember seeing small shorts of the show before it premiered, and didn't think much about it. But when I saw the first episode on it's first night in 2004, It then as it is still awesome now. It is also very influental and informative for students who just wanna survive school, though I never really used tips myself. Now that season 3 has already begun, everyone can enjoy new episodes once again. They have all grown up a bit since season 1. But they are just as cool.

    Ned is one cool guy. Same with his friends.
  • The show is about a teen, Ned Bigby, and his two best friends Cookie and Moze. Where in this show, Ned comes up with Tips to help out his peers survive middle school.

    I think the show is awesome. The comic timing is excellent and you cannot stop laughing. Its unique from the tv shows on right now because they are just trying to survive. Sure, they may be over exagerating, but that is what makes people laugh. A show for all ages to enjoy. Watching this show, will garantee you to leave with a smile. The whole cast is wonderful to view them acting. I have to say that this has to be one of my favorite shows. Too bad that its getting cancelled. I give this show two thumbs up. P.S. Don't forget to watch the Tv movie coming out may or June 2007.=D
  • A teen named Ned makes a school survial guide and lets us people know what to do in real life. He also gets some ideas from his friends Cookie and Moze.

    This show is really funny, but sometimes it gets kinda weird. I mean, at one point things seem like it's the real world, but then it goes on to some kid's imagination. Some of that is fine, but some of it is weird like when Mr. Sweeney keeps the class in until they solve a question correctly, and things chang to James Bond. Still, it's a good show cause overall, it does make some sense. Looks like the new season is really gonna be intimate between Ned, Moze, and Susie. One thing I'm confused about is that both girls seem older than Ned. What a pimp! And What's with that guy who keeps spinning that b-ball?!
  • True and funny

    This show makes me laugh every time I watch it. It has all the good things it can, Humor, Information, and over all Good Actors. The show actually can help in middle school. I'm a sophomore in High School so I've been in the shoes of a middle schooler. The advise given actually does help. The acting is one of the best parts. Unlike shows like The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, this show has good actors and actresses. You can't tell they are actually acting! The humor part is amazing. A couple continuing jokes (the weasel being one) and couple new jokes. I laugh everytime I watch this show.
  • Awesome a$$ show!

    It is an amazing show. Almost every show nick comes out with, I think how dumb. I always hate the pilot, even though I may love it two weeks later. Within a few weeks, I'm either determined to kill the creator, or give him every award on the planet. Not with this. I liked the idea. I like even more it's more of a show, and less of a guide. Now, I think shows should settle in. You know, the first episode should be taken a little slower and try to pull of less jokes than the 10th or 12th. Well, Ned's could've done that a little more, but they had running gags early, and didn't push the brink too early. But Ned's is very great!
  • Ned, Cookie, and Moze are best friends who try to do the impossible, create a school survival guide that will solve any of their problems.

    Ned, Cookie and Moze are seventh graders that are sick of all the problems school brings them. "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide" is their answer as a one stop source for all kinds of problems. Whether it's rumors, dances, clubs, substitutes or lunch, the guide has it covered. They do some pretty wild things including testing rumors first hand. To help them along their quest are other seventh graders like Coconut Head and Lisa Zeno and the ever faithful, big kid himself, school janitor. The janitor let's Ned and his friends get away with some unreal stuff, but never letd them get hurt in the process.
  • Overall, the best live action show on Nick

    Ned's Declassified does what other live actions on Nick can't, which is hold my attention for the duration. The situations the characters get themselves into, while unrealistic, are hilarious. I wish I could do half the things these kids do in school! It has really likable characters, and the weasel, who is just awesome! The tips may never be of any help to me in school, but why let that get in the way! It give the show an unusual story line. The main character, Ned, interacts with both you, and the people in the show, which I think is great.
  • Good tips for surviving school

    I've seen every episode of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. It is funny. I actually use the tips at school. They help me survive. Ned is awesome. He is neither the jock, nor the smart kid. He is your average teenager trying to survive school and help others do so too. I love this show.
  • Ned talks about middle school in this show trying to help kids get by.

    Yeah this show is one of the few shows on nickolodeon that I actually dont mind watching. even though it can be cheesy at some points example driving a car in the school, and cookie always having some big technology. I think its a good show for kids and every other age to I recomend it for people in middle school right now and for people going in to middle school because it can give you tips for getting by in life or I should say in school but just watch it if your having trouble in life at all .
  • Decent, and definitely different from other Nick shows. The characters aren\'t nearly as corny as characters from such shows as \'Zoey 101\' and \'Unfabulous\'. And the plots are so much better.

    First things first, this show is different. It is extraordinarily wacky and the scenarios are rather unrealistic, but the show itself is entertaining. The tips are actually good advice, and the characters actually have real problems (no, frizzy hair is not a \'real\' problem, Nicole of \'Zoey 101\').

    The characters are boring or annoying sometimes, but mostly interesting. Ned is just a typical kid (well...sort of). Moze is his friend, who reminds me a lot of me. I find it easier to befriend boys than girls, much like her, and I often intimidate people because I\'m serious (though I can\'t say any aspect of this show is serious).

    Cookie is probably the most unrealistic of the characters. I mean, who has a computer in their glasses and a printer in their pants?

    Overall, a pretty good-natured little show and a standout, though some people can\'t handle the insanity.
  • It's funny, interesting, and easy to relate to.

    At first, i did not really like it, then after watching it awhile i liked it. I really like Gordy he is funny, but something easy to tell is that Ned likes Moze, though he does not realize it till later seasons.

    This show is easy to relate to, because most of the tips come from your average middleschooler, although i do not use any of the tips. Ned is funny because he deals with life, witch is funny.

    You will enjoy watching this because it is relastic, maybe you have had one of the problems he is dealing with? Maybe in future you will have those problems. Overall, this show is a classic.
  • anyone who has ever been in school can relate to the show!

    its not a bad show it is really for for kids in the middle school. alot of the things that they cover is what kids in the middle school go throu. but they add humor to help make it seem like its not a big deal( and to get people to watch on tv.) i think if there is nothing on you should give this show a chance, i did and i enjoy it. im not in middle school but you look back and say i remember when that happened! so i hope you enjoy!
  • At first, i thought the show was good. But now, i don't quite care for it and have dropped the show.

    So this is what i'm going to say about the show; i would give it a 4/10.

    Most who watch it would say that its a cute, funny show for younger youth among todays society. But, if you look closer, it is in a lot of ways, a quite poorly done show.

    Its actors/actresses, do not perform well in the second season and up. The first season was fine. They were fresher and more excited for the show making them perform better. But after a brief break and starting the second season, it was duller, almost like they're getting bored of their job.

    The questionable romance plot through out the series (and many others) make it seem like its okay to have a boyfriend or girlfriend at such a young age. These kids aren't even in grade eight!

    The idea of storylines being among Tips for school, closes many doors; it vastly cuts down episode possibilities. Near the end of the last season, you will notice that they are making episodes on very silly things such as nicknames and things that do not even relate to school all that much!

    The only part i found enjoyable in this show was the music score, it was clever and fun! But I would still rate this show quite low as I do not see any sense in watching a show that only has a good music score. I apologize to any viewers who take these blogs offensivly.
  • This is a pretty good show.

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is a funny show. My favorite character on the show is Ned. I like how he gives tips for school. I think it is funny how Cookie's glasses are also a computer. I also like how Moze makes friends with some girls instead of her only friends being boys. Loomar is one of the funniest bullies I've ever see on tv. I like how he likes Moze, but still bullies her friends. Coconut's wig is really funny. I don't like Seth's hair. It is way to yellow. I love how he is always spinning that basketball.
  • Ned gives you some tips to surive school.

    Helpful tip yet funny too.I love this show its imformative like i said before funny too. I can't see why any one wouldn't like it. I have tried some of his tips and they work too but some are too silly to even try i'd be the laughing stock of the school. Anyways Ned always gets into this problem and ends up with a soultion with it. All in all Neds declassified school surival guide is a cool, funny, great, personal favorite, show.
  • Ned's declassified is hilarious!

    Ned's declassified school survival guide is very good. Anyone at any age can watch this show and it gives you tips to do anything from crushes to going to dances. I love the comedy in it and the characters. Ned is very funny and out going while Cookie is very smart and a little on the crazy side. Moze is an alright character bt she does influence girls and her best buds. I really love the idea of making a guide for students who attend schol still and this definitely helps the students cope with bullying and crushes. I love it!
  • Its a fun show. Hope that it is going to have another season. Wish they would have more different kids on it. Its fun to watch how everybody deals with school and all the crazy stuff that happens there!

    This show is about ways kids can handle middle school and all the situations and demands. There is a central character named Ned, that is sort of a narrarator and he explains what he is feeling and thinking about what is going on. Some of the kids are popular kids and some are regular kids. Its a good show for ages 13, 14 and even 15 because it helps kids to see they are not alone in this confusing world. I really liked it when Ned kept telling his teacher that his dog ate his homework. Finally there really was a dog! Very funny.
  • ok i think

    the show is preety good its about these three main people that made a show that tells you tips on how to get through school although the show is preety good the acting and some what animals in the show you certanaliy can tell there fake but the tips are preety good and helpfuland if you watch it before you get into a school it gives you good view of what you should see in all schools for exzample all schools have bullies and ofcoures all schools have teachers and lots and lots of kids or teenagers i think this show gets a 9.3
  • lmao. This show is hiliarious!

    I love it! Usually, Nick shows are the best but after Unfabulous, this show is one of my fave Nick shows! It's so hiliarious, somewhat realistic, and did I meantion funny?
    I love it. I love how Ned's crush is like a mean ol' bully and Suzie Crabgrass is funny. Cookie is a weirdo but funny and Moze is like their sarcastic friend. Funny!
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