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  • This is what i think about ned's declassified school survival guide

    I think that this show is awesome! I love how everyone portrays their character! I can't wait to see more episodes and more of ned and mose! I think that this show is perfect the way it is and that nothing should be changed! I wonder what the writers of the show will come up with next and I can't wait to find out!!!
    I have absoulutly NO complaints. I hope that the actors and actresses grow up to be successful workers! I know that I will deffinatly watch their shows or movies! keep up the good work guys!!!

    Peace Out!
  • Completly un-realistic to real middle-school life, but so much fun all the same!!! It's awesome!

    I must say that I really enjoy this show! Sometimes, I find the tips can actually be helpful! The characters are so funny and likeable that I don't really know how you could watch this show and hate it. What am I saying? The whole thing is funny! Not JUST the charecters! I wish my school was this wacky.
    Overall show grade:A-
  • this is one of teenicks heros because the other shows except unfabulous is lame.(on teenick

    the 1st season was ok but the 2nd season was much much better. it got more funny and wasnt all corny like the 1st was had that crappy weasel. it got seriously funny. sorry i had to say that. this show rocks.
    it handles what regular kids and teens need school help!
  • this is a show about 3 kids trying to conqoure middle school and giving kids tips.

    Ned- Ned is the main character in the show and gives out the tips he isn't really good in school but has 2 best friends to back him up
    Cookie- he is obsessed with computers and uses them everyday. Moze- she is the caption of the volleyball team and is really smart. Lumer- the bully of the school and has a secret crush on moze. Suzie- Suzie is a really popular girl and Ned has a crush on her, she is Moze's best friend and is also on the volleyball team. Gordy- the voice for the Faily odd Parents show
  • i abolutely love this show!! it\'s basically about three best friends; Ned, Cookie and Moze who have this guide that helps them out in shcool.

    i abolutely love this show!! it\'s basically about three best friends; Ned, Cookie and Moze who have this guide that helps them out in shcool. it has everything from school dances and dates to report cards to sports basically everthing a preteen/teen faces in jr high. Ned Bigby is the main carachter of the show. He likes this girl named suzie crabgrass and is always trying to impress her. Simon Cook (cookie) is half boy half computer. he can search up anything on his built in computer which he sees through his glasses without it he would be nothing. Jeniffer Mosely (moze) is sick and tired of having two boys as best friends and is constantly trying to get suzie to become her new best friend. Moze like Seth Powers who is obsessed with basketball and doesn\'t think about anything else. During the seasons Suzie has gone out with Loomer the school bully who likes Moze and they end season two with a \"steamy\" kiss between best friends Ned and Moze, it\'s going to be a interesting season three!
  • This show is great!!! i love it,This show is great for kids who have a hard time at school with the various topics discussed on the show,i use the tips all the time and they really help you in school. they will also make you feel great about yourself!!

    This Show is awsome, as i mentioned above, this awsome!! i love using the tips at school, the tips will make you feel great about yourself..They should make more episodes! I always watch this show..The show is great for anyone who likes comedy, tips all in one! it is so wonderful..A season 1 dvd should come out...atleast one dvd of neds declassified.
  • I watch this show when it's on.

    I'm not sure if they're being serious with the tips they provide, but this show is amusing and very entertaining. It's about a helpless kid giving advice with school when he's still trying to figure things out himself, and actually, some of the advice is useful, but it won't be useful if you aren't in the same situation as he is, so I just take them as jokes. Some of the jokes can be kind of corny, but it still has its moments where you just want to laugh. The acting is also poor is some points, but there's pros and cons in everything. You won't be disappointed.
  • the new kid

    i would say that episode is good but it isnt. that isnt how british people speek so when ever that episode comes on i turn the channel over or shout at the telly britsih people speek nearly the same as americans and they dont speak posh they speak gangsta language i should know im british and we do call soccer football but we call the pitch field if we want and we dont just like fish and chips i hate fish and the only chips i like are mc donalds chips we dont dress like cookie did i dress in nike and thats why i dont like that episode you amerucan gotta reelise that i like america but british people are not posh

  • its on my top five favorite shows

    It's a great show and i'll admit the second season was better than the first. i just can't get enough of Ned's Declassified! to make this go faster i'll type wirds with spaces. ned is the funniest person in the whole show! But i hate cookie, they call him a cyborg but he's a human...or is he?
  • A very fluent and helpful Show to have around.

    The Show is bacically about three freinds that use a guide to help them get through school. The Writers do a great job keeping the show always focused on that storyline which makes the show always understandable and flow well. THe show can also be applied to real life by using Ned's tips. I don't use them but They would help i am estimating if they were used. I'm sure parents love this show for that reason. I know my dad always encourages me to watch it for the help in school(But not excactly for the entertainment) The showe couls have been a little more funnier but is still a good show to exsist.
  • A "different" show about 3 middleschoolers suriving school by a guide.

    This show is the best!!! Nick has done a terrific job!!! Its a never-before-made show about a junior high kid named Ned and his pals Mose and Cookie that have created a guide to survive Middle School. This show is funny and creative! This show makes middle school fun. Ned and his friends go on zanny fun adventures to help kids survive school. This show teachs you about school and its fun because you never know what Ned and friends are going to do next. The characters are fun and zippy!!! This show is definatly cool!!!
  • This show is about a few friends in middle school who go through it giving us hints on how to have a more positive experience in school.

    I like this show because it shows you how to go through middle school without any problems.( well maybe a few...) but anyway, Ned, Cookie, and Moze try to help everyone who watches and is in middle school try to get through. Like with evil teachers, mean homework assignments, teachers who don't care about students at all, and most of all, bullies.(well, not most of all , but that is a big problem in middle school.) Then they also teach you personal problems,like if you want to change your style, cool it out with your friends first and see how they feel about it.
  • Holy crap! The favoritism around here's gotta be a joke because this show sucks!

    I am so disappointed with all those saying this is their most favorite show ever! Whoever came up with this show was on crack.
    If you haven't seen this show, continue not to. If you have, turn your brain back on! This is a shere example of an original idea gone bad! Here, Nickelodeon comes out with another bad program-the only non-animated one decent now would be Drake and Josh. Ned's .... is so unrealistic and another disappointing attempt at comedy where most of the comedy comes out forced-and most of the time it's not even funny that way! Drake and Josh has quite some forced humor too (especially from Josh) but it at least has some kind of flair to it. This has none. The acting also sucks, especially from Ned, and the "tips" Ned gives suck, trust me I'm in college (at least they mention before each show that "results may vary"). Settle for another show that actually succeeds at being smart, humorous, and better acted.
  • Tis show is great!

    This show is full of good acting, and great plots. This is one of the shows one of the shows on Nickelodeon that is still good. I would have to say my favorite episodes are daydreaming, New students, Spirit Week, and there are other ones that I like to but I can't thaink of the names right now. There are also a few episodes I haven't seen yet, such as: Music Class, and a few others that I can't think of the names for! Overall I really like this show, and I hope they continue to play it.

    Keep it on the air!
  • Ned Bigby, the star of the show, gives tips on how to survive school with the VERY common issues of your life in school.the episodes show the characters going through the issues of middle school as ned explains to deal with the problem.

    i began watching this show even more when i began middle school. ned definetley gives great tips on how to deal with a problem. theres an epsiode on EVERY problem you deal with in middle school. they show how to deal with looks,friends,enemies,lunch, lockers just about every problem in middle school!!!!!! they show the characters going through th problem and ned explains how to deal with the problem. unlike nickelodeon's helpful hints for humans, neds solutions to the problems wont get you in trouble and arent stupid solutions. neds declassified school survival guide is the show to watch when you've got a problem.

    Ned's Declassifed is a great show. It actually gives good hints and tips to help you survive school. I like how there can be a show that gives help and advice, but at the same time, it has a plot in it. The show is ok, and I think it is entertaining to watch. I think the producers should publish a book of all the tips like what Ned has.
  • The BEST show! Way Better Then Danny Phantom!!:)

    This show is hularious yet relating!You can relate to what really goes on at shool. The Actors and actresses play thier parts VERY well! There is a great future for devon (Ned) in his future becuase He is one hularios, two the bests, three he can act, for he plays his parts well. he is not shy of the camera or people at all! Mose is really good at her part to. Although Mose isnt her real name I frogot it . Same with Cookie. They all play thair parts well. I think the way they run is funny though.
  • Ned creates a guide that will help kids get passed ordinary school problems.

    This is one of the most original comedies I had ever come across on. All of the cast of characters are great with colorful personalities. It sorta reminds me of a less then preppy Saved by the Bell except more comedic. You have Ned, a very well liked character but still get bullied by the complexed Loomer and his once a prep crush Suzie. All of these characters are absolutely wonderful and I\\\'m happy to get to know them.
  • It is a good show with a good message but a bit exaggurated.

    Ned\'s Declassified school Survival Guide is about a 7th grader named Ned Bigby who is just dying to fit in at James K. Polk Middle School. He is joined by his best friends Jennifer \"Moze\" Mosley, a girl who has problems of her own with her height and popularity, and Simon \"Cookie\" Cook, a complete goofball and genius who comes up with advanced technology as means of solving his problems, but always fails. The show is pretty good, it gives struggling middle school students good tips and shows them that they are not alone. But it also has a goofy twist that doesn\'t quite fit in with the rest of the shows dialogue. Such as an insane custodian that works with Ned and his pals to bring unliked teachers down, students bringing bikes inside the school building, etc etc etc. Just stuff you wouldn\'t see in a typical Earthly middle school. Despite that one problem the show is excellent and hilarious at that, I find myself laughing heavily throughout each episode. Give this show a try. You will probably really like it.
  • School surviving in funny scenes.

    I really enjoy watching Ned's Declassified Survival Guide, because it's pretty enjoyable how the three (Ned, Cookie, and Mose) try to survive Middle School by tips they would follow from a guide. It's really funny, actually, since it gets usually fun to watch. Even though it doesn't really much say a lot of how a REAL middle school is, but it's pretty funny.
  • Zoey 101 kicks this shows ***.

    Ned's Declassified is not funny. The humor is sucky, the characters have lames names. How would name their kid Cookie or Moze? What kinds of names are those? This show has got to the lamest teenage show i have ever seen on Nickelodeon. They should seriously cancel this before any angry mob forms in front of their studios.
  • Amazing show!

    Ned, an ordinary kid from JKPMS. Not popular, not smart, doen't like to be spelled, has two best friends, Moze and Cookie and has tips for school. One of the reasons I watch this show is because the voice of Cosmo, Daran Norris, is in the show. I'm a big Fairly OddParent fan. Since FOP is cancelled, I have made this show my favorite, that is of course until FOP airs again. I'm from Malaysia and I can see that the American school system is OK. Malaysia's system is totally different. By the way, it is enjoyable to watch and the tips are some times useful. That's all that I can say.
  • very helpful show

    this show is interesting and helpful, but everyone pays attention to the show and not the tips, and also some of these things may never happen. the show sometimes dosent stick to the plot. this show is still very helpful but its the same plot every episode. Ned, Cookie, and Moze have problems, Ned saves the day with his guide, loomer bullies them, gordy helps, the lunch lady makes crazy predictions, sweeney is crazy, lisa likes cookie, ned likes susie, cookie likes technology, moze likes jock goldman. sometimes cookie and moze give advice but its mostly ned. ned usually gets himself into the trouble
  • The writters did a poor job with this show. It does'nt make sence.

    for real. it does not make sence. what is the point of the show really? I mean ya it's just these kids who go to school. thats really it. and it's just does not make sence to me that much. and theres no point. and i don't like watching a show where i don't know whats happening.
  • This is certainly no "Drake and Josh" or "All That".

    Bad Acting, horrible dialouge, and no humor. These are a few reasons why this show needs to pick itself up.

    Sure, the idea was great. A T.V. show that was all about school, something that pre-teens and teens could relate to. But how the idea was carried out...

    That is where Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide hits rock bottom.

    First of all, the acting. To put it simply, it sucks. The characters in the show are all bland and boring. Their lines are not well written OR well said. The only exception is the janitor character that Daran Norris plays. Daran Norris can be recognized for his work in many cartoons and films. But the most of the cast members are unexperienced and bad. Just watch one episode and you will see what I mean.

    The show is also very bad when it comes to humor. You can tell that they really trying with the jokes and slapstick comedy. But the end result is pathetic and sad. I'm pretty sure that no one actually laughs when the show tries to be humorous.

    In conclusion, this show had potential, but wasted it. When Nickelodeon had first announced the show, I was actually looking forward to it. But after viewing a few episodes, I was let down. I suggest that you avoid this show and watch the other shows that Nickelodeon has to offer.
  • This is one of the best shows Nick has so far.

    This show is about Ned Bigby, a kid who has decided to make a School Survival Guide with his friends Cookie, and Moze.Ned's Desclassified School Survival Guide is a very creative and funny concept about everything that happens at school. In other words, this show is trying to prove that a School is a synonim for jungle. All the advice is really used by kids in all school's. I love shows who concentrate on a teenager's point of view. Good show. And let's not forget to give credit to Cookie and Moze, who also make this show special. You rock Ned!
  • Great Freaking Show

    Wow this show is the best show on nickelodeon currently. The characters, plot, and camera shots all together make a hilarious and true show. It describes the things every student has to go through at middle school, and how to solve them. Some of the tips Ned provides are sorta... cheesy... but most do make sense and work. There are also some pretty attractive girls on this show too. I liked the old Mindy before she was replaced by the ub3r tall one. the blooper reels that they show at the end of every answer print just adds to the realism of the show, and thats why i give it a 9.9
  • The Best show on Teen Nick!

    I love this show. It's in its second season and they still have many ideas to help kids survive school. I use most of their tips, like to keep your locker combination on the last number and how to trick a substitute! This show the 1st time i watched it i thought it was ok but it got funnier. It's not side splitting funny but compared to all the other shows teen nick has,its hilarious! This is one of my favorite shows! The characters are very easy to relate to [except the half-cyborg, cookie] I think that Ned is the average guy you see in class,you can relate to Ned so much, if not ned then the other characters.This show has people anyone could relate to, besides, i liked the part when the teachers were rapping!
  • Not the greatest thing on Nick, its not even that funny!

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is agood show, when there's really nothign else on. I mean, it is pretty good from time-to-time, but come on, half this stuf is fake, and none of it is funny. THey try to hard with the jokes, and tips. The tips don't even work at most schools, and it doesn't help anybody with middle school probloms. All the tips are base mainly on storeotypes in the middle school. Which wont help anybody out. But like I said, only good if you have nothing better to do.
  • I like it a bit... although I had outgrowned it a bit.

    A 7 I give this show. That a like a almost. It okay. It is a fad although. So I stop coping Adam and tell you the truh this show is just a desriving of a 5. I like a bit and it's funny a bit. Werid... a bit so i like it... a bit more than a bit. But bit the only thing is. The bit of tips the bit of plot it only allow me to like what it truley is. A bit of this, that, and something else. A bit, a bit, a bit! This get's a bit of a 5 and get what the bit adds up to. A 7. A 2 is a bit much but then again it's a bit of something. And trust me I now hate the word bit.
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