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  • Original and intellectual

    Best show ever
  • Awesome Show

    Such a good series it can also help u in school
  • Fun Show

    It was funny, entertaining, and makes middle school look easy.
  • Educational and Entertaining.

    If you don't like this show, you have a wrong opinion and should feel bad. Because this is a sitcom that actually is worth watching while you are young.
  • I loved it!

    I can never get tired of this show. It's a show about three kids, which surprised me there wasn't a 'stupid' friend, they were all equally smart, and Missie (please excuse if I'm wrong), the girl who cares about fashion, really isn't that annoying and stuck-up. I'm glad at the plot of this show, and the acting is fair, but not that bad. Ah, those days when TV was actually bearable.

    EDIT: As I said before, Moze was the 'sporty' one, but she had multiple interests and didn't devote all her time to that. Cookie was the more smart and technological one, but liked other things too, like hanging out with his friends and of course, digging through the tunnels of the school. Ned wasn't the stupid one, he was equally smart and had many interests.

    I also want to say Cookie was rich, but he didn't rub it in anyone's face or anything.

    And to all you folks saying 'the situations in this school never happen' it's not SUPPOSED to happen. The main tip is said at the end, but they have to make it funny for the kids. Would you watch a tutorial about 'how to survive school' with only one person, or a show with a whole set of characters that actually have diversity?

    i kind of think that since this show had three seasons they should have started when they were in 6th grade cause in the 1st season that's how they looked to me. anyways, this show is absolutely corny, weird, and definitely out of the ordinary. i don't laugh a whole lot in this show, but i definitely think to myself "the hell are they doing?" and i love shows like that. in reality, if Polk Middle School ever existed, i would certainly love to go to that school. it's so interesting and weird, and the thing i love the most is that the kids you see in the hallway, they don't even notice all the goofy weird things they do. and i love how Gordy never catches the weasel. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SHOW!!!
  • Awesome show!

    This show was funny and educational, I miss this.
  • Best show ever

    Ned's Declassified is one of the most awesome shows on Teen nick. Not only does it help you with school, it's absolutely hilarious in a way many other shows can't be. I could watch one episode 3 times and still not be tired of it.
  • This Show is one of the best show on television today. Watching Ned\\\'s Declassified School Survival Guide is frickin awesome, and I aint playing homie. If I had too rate this show 1 out 10 I would pick one hundred. This show of course beats Unfabulous a

    This Show is one of the best show on television today. Watching Ned\\\'s Declassified School Survival Guide is frickin awesome, and I aint playing homie. If I had too rate this show 1 out 10 I would pick one hundred. This show of course beats Unfabulous and Zoey 101 da.
  • Fun time with plenty of laughs

    Unlike shows like Disney Channels, Ant Farm, this show is super weird, but, at the same time funny and you learn morals from the characters. You can also relate to the characters. It's a truly awesome Nick TV show I miss.
  • lol shadowysea07

    @shadowysea07 31 dislikes. XD
  • This is what you call a teen show, no stupid drama, no laugh track, no bad plots, and it is actually informative and funny.

    I personally find it criminal to see that the producers at Nickelodeon gave this show the ax so soon. In Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, it centers around Ned Bigby, a 13 year old teenager who is clever and smart. Ned creates a school survival guide that is ever growing and gives great information to help kids deal with stuff like bullies, tests, and so on. He is joined by Moze, a smart and funny girl who was never really one of the girls and spends most of her time with Ned. Finally Cookie, a smart but clueless person who is actually rich, but doesn't tell anyone. All 3 of them must survive middle school and have wacky adventures throughout. The acting is great in this show. Everyone does a solid job of acting and portraying the characters' personalities so well. The characters also get a great amount of depth and a unique personality. The comedy in this show blew me away. There were so many funny jokes and gags that never seemed to stop and each episode got better with the jokes. The plots are usually about Ned and his friends dealing with stuff that everyone deals with in school, and I love the idea. In what other show do you see informative an entertaining ways to deal with bullies, cafeteria food, teachers, tests and quizzes, gym, extra credit. I haven't even scratched the numerous things this show has. There is also a running gag with a school janitor named Gordy, who is trying to catch a weasel but always fails in comedic fashion. Gordy is actually a brilliant and kind hearted man who always has the right advice for Ned and his friends. I really wished Nickelodeon didn't pull the plug so soon on this show, it deserved to last longer than 3 seasons. Nick, the people have spoken on this website, we want to see this show brought back again. Get rid of iCarly and True Jackson and put this show back on the air. If you are a person who is about to enter or in middle school, I really recommend this show to you, and you can see it on the Teen Nick channel at 4 PM (depending on what region you live in).
  • This show is so good i could cry :*(

    I Miss this show so much!!! Its one of the best shows EVER!!! This show will forever be on my top 5 shows list. The humor is great the story is great and the choice of characters are great. I think the only reason they took this show off the air was because there was nothing else that kids could have problems with at school. I couldn't even think of anything? I could just hug Nickelodeon for airing this show instead of it being aired on Disney or something. My favorite character would probably be the janitor. I think his name is Gordy? IDK something like that but I wish they passed this show again and all the episodes. Nick made the right choice.
  • This is actually my favorite Teen Nick show.

    For anyone who's ever experienced boat loads of problems in school (like me), then this show is a definite must see. Ned's Declassified is a really useful show when it comes to giving tips on how to survive school and the trouble that comes with it. Of course, sometimes they do exaggerate the problems you might go through, but that's only natural considering the fact that it's a kid's series. All in all, though, most of the scenarios were realistic. It's able to teach and help kids while keeping them entertained at the same time. The best part is it's also a hilarious show with a lot of original jokes and good humor that, for me, is always entertaining. Each character is cool and relatable, especially Ned and Moze in my honest opinion. I really wish it hadn't been cancelled, but eventually, you run out of tips to use, and you can't keep the show going anymore. Otherwise, it could become really repetitive and they'd start ripping the older episodes off. Even then, I'm sad that it's cancelled, and I even cried a little when the finale aired. I will always remember Ned's as my favorite Teen Nick show.
  • Perfect

    This show was about Ned Bigby and his attempts at surviving in middle school thorugh, bad teachers, field trips, and, of course, love/crushes. When I was younger I didn't really enjoy this show, which is sad because when I watch it now I'm sad to see it go the way of cancellation. It was funny to see all the characters, and the situations they got into, it was a very comical show for nick. I didn't really care for all the tips they gave out, but it was forgivable. This is definitly one of Nick's best shows in the last decade or so. 10/10 A+
  • This is a good show for grade-schoolers. And especially junior high students.

    This is a good show for grade schoolers. And especially junior high students. Not only is it funny and entertaining, it also promotes good study habits, and actually teaches kids stuff.

    Occasionally, the show gets a little weird, Gordy, the school's Janitor, is a good example of this, but over all it's a very well done show. The actors are good, the plots are relatively original, and the over the top cheesiness of everything is so obviously intentional that it doesn't interfere with one's enjoyment of the show.

    I would recommend Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide to any grade schooler from fifth grade to eighth. Possibly even ninth grade.
  • Probably the greatest kids show ever created.

    I loved this show so much back in the day. watched every episode. it had creative characters, creative episodes. crubbs, cookie, loomer , ned , gordy, that bmx guy, sweeney and so many other characters. All of which fascinated me. I wish the show had gone on longer but still it was the best of the best. the show went out with a band as the last episode (field trips) was the best. I still see that show on ocasionally on teen nick though i have to sit through the painful degerassi comercials to watch it but its still worth it.
  • How To Survive Middle School

    This show focuses on Ned Bigby, a kid who has a guide on surviving various things in school. He gets help and gives advice to many characters- his best friends Simon Nelson Cook {Cookie}, and Jennifer Moze. He also has bully problems, teacher problems, and relationship problems throughout the show. This show was really good and I miss it. I know it was only for middle school, but I wish we could see their adventures in high school or something. Apparently Ned's actor might star in a new series about high school. Be cool.

    Overall grade for this series: A. Perfect for all
  • Had a good reason to be cancelled...but I still wish it could've gone on longer.

    Ned's Declassified was truly an awesome show. It had good comedy, good plots, an incredible idea for the show, great characters, and for once, great tips. It was a really amazing series. I could relate to many of the characters and the problems they underwent in the show. Of course, most of the time, it was a more dramatic than it would've been in real life but that is natural, considering it's a television show. They gave great tips on how to survive school. The only reason this series was cancelled was because all of the writers and stuff ran out of tips to do, so they had to end it. Still, though, I think they could've come up more tips that could've last them at least 1 more season, if not more. Compared to the other Nick live action shows on today this show was better than all of them! Grade: 100/100
  • I'm glad Nick's airing this show again, I missed it so much.

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is one of my most favorite live-action shows on Nickelodeon. This show stars Ned Bigby, Simon Nelson Cook, and Jennifer Ann Mosely, three middle-school kids that meet some other cool students, get to know teachers and administrators, like the vice-principal, the principal, and even the super intendent. Sometimes situations and other cool events happen at the James K. Polk Middle School, and Ned tries to figure out how to solve them by writing helpful new tips in his guide to help you survive middle school. I think this show is very entertaining, I always want to see my favorite episodes, and I never get tired of watching this show. I think Ned's Declassified School Survival is truly a school-based masterpiece. My favorite character was the evil science teacher, Mr. Sweeney, who turned out to be a pretty cool and nice guy after all. I also liked seeing the janitor going after that weasel. There's so many different middle school subjects and ideas that Ned tries to provide tips for in every episode, which means that I think every new episode idea was well put together.
  • I Can't Wait for Ned's Declassified HIGH School Survival Guide!

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide was one of my favorite shows, and now that they started to replay episodes, it still IS one of my favorite shows! Ned's Declassified circles around Ned Bigby, a kid who goes to James K. Polk Middle School and has a guide to survive every little obstacle that goes his way. Along with his two best friends, Simon Nelson "Cookie" Cook and Jennifer Mosely, he will use the guide, which he created to help him and anybody watching the show survive school.

    If this show wasn't replayed, I would have purchased all of the episodes off of iTunes and I'd be sitting in front of my computer screen, watching them like there was no tomorrow. Now that they've replayed it, I'm so happy, because it is one of my favorite Nickelodeon shows! I love them for that! P.S. Devon Werkheiser ROCKS.
  • It's more than just a show of school tips! It was the best show on Nick!

    Ned's Declassified is one of the best shows that I've seen in my whole freakin' life. Why? Well to start, it's hilarious! I mean, every time I watch this show I laugh at least once. When Ned's first aired, I was not a big fan, because I was still kinda young. But now I am, and now I love it! Every episode makes you laugh at least once, if not every time they tell a joke. And for once, they didn't have a series with a laugh box in it, which didn't make this show annoying in any way. Best of all, the acting was great and the kids were not jerks. Okay, there were some, but the 3 main characters-Cookie, Ned, and Moze-weren't jerks in any whatsoever. Y'know, even my parents said they loved this show. This show is realistic, and it can give you awesome tips on how to survive school. (Oh believe me. I've used a few of them, and they work like crazy) Anyway. I love Neds and I wish and hope it'll return to TV eventually.
  • One of the funniest teen shows I had ever seen since "The Adventures of Pete & Pete" : )

    Ned's has to be the funniest Nickelodeon series since their run of great shows from the 1990's.The first episode I saw ironically was the last one (Field Trip
    Edition) and it was hysterical so I had to see all of the episodes leading up to "Field Trip".The cast is absolutely's a shame that it only lasted 3 seasons : (

    If the entire series is available on DVD,I would LOVE to have it in my collection.What made this show so special was that it showed the trials of what teens go through everyday at school,but from lighter comical side of things.
  • HILLARIOUS! AND GOOD FOR YOU! I don't know why my Tivo grabbed that first episode, but now i'm hooked! It's not just for kids, i am finding so much to laugh at in every episode!!

    I don't like modern kid shows, but somehow my Tivo grabbed this (maybe one of my key words), but after watching the first episode a few weeks ago, i find this show to be so hillarious!!! And i'm not a kid. It reminds me of Shrek, a cartoon that can be enjoyed by kids, but clearly made for adults? This was clearly made for kids, but has so much in there for us adults. There's alot in there that i don't even know how kids get: The VICE Principal has a whole Miami Vice vibe, with his wardrobe and shades, and even wants to become a PI in Miami(on the episode where he wins a lottery)...and that's only a small example (i'm watching an episode right-now, as typing).
    My Hero: the evil science teacher! Bwahahahaha!!!
  • I get why Nick cancelled this show, but I still wish they didn't.

    Ned's Declassified is a really great show. It gives kids tips on what they can do to help them in school and some of them are really useful. This show is one of the best live action shows Nick ever had on, and it always made me laugh. The series finale was the best series finales to a show ever. One thing that I enjoyed with this series was the fact that Ned has to face everday trials that kids and teenagers have to face today, such as tests on the same day, how to get organized, and stuff like that. But my most fave part of the series is defintely the comedy and the characters. The comedy is hillarious and I love all of the characters, especially Moze. I really wish it was never cancelled, but I know why it was. You can only have so much amount of tips, and eventually, they ran out. That was probably the only reason why it was cancelled. So in conclusion I do love Ned's Declassified, and I wish they would have kept it on longer.
  • I remember when I was in Jr. High. This shows give lots of tips.

    Ned's Declasified school survival guide is the best show for Jr. High students. The show helped me (a little bit). So it should help other people (maybe a lot or a bit). Well I liked the part when Susie came back to Polk Middle school. Ned was sooo so so happy. I had a feeling Mose and Ned would be a couple ever since I first saw this show. How cute. I just wish I could get a girlfriend. Well I kinda wish I had Cookie's brains because then I'd be an A honor roll student. Now I'm done with this reveiw.
  • Great show for teens like me!

    I loved this show from the start. I am a little sad that it ended, but I loved the movie. I am really glad that Ned and Moze finally went out because I was waiting for that for a long time. At the end of the second season, I was wondering if Ned and Moze would ever go out and they finally did! I am super happy that that happened. I liked all the episodes that dealt with school problems. Some of the tips actually helped me. I really liked all the seasons exactly the same and I am really happy with this show.
  • A really great show.

    This show is really good and influential for children in middle but sometimes the tips will not come in handy that much. I wish they could still put on new episodes of this show and it was replaced by some other horrible shows. I really wish this show wasn't cancelled Nick please BRING IT BACK!. So the show follows how Ned and his friends Cookie and Moze survive school together and also are best friends. Ned is the one that gives out the tips while Cookie is always working on experiments and science projects and other scientific things and while Moze is trying to make friends with girls.
  • Bring it Back!

    "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide" is one of my favorite shows in the history of TV. It focuses on Ned Bigby and his two friends, Jenifer Mozely, and Simon Nelson Cook. Ned has created a guide with tips to help kids in school. Each episode points out a diffrent part of school that kids may need tips on and Ned gives tips on that one subject. While Ned does this, the kids and their friends go through a story at school that relates to the subject Ned is giving tips on. It came on Teenick on Nickelodeon for 3 years and was loved so much. Now its gone. Rip Neds 2004-2007
  • i really love this show its awsome ned and his friends have crazy times in middle school and know the thing am going to say is mainly to the director please a millon times please have more and newer episodes of neds declassified school survial guide

    only 1 thing to say this show is awsome and i really love it so please everyone who made neds declassified plese make more and newer episodes of this great episode i have to say that the field trip episode was the best one or carrer day well when suzie returned that was a good episode and the tryouts plus the clubs one was really good accuatlly all of them were good so thats why i want the director to make more episodes of this amazing great brillant outstandig epidodes so once again please make more of the neds declassified school surival guide
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