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  • Is this show the greatest or what?!

    This is all about school! Does anyone actually use those tips in real life? I wonder whaen they\\\'ll make a new episode cause the old ones I\\\'m still not tired of yet! Just one little ensey beensey thing: When in the world does it come on?!?!!! I don\\\'t want to miss it again!!!
  • Ned Bigby, a 13 year old boy in the 7th grade give tips on how to survive middle school. He and his two best friends, Cookie and Moze, are there with him to go through the typical problems of a teenager.

    Ned\'s Declassified School Survival Guide is so awsome! Its gives some prety helpful tips now and then and is so fun to watch! I cannot wait for the second season! I am really excited to see what kinds of tips Ned will give next and what will happen to them!
  • I think this show had potential, but needs fine tuning.

    I think this show was good at first, but starting going downhill with "guides" that were useless. Most schools only do earthquake, fire and flood drills so why would you make a 15 minute episode about emergency drills. Its as easy as get under the desk, exit quietly. The show really was good to begin with, just the acting didn't stay that good.
  • Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is a show about a 13 year old named Ned who gives tips and advice to those who need it to survive middle school. From Bullies to Cheaters, Ned has a tip on everything.

    This show gives very useful tips to Junior high students. It is really hilarious as well. I love how it incorporates Recess into it with characters like backpack boy and Claire Sawyer Future Lawyer. The weasel is a nice touvh even though it has a dumb janitor chasing after it.
  • it's really good

    Where do i even start. This show is soo enetrtaining. It gives you advice about school. Which i could really relate to. It's an amazing show. I love it. It's also an orginal show. I've never seen anything like it. Like those other shows where it's the exact same. I LOVE IT!!
  • i only watch this show b/c of teo olivares

    i only watch this show b/c of teo olivares. besides that i dont really like it. it might help you with school and stuff but i dont like it as much as some kids do. but thats them.o o o oo o o oo o ooo oo o o o oo
  • This is one of best shows ever,

    This show is funny and well written.The charecters are very well devolped,and the stories are great.The only problem is there is no new episodes.This show gives school tips through a guide,which are pretty good.This show is really original,somehting new now a days.This show can be really great,there just needs to more epidodes.The characters are also very funny and interesting.
  • its a pretty good show, it gives me laughs once in a while. it consisits of 3 main characters, moze, ned , and cookie.

    Ned's Declaisified School Survival Guide is
    a funny , mild , ok all around show. Moze is
    the girl, Jennifer actually. Cookie is the cyborg, he's digitally in. Ned's the average one,
    not get much over a B in school but always having
    tips. Hopefully he can follow them! it has its laughs, and also theres a weasel in it . and thats
    weird. but i think the show is cool. oh and
    theres some bullies like Loomer who has a crush on Moze. Ned as a crush on the popualur snob Suzie. (Dont know why he would, shes repulsive!?
    so theres my thoughts.
  • this show is so cool.The weasel and the other charecters rock!!

    this is a great show funny and cool
    and also helpful
    ha ha ha
    it also has great charecters
    weasel is my favorite and the cutest charecter
    in the show
    i think the best episode was the election day
    ned, mose,cookie and the bullys are funny but so is is a great show i wnat to see it more often.
  • I think Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is a good show.

    I think Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is a good show because it's funny.It also is a cool show because it tell us how to survive in's like a guide for us to follow so it can help us suvive middle school.I wish this show was here when i was in middle school.
  • Ned Bigby is just your average teen in a crazy school full of crazy teachers. With the help from his friends, Cookie and Moze, they invent tips to help you survive school. Who knows? Those tips are pretty useful.

    Really good, the characters are funny and the plots are great. The tips are pretty good, they might actually help you. They've combined reality with fiction and school, which is sometimes boring, into funny ville. Every episode is filled with great laughs and helpful tips. I hope there might be a book with tips like that. It can atleast give a little ray of hope for those who suffer, schoolphobia, which I call, the fear of school. It is just great, the show, not the fear. It makes you think that maybe, just maybe, school isn't that much of a drag.
  • How Stereotyped Can You Get?

    This show is pointless. Yes, middle school is difficult, but a guide really wouldn't work for middle school, and there are as many chalkboards on this show then are on CHALK-Zone. This show is stupid and the stars should be embarrassed to star on this show. It is like a live action cartoon, and I like the computer guy and the the Janitor, but a smelly teacher?! I haven't seen anything as mean since Mr. Gullible. They must be related. I think The Fairly Odd Parents, and Romeo Miller are on the show too. And If I ever saw a group of spelling bee champions like that, I would be scared, too. And I wonder why those kids didn't get in trouble for taking their pants off...
  • This show has a funny, chatty format that offers useful advice to school kids in a way that is so dam funny!

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide presents guidelines to school kids on how to survive school. Everyday problems such as dealing with friends, getting detention, awkward teachers, bullies and homework are treated in a sympathetic and humerous way. Advice is given in a form of intersting storylines. The conclusion to episodes teaches the viewer how to cope with everyday school life. However it never sounds like preaching or a stern lecture. Each episode is part of a series of engaging little comedies. The three main characters Ned (cheerfully despensing advice), Cookie (funky bravodo) and Moze (serious about work) are likeable and easy for school kids to identify with. The show embodies a seies of easy to absorb palatable lessons about school life.
  • Why is this show so gay WHY WHY???

    This show is so not real! Whot the hell wears a big backpack that has a tv in it? And there middle school has lockers mine didn't have lockers and how the hell do they get a light in a locker our lockers are tiny and no kid acually would drop there pants to help there friend? this show needs to go!
  • Very cute show. At times unrealistic, but funny. Ned's Declassified rocks!

    I personally think this show is great. Sure it has weird momments, but all of them are funny. Picking Ned, Moze, and Cookie to be the main characters was a great idea. I think Nickelodeon has outdone themselves. I say give this show a try, and you might just end up loving it.
  • Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is not only unamusing, but it's something that we have all seen before, teen oriented, and frankly, I never liked shows like this to begin with.

    Before I start the review, I would like to ask everyone a question. Do you remember Nickolodean about a decade ago? I sure do, it was great. It was all about the little kids, all it had was cartoons that kids from the age of 7 to 10 years old would enjoy. Rocko's Modern Life, and other great cartoons made it one of the best kid's channels on the network. Later on, they made some even better cartoons, like Fairly Oddparents, Spongebob Squarepants, and the best cartoon they ever made, Invader Zim. It was perfect the way it was. But then something very bad happened. Around 2000, Nickolodean decided to aim towards teens, and started making abysmal cartoons like Rocket Power and The Wild Thornberries. As if those wern't bad enough, they started making shows about teens at their school, which were almost as bad as the new cartoons. Because of this, Nickolodean has lost everything they had a decade ago, and one of things doing this is Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.

    As if you haven't heard this before, the show has 3 main characters, all teens struggling through their adolescene life at their middle school, filled with things that all shows like this have. Bullys, evil teachers, secret crushes, and yep you guessed it, gross food. The main person is Ned, who, you guessed it, has a school survival guide, being the nerd he is. His two other friends, Moze, who is a girl, or something close to one, and the stupidest name ever made since Gaylord Focker, Cookie, who is a even bigger nerd.

    What makes this show so bad? Well, there is a reason. The show presents absoulutely nothing new. Oh no! Ned forgot to study for the big history exam tommorow! How many times have you seen that, honestly, is it something that makes you want to keep watching? Hopefully not, because it's frightfully bad. There are more reasons for this show's crap, one I'd like to point out is most of it's situations and characters are not even realistic. For example, Cookie (shudders), has a computer IN HIS GLASSES. Who the crap thought of that? Not only does it just seem stupid, but it fails to add anything special to the show. You might as well be watching Lizzie Mcguire, or Unfabolous
    (the title tells you what to expect). Please. Nick, if you want to make another one of these types of shows, at least make it real.

    Acting in the show is absoulutely horrific. Ned may be acting mad, but he fails to hide his nervousness by smiling every few seconds, or to be more accurate, smiling all the time.

    The sound is probably the most annoying thing of the show. After every freaking sentence and action, a little stupid cartoon sound will go off. Not only is this annoying, but it also destroys any seriousness in the show, not like there can be in a stupid show like this. For example: "Ned, I'm never speaking to you again." Whirr! Do you see what I mean? In fact, I think that Nickolodean has the sounds of their cartoons and teen shows totally mixed up, because in the cartoons, your constantly hearing someone badly playing the guitar. Is Nick that retarded?

    Overall, there is no hope for this show or any shows like it, as is the same for Nick, and for Disney, since they have gone for the same approach Nick has. The only channel you can trust for really trust for quality, good old cartoons for everyone is Cartoon Network. What I'm trying to say is this. Do not only avoid this show, avoid Nick and Disney in general. Go watch Camp Lazlo and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, and all the other awesome shows on Cartoon Network. Believe me, your brain will thank you for it.

  • A kid giving you tips for school that seems cool

    there is a kid name ned that gives you tips on how you can make friends and get around school faster because if you have a rough time that show can come in handy sometimes becasue it has helped me sometimes becasue they said some thing that can get you around the school without being late for class and it did
  • Always brilliantly done.

    This show is so cool. A nice kid named Ned who doesn't try to act cool, but simply is cool. Giving tips comes naturally to him, and he just entered the seventh grade! He's a "school smart" kid that knows his way around the halls, and he's always ready to help anyone out. His best friends, Moze and Cookie, are also cool, and anytime they get in trouble, Ned is always there to help out. The other kids like Coconut Head and Martin are also big helps to the show, as are the adults, especially nutty but suave janitor Gordy. Bring on season 2!
  • Loving it, loving it!!!!

    This show is really good! I think Moze and Ned could definetly become more than friends. Cookie's funny, abd I like Coconut Head, he's kinda weird though. I love how the Janitor is always after the weasel and never catches him. But he does sorta creep me out. Anyway, I love this show!
  • Tips and tricks!

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is a show about students following a guide made by them for them. I've seen the entire first season twice and I can't get enough of it! The chemistry between Ned, Moze and Cookie is great. The supporting cast have their own chemistry. Loomer and Crony make fun and try to harm Cookie and Ned anyway they can. Claire Sawyer always giving "legal" advise. Cocunut Head is just hilarious! The rest of the cast are young and have futures in them. I can't wait till the second season!
  • In a era when original and unique pre-teen programming is a rarity, Ned\'s Declassified provides an innovative twist on the old school-life staple. Able to balance ridiculous with believable.

    At first glance, I didn\'t expect this show to be anything more than the usual pre-teen deals with absurd teachers, crushes, etc. type of show (read Lizzie MacGuire, Zoey 101). However, the show boasts a fantastic cast of characters that are able to balance the truly absurd with the very real. Not only is the title character, Ned, your \"typical\" pre-teen boy, but he is also smart and funny. I like Ned for his ability to provide humor and insight into the everyday lives of middleschoolers. Furthermore, his tips and hints to \"surviving\" school are quite relatable to the trials of real-life kids. Not your typical tween comedy.

    The show is great for the tween crowd, and even a great one to enjoy with the kids. I reccommend taking a look.
  • A Middle Schooler just tries to make it through odd and sometimes regular situations. What's so bad about it?

    I love it. It's funny, it actually has a plot, unlike some shows that I could mention, (disney channel...). It just has the spark that makes you want to watch it. It is very original. If you have a problem with this show, then i don't think that you have even seen it. And if you have seen it, you just have bad taste.
  • Awesome

    This show is very awesome, because it shows what 13 year old's go through when you're at school. And the show is so funny and the characters description are so good, because they play the character they are supposed to play. Thats why I think this show is so fabulous.
  • You can relate to these people's problems...

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide=long title.This show is verry underappreciated,I don't know why many people dislike the show.It's about a a boy and his peers in middle school who try to give tips on problems like sweating in gym,getting your crush,or picking project partners.The show is pretty funny.I think the main problem is the lack of episodes.Ned and his friends,"Cookie" and Jenifer Ann "Moze" Moseley,aren't the only characters,Ned's crush Suzie Crabgrass,the jock,Seth Powers,and the bully,Loomer are other characters who help make it seem like a real middle school.It's not great,but Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide gets a 8.4 out of 10,due to lack of humor in a comedy.
  • the show is about a teenage boy ned bigbie who has two freinds cookie and moze and they offer survival tips for a normal teenager.

    I feal the show is one of nick's better choices to air it teaches some of the necesidies to be a teenager in high school and on accasion some fiction but is somewate educatinol someweare but i feal the show could be a big hit in the future and is my favorite.
  • Hmm, this show is alright, I think you should watch it.

    Now, I am not saying this is a great show, but I am saying this is a good show. It is alright, not the best in the world, but, it's always something to watch. So I think you should watch it if you have nothing else to do. The janitor is pretty funny, but what's up with that weasel?
  • i like this show, isn't it great!!!!

    this show is soooooooooooooo great because it is silly and dumb and it tells you about things that could really happen in school even though it would be sort of freaky. but i still like watching the show and it is cool to me i know u like it!!! lol

    This show is so cool!!! I cant wait until the second series starts on octobre the first!! If u have never watched this show before, then give it a go. Its on everyday on nickelodeon at 7:30 pm or on nick replay at 8:30pm!!! Trust me, this show rocks and some of the tips actually work!!!
  • A show about a guy giving tricks to getting through school.

    This has got to be one of the most aweosme shows EVER. I remember back when it was just a TV special and nothing else, but then it became it's own TV show a year or two later, and I was like "YESSSSSSSSS!!!" because the special was THAT GOOD. The characters rock, the concept is good, it's halarious to watch, and some of the tips actually WORK. I love this show. I hope it lasts for a long, long time.
  • Good Show Idea, but bad presentation of it.

    Most of the time this show is pretty boring since they show the same episode again and again. I've seen some different camera views dont copy what they are doing for example, Moze had her locker open, then they zoomed out and all of a sudden its closed. I do like the idea of how they connect the first half with the second half some way. The tips usually dont apply to normal school life %75 of the time also. The storylines are realllly stupid and I suggest you don't watch this show at all. You've been warned!!!
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