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  • crappy reality tv trash on a cartoon channel

    oh how i miss the days when spongebob squarepants wasn't the only cartoon on nick. its sad that nick can't seem to keep a show for too long. everytime it gets a new cartoon at the kids choice awards its cancelled after the next new cartoon comes along with the exception of back in the barnyard which is still hanging on somehow. It was a terrible show with awful dialog and random children prtrayed as idiots. The idea wasn't too terrible if they had thought to have been to be realistic. It'd be nice for kids to have a guide for school situations like a bully or an emergency accident.
  • Stupid.

    Well, it is. Ned\'s Declassified School Survival guide is as dumb as it gets. This (Among Zoey 101 and Romeo) is one of the shows that ruined Nick. I hate it, my family hates it, my friends hate it. Do I need to go on? This show is way too zainy and whacky to enjoy, plus the kids couldn\'t act if their lives depended on it. Stop wasting your time and go watch Cartoon Network. TEENick sucks, and Ned\'s Declassified School Survival Guide proves it. Really, please don\'t watch this show. Well, that\'s all I have to say about that.
  • This is a ridiculous show its very childish and a waste of 30 minutes this show doesnt deserve airtime nickelodeon doesnt deserve airtime the network has gone down ever since the 90's ended wat were the producers thinking I shake my head at this n disgust

    I am ver disappointed n nickelodeon and they just made my feeling stronger when they began to air this mess of a show
    this show hasn\\\'t helped it just proves the point that Nickelodeon needs to be canceled ever since the kenan and kel show got canceled nick should have been canceled too because its all been downhill since then this show ned\\\'s declassified is just childish and pure garbage I cant seriously watch this show its garbage and how can u even enjoy watching this no matter what age who can enjoy this television show I rate it two thumbs down
  • i don't like this show

    This show is so stupid, lame and corny. This is another reason why nick is going downhill. The show is about Ned who goes to school with his friends Cookie and mooze together they give tips on how to ''survive'' school. The plot is original however it isn't enough to cover how bad the show is.

    First of all what kind of name is cookie, i mean who in their right mind would name their kid Cookie. the show is so unrealistic and childish, I mean the adults are so goofy, the students are so unreal and what's with the cartoon sounds. I would rather hear a laugh track then those lame cartoon sounds. the action takes place in only one place. another thing i can't stand is cookie's annoying voice why do they make him talk like that? it just doesn't make sense i mean the should be going through puberty and he talks like an 8 year old. ON the other hand is the corny i mean Ned spends all the show obbsesing with this girl suzzy as if, there wasn't anyother chicks out there while in other shows we see the main character have more than one crush or Boy/girlfriend seriously nick needs to get real i'd rather waste my time somewhere else
  • ned tells the kids at home helpful hints to get through middle school

    ok my little cousin watches this show and hes heading to middle school next yr..he watches this show like a religion and hes like totally asking me if things are like that and im like no..i told him dont follow those guidelines b/c they do not relate to real life..i have never had a bully, rumors, or anything like that happen to me in school..i was friends w/ the popular girl and we did have our cliques but no one really cared and the popular girl didnt snub sorry but some of these issues may prove true but half of them are just overdramatized and makes the show horrible
  • The writters did a poor job with this show. It does'nt make sence.

    for real. it does not make sence. what is the point of the show really? I mean ya it's just these kids who go to school. thats really it. and it's just does not make sence to me that much. and theres no point. and i don't like watching a show where i don't know whats happening.
  • This is certainly no "Drake and Josh" or "All That".

    Bad Acting, horrible dialouge, and no humor. These are a few reasons why this show needs to pick itself up.

    Sure, the idea was great. A T.V. show that was all about school, something that pre-teens and teens could relate to. But how the idea was carried out...

    That is where Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide hits rock bottom.

    First of all, the acting. To put it simply, it sucks. The characters in the show are all bland and boring. Their lines are not well written OR well said. The only exception is the janitor character that Daran Norris plays. Daran Norris can be recognized for his work in many cartoons and films. But the most of the cast members are unexperienced and bad. Just watch one episode and you will see what I mean.

    The show is also very bad when it comes to humor. You can tell that they really trying with the jokes and slapstick comedy. But the end result is pathetic and sad. I'm pretty sure that no one actually laughs when the show tries to be humorous.

    In conclusion, this show had potential, but wasted it. When Nickelodeon had first announced the show, I was actually looking forward to it. But after viewing a few episodes, I was let down. I suggest that you avoid this show and watch the other shows that Nickelodeon has to offer.
  • This show is SO stupid and dumb and also very corny.

    It is so dumb! What kid has a computer in their backpack or on their glases or in theier locker? Who has a printer in their pants? At What school, does a weasel run around and talk in a squeaky little voice? This show is the stupidest show I have ever seen! It's about 3 kids. Moze, pretty girl, Ned, geek, and Cookie, a huge nerd. they all try to make it through school. Ned has a school survival guide. None of his tips work! That dumb episode about writing on the bathroom wall. What was up with that? Are they trying to teach kids that it's ok to write on school property? The whole episode about making the school toilets blow up was so DUMB. What kind of guy dresses up as a girl and gets his nails done to impress a girl? I mean come on! This show is so stupid! Another thing is the Cornyness, well I pretty much covered that already. The principal running around with a siren on his head. That is the lamest and stupidest thing I have ever seen in my life. If I were on this show, I would be embarrasssed. Don't watch this show! Drake and Josh is better.
  • When I saw the commercial for this show I immediately loved it...... Well, until I watched the actual show.

    I just don't get it. This show had such an original and wonderful plot, how could it turn out THIS bad?

    The actors...... Errr..... Dunno' if can still call them actors, they're down right terrible. Every line, every tiny bit of humor, they exaggerate it to the point that it is painful to watch. Especially Cookie(Is that how you spell it?)! My goodness, when I think of bad kid actors he's honestly the first one I think of. I think they meant to make it this outrageous but it honestly isn't funny. If their target audience is kids below the age of 8 I completely understand but......

    *sigh* Maybe I just had too high expectations for this show. I thought it would be a tiny bit realistic, something I could still relate to but with sprinkles of humor here and there. I tried REALLY hard to like this show, I really did. I spent this past week forcing myself to watch it while I told thinking myself "This stuff is hilarious.... HaHaHA....". But I honestly can't bring myself to like it. It just fails.
  • Zoey 101 kicks this shows ***.

    Ned's Declassified is not funny. The humor is sucky, the characters have lames names. How would name their kid Cookie or Moze? What kinds of names are those? This show has got to the lamest teenage show i have ever seen on Nickelodeon. They should seriously cancel this before any angry mob forms in front of their studios.
  • Wow.

    Some so like this one would be better to be on Nickelodeon instead of that stupid Disney Channel.It's fine to a perfect channel and it's better than all of those very stupid Disney Channel shows.It's one of the best shows on Nickelodeon and it's one of the best tennage shows ever.It's really not bad people and it's better than that stupid The Naked Brothers Band.I would say that it's really a lot better than that stupid Boy Meets World or anything like that.I can now grade this show a C because it was not perfect,but not bad for me or anybody.
  • Holy crap! The favoritism around here's gotta be a joke because this show sucks!

    I am so disappointed with all those saying this is their most favorite show ever! Whoever came up with this show was on crack.
    If you haven't seen this show, continue not to. If you have, turn your brain back on! This is a shere example of an original idea gone bad! Here, Nickelodeon comes out with another bad program-the only non-animated one decent now would be Drake and Josh. Ned's .... is so unrealistic and another disappointing attempt at comedy where most of the comedy comes out forced-and most of the time it's not even funny that way! Drake and Josh has quite some forced humor too (especially from Josh) but it at least has some kind of flair to it. This has none. The acting also sucks, especially from Ned, and the "tips" Ned gives suck, trust me I'm in college (at least they mention before each show that "results may vary"). Settle for another show that actually succeeds at being smart, humorous, and better acted.
  • Not another teen nick show.

    What a bunch of crap. Like this can teach you to get by in schoo in real life. It can't, Nick has a bad habit of making bad shows. I tell you not every thing makes a good show. But do they think of that? No they don't. Cancle this now.
  • This show is exactly as the title says. It's a survival guide. by my question is. what are they teaching. There was an episode on nick names being bad. Which was ok. But i am ready to protest their valintines special. Read review for the reason why.

    Their valentined episode was about people giving out roses on valentines. seems harmless, but its not. Mid episode they shared the story behind these 3 girls who never get roses on valentines who are called the "HUGE CREW". theres 3 girls are the ONLY slightly overweight girls in the whole episode. and they give them the nick name "HUGE CREW". What are we teaching the kids of today to do? to make fun of the different people? to ignore all the overweight kids and only befriend the normal sized kids. Adults and teenagers may know better than this, But do kids really know any better? They should get rid of their valentines episode.
  • Wasn't a show like this on ABC about 7 years ago that was similar to this?

    In my own words, this has got to be the stupidest thing I've ever watched. Its unoriginal, unfunny, and a complete waste of my or anyone else's time. Apparently, Nickelodeon doesn't get the meaning of "Good television" anymore. This show is not worth watching in any way, shape, or form. its crap. Crap, crap crap crap crap. I sat and watched this show for 5 minutes, perhaps less, and after the 5 minutes were up, I had not laughed once, nor had I cracked a smile.
  • Why is this show so gay WHY WHY???

    This show is so not real! Whot the hell wears a big backpack that has a tv in it? And there middle school has lockers mine didn't have lockers and how the hell do they get a light in a locker our lockers are tiny and no kid acually would drop there pants to help there friend? this show needs to go!
  • Good Show Idea, but bad presentation of it.

    Most of the time this show is pretty boring since they show the same episode again and again. I've seen some different camera views dont copy what they are doing for example, Moze had her locker open, then they zoomed out and all of a sudden its closed. I do like the idea of how they connect the first half with the second half some way. The tips usually dont apply to normal school life %75 of the time also. The storylines are realllly stupid and I suggest you don't watch this show at all. You've been warned!!!
  • Used to be Good...

    This used to be a very good show in season 1. Season 2 is when it started going downhill, in Season 3 it just became totally horrible and almost unwatchable.

    It'a about Ned, Cookie, and Moze, three seventh (or now, eight) grade students who have to deal with problems such as dating, cheating, and bullies. Ned has a "Survival Guide" where he writes tips for him & his friends.

    Things started going downhill in season 2 with the addition of the "Crazy" math teacher (don't know her name) plus they started using Gordy more, and got rid of Mr. Monroe.

    Season 3 is just terrible because of the other crazy teacher who never leaves her house, and they're overusing VP Crubbs, and underusing Sweeney & Mr. Wright. Also, it's just plain not funny anymore.

    In season 1, I would have given it a 7.5
    Season 2 I would give it a 6.5
    Season 3 I would give it a 3
    So for overall, I give it a 5.7
  • Not the greatest thing on Nick, its not even that funny!

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is agood show, when there's really nothign else on. I mean, it is pretty good from time-to-time, but come on, half this stuf is fake, and none of it is funny. THey try to hard with the jokes, and tips. The tips don't even work at most schools, and it doesn't help anybody with middle school probloms. All the tips are base mainly on storeotypes in the middle school. Which wont help anybody out. But like I said, only good if you have nothing better to do.
  • it's not really a decent show.....

    it kinda, really sucks out loud.
    it's not a good show.
    but a stupid show, a very stupid show.
    its very crapy.
    but i can see that the actersd have a good time doing the show but still it SUCKS OUT LOUD!
    it very boring and its very unessesary show to watch. who ever likes this show probally dose good and bad in school.
  • I think this show had potential, but needs fine tuning.

    I think this show was good at first, but starting going downhill with "guides" that were useless. Most schools only do earthquake, fire and flood drills so why would you make a 15 minute episode about emergency drills. Its as easy as get under the desk, exit quietly. The show really was good to begin with, just the acting didn't stay that good.
  • This show is about a boy who is trying to get through school with a school survival guide that contains tips and ideas about mostly everything in school. Join Ned, the main character, with his friends Cookie, a technological genius, and Moze, a very great

    I think that it is sort of unpredictable, and has many things that a middle school kid can relate to. I just don\'t like the way the janitor is always chasing a weasel, I mean come on! It\'s a weasel. It looks really fake too. I also don\'t like the way everyone nods their heads in the show. Other than that, it\'s a very entertaining show.
  • You can relate to these people's problems...

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide=long title.This show is verry underappreciated,I don't know why many people dislike the show.It's about a a boy and his peers in middle school who try to give tips on problems like sweating in gym,getting your crush,or picking project partners.The show is pretty funny.I think the main problem is the lack of episodes.Ned and his friends,"Cookie" and Jenifer Ann "Moze" Moseley,aren't the only characters,Ned's crush Suzie Crabgrass,the jock,Seth Powers,and the bully,Loomer are other characters who help make it seem like a real middle school.It's not great,but Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide gets a 8.4 out of 10,due to lack of humor in a comedy.
  • This show totally rocks!!

    This show totally rocks!! it is about Ned and his friends Moze (a girl) and Cookie who go to Jame K Polks (or sumthing like dat) Middle School. They sumtimes have their own wacky plots together or seperatly. In each episode Ned gives the viewer a tip on surviving a certain situation in Middle School. And watz great is that they sometimes work! and i know by experience! u should definetly watch this!
  • Tis show is great!

    This show is full of good acting, and great plots. This is one of the shows one of the shows on Nickelodeon that is still good. I would have to say my favorite episodes are daydreaming, New students, Spirit Week, and there are other ones that I like to but I can't thaink of the names right now. There are also a few episodes I haven't seen yet, such as: Music Class, and a few others that I can't think of the names for! Overall I really like this show, and I hope they continue to play it.

    Keep it on the air!
  • Cool Show~

    I really like this show. It teaches kids lessons, while having their own stories and being entertaining and interesting. If all the lessons werent so obvious, helpless, useless, or just plain stupid, I think the "guide" would be really useful to somebody one day. This show gets better every eppisode~
  • A fun show to watch.

    a great show, it shows the life of middle-schooler Ned Bigby and his friends and how they get through the day to day struggles of being a kid. Every kid can relate to this show somehow, its just like most schools, just exagertated. The characters are original and the show never gets boring. I am expecting it to last for a long time. It also is a very helpful show, it gives you tips on how to avoid and solve problems. And alot of them are true and actually work. I love this show, and i watch it whenever i can.
  • Here's a tip from me: watch this show!

    This maybe one of the best shows on TeeNick besides Drake and Josh. It is funny, well-written, and just plain great. It is even better for middle-school kids because of the tips to surviving miidle school. The only problem is that choosing a subject like this won't last long. There aren't enough things in middle school to come up with more than maybe 3 seasons. I hope the writers can prove me wrong never know. If you have never seen this show at leats give it a chance. It is about a kid named Ned (If you didn't figure that out from the title you got a problem that I can't help you with) who is giving you hints about different things in school while dealing with those things himself. His two best friends, Cookie (real name: Simon Cook) and Moze (real name: Jennifer Mozley (correct my spelling if I'm wrong)), have their own problems that they have to deal with. All in all this isn't my favorite show, but it's still great compared to a lot of crap on TV.
  • I miss watching new episodes of Ned's every Saturday... but they all had to go to high school sometime..

    I love this show! Its about Ned Bigby, Jennifer Mosely, aka Moze, and Simon Nelson Cook aka Cookie. They go to James K Polk Middle School. Ned gives us tips to get through Middle School, and they are very helpful. The kids have to get through the bullies Loomer and Missy, the evil science teacher Mr. Sweeney and the creepy English teacher iTeacher. This is such a fun show to watch and it is so unique. Everyone on it is very real and good at acting. I love every single episode especially the Halloween one, lol! I really miss Ned's being on every night, but its a great show otherwise!
  • Entertaining, funny, great, influential, positive, everything great about a show!

    This is one of my favorite tv shows. Why? Because the moment you turn on the tv you start laughing and smiling and having a good time, watching the show! Now tell me, how many shows put you in a good mood? Exactly, not many, but with this show, even if you've watched it millions of times, you'll laugh every time! And another awesome trait this show has, is that it deals with stuff we all deal with and can relate to, even me, and I'm about to graduate high school. One of those shows you don't want to miss.
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