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  • Original and intellectual

    Best show ever
  • Ned's Declassified Among Nick's Best- A must for kids grades 4-6

    There was no Nickelodeon when I was a kid. So, my perspective is as an adult who started watching Nick after my kids were born. In terms of Nickelodeon over the last 10 years, Ned's Declassified is as good a show as Nick ever aired. As my kids approach middle school now, I find the show very helpful in removing some of the apprehension they have as well as providing some useful tips regarding going to school and growing up in general.

    In that way Ned's is nearly one of a kind, as it is both an informational show as well as a very funny comedy.

    The show revolves around three friends: Ned, Jennifer Mozely (Moze), and Simon Cook (Cookie) as they make their way through 7th and 8th grade. The show has three seasons, which is fitting, one season for each year of middle school, though unfortunate because the show gets better as it goes, with Season 3 being clearly the best season.

    The show is helped by each episode being in two 15 minute halves, which helps the show move quickly. Each half deals with a different middle school dilemma or issue with tips on how to handle them. For each half, all three of the main characters are typically given their own plot thread, which frequently intersect.

    The main characters are also helped out by some hilarious secondary characters, including Gordy, the lazy janitor, Vice Principal Crubbs, Missy, the mean popular girl, Evelyn, the crazy smart girl, Seth, the popular but brain dead jock, and Lisa and Suzie, who are Simon and Ned's romantic interests throughout most the series.

    All around fantastic series that I highly recommend for kids in the grades preceding middle school or just starting in middle school.
  • Awesome Show

    Such a good series it can also help u in school
  • Fun Show

    It was funny, entertaining, and makes middle school look easy.
  • Educational and Entertaining.

    If you don't like this show, you have a wrong opinion and should feel bad. Because this is a sitcom that actually is worth watching while you are young.
  • Great show!

    This was probably the last good Ni k show, at least it wasn't as bad as other Nick shows playing at the time like Mr. Meaty or El Tiger. It has moralistic value and advice for surviving middle middle school and even hilarious humor. Great show. Rating: 9.5/10
  • Makes Middle school look less cruel

    Although it`s kinda hard to see any direct morals or lessons, the show is actually pretty useful and good from when Nick was makeing shows that were actually funny. The cast feels right for the roles and the episodes all feel well written. The show seems to be an advice show kids can really relate to.
  • I loved it!

    I can never get tired of this show. It's a show about three kids, which surprised me there wasn't a 'stupid' friend, they were all equally smart, and Missie (please excuse if I'm wrong), the girl who cares about fashion, really isn't that annoying and stuck-up. I'm glad at the plot of this show, and the acting is fair, but not that bad. Ah, those days when TV was actually bearable.

    EDIT: As I said before, Moze was the 'sporty' one, but she had multiple interests and didn't devote all her time to that. Cookie was the more smart and technological one, but liked other things too, like hanging out with his friends and of course, digging through the tunnels of the school. Ned wasn't the stupid one, he was equally smart and had many interests.

    I also want to say Cookie was rich, but he didn't rub it in anyone's face or anything.

    And to all you folks saying 'the situations in this school never happen' it's not SUPPOSED to happen. The main tip is said at the end, but they have to make it funny for the kids. Would you watch a tutorial about 'how to survive school' with only one person, or a show with a whole set of characters that actually have diversity?
  • Very Hilarious Show

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is a show that I can never get tired of. Almost all of the tips can be used in real life (college student here), except for the obviously bad tips, which are few. The first season was a little dull in the beginning, but the goofiness evolved into just plain hilarious comedy. The best part about the show is that, despite the silliness, it had a decent plot and some episodes had good morals. I still watch it to this day. Good show! Very funny.

    i kind of think that since this show had three seasons they should have started when they were in 6th grade cause in the 1st season that's how they looked to me. anyways, this show is absolutely corny, weird, and definitely out of the ordinary. i don't laugh a whole lot in this show, but i definitely think to myself "the hell are they doing?" and i love shows like that. in reality, if Polk Middle School ever existed, i would certainly love to go to that school. it's so interesting and weird, and the thing i love the most is that the kids you see in the hallway, they don't even notice all the goofy weird things they do. and i love how Gordy never catches the weasel. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SHOW!!!
  • Awesome show!

    This show was funny and educational, I miss this.
  • THIS is how you make a show, gentlemen!

    This is the best example of making a school-themed live-action show. This is really one of the best funniest shows I have ever seen, and it does its BEST at teaching us tips for school, and that not in just messages, this show literally gives us tips on what we can do in school, and it has colorful characters.

    THIS, was a show, men!
  • Nickelodeon's Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide chronicles the wacky adventures of Ned Bigby and his best pals Moze and Cookie at James K. Polk Middle School, as "every-kid" Ned shatters the fourth wall to share tips and tricks on navigating middle

    Well, I love this show, and I think that it is very interesting and funny. The character idea and output are both very good ideas. When it was first aired, I didn't think it was going to be one of my favorites. But, I saw the next few episodes, and simply enjoyed it.
  • Best show ever

    Ned's Declassified is one of the most awesome shows on Teen nick. Not only does it help you with school, it's absolutely hilarious in a way many other shows can't be. I could watch one episode 3 times and still not be tired of it.
  • This Show is one of the best show on television today. Watching Ned\\\'s Declassified School Survival Guide is frickin awesome, and I aint playing homie. If I had too rate this show 1 out 10 I would pick one hundred. This show of course beats Unfabulous a

    This Show is one of the best show on television today. Watching Ned\\\'s Declassified School Survival Guide is frickin awesome, and I aint playing homie. If I had too rate this show 1 out 10 I would pick one hundred. This show of course beats Unfabulous and Zoey 101 da.
  • Not bad, It helpes me in junior high

    I like it. Some epsiodes were pretty helpful since I'm in middle school. I like there's no soundtrack, FINALLY!

    Chacters 9/10- Nice characters. Moze has a nice name because nobody would ever have a name like that, and it fits her prefectly. There chacters have different traits which assumes me because everyone in that show is different in there own way.

    Music/Editing 6.5/10-The music is okay but isused a little too much in the show. Editing, ok that's what dropped it down alot. The editing is has flaws and when lets say they fly like Martan when they were in 8th grade, the beginning of the last season, they throw him against the lockers, totally fake. I can tell and the edits are fake-like.

    Acting 9/10- Not bad for the acting. Not much too say about it but its good, better than usuall shows that's for sure.

    Humor 10/10- 10! No laughtrack which made this a total 10. The jokes are pretty good, giggles here and there. No bad at all.

    Appeal 9/10- The epsiodes are always different. They show new tips and a different story-line. Pretty good with the lasting appeal.

    Overall 9/10- Its great. It shows kids going into middle school how to survive it. It helps me pretty well so me "the new kid" is fiting in pretty great. I moved and 6th graders go to my school, and I don't know why 6th graders.
  • Awesome show

    Hilarious and funny. This show was great and I loved how all the characters acted. And there wasn't a laugh track. Thank goodness. We don't need to be told when to laugh, we'll know if it's funny or not on our own. Great show!
  • A great show!

    I like this show, why you ask? It's very funny with the sound effects, the cast is amazing, and every episode gives me a laugh. The show starts off with 3 teens in middle school named Ned, Jennifer, and Cookie who try to survive the crazyness in middle school. I have to admit, middle school is the worst, well the one I went to. The middle school in this show seems so much fun! I'd totally hang out with the main characters! The jokes are very funny and some parts in this show basically turns into a cartoon! Really with the sound effects and the fast forward parts is hilarious! This is one great Nickelodeon show! I've seen all the episodes and I'd say the newer ones are the best! If you want a good laugh go ahead and watch this show! It's very funny!
  • 2nd place for Nick's best reality shows.

    It had some flaws. But it's good enough, that this can be a teens', and a high schooler's best friend.

    Plot: Ned, Jennifer "Moze", and Simon "Cookie" are students who are having ridiculous problems in high school that also happens in real life, and they always have their own solution to it. Most episode plots are nice and really informative. Some are misleading and inaccurate.

    Characters/Actors/Dialogues: Fair, some actors are overreacting a little bit. But not much of an issue. The characters, well, they are unique, they have good traits and characteristics. Dialogues, are sometimes poor. But they're mostly good.

    Humor: Humor is great and well executed. They provide nice laughs. And yay! No laughtracks!

    Show value: It's mostly informative, and sometimes misleading. But that rarely occurs. Really informative for dealing with problems on your school. Those information works out pretty good in real life! Trust me! And this show, takes out a lot of stress. Provides good humor, no laughtracks.

    Overall: 8.5. It had some flaws. This is my 2nd favorite next to Kenan and Kel.
  • Fun time with plenty of laughs

    Unlike shows like Disney Channels, Ant Farm, this show is super weird, but, at the same time funny and you learn morals from the characters. You can also relate to the characters. It's a truly awesome Nick TV show I miss.
  • lol shadowysea07

    @shadowysea07 31 dislikes. XD
  • Very funny show that appeals to anyone.

    Quick Review


    -Very funny and educational at the same time.

    -Good Plots.

    -The characters are likable, even new introduced characters.

    -Teaches good habits and good tips on how to survive a day in life.

    -Great music.


    -Some bad dialogues.

    -Some tips are confusing and/or misleading sometimes.

    -Poor execution sometimes.

    Overall: 8.5/10 - hilarious and educational show with hilarious plots, good tips, good music, and funny characters, even though it has it's cons as well. This show is good, especially for those in school.
  • An informative and wacky show that ended way too soon....

    It's been almost ten years since I last watched Nickelodeon on a regular basis. I grew up during Nick's "Golden Era" of the 90s, so I had very low expectations for the Nick shows today. However, when I was flipping channels and saw this show for the first time, I was amused and amazed. Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is one Nickelodeon's best shows of today -- one episode and you'll see why. Not only does it provide smart and useful tips for surviving middle school (or any school, for that matter), but it's witty, silly, and so much fun. If you like Even Stevens, which is just as silly, you'll most likely will enjoy this show. Not to mention you'll learn something along the way...
  • crappy reality tv trash on a cartoon channel

    oh how i miss the days when spongebob squarepants wasn't the only cartoon on nick. its sad that nick can't seem to keep a show for too long. everytime it gets a new cartoon at the kids choice awards its cancelled after the next new cartoon comes along with the exception of back in the barnyard which is still hanging on somehow. It was a terrible show with awful dialog and random children prtrayed as idiots. The idea wasn't too terrible if they had thought to have been to be realistic. It'd be nice for kids to have a guide for school situations like a bully or an emergency accident.
  • This is what you call a teen show, no stupid drama, no laugh track, no bad plots, and it is actually informative and funny.

    I personally find it criminal to see that the producers at Nickelodeon gave this show the ax so soon. In Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, it centers around Ned Bigby, a 13 year old teenager who is clever and smart. Ned creates a school survival guide that is ever growing and gives great information to help kids deal with stuff like bullies, tests, and so on. He is joined by Moze, a smart and funny girl who was never really one of the girls and spends most of her time with Ned. Finally Cookie, a smart but clueless person who is actually rich, but doesn't tell anyone. All 3 of them must survive middle school and have wacky adventures throughout. The acting is great in this show. Everyone does a solid job of acting and portraying the characters' personalities so well. The characters also get a great amount of depth and a unique personality. The comedy in this show blew me away. There were so many funny jokes and gags that never seemed to stop and each episode got better with the jokes. The plots are usually about Ned and his friends dealing with stuff that everyone deals with in school, and I love the idea. In what other show do you see informative an entertaining ways to deal with bullies, cafeteria food, teachers, tests and quizzes, gym, extra credit. I haven't even scratched the numerous things this show has. There is also a running gag with a school janitor named Gordy, who is trying to catch a weasel but always fails in comedic fashion. Gordy is actually a brilliant and kind hearted man who always has the right advice for Ned and his friends. I really wished Nickelodeon didn't pull the plug so soon on this show, it deserved to last longer than 3 seasons. Nick, the people have spoken on this website, we want to see this show brought back again. Get rid of iCarly and True Jackson and put this show back on the air. If you are a person who is about to enter or in middle school, I really recommend this show to you, and you can see it on the Teen Nick channel at 4 PM (depending on what region you live in).
  • This show is...FUNNY!


    I love this show. When it first aired and ended I wasn't a real fan of it. Then it was on TeenNick so I watched it and I was surprised. This show extremely funny. The show has gotten better each episode! My favorite episode is probably the episode when Cookie tells everyone that's he's moving but he actually doesn't or..well I don't really know bc every episode is funny! They should make a high school version of this show! It would be great if they'd do it now. This show should have never ended. It is too funny. It's probably my favorite TeenNick show!

  • Great Show

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is a fun, silly show. It's based around Ned Bigby ( Devon Wherskinater ), your average middle schooler, Jennifer "Moze" Mosely ( Lindsey Shaw ),  a straight-A student who plays volleyball, Simon "Cookie" Cook ( Daniel Curtis Lee ) , a computer geek and Ned's best friend, and Gordy ( Darren Norris ) , the school janitor who always helps Ned and his friends.

    Ned has a school survival guide, which helps him and his friends get out of situations. Each episode is about a certain subject, and Ned provides tips throughout the episode. Each episode has 3 plots, one that revoles around Ned, one about Cookie, and one about Moze. Gordy usually helps out with one or more of the plots, and sometimes has his own.

    The comedy is good, and the show is just plain fun to watch. It's made by Jack Mackie, who's shows always have a different kind of comedy. I like his shows, though. Sound effects are also added to the show.

    Overall, I recommend this show.
  • This show is so good i could cry :*(

    I Miss this show so much!!! Its one of the best shows EVER!!! This show will forever be on my top 5 shows list. The humor is great the story is great and the choice of characters are great. I think the only reason they took this show off the air was because there was nothing else that kids could have problems with at school. I couldn't even think of anything? I could just hug Nickelodeon for airing this show instead of it being aired on Disney or something. My favorite character would probably be the janitor. I think his name is Gordy? IDK something like that but I wish they passed this show again and all the episodes. Nick made the right choice.
  • This is actually my favorite Teen Nick show.

    For anyone who's ever experienced boat loads of problems in school (like me), then this show is a definite must see. Ned's Declassified is a really useful show when it comes to giving tips on how to survive school and the trouble that comes with it. Of course, sometimes they do exaggerate the problems you might go through, but that's only natural considering the fact that it's a kid's series. All in all, though, most of the scenarios were realistic. It's able to teach and help kids while keeping them entertained at the same time. The best part is it's also a hilarious show with a lot of original jokes and good humor that, for me, is always entertaining. Each character is cool and relatable, especially Ned and Moze in my honest opinion. I really wish it hadn't been cancelled, but eventually, you run out of tips to use, and you can't keep the show going anymore. Otherwise, it could become really repetitive and they'd start ripping the older episodes off. Even then, I'm sad that it's cancelled, and I even cried a little when the finale aired. I will always remember Ned's as my favorite Teen Nick show.
  • A good show, but most of the time these tips are not helpful.

    I know that most of the tips for surviving Middle School aer not helpful. Why do I know this, because I graduated Middle School 6 years ago. I did not have any bullies, dates, severe book reports, or cafeteria problems. Nickelodeon just makes up this stuff to make the show funny, and a bit confusing. The cafeteria food is good, not crawly, and disgusting. Ned did good at explaining the tips, but most of the time the tips fail miserably. Whatever happens, do not trust what Ned says, because the tips will only lead to disaster. The dialog on this show is decent, but a bit overly crazy. The music is uhhh...okay I guess. Overall, good show, good but crazy dialog, okay music, decent plot.