Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Nickelodeon (ended 2007)





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  • This is what you call a teen show, no stupid drama, no laugh track, no bad plots, and it is actually informative and funny.

    I personally find it criminal to see that the producers at Nickelodeon gave this show the ax so soon. In Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, it centers around Ned Bigby, a 13 year old teenager who is clever and smart. Ned creates a school survival guide that is ever growing and gives great information to help kids deal with stuff like bullies, tests, and so on. He is joined by Moze, a smart and funny girl who was never really one of the girls and spends most of her time with Ned. Finally Cookie, a smart but clueless person who is actually rich, but doesn't tell anyone. All 3 of them must survive middle school and have wacky adventures throughout. The acting is great in this show. Everyone does a solid job of acting and portraying the characters' personalities so well. The characters also get a great amount of depth and a unique personality. The comedy in this show blew me away. There were so many funny jokes and gags that never seemed to stop and each episode got better with the jokes. The plots are usually about Ned and his friends dealing with stuff that everyone deals with in school, and I love the idea. In what other show do you see informative an entertaining ways to deal with bullies, cafeteria food, teachers, tests and quizzes, gym, extra credit. I haven't even scratched the numerous things this show has. There is also a running gag with a school janitor named Gordy, who is trying to catch a weasel but always fails in comedic fashion. Gordy is actually a brilliant and kind hearted man who always has the right advice for Ned and his friends. I really wished Nickelodeon didn't pull the plug so soon on this show, it deserved to last longer than 3 seasons. Nick, the people have spoken on this website, we want to see this show brought back again. Get rid of iCarly and True Jackson and put this show back on the air. If you are a person who is about to enter or in middle school, I really recommend this show to you, and you can see it on the Teen Nick channel at 4 PM (depending on what region you live in).
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