Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Nickelodeon (ended 2007)





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  • Not bad, It helpes me in junior high

    I like it. Some epsiodes were pretty helpful since I'm in middle school. I like there's no soundtrack, FINALLY!

    Chacters 9/10- Nice characters. Moze has a nice name because nobody would ever have a name like that, and it fits her prefectly. There chacters have different traits which assumes me because everyone in that show is different in there own way.

    Music/Editing 6.5/10-The music is okay but isused a little too much in the show. Editing, ok that's what dropped it down alot. The editing is has flaws and when lets say they fly like Martan when they were in 8th grade, the beginning of the last season, they throw him against the lockers, totally fake. I can tell and the edits are fake-like.

    Acting 9/10- Not bad for the acting. Not much too say about it but its good, better than usuall shows that's for sure.

    Humor 10/10- 10! No laughtrack which made this a total 10. The jokes are pretty good, giggles here and there. No bad at all.

    Appeal 9/10- The epsiodes are always different. They show new tips and a different story-line. Pretty good with the lasting appeal.

    Overall 9/10- Its great. It shows kids going into middle school how to survive it. It helps me pretty well so me "the new kid" is fiting in pretty great. I moved and 6th graders go to my school, and I don't know why 6th graders.
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