Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 1 Episode 7

Rumors / Photo Day

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 2004 on Nickelodeon

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  • It's only season 1, but we already have hints that Ned and Moze will end up together.


    Ned introduces us to some infamous Polk rumours, such as the one about Mr. Chopsaw being entirely made of wood, and the one about Backpack Boy being a superhero. He bumps into Claire in the hallway and asks if she has seen Moze. When Claire replies that Moze prefers her real name (Jennifer), Ned says, "I like 'Moze'," thus starting another rumour at Polk Middle School. Soon enough, Moze hears of the rumour herself (she also hears Ned is going to ask her out).

    Meanwhile, Gordy is telling Ned and Cookie about another Polk rumour, the atomic flush. Gordy says that if all the toilets in the school are flushed at the same time, the septic pressure will be enough to lift the entire school in the air! Ned and Cookie are intrigued and try to get Moze involved as well, but the Ned/Moze rumour is freaking her out and she runs away.

    Moze, Claire and Lisa are discussing Ned's alleged crush on Moze in the washroom, and Lisa comments that Ned and Moze would make a cute couple. (What, already? You're supposed to build up the romantic tension slowly over the entire series, this is too fast!) Lisa says Ned is probably gazing at a photo of her right then.

    The camera does cut to a photo, but it is of a toilet bowl. Ned, Cookie and Gordy are finalizing the plans for the atomic flush. However, Ned fails to hide the plans properly and Mr. Sweeny gets his hands on the blueprint. He vows to put a stop to Ned's plans.

    Moze talks to Cookie about the rumour, and like Lisa, Cookie comments that he thinks they two would make a nice couple as well. Moze forces Cookie to tell Ned she only likes him as a friend, and runs off as soon as Ned arrives. Cookie tells Ned as promised, but Ned explains that he never intended to ask Moze out and it was all a rumour. He makes Cookie in charge of the atomic flush and sets out looking for Moze so he can explain things.

    Ned proceeds to chase Moze all over school, and just when Moze thinks she lost him, Ned finally catches her. They finally straighten things out, and Moze is relieved that everything was just a rumour. Ned says they should just ignore the rumour, but it doesn't work, so they decide to pretend to break up.

    Back at Gordy's closet, Cookie is briefing everyone on the atomic flush plans when Mr. Sweeny knocks on the door. While they avoid him for the time being, Mr. Sweeny declares that the atomic flush will not happen. The flushers get into position, only to find that Mr. sweeny has boarded up the door to the toilet in the teachers' lounge.

    Ned and Moze's fake break-up is a success, altough weird (Who yells "But I still want to be friends!" when breaking up?) and they join Cookie & Co. just in time. Meanwhile, Gordy uses Sweeny's own scientific curiosity to get him to flush the teacher's toilet. At first, nothing happens, but the pipes in the teacher's lounge toilet start rumbling.

    The kids are depressed because they think nothing happened, but Gordy and Sweeny emerge covered in toilet paper and declare the atomic flush a success. This gets the kids whipped up and they invent their own story of what happened. As a final gag, Backpack Boy reveals his secret identity, proving that one of the rumours in this episode is true.



    Ned is a natural in front of the camera, but Cookie and Moze are not, and school photo day is here. Moze chooses to not have her picture taken, but Ned urges her not to opt out. The Yearbook Kid pops up to take pictures of Ned, but when Ned suggests he photograph Moze, he runs off.

    Later Ned and Moze are walking down a hallway. Moze claims she can't smile, but Ned says, "You've got a beautiful smile. You're a beautiful girl." The audio screeches as Ned realizes what he just said, then awkwardly tries to talk himself out of his hole. He vows to get Moze the best photo of her life.

    After getting half a blouse from the Sewing Club (Tip: only dress up what the camera sees), Ned sends Moze into the washroom to practice her smile. Moze comes back out claiming she can't smile under pressure, so Ned decides to borrow a camera from Cookie.

    Cookie has his own crazy scheme to get a perfect photo: digital manipulation. However, he finds to his horror that the photographer uses film, not a digital camera. A girl gives him his second plan: a substitute Cookie.

    Ned's attempts to get Moze to pose fail, so he says he'll just get her to smile naturally. The mysterious lunch lady sees chicken in Ned's beans. While Ned is trying to figure out what that means, the lunch lady tells Moze she has a beautiful smile. Ned is weirded out and suggests bringing lunch from home. Suddenly, the Yearbook Kid pops out of nowhere for more photos of Ned, while still refusing to take any of Moze.

    Cookie is holding auditions for his photo sub, but things are not going well. Finally, at the last moment, the perfect sub arrives. Cookie escorts him to the gym, where the photo booth was set up, but runs into a Sewing Club member, releasing feathers everywhere (they were making pillows). Gordy turns on the fan, sending the feathers and Cookie into the gym. Cookie knocks Ned into a shelf of honey, so Ned is tarred and feathered. For the final touch in transforming Ned into a chicken, a rubber glove lands on his head. Moze starts laughing and Ned finally gets Moze her perfect picture.

    So in the end, Moze gets her perfect picture, Cookie gets a perfect picture but not of himself, and Ned is a chicken. Ned decides to keep the chicken photo, after all, it's the "perfect rotten picture".