Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 2 Episode 14

School Car Wash / Secrets

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 08, 2006 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Secrets: In this episode, Ned accidentally sees Loomer's secret---Loomer is cheating on Suzie with Missy. However Loomer is still dating Suzie, so if Ned tells Suzie Loomer's cheating on her, Suzie will dump Loomer, and Ned can date her. However,Loomer knows Ned saw them so if Ned tells anyone about Loomer's secret, Loomer will beat him up. Ned tries to make Loomer tell from guilt, but the plan fails and makes Loomer angry. When Loomer is going to beat Ned up, Loomer foolishly reveals about his secret, but Suzie was in disguise because she was suspicious about Loomer. Suzie dumps Loomer. Loomer then says he is going to go with Missy, but Missy reveals she only dated Loomer to make her parents fear her, and send her to Paris to the summer. Loomer now is in distraught. When Crony is sewing, Loomer comes in and finds out, but Cookie, there at the time, hides it up, saying that he was in the sewing club. Crony thanks Cookie for this, but Cookie says he need to reveal that he's in the sewing club sooner or later. Every time Crony is about to tell Loomer, there is an interruption. When the teacher assigns a project involving working with a partner, Moze teams up with Seth, but was warned by friends that she will instead do all the work because Seth is lazy. When Moze asks him to carry his own weight, Seth reveals he is dyslexic, so the two ask Mr. Wright for a compromise. Seth is now learning how to read and is able to help Moze on the project.