Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 1 Episode 8

School Elections / Talent Show

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 28, 2004 on Nickelodeon

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  • i really liked this episode. it made me laugh so much

    this is one of my fravroite episodes of neds declassifed school survival guide

    the tough girls who like ned nominate him for student body president and he dosnt want to because it\'s all a popularty contest so he tries to get out by trying to brake school rules. in the end the weasel wins

    ned and cookie make talentplaooza for all the kids that couldn\'t be in the talent show and moze has a hard time finding a talent.

    this is one of my fraroite episodes. i loved how ned tried to get out of nomonation by doing bad stuff but it ends up to be good stuff and i love when the tough girls beat people up to make sure the\'ll vote for ned, i thought that was hilarious. but i didn\'t like how the weasel won at the end, i thought that was very predictable. i just thought this was a very funny episode and that is why i watch the show in the first place.
  • This is another great episode from "Ned's Declassified" This time, its about school elections and the Talent show

    In school elections, Ned doesn't want to run. However, Moze an Cookie think he would do great as president. Ned finds in teh school rules book, that if a candadate gets caught doing something bad, he/she is off the ballot. So Ned trys vandalizing, hitting the teacher in the face with a ball, and starting a food fight. But they all work for him in the election. Watch it and see. In the end, the schools mascot, a weasels ends up winning. In the talent show, the kids get bored because its always the same talent show every year. So Ned and Cookie start there own talent show...Talentpoloza! Any kid can do any talent! In teh end, Mr. Wright catches Ned and Cookie doing this and he offers them to help pick some of the kids for the talent show next year.
  • A ok episode.

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide,
    In this episode we find a school eclection going on. And Ned is in the running. Ned doesnt want to win so he does stuff that is agence the rules But iin the end he is actually doing good deed In the end Ned looses and the weasel wins. Next: the school is having its annual school talent show. Ned gets bored by it and comed up with his own.
  • funny

    the things that the kids did in the talent show were funny and talentfull. coconut head's thing was funny but lisa's off the hook just like Moze's hook rack thing. and when backpack boy put clare in the backpack and fling bang time to sue. and now elections man great it got more and more intense until the end 4 people stand up and I'm like "Ned wins" nope is the weasel how does a weasel run a council. the episode was very funny and well not the best but funny. tank you for reading my review. Ned rules Ned rules
  • Ha I have not other word to say about this show but charming..!

    School Elections: Ned ends up doing everything to stop him getting voted cause he didn't want to run but ends up actually getting support. in the end the weird weasel wins.. hmm. that things is just WEIRD.

    Talent Show: ned and cookie make there own thing. lisa does some weird burping thing. that is kind of odd. i thought it was good that it showed some kind of power in schools. i know ive left school but these lessons are good for kids. when something they don't like happens maybe do something you do like and try get everybody including teachers involved.

    now i feel old with wisdom..
  • Such a whatever it is just very unpleasant to the eyes!

    I am really disappointed with this episode I wasn't expecting to be: Such a whatever it is just very unpleasant to the eyes! It is just like that which is incredibly disappointing and wazzup with the palooza lozer!!!!! No offense but it is just not a big pop it just has a small pop I am afraid that Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide is losing its touch!