Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 1 Episode 4

Seating / Tryouts

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Seating: Ned and Cookie to figure out how to sit at the cool table. Moze changes when she moves to the front of Science class and does so good that the teacher reverses the room, making Moze in back.. Gordy helps Cookie create the ultimate bus bounce.

Tryouts: Ned attempts ascending to the basketball team and tries to become taller so he'll make the team. Moze goes out for volleyball, basketball, track, but must decide between them. With some help from Ned, she decides which is right for her. Cookie tumbles into cheer leading and demands equal rights after being kicked out.moreless

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  • Ned's cool table was awesome & hilarious.

    Didn't care about the Truouts episode. This is a review for Seating.

    It's true that where you sit in school determines your popularity. When Ned went over to the cool table to meet them, the basketball boy introduced Ned to his friends & then returned him to his table, back to his nerdy friends (a homage to Animal House).

    So Ned created his own cool table section & gets lighting, security & a funky band called The Cool Band (mostly marching band players).

    Wish I had a cool band playing @ my school cafeteria. I always picrured my own Cool Band paying jazz & funk with drums, bass, keys, trumpet, sax & electric guitar!moreless
  • Charming as always

    Seating: Ned and Cookie as always decide to scheme there way into what they want and they want to be at the cool table. they make their own table and end up being rejected from it. hence the important lesson of where to sit at lunch - with your friends. i suppose thats a pretty okay lesson. gordie as always was hilarious helping cookie with the pot hole. it was funny at the end but i felt their pain..

    Tryouts: ned attempting to make himself taller with weird shoes.. hm.. he doesnt seem a sporty guy in real life nevermind with his acting lol. cookie also being a cheerleader.. lil weirded out there. moze doing the whole 'i cant decided what sport to pick' was perfect for her. great that she chose volleyball. isn't a wide known sport in schools but still great fun!!moreless
  • This marks the fourth episode of the great "Ned's Declassified." The three battle topics includinng seating and tryouts.

    In seating, Ned, Moze, and Cookie all wish they could sit at the cool table. But they end up siting with nerds. So on Wednesday, they race to the cool table, so they can be there first, but the cool table, on Wednesday, is on the other side of the cafeteria. So Ned makes his own cool table. Meanwhile, Cookie and Gordy make the perfect bus bounce, only to get injuired. In the end, Ned realizes that when your with yoyr friends, you are at the cool table. In tryouts, Ned goes for basketball, Cookie goes for cheerleading, and Moze goes for...everything. In the end, Ned and Cookie don't make it and Moze choses volleyball.moreless
  • Great episode.

    Seating was a pretty good episode, but Tryouts was better. Seating first, anyways. Like I said, the episode was pretty good, above average. Well... that's all I got. Seating was okay, that's everything I have to say about that part. Tryouts was waaayy better, and I have more stuff to talk about it. It had some pretty ridiculous parts. Including Cookie trying out to be a cheerleader, that was a little too weird for me, even though I've seen male cheerleaders. The clown sized shoes and the 40 pairs of socks was ridiculous too, but it was funnier, unlike Cookie's Quest to be a Cheerleader. This was just funny how they said it like this:

    Moze: "How did you get so tall!?"

    Ned: "Socks."

    Moze: "Socks?"

    Ned: "40 pairs..."

    That was funny. The episode was great. Bravo!moreless
  • Great Tips and Great Plot.

    Seating: Another episode where they successfully take a normal situation and make it wacky. The tips of this episodes are definitely some that I can use. The whole cool table thing has never been an issue at my school because we sit with our teacher and class at lunch. (They make us)!. Before I hit 9th grade I used to try and sit in the back of the class but I'm aiming to be Valedictorian so I can't slip up. Cookie and Gordy's bus bounce thing was great too. Loomer being nice to Moze was weird but revealing and obvious that he liked her. It was good in the end that they realized the cool table is with your friends. So many people don't realize this.

    Tryouts: Cookie signing up for Cheerleading was extremely weird but I guess he loves girls that much, or does he? Trying out for sports are always tough. Ned was extremely for basketball and Cookie was a guy trying to cheer. In this episode is another infamous Moze VS Suzie battle, one of my favorite parts of each show. But when Ned had on forty pairs of socks was very funny. The tips were ok but I never really tried out for anything I just kinda joined the team. but I'm in tenth grade this year and there will be different coaches. So now I will have to go through the burden of trying out.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • If 40 pairs of socks made Ned 6 inches taller, the shoes would have had to be higher than 6 inches and the shoes he was wearing were shorter than that.

    • It's weird that Moze, being the good student she is, wouldn't voluntarily sit in the front of class in order to get more out of the class.

    • When Cookie and Gordy are testing out the pothole for the bus, they jump and put a dent in the roof, but the entire scene where a dent is being made is animated.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Moze: If you want a bigger bounce, all you need is a bigger pot-hole. Just apply Newton's third law! For every action there's an equal or opposite reaction. Bigger pothole, Cookie goes through the roof.
      Ned: Wow, when'd you get so smart?
      Moze: I don't know, I think I learned it in Sweeny's class...

    • Sweeny: Ms. Mosley, there's a delightful seat here, in the front of the class.
      Martin: Yes, join us. Be one of us!

    • Moze: Why do you guys want to sit at the cool table?
      Ned: (in shock) That's like saying why do you want to sit court side at a Laker's game!
      Cookie: Or why do you want to on a cold toilet seat.
      Ned: Actually no, it's not like that.

    • Ned: Wait! Dirga and Crabgrass? You have to be an idiot to sign up!
      (Cookie comes over and signs up)

    • Loomer: I'm afraid you'll have to try again tomorrow Jennifer. Sorry. (As Moze is walking away, Loomer stares at her, in a daze)

    • Ned: If you're trying out for cheerleading, and you're a boy (pauses) I have absolutely no tips.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Tips
      If you want to sit at the cool table, do it. (Later crossed out and Ned says to forget this tip)
      Sit next to new people.
      Try moving.
      Avoid sitting by the window because the sun will fry you.
      Avoid sitting next to bullies.
      When you're sitting with your friends, you're sitting at the cool table.
      Signing up first doesn't help your chances.
      Get the right equipment.
      Visualize like the pros.
      Make sure the coach notices you.
      Don't give up, just practice, get better, possibly grow taller and make it better next time.

    • If you notice carefully, when Moze ascends to the front of the class, people are throwing paper balls at her.

    • Running gag in Tryouts: The coaches/teachers kept getting run over.