Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 1 Episode 6

Sick Days / Spelling Bee

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Sick Days: Ned must stay healthy when the flu hits Polk Middle School and he finds out Mat Hoffman is coming to visit. Cookie tries to keep his perfect attendance record intact with help from Lisa. Moze tries to get sick and miss her speech in Social Studies. Not succeeding, Moze must make her speech but finds out it is easier than she thought.

Spelling Bee: Cookie is the only one with a chance to beat the dreaded Killer Bees. With an easy spell at the spelling bee, will it be Ned who beats the Killer Bees? Moze copes with sitting by the aptly named Mr. Gross after spelling a word wrong.moreless

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  • Charming as always - i have nothing really more to say

    This is a show i like to watch. not because it's funny. not because it has action.. not because of anything really. it's just a good programme to watch.

    i think i like it too cause its short. two short programmes with a lesson or tip in each. if it was half an hr full programme with on tip, it'd be stretching it and if both where together it'd be odd..

    in the first bit ned wants to stay healthy and his plans end up destroying his chances to meet matt hoffman (who?) and moze ends up giving a speech to no-one but the teacher. it all seemed to work out part from ned.

    the spelling bee one i didn't quite understand at first cause i hadnt heard of em not being from america but it was good. nice ending. kind of odd though..moreless
  • This is the sixth episode of "Ned's Declassified" This one of my favorites from season one. Sick Days and Spelling Bee

    In Sick Days, Ned gets the chance to meet Mat Hoffman, as long as he doesn't get sick. Cookie's perfect record could be over because he could get sent home by Nurse Hunsucker. And Moze doesn't want to give a speech to the class so she trys to get sick. In teh end, Gordy gives Ned a giant "hamster ball" type thing to keep him from getting sick. But he gets in the sun and ends up getting sick. Cookie, with the help of Lisa Zemo, gets all better. And Moze gave a perfect speech, because no one else was there in the class. In Spelling Bee, everyone trys to beat the Killer Bees. Ned gets all the easy words. In the end, Cookie ends up winning by spelling "victorious"moreless
  • Great Episode..

    This is a Great Episode, my favorite out of the 2 is "Spelling Bee" its a great episode that shows u how to stand up, for yourself! I love this episode, its the best out of the First Season. this was one of the first episodes, and it was wonderful! It was funny with Sick Days, and how Ned was scaried of getting sick, so he dogded, everyone. and it ended up, he was the one who got sick, and cookie got to meet matt hoffman. This episode can teach a Lesson, and that lesson is: Always stand up for youself! I give this Episodes of Ned's Declassifed a 9.5.moreless
  • Sick Day- Ned don't want to get sick and Moze does. Cookie tries to avoid the school nurse. Spelling Bee- The Killer Bees comes to Polk. Cookie is nervous about the spelling because he lost the lastmoreless

    Sick Day-- Ned tries to avoid everyone who sick so he'll be able meet his idol, BMX star Matt Hoffman. Moze in hilarious ways tries to get sick to avoid an oral report. Cookie, realizes his sickness will cause him to miss school, thus messing up his perfect attendance record. Thanks, to Lisa Zemo he tricks the nurse and stays in school. Moze, easily gives her report because everyone else, besides the teacher was sick. Ned does meet his idol because he ends up getting sick anyways. Spelling Bee--

    The Killer Bees, a trio of smart kids from another schools comes to enter the spelling bee contest. Cookie who lost last year is scared because he afraid he'll buckle under pressure and lose again. Ned, gets involved in the spelling bee because he figure it'll be easy. Moze is announcer who must work beside a smelly teacher and Gordy decides to help her.

    Both mini-eps are very funny and the contiunity with the Killer Bees is good.moreless
  • An average episode.

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide,

    In this episode we find Ned trying to say unsick to he can meet a famoue biker. But he doesnt exceed. Cookie does. Moze s afraid to talk in front of large aduience.Next: we find the protagonists getting ready for the regular spelling bee. Mosltey only Cookie can beat the killer bees. But this year he wins it in the end. He beat the killer bees. With the word he got wrong the year before,moreless
Mat Hoffman

Mat Hoffman


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Steve Bannos

Mr. Gross

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