Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 2 Episode 15

Spirit Week / Clothes

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 15, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • Another great one.

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide,
    In this episode Ned tries to become the sprit king. With the help mostley to other people. Mostly do the fact that suzie is going to win. In the end though Loomer wins.Next: Ned and Moze get tickets fot not wearing good clothing. In the end they show Missey.

    Spirit Week was excellent, especially that Suzie and Loomer has broken up, this was Ned's chance to go out with Suzie. But at the end . . . well, was tragic, kinda, for me. Here, Ned tried his very best to be Spirit Week King and go out along with Spirit Week Queen, Suzie Crabgrass. But then, Billy 'Bully' Loomer caught the, um, the, uh, 'magic stick', I guess. He wasn't even competing in Spirit Week, and he still was claimed Spirit Week King, and just had to go along on a date with Suzie. NOOOO!!!! Then in clothes, I already could tell from the very beginning Ned's clothes looked weird. Like a blouse, and it turned out to be one! Then, Missy, the stuck-up, but very hot, little girl that called her the fashion police gave tickets to every one in sight. Including Moze, and Ned. Then on the other hand, Cookie and Crony create a type of clothing with everything, including cupholders and extra pockets in it. I think it looked cool, and it provided a place for everything. But what I did reconize, was that, the clothing looked like school uniforms, and at the bottom, kind of like those maskirts that men wear in I think, Switzerland.
  • YA!!!!

    Ohh, was that funny! So, the Spirit Stick scenes with Moze and Cookie were some of the ebst scenes in the show! Those were hilarious! So, how do you go to the bathroom? Classic!!!!! Anyway, Ned and Martin's showdown was funny, too. That was well thought out. And the James K. Polk Judges? Great! Even though I didn't recognize that one kid, Lisa, was well, Lisa. And Crubbs was so funny! "I like Martin's hardcore "posse."" Whoo! That was incredible! And clothes was very funny too! The man skirt and built in cupholders? Brilliant! And that Ned/Moze line about how they dress. Funny stuff! "Real bad use of the word 'guy.'" HAHA!
  • It is Spirit Week and the King and Queen go out. Suzie always wins, so this is ned's chance to win. Will he win? Will he get to go out with suzie? The fashion poilice is everywhere. The keep stopping Ned and Moze and giving them tickets.

    I liked this episode. I like in Spirit Week when Cookie and Moze have the spirit stick. That was funny. I also like the different kinds of things they do in Spirit Week like when it was hiphop he was wearing a dj thing. What I like about this show is that they always give you advice. This is what kids go through every day at school. Like in the clothes episode, they were giving them tickets. It is because it sort of matters what you wear to school. What at the end he shows how you can be cool and get clothes cheap. That is what I like about this show.
  • Not bad, but, then again, not as funny.

    Don't get me wrong, I love "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide", but this episode was different. It wasn't as funny as the ones before, and, surprisingly, I couldn't relate to it much, unlike the others. In "Spirit Week" nothing out of the ordinary happened, just Ned trying to win Spirit Week King so that he could go out with Suzie. What I found totally lame was that at the end, Loomer ended up winning just because he caught the Spirit Stick.

    And on "clothes", they pretty much covered the whole issue regarding clothes in school, except that they didn't talk much about uniforms. I wear a uniform to school, and it's not that bad. I think that they should've talked more about school uniforms, and that they aren't as terrible as people might think.