Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 2 Episode 9

Substitute Teachers / The New Kid

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • Great

    Sub Teachers- Ned tries to help his favorite sub be popular, Cookie pretends he is a sub teacher, and Moze lies to the science sub about what they are learning so they can have fun.

    New Kid- A new kid named Bernice likes ned, cookie is in a new math class and pretends he is british...

    good episodes, sub teachers was better though, to be honest i did not like Bernice at all... not her character, personality, etc. Overall though both were good episodes, I give this a B- or so as a whole. Could be higher but I did not like Bernice
  • I absolutely loved this episode.

    I absolutely loved this episode. (Moze was a bad girl. O.O :P) Poor Mr. Weiner. It's hard enough to be a sub in elementary, but when you get to middle school and the kids know the tricks to get out of doing work and are really mean to subs...ouch. But of course Ned wanted to help him. Eventually they came up with a solution to get the class to like Mr Weiner, but the attempts they tried prior to that were hilarious. :P (I loved the walrus! Lol. XD) And I can't believe Moze was a bad girl! O.O Oh well. It was bound to happen sooner or later in the series. XP (Now she's on the "Do not listen to" list.) It was also funny when Cookie tried to be a sub. (Of course you have to have a license. You have to have a license for practically everything these days.) So yeah...this was a good episode. (I'm sure the other segment of the epsiode is good too, I just don't remember it. :P)
  • What can I say? This episode was awesome.

    Before this episode aired, I went to under Ned\'s Declassified School Survival Guide, to episodes, and to season two. I saw \'The New Kid\', but I didn\'t see any other episode and thought NDSSG might have a double length episode, but no! On the previews, it showed another episode, \'Substitute Teachers\'. Anyway, both episodes were still plenty good, and I enjoyed \'em very much. I thought it was nice when Ned tried to help that elementary school substitute teacher make students at middle school like him, too. Ned did a very good job of helping him. And, Cookie. Didn\'t he know he needed a certain license to be a substitute teacher? Anybody in middle school would know that! Then, the substitute teacher for Moze\'s class was stupid. She thought when Moze said they were learning about moose, she thought the kind of moose you put in you hair! But, I did like it how Moze, immidiately became a \'bad girl\' and started lying to the substitute teacher. What was really funny was when their substitute teacher was Cookie! That was side splitting. Then, there was \'The New Kid\', who just like a day or two started going to the school, claimed Ned her boyfriend! I\'d be a little freaked out if I were Ned, but you don\'t control who likes you. And that person must like you very much if they threaten to beat up a person who likes you as well. I knew something would happen at the end. But I didn\'t no what. Then I figured out she was actually a geek. And, she was girl who disguised herself everytime she went to a new school. At least she found a new boyfriend. It was another math geek or nerd that had dorky glasses. What a, um, nice, uh, couple.
  • Ned helps a substitute from Elementary School . Cookie poses as a substitute teacher. Moze becomes bad-girl and misbehaves to science substitute teacher. Ned tries to help a new kid. Gordy compete against a new janitor that could take over his spot.

    This was a great episode. It was well written. This waqs one of the best episodes. I give it a 10. It gives good advice about subsitute teachers and new kids. This episode was cool. I liked when Moze is trying to be a bad girl in school and I like when Simon fakes being English to be in a English class. My favourite part is when Simon and the Nigel are talking and find out that they are both lying about being from Great Britain. I also like when Gordy tries to beat the assistant janitor to became head janitor.
  • A very funny episode, especially the one about the new kid.

    One of my favorite episodes so far. When Ned starts explaining the different types of substitue teachers, I couldn't stop laughing because all of what he said was so true!! Although the part about bringing an actual walrus to school was kind of lame. The second episode, the one about the new kid, I also liked a lot. At first, I thought that Bernice was just mean, but when she called Ned her boyfriend, she went from mean, to just plain weird. My favorite part was when she was sitting with Ned and along comes the bullies that are in love with Ned (don't really know their name). They accept Bernice to be part of their group, and when they all leave, they all punch Ned in the arm, and so he falls! Very funny!
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