Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 1 Episode 3

Teachers / Detentions

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2004 on Nickelodeon

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  • Its quite openly to see that Sweeny and Ned are mortal rivials but one side has to know at same point both side will have to team up for the same cause.

    Ned is the main guy in this series and has two friends to back him up. Like all heroes, Ned has rivials and some would have to forget the sides they are on if they are reaching for the same goal. Loomer and his gang may attack Ned sometimes but some cases they will need Ned for help. The world has its ups and downs but not everything is a quick fix and that is what makes life a trip we have to take even though there are risks.
  • Not one of my favorites,

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide,
    Didn't like the first one that much. It just wasnt to orginal and special like most of the other episode of this series.Next: Ned Moze Cookie all get detention. Moze gets sent to clean boards or erasers. Ned and cookie hatch a plan to not get hurt during detention.
  • The third episode of "Ned's Declassified" In this episode, Ned, Moze, and Cookie battle to more topics.

    In Teachers, Ned trys to get on Mr. Sweeneys good side. But giving him compliments isn't gonna help him get an A. Moze has trouble dealing with the new student teacher aftre the class does whatever they want. And cookie can't keep his eyes off of his new "hot" teacher. In the end, Ned trys doing the work and gets a "B." Mr. Dren fools the class into thinking he's a tough teacher. Cookie transfers out of his class and gets an ugly teacher. In detention, Cookie gets in trouble for throwing a paper airplane (when he really didn't.) Ned and cookie stay in the detention room with bullies. And moze spends her time cleaning chalk boards.
  • Well it is something that you might dream of like you may daydream about Loomer being scared with somebody and that daydream became a reality!

    Well it is something that you might dream of like you may daydream about Loomer being scared with somebody and that daydream became a reality! It was a little safe for me because it is not much exciting I think it is because it tends to be a little to quiet and can't they get out of school or talk about homework like a scene where you are at home and you're having a hard time with a research thing?
  • A really cool episode.

    For Detention:

    As I said, this is my favorite episode of the first season. It's really cool. Seeing the paper airplane causing havoc and chaos throughout the school. It was fun to watch. The way Cookie, Ned and Mosely getting detention was a bit unfair, though. And the fact that Cookie was dressed up like an unrated rapper, he really does think he's a bad boy. This is part of him becoming who he is not who he is. But the scenes with the bad 8th graders causing a mess out of everything was wrong, but cool to watch and somewhat funny. And seeing more destruction caused by the paper airplane was funny, especially when it struck the Big 8th grade meanie's eye and he threw it at Mr. Sweeny. And I think Mr. Sweeny is a silly name for a teacher. Best episode!
  • To scare kids on behaving in school.

    There are different kinds of teachers:

    -evil, weird, funny, sensitive, mature, immature (yea right), scary, self-defense and all those kind of teachers. I would perfer Immature :P. And yes detention is scary, cauz I know I've been there lots of times. My friend Billy is now made of bones sitting there in the closet, just by himself after 45 years of bullying and smacking he went to the one and only... DETENTION! Dun, dun, dun! So this was a funny episode, and Id rate it a 9.6, and it's a fine example to kids: To scare kids on behaving in school. Peace out!
  • Teachers- Ned, Moze, Cookie have to deal with each of their teachers. Detention- Ned, Moze, and Cookie are given detention because of an paper airplane.


    This one of the first seasons episodes and it one of the series classic episodes.

    Ned finds his teacher McSweeny hard and devises a plan to be nice to him and get a good grade. Moze class has a subsititute teacher and is upset when it disrupts the class. Cookie has puppy love for his hot Spanish teacher and is getting bad grades. Ine the end, Ned learns to study and earn his grade, Moze helps the sub teacher gain respect, and Cookie switches class to avoid failing.


    Another series classic. Cookie has made an paper airplane that flies outta control and is given dentention. As Moze and Ned defend Cookie, they also are given detention. Ned, Cookie, and Moze realize they will be serving detention with 8th graders. Moze, however ends up cleaning erasers. Cookie in his gangsta outfit(worn for a 2nd time) and Ned tries to act tough but it doesn't work. Luckily, McSweeny is monitoring detention and is fooled into tricking the bullies, unknowingly, helping Ned and Cookie escape.
    BTW, we are shown throughout the ep, the paper airplane flying around and creating havoc in the hallways!

    These are series classic mini-eps and they are very good!
  • Detention could possibly be my favorite episode of the season!

    This episode was hilarious, with nonstop gags and jokes.
    r Sweeney says that "a dangerous projectile such as Cookie's airplane can't be snuck past him,"just as several students walk an ICBM missle past him into a class. Coconut Head walks past them pure white, muttering "D-d-d-detention--- w-with Dirga," but at the end we discover the paleness of CH was caused by clapping erasers. I AB. SO. LUTELY
    loved the scene where Mr. Monroe was giving a lecture on the value of caring and providing for the baby, then Cookie's paper airplane comes fling in, and Mr. Monroe continues his speech, but while swinging the baby wildly around his head trying to swat the airplane, but only succeeding in destroying his classroom, and at the same time disembowling the baby enough that eventually he ends up only holding a severed leg in his hand. Everyone on the cast and crew worked perfectly to make a GREAT episode.