Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 3 Episode 21

Tests / When You Like Someone Who is Going Out with Someone Else

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 02, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Tests: Ned has three big tests on the same day, but Moze has a different one in mind: she tests Ned and Faymen to see which is the better boyfriend.
When You Like Someone Who is Going Out with Someone Else: Cookie figures out how to get Lisa to himself and Moze figures out who she likes best.moreless

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  • Perfect

    Tests- Ned has to study hard for three big tests so he can get a B average he promised his mom he would get. Meanwhile, Moze is quizzing him and Faymen with a quiz in a magazine about different questions relating to her. In the end, Ned passes all of his classes, but fails Moze's quiz, because he was acting all dorky the whole week. Grade- A+

    When You Like Someone Who IS Going Out With Someone Else- Ned realizes that he might like Moze and Moze realizes she might like Ned. But one problem: Faymen. Or maybe it isn't a problem. Faymen got an offer to play soccer in Brazil, but he will only go if Moze tells him to. She doesn't know what to say, until she knows Ned likes her. She tells him to go. Everything is great, Moze and Ned know they like each other, and they become a couple. Oh wait, they can't! Why? Suzie Crabgrass suddenly returns, in a cliffhanger ending to be resolved in the series finalemoreless
  • one of the best episodes


    Ned needs help pulling his grades up. So, he became a geek. While doing that, Moze was giving a 'rate you date' test between Faymon and Ned. It was overall a wonderful episode. It was kinda funny to see Ned in the 'nerd' version. Kinda happy he passed his test

    Next episode(forgot the name):

    Ned find out that because he was a nerd at that time when Moze gave him the 'rate your date quiz'. So, since Faymon and Moze were going out he was tryinh yo get Moze to like him again. Faymon had to choose between Moze and his love for soccer.

    I love this episode like wow! cos it was seriously hilarious. I loved the part where Ned was trying to tell Moze that he likes her. but he got stung by a bee so he was mumbling away. the title below is like 'I love you. I love you. no! I love..whaaaaaa'

  • suzie is back just when ned an moze finnally realise they like eachothr more then friends (grr lol)

    i was quite upset when i saw suzie coming at the time ned and moze just get to eachother. but its quite obvious they'd do that. love the episode when neds a geek. really funny. and the part when Faydmen said good morning and is lookin really cool, then ned says it and look a total nerd (that music was hilarious). I felt really sad though when moze went off with faydmen after they revealed to ned that they are goin out. Leaving ned speechless and only being able to say to cookie dressed as "P-cookie" he thinks he failed the most important test. (Refering to moze's test)(aww lol). Love the movie too. finnaly they get together. funny suzie went with loomer after all that. R.I.P. ned's declassified. (lol :-))moreless
  • Suzie's back!!!

    I knew Suzie couldn't be gone for good. She is like the biggest star on the show and the writers wanted her to stay at a school in a different state? Come on! Yes, I know when Suzie came back and hugged Moze and Ned right when you thought Ned and Moze were gonna hook up, that set up the perfect plot for the series finale. Yeah, I know. In fact, was really expecting Ned and Moze to hook up in this episode, but I'm glad it didn't happen. That time when Crubbs gasped and said, "What are you doing here?" I thought that was Moze because they were talking about Moze before and I thought she had just come in, but thank goodness, it was SUZIE!!! I'm so happy now!moreless
  • A perfect plot leading into the series finale.

    Ok, this episode is pure gold. The plot is perfect the whole way through. There is a plot twist around every corner as it leads everyone watching wondering what will happen with Moze and Ned. Everything Ned does to help pass his tests only lead to him failing the most important one, Mozes. When Faymen and Moze officially start dating Ned finally realizes he loves Moze and begins to chase after her, but doesn't know what to do about Faymen. Luckily for him Faymen may leave to go play soccer in Brazil. In a series of unfortunate events Ned gets knocked out and Gordy and Cookie save the day by getting a note to Moze saying Ned likes her, so she tells Faymen to leave to play Soccer. *SPOILER WARNING

    Then finally Ned was going to ask Moze out and.......Suzie comes back. This places everything in place perfectly for the series finally, Field Trip.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Running Gag: Gordy saying, "I'm not Cupid".

    • The Guide To Boys Moze says that Ned has been chasing Susie since the 2nd grade but in this episode Ned tells Gordy that he's been chasing Susie since the 4th grade.

    • The note Gordy writes telling Moze that Ned likes her is different than the one she is hit with. On the first one, the underlines are close together, but on the second they're far apart.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • (Ned shocked after reading magazine)
      Ned: A 0!?! But that was when I was Den Ybgib, not Ned Bigby!

    • Moze: What's going on?
      Ned: What? Can't a guy, who's just trying to be a better person because someday I'm going to be going out with someone and I want to be a great boyfriend, share a beverage with you while Faymen's not around?
      Moze: I gotta go!

    • Cookie: Is that the new Teen Zine? Rate your date. Who's the best guy for you... Faymen or NED???!!!
      (Big shocked expression)
      Cookie: You're testing Faymen against Ned, with a MAGAZINE?!
      Moze: I'M OUT OF IDEAS! And, it's 90% accurate!If you say anything, I WILL terminate you.

    • Ned: Good Now go find out if Moze likes me.
      Gordy: What? I am not Cupid you know. I have a job you know...
      Ned & Gordy: Hahahaha!
      Gordy: Fine I'll go find out.

  • NOTES (6)

    • When You Like Someone Who is Going Out With Someone Else Tips: Be Vice boyfriend or girlfriend.
      Be nice and make yourself a potential date.
      Don't come down too strong.
      Never act goofy or bad things can happen.
      Remember that relationships RARELY last forever.
      Try not to get jealous, remember, they will eventually break up.
      Don't Be a goof Try to act nice around he/she's boyfriend or girlfriend, as soon as there available ask them out ASAP.

    • Test tips
      Face the facts for multiple choice.
      Never second guess, you're first answer is probably right.
      Study hard to do good
      Go with a study group before the test starts.
      Take a week to be a geek.

    • Cookie was P.Cookie in this episode.

    • Suzie returns to Polk in this episode.

    • After 3 seasons of hints, we finally learn that Ned has a crush on Moze and vise-versa, and it's all thanks to Gordy and Cookie (and their stupidity).

      This episode also marks the departure of our foreign friend, Faymen Phortune, for he returns to Brazil to play his national sport, Soccer. (First learned in "Guide to: Making new Friends)

    • This episode will follow the series's tradition of premiering the final episode of the season around the time that schools go on summer break.