Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 3 Episode 21

Tests / When You Like Someone Who is Going Out with Someone Else

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 02, 2007 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Running Gag: Gordy saying, "I'm not Cupid".

    • The Guide To Boys Moze says that Ned has been chasing Susie since the 2nd grade but in this episode Ned tells Gordy that he's been chasing Susie since the 4th grade.

    • The note Gordy writes telling Moze that Ned likes her is different than the one she is hit with. On the first one, the underlines are close together, but on the second they're far apart.

  • Quotes

    • (Ned shocked after reading magazine)
      Ned: A 0!?! But that was when I was Den Ybgib, not Ned Bigby!

    • Moze: What's going on?
      Ned: What? Can't a guy, who's just trying to be a better person because someday I'm going to be going out with someone and I want to be a great boyfriend, share a beverage with you while Faymen's not around?
      Moze: I gotta go!

    • Cookie: Is that the new Teen Zine? Rate your date. Who's the best guy for you... Faymen or NED???!!!
      (Big shocked expression)
      Cookie: You're testing Faymen against Ned, with a MAGAZINE?!
      Moze: I'M OUT OF IDEAS! And, it's 90% accurate!If you say anything, I WILL terminate you.

    • Ned: Good Now go find out if Moze likes me.
      Gordy: What? I am not Cupid you know. I have a job you know...
      Ned & Gordy: Hahahaha!
      Gordy: Fine I'll go find out.

  • Notes

    • When You Like Someone Who is Going Out With Someone Else Tips: Be Vice boyfriend or girlfriend.
      Be nice and make yourself a potential date.
      Don't come down too strong.
      Never act goofy or bad things can happen.
      Remember that relationships RARELY last forever.
      Try not to get jealous, remember, they will eventually break up.
      Don't Be a goof Try to act nice around he/she's boyfriend or girlfriend, as soon as there available ask them out ASAP.

    • Test tips
      Face the facts for multiple choice.
      Never second guess, you're first answer is probably right.
      Study hard to do good
      Go with a study group before the test starts.
      Take a week to be a geek.

    • Cookie was P.Cookie in this episode.

    • Suzie returns to Polk in this episode.

    • After 3 seasons of hints, we finally learn that Ned has a crush on Moze and vise-versa, and it's all thanks to Gordy and Cookie (and their stupidity).

      This episode also marks the departure of our foreign friend, Faymen Phortune, for he returns to Brazil to play his national sport, Soccer. (First learned in "Guide to: Making new Friends)

    • This episode will follow the series's tradition of premiering the final episode of the season around the time that schools go on summer break.

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