Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 3 Episode 8

The Bus / Bad Hair Days

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 26, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • I never know why it's early to said I love you thing. And a Bad hair day

    In this episode Ned put's a note in Suzie's locker and he said I love you and Ned thinks Suzie would be freaked out and stuf in a lot of tv show a wacth that has to do something with the I love thing and sometimes the people get freaked out and sometimes it works out but I never get it or is it me. Then Cookie tries to get to school on time and Moze tries to sit with her future boy-friend. Then you get a bad hair day I never have a bad hair day then Ned tries to go on a date with Suzie to the movies and Cookie thinks he has a moustache and then Moze tries to get a better hair look.
  • One of the Best

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, Guide to: The Bus and Bad Hair Days are both some of my favorite episodes along with Dismissal and Field Trips. The Bus: Ned needs to get to school ASAP so he can get a love note that he left for Suzie in her locker and it may ruin their relationship. Will he to school in time? Meanwhile, Moe tries to get Faymen to sit with her on the bus but Martin is making it difficult for her. Cookie misses the bus and tries to find a way to get to school on time.

    Bad Hair Days: Ned has a bad hair day and so does Moze. Ned sneaks into the high school to get a free haircut so he will have enough money to take Suzie out. Meanwhile, Moze tries many different hair styles to try and get the new kid to like her and Cookie attempts to get Lisa to notice his very, very tiny mustache.
  • The Bus:Ned needs to get to school before Suzie. Moze tries to sit next to Faymen on the bus. Cookie misses the bus. Bad Hair Days:Cookie has a mustache. Ned tries to get a hair cut for free. Moze tries different styles to get Faymen to notice like

    I enjoyed this episode a great deal. The Bus, was a very entertaining on how Cookie technically “misses” the bus. Also how Mr. Kwest couldn’t drive the bus because his girlfriend broke up with him, I loved his picture of him with his girlfriend. Another part that was really good was when Ned says “ham cures broken hearts” and Mr. Kwest says “is that tuna? That was Annie’s favorite sandwich.” That was a good part. Xavier made this episode even better with her bicycle for two because she wanted Gordy to ride with her to school but since Gordy is allergic to bikes and her, she decides to help Cookie keep his perfect attendance record but, they then can’t help going to a yard sale and wasting a lot of time, then their bike gets rode over. So they decide to “borrow” some roller blades. I still think that the best part was probably the ending of the episode though, like when Moze falls over the seat with her feet standing up in the air, Ned grabs the wrong note and Cookie is wearing a shirt that says “I’m with stupid” and Moze is like that’s fitting. Bad Hair Days was another good episode. I LOVED Ned’s bald spot it was hilarious. I also loved how Cookie was trying so hard to get Lisa to notice his really really tiny mustache and all of Moze’s different hair styles. Like… The AFRO! So I enjoyed these episodes and I hope there are plenty more like this episode.
  • Funny,

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide,
    In this episode Ned races to school to get a not out of Susies loker because he wrote something very emotial in it. Very funny. Then Ned sneaks out of school to get a hair cut. Trying not to get caught. In the end though he was caught.
  • really hysterical

    well it wasn't exactly exciting (although more exciting than some other episodes) but I'm tired of "exactly why I watch this series" lol. anyway the way the bus driver / funny computer dude was so . . . hm i guess i'd say "alarmed" by the fact that Ned accidentally gave Susie a love note was really really funny. ok i have 37 more words so let's see . . . wat else is there 2 say . . . ned's finsihed hair cut was hysterical . . . wow i say the word hysterical a lot don't i lol.... anyway that's enuf... bye!
  • The Bus: Ned need to get to school to get his love letter to Suzie. Moze tries to meet the NEW guy and Cookie misses the bus. Bad Hair Day: Ned and Moze are trying to impress their crushes and Cookie vies for Lisa attention with his new mus

    Well I have to say continunity-wise, the mini-eps were good. We see Moze still vying for Famine attention, Ned still liking Suzie, and Cookie trying to get Lisa attention.

    What failed is the execution of the mini-eps themselves.

    The Bus: Has Ned frantically trying to get his love letter back and in the process, its almost asked "why"? We know Ned really likes Suzie and vice-versa so I didn't get it.

    Moze: tries for Famine attention and falls all over herself. What funny is that she at one point lands in Seth lap and seemed upset about it. Remember, it was Moze lying that cause Seth to breakup with her and she seemed real remorseful, but not now. Guess she movesed? Her scenes was good for a few giggles.

    Cookie: missed the bus and with his Math teacher? he has a miniadventure of missteps to tried to get to school. I thought this sequence was pretty good as it was filmed outside and interacting with his environment.

    In the end, Ned gets his letter back and Cookie makes it to school on time...with possible injuries.

    Grade: 3.7/5

    Bad Hair Day: Moze and Ned both show up with the worst hair I've seen on Ned Declassifies. Ned wants a haircut for Suzie and ends up trying to get one at the highschool with a badly drawn map. LOL What interesting is that we see Ned at the highschool that could've been used as a spinoff set for the series IF they want to continued.

    Moze: again trying to impress Famine, mistakes his bad english as critctism for her bad hair. Moze decides to enlist Missy help for a hairdo makeover and we see various wigs as Moze tries to impress Famine. Moze Spanish Teacher, (The HOT Language teacher from S1 that kept making Cookie drool and failed) my goodness where has she been?! Told Moze what Famine had really meant and she realize it was all a misunderstanding.

    Cookie: trying to impress Lisa again, but this time with his magnify-induced mustache. Seems Lisa is still getting the attention from the guys in various scene. Also it seems Lisa isn't interest in Cookie anymore as she seems almost annoyed? Don't know where their going with this but...

    In the end, Cookie didn't get Lisa attention, Moze is still nowhere with Famine, and Ned gets a bad haircut and get detention for going off campus. Grade. 4/5
  • The Bus : Ned tries to get to school before Suzie reads a love letter that could ruin their relationship. Haircuts : Ned sneaks over to the high school to get a free haircut so he can take Suzie out on a date.

    The Bus was fabulous, and I always wanted to see the town or city that surrounded James K. Polk Middle School, and it finally showed it. Again, Suzie dressed up hot, and Moze was trying to impress Famine, the new kid from another country that had a weird accent. Then Ned, thank goodness, was doing something to not wreck the relationship between him and Suzie. Yea! I wish I was him. Then, for Cookie, I have nothing to say. A perfect attendance reward is nothing to me. Who would want to be at school all one hundred and seventy nine days, or something like that. But it turned out that Suzie was supposed to read the letter, so what happened? Did she even find or read the letter? Moving on to Haircuts. Who gives free haircuts? I wouldn't. But I guess that is a good deal, but their haircuts are rip offs, so I guess that is the payback they get . . . and I knew Famine was saying 'here', bot 'hair', and to Cookie . . . I can't believe him. I wouldn't want a mustache. If I got a mustache, I'd shave it off the second I got it. (Your can probably tell I'm a boy.)
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