Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 3 Episode 8

The Bus / Bad Hair Days

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 26, 2006 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • In "The Bus", Suzie appears, but has no lines.

    • Goof: When Mr.Kwest is driving frantically towards school, you see Ned near the front of the bus. If you look behind Ned when he says "We're doing great Mr.Kwest", you can see Moze pulling herself towards the back of the bus . A second later she's pulling herself to the front of the bus to reach Faymen.

    • After Cookie and Xavier drop the things they bought at the garage sale, the bus's tire was flat because of the glass Cookie bought at the garage sale, and where the bus got the flat tire, it was not the place where the garage sale took place.

    • When Cookie finds Xavier on her bike after he misses the bus, he says he needs to get to school in 15 minutes. After they leave the garage sale, Cookie checks his watch and we see that it is 7:15 AM. Then, a long time after, Cookie checks his watch again and we see that it is 7:55 AM and he says that school starts in 5 minutes which would mean that school starts at 8:00 AM. So why would he say before that he had 15 minutes to get to school, if at 7:15 AM he had 45 minutes?

    • In "Bad Hair Days" Faymen is talking with a teacher in Portuguese explaining that he misses his family in Brazil. It is often believed that he is speaking Spanish, since Portuguese and Spanish are both related languages and sound similar.

  • Quotes

    • Ned: And if she were here, what would she want you to do?
      Mr Kwest: Probably to..stop calling her..
      Ned: NO! She'd want you to get these kids to school on time and before Suzie gets there!
      Mr Kwest: Really?
      Moze: Uh..yeah! Women LOVE guys who get kids to school on time!

    • Suzie: So you guys want to go to the movies?
      : Sounds good!
      : Right. Nice moustache (To cookie).

    • Ned: So close! (Crubbs drags him away)
      : SUZIE.....

    • Moze: I need your hair expertise.
      : And why would I help you?
      : Cause I'll invite you to my house to swim on Saturday.
      : I don't like to swim.
      Moze: Ned will be there.
      Missy: (Smiles) You need curls now.

    • Ned: Ham always cures broken hearts!

  • Notes

    • Tip #646.SCTM
      For girls, scrunchies and clips can tame the wildest mane.
      Tip #646.BCFWH
      For guys, hats hide grease, grime, and fleas.
      Tip #649.USH
      Use the "seat hop" to move around the bus
      Tip# 168.SP5
      Use "the shift" to protect your seat.
      Tip #154.LBS
      Look before you sleep
      Tip #317.BT
      Use bus-time for forgotten homework time.

    • The high school that Ned went for a free hair cut was Michael S. Dukakis High School.

    • When Ned jumps out of the window in Mr. Kwest's room, his shirt lifts up, and he is shown wearing green boxers.

    • This is not only Ms. Enstile's first season 3 appearance but also her first appearance since season 1.

    • Gordy is mentioned in both episodes, but does not appear in either segment.

    • Cookie fails to impress Liza with his moustache, but he does scare her.

    • Ned mentions Moze having a pool in "Seating", but in this episode, she confirms it.

    • Missy indicates further that she is still trying to steal Ned from Suzie.

    • Mr. Kwest is not only the Computer expert, but is also the Bus Driver.

  • Allusions

    • Look Hard:
      When Ned is trying to get out of the school for a "Free Haircut", He uses a Nerf N-Strike Maverick to disable Crubbs' security system.

    • Moze's Crush: Faymen Phortune

      This is an allusion to the famous saying "Fame and Fortune."

    • When Moze tries the pink Japanese bubblegum look, she looks similar to Stephanie from the Nick Jr. Show: Lazytown.

    • In the episode "The First Day" they rip on Coconut Head's bad hair. It is mentioned again in this episode, both times as examples in tips.