Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 2 Episode 7

Upperclassmen / Gross Biology Dissection

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • So times I had the upperclassmen and I love dissecting frog............ but on the computer

    So times it sucks being the lower grade in school some times the high grade picks on the lower ones but when I was in the higher grade I dont's pick on the lower grade. in this episode we learn the survival to the Upperclassmen. Ned show a 5th grader the ways of middle school. Cookie pretends to be a 8th grader. And Moze goes out with the popular 8th grader man I had that guy. Then it's survival to dissecting Ned wants to do it do Suzie hates Ned finds a way to sovle the and does the same thing from episode Daydream and tries to kiss because she said my hero
  • Ned is caught between Moze and Suzie (not for the last time). Moze gets used by an 8th-grader.

    Gross Biology Dissection

    This segment is special because it puts Ned in the middle of a fight between Suzie and Moze, previewing what happens in "Field Trip", the series finale.

    Mr. Sweeny announces that tomorrow is dissection day in Science class. Loomer and the bullies cheer; Albert Wormenheimer passes out. Ned and Moze are excited, but Suzie is against the dissection, so Ned naturally jumps ship. The opening scene ends with Suzie, Moze, and Sweeny closing in on Ned, trying to get him to speak his true opinion of the dissection.

    Ned tells Cookie of his dilemma, and Cookie tells Ned he's done hundreds of dissections. Moze shows up and is clearly disappointed in Ned for letting Suzie push him around. Ned says no woman tells him what to do, but Moze says Ned would steal the frog if Suzie asked him to. Which, of course, is what happens.

    Ned frees the frog with the help of Gordy (who rigs Sweeny's chair to collapse while they're at it), and they flee just in time to avoid Sweeny. However, Moze catches Ned with the frog, and is very disappointed in him. Sweeny is hunting Ned down, so Ned hands the frog over to Gordy and Cookie. Sweeny suggests Ned could become a doctor, but the way Moze sees it, he's more likely to become Mr. Crabgrass at the moment. Ned assures Moze he won't give in to Suzie, and is looking forward to the dissection, but...

    In the next scene, Ned is handing out fliers saying "NO" to dissection. Loomer eats the flyer, and when Suzie comments that Loomer isn't sweet and sensitive like Ned, it fuels him even more. However, Moze arrives, and is mad Ned lied to her.

    Moze ends up slapping a restraining order on Ned, keeping him from ruining the dissection. Suzie says Ned will find a way to stop the dissection since it's so important to him, but Moze claims he's only doing it so that Suzie will like him. This is, of course, true, but the bell saves Ned from admitting it.

    Mr. Sweeny asks Gordy to repair his chair, and almost catches Ned, Cookie, and Gordy with the frog. Sweeny explains that the dissection frogs were already dead and the live one was to be the class pet. He politely requests the return of the frog, and Ned quips that nice Sweeny is even scarier than mean Sweeny. However, the frog escapes. Cookie and Gordy set out to find the frog, and Ned sets out to tell Suzie he won't let her ruin his friendship with Moze, or so he claims.

    In the next scene, Ned is campaigning against the dissection again. Sweeny tells Ned and Suzie they will both receive F's for not doing the dissection, and Suzie accepts, but Ned panics. Moze comes along to add extra pressure, but once again Ned is saved by the bell.

    Cookie and Gordy find the frog in the kitchen and think it became part of the school lunch. At lunch, Ned walks past Suzie and Moze, who are sitting at different tables, and is forced to sit elsewhere. Ned is about to eat his lunch when Gordy knocks it away from him, telling him what happened to the frog. Only it didn't happen: the frog escaped. When Ned asks Cookie how he could care so much about one frog when he has dissected hundreds, Cookie explains the dissections he did were virtual. This gives Ned an idea.

    The next day, the dissection still goes on, but the class now has the option of real or virtual dissection. Suzie is ecstatic and Ned tries to kiss her, but Suzie stops him, reminding him that she is still seeing Loomer. Ned and Moze end up doing the virtual dissection. And Albert actually manages to stay on his feet longer than the bullies.

    Sweeny decides to release "P. Froggy", and while it appears the frog gets run over immediately, it turns out to be just a can of creamed spinach.



    We are introduced to 8th-grader "Jock" Goldman. He is clearly a jerk, using his seniority to get his way at Polk, but Moze develops a crush on him. Ned tells Moze about the "adopt a 5th-grader" program he signed up for. Unfortunately, he gets assigned the worst possible charge: Palmer, a troublemaker and thief who apparently likes to take pants. Palmer immediately gets to work prying open a locker.

    Meanwhile, Cookie is trying to convince his crush, Vanessa, that he is in the 8th grade (he's not). When asked for his locker number, he makes one up, so now he has to find locker 259, convince Vanessa it's his locker, and avoid the locker's real owner. Meanwhile, Palmer has raided an entire hallway's worth of lockers before Ned yanks him away.

    It turns out locker 259 belongs to a girl, but Cookie says the plush toys inside are for Vanessa and is off the hook for now. Meanwhile, Jock and Moze finally speak. Jock tells Moze he broke up with his previous girlfriend, Amy. Palmer pops up onto the screen and asks "Are they in love?" Ned drags him away, but not before he gets Jock's wallet. Ned and Palmer then run into Sweeny, who loses his pants to Palmer.

    Ned finally finds Palmer outside the music room, and discovers that Palmer has a weakness: he can't misbehave when he is listening to music. He puts his plan to the test at lunch. Moze sits next to them and asks Ned for his opinion on Jock. She thinks Jock likes her, but Ned shows Moze Jock's Amy-filled wallet. Moze says Jock might have simply forgotten to take them out, and heads over to Jock's table. Right after, Ned's batteries die, and Palmer returns to his trouble-making ways, throwing a handful of food right at an 8th-grader.

    Jock gives Moze a pink stuffed elephant, which Moze likes very much. He tells her to meet him after class with the elephant. Ned sees this and tries to tell Moze Jock is just using her to make Amy jealous, but Moze won't listen. Moze changes the subject to Palmer. She disapproves of Ned's plan to feed Palmer to the 8th-graders at first, but when she catches him reading her diary, tells Ned to get rid of him any way he can.

    Ned plan fails, as Ned keeps getting in trouble for Palmer's misdeeds. Ned also gets seriously injured. Meanwhile, Cookie gets busted and revealed as a 7th-grader, but Vanessa gives him another chance. Finally, Moze finally finds out that Jock was using her to get Amy jealous. Ned tells Moze that Jock is an idiot and any guy would be lucky to have her as his girlfriend. Moze is happy to hear this and hugs him.

    Finally, Ned hatches a plan. Since Palmer loves stealing pants, Ned gets him to steal Jock's. He also gets Palmer to steal the rest of Jock's clothing, leaving him to run out of school wearing only the pink elephant.
  • Clearly Jock was a hot and cute jerk who used Moze just to make Amy jealous and Cookie acted like a jerk a chubby one.

    This episode was very funny special when Ned always gets blamed for everything Palmernoid does. Jock was a hot jerk wasn't he?Cute one too. Moze was such a fool. Cookie screamed like a girl that was so funny , another funny thing was when Jock Goldman was wearing Mr. Pinky, which was hot, it said dork Goldman and he was so cute there. If only Moze and Jock had a thing or a relationship it would be really cool cause Jock is hot and cute I wish I knew him. Go Suzie save the frogs I'm a vegetarian so I don't support killing animals and go Jock hit on Moze more.
  • funny and sweet!

    I love this episode because it was a good way to help you with disection. The upperclasmen i don't think helped anyone on much but it was HILARIOUS!.

    Gross bioligy: In this episode Ned and Moze were planning to disection together but then Suzie got into the picture and made ned confused of who to go with. I like suzie but did she have to chose Ned in this particular episode?! meanwhile, Cookie and gordy had fun with mr sweeny's bioligy frog and named it p-froggy wich i think is a bit obvious. Then they thought the lunch lady who can see the future(i think her names rose) mashed P-froggy in to creamed spinach and trashed everybodys food when they were about to eat it.In the end Ned chose disection with moze but he did help suzie though.

    Upperclassmen: Ned adopts a fith grader called polmer noyd moze gets and intrest in jolk goldman and cookie pretends to be an 8th grader to impress a girl called vanessa. I thought this episode was one of the funniest especailly when polmer stepped on the wolf and rolled and jumped and no-one did anything and when ned put one toe on it and 8th graders were there in a tick.I also think it was so sweet when Ned said to moze any guy would be lucky to have her as thier girlfriend. So this episode gets quite a good review from me!
  • Um, uh, if I were Ned, I'd stay away from killing the frog.

    Yeah, this wasn't really my favorite episode, but at least it has a lot of Suzie (Christian Serratos) in it. Yea, go Suzie! Well, the gross biology thing has a lot of Suzie in it, and myself, if I had to choose between not killing a real frog (w/ Suzie) and dissecting a frog (w/ Moze), I'd have to go with keeping it safe and keep from puking, and I'd like to be with Suzie. But anyway, the storyline was great, so was upperclassmen, though, (you are not going to get me to say this five times in a row) the episode with the science-like plot was my favorite, over the upperclassmen episode, but that just may be me. And another thing about that Gross Biology Dissection, in that last scene, Suzie looked REAL good in that outfit.
  • It was okay. It was awesome if you like dissecting frogs and other things.

    I liked it how Suzie came in the episode more in the Gross Biology Dissection episode. Though Ned and Suzie haven't become a couple yet, they will! But it was funny how Ned would keep on telling Moze how now girl would tell him what to do and this and that, then an instant later, he would be working with Suzie shouting out the things he refused to say when he was talking to Moze. But of course, Moze, and her 'I'm ashamed of you' look and caused Ned to be baffled, between his best friend, or not-the-best-best-friend, and his dream girl. Thank goodness he didn't make Suzie real upset with going with Moze. And speaking of Suzie, is is just me, or did Suzie really look 'good' in that outfit she had in the last scene of that episode? But moving the 'Uppperclassmen', some of the tips didn't satisfy as much as others did. Like, when upperclassmen tell you what to do and you should obey. What if you don't want to? What if you hate that certain upperclassmen? I hated some of the seventh and eighth graders that went to my school. I didn't care what they said.
  • cool

    I like this show because it shows alternatives to disecting and hurting innocent animals. The show on upperclassmen is hilarious. I love the part when the fifth grader stomps, jumps, and rolls all over the wolf that Ned said if you even touched it the 8 graders will be all over you and when the 5 grader does all of the stuff I mentioned and nothing happened to him and the ned barely puts his toe on it and the 8 graders are on him in a second. if i ever have to dissect a frog in science class i am going to see if i can do it on the computer because i would not want to hurt an animal.
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