Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 3 Episode 10

Volunteering / Library

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 27, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • The first appearance of the Librarian and the first time Buzz speaks!

    In "Library" Ned and Cookie try to bust Loomer as he stole their books and want money to give them back, otherwise, the crazy librarian will mark them. Meanwhile, Moze tries to win a book she wants from a 6th grader who has it, and doesn't plan to give it back.

    In "Volunteering", Ned, Cookie, and Moze all work to recieve their extra-credit volunteering hours.

    Like all episodes, there is one good and one bad. In my opinion, "Volunteering" was the good, as it showed what i desire most, seeing Cookie and Evelyn compete to see who is better. Just what I like. Also, it showed Buzz's voice for the first time, and this time only, at least. I give it a 9.0 out of 10.
  • The great library mystery/volunteering

    The Library:

    An project is due about Abebraham Lincoln.Ned,Moze and Cookie heads down to the library to find information on him.Moze begin to search for Mary to borrow the book.As it turn out Ned and Cookie owes the librian overdue books.However they knew that they did return it.However what could of happened to it.Discovering that Loomer was the one behind this.They begin to search for the lost book and expose Loomer.

    Yeah pretty good.


    Ned,Moze,Cookie are taking part of volunteering.However each had different things to do.Cookie ended working in the school store,which ends in an competition between him and Evelyin.Moze is stuck with Loomer and his buddies working in the school yard.Ned spends time with an old lady in the retirement and start to show her the good time.

    This was funny.It is the first time to see one of his buddy talked.I forgot his name the one with shaved head sorta.
  • It was nothing more than a filler episode and it wasn't very funny either.

    Nothing important happened, and I think I remember laughing maybe once the entire episode. It was just king of lame and was obviously just meant to be a filler episode. The idea about the library books being stolen was just stupid, and the librarian was soooooo fricken annoying! Loomer's one crony spoke for the first time...BIG DEAL! And come on how could Moze be so stupid to believe she could actually leave Loomer and his buddies alone with buckets of paint and expect them to do any painting? And no I'm not saying Moze is stupid, she's my favorite character, but that was just a really stupid decision. I got nothing more to say so I'll shut up...for now!
  • Library Loomer is stealing books and charging people to find them. Ned and gang decides to stop him. Volunteering has Ned, Moze, and Cookie doing various volunteering work with diasterous results.

    Library was has Loomer secret stealing books and making people pay to find them. Ned and Cookie tried different method to retrieve the books and is outsmarted by Loomer. Its until they realize Loomer has been reading a book about scams that they are able to stop Loomer.

    Volunteering begin with the Principal tellign Ned and gang that they have some volunteering to complete. They try to take the easy way out and is separated in different activites to finish their volunteer work.

    Ned is a caregiver to an elderly lady who tend to be bad. Moze get Billy and his friends to help paint and cleanup an area. And Cookie is paired with Evelyn in the school bookstore.

    While Ned story dragged, it was Moze and Cookie SL that kept the ep from being outright boring. Moze is showning leaving Billy and his friends alone for awhile and they end up going 3 stooges on the area. Its not until Buzz talks and say why they need to do right about helping out that everyone become inspired. Cookie and Evelyn as usual are like an old married couple. They end up competing against oneanother and end up giving everything away for FREE. At the end they decide to work together.

    Volunterring had 2 surprises. 1) Buzz talked. For 2 and 1/2 seasons Buzz hasn't untter one word, but he spoke in this ep and was a big help to Moze. 2) The Ned/Moze/Cookie "walk". In the opening credit for 2 season we are shown Ned and gang walking arm locked and legs crossing as they walk. Volunteering show "the walk" at very beginning as Ned and gang is approach by the Principal about volunteering.

    Well the mini-eps were filler, except the Cookie/Evelyn stuff as I continue to enjoy them.
  • Library:Loomer steals books when people return them. Moze needs to get a book about Abe Lincoln. Ned and Cookie need to get their books back. Volunteering:Moze cleans up behind the school. Cookie works in school store. Ned goes to nursing home.

    I thought that the episode was pretty good. Not amazing but not horrible. I thought that the librarian was a little scary when she sang in that gross scratchy voice. I didn't really like Ned and Cookie's plot line when Loomer stole their books so he could pretend to find them and make you pay for the books to get more, but I did enjoy Moze's plot line on how she had to be friend that girl in order to get that book about Abe Lincoln. My favorite part was when Mary Belle, I think that is her name, was putting make-up all over Moze's face. It looked really bad! I did like volunteering better then the library. I enjoyed when Ned, Moze, and Cookie were playing broom ball to get there hours. I also loved when Mr. Wright said who will do the school store and taste testing, then Ned and Cookie pointed to each other and then Mr. Wright pushed them in the directions. I hated when Ned had to taste the spoiled milk when it came out looking like cottage chese. It almost made me throw up. I loved how Cookie had to work with Evelyn in the school store, he even made his famous Cookie face! I laughed at Cookie's commercial for his new and improved school store. Then at the end of the add it said its better then Evelyn's. I laughed at that part. I felt so bad for Moze because she had to work with Loomer, Crony, and Buzz. Finally Buzz spoke! It looked amazing when they finished it. The old lady, I think her name was Rose, was funny how she kept hitting poor Ned in the head with a broom then how she almost hit him with a cane. Well, overall the episode wasn't that bad but it wasn't amazing. I still liked it though.
  • Simply a filler.

    [Mild spoilers are contained in this review.]

    I think this review might be just a bit biased. I didn't like this episode even before I saw it simply for the fact that it was a replacement for an episode I really wanted to see. However, this episode really wasn't that good, so do trust my words.

    The Library;;

    That library teacher. She was so annoying, I wanted to throw a shoe at her. The only thing I liked about it was that Ned and all the other characters would look at her like she was being overdramatic and crazy, which means maybe she was supposed to just seem plain stupid.

    I actually didn't mind Moze's plot. Mary Bell Lewis, played by Molly Hyde, was extremely good, and she acted her part very well.

    I liked the return of the famous Ned, Cookie, and Gordy group. Haven't seen them work together in quite a while.

    Nothing more to say about this mini-episode. Moze's plot was the best, but this was still definitely the worse of the two mini-eps.



    Much better than Library. First of all, it started with Ned, Moze, and Cookie doing their walk. I miss that; but it returned! That made the rating for this episode go WAY up.

    I'm glad there was at least some interaction between them all, and I seriously just loved that Gordy was actually counting that as volunteering. For some reason I really like Gordy's character more after this episode. Don't ask why.

    Moze's was, OF COURSE, the best. I'm glad the writers are still showing that Loomer has a crush on her. Also, since Loomer has a big part in the series finale, I guess they're trying to show his character more in the episodes.

    Also, when Buzz talked. Highlight of the episode, obviously. I loved Loomer and Curly's reactions. (Yes, I call him Curly. I love that nickname.)

    I'm also happy that it was shown that Moze did care about volunteering. If it kept how she felt in the beginning until the end, it would have made her very out of character.

    Ned's taste-testing was disgusting and hilarious at the same time. The whole nursing-home plot, however, wasn't good. It's been done before.

    I actually liked Cookie's too, with the whole Evelyn competition. I knew that they were eventually going to move their sales down to Free, though.

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