Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Season 2 Episode 6

Your Body / Procrastination

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • I laugh so much when I watch this episode!!!!

    I laugh so much when I watch this episode!!!! It's so funny! My favorite of the two 15 minute episodes would definantly be Procrastination, no contest. Your Body was great, really really great. but it can't compare to the awesomely awesomeness of Procrastination. Pretty much Ned makes Moze think he is procrastinating by making popsicle stick figures, and doing other random stuff, but it was really for his project. Ned and Moze have a bet that Ned will procrastinate. And, guess who loses? MOZE! I always laugh so hard when Moze does that Dutch dance, it cracks me up every single time. Procrastination might be one of my favorite episodes.
  • A good episode

    In Your Body Moze freaks when she feels she is too tall. After crushing a students project, she really wants to become short but realizies that she might be tall now but will not always be the tallest. Ned thinks that he is weak and tries to become strong after Coach agreed to Loomer that they'd have a weight lifting competition. Ned practices his technique for lifting and beats Lommer. Cookie tries to become overprotective so Loomer won't hurt him. In Procrastination Moze bets Ned that he won't finish his project on time and the loser has to stand in front of the school as a clown. Ned gets help from his teacher and wins the bet with Moze. Cookie almost kisses Lisa when she messes with his new technolgical break through which is to stop his procrastination. This is a good episode and I really enjoyed it because I procrastinate on projects that are due.
  • A great episode!

    In 'Your Body' Ned goes to the workout area to try to get stronger and Moze freaks out about being tall. What I would just do if I were Moze would just not care about other people's rude comments and ignore them. Who cares how tall you are? I don't. I've only grew about three inches in the past two or three years! And Ned, I wouldn't worry about strength, as long as your strong enough to move easily, run, and other simple things like that. And in 'Procastination', is a good episode. I usually did things by procastination in the third and fourth grades. If I had homework on the weekends, I would wait until like 9:00p.m. on Sunday night. Or maybe I would even forget to do the homework and have to do it the next night. But this is like one of like, three episodes where Ned, or boys win. I like the part when Moze is finally humiliated she procastinated and has to do awager called, 'the usual'.