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FOX (ended 1999)


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  • Season 3
    • 39A. REGATTADÄMERANG When Ned and Newton accidentally bankrupt Friendly Falls, everyone he knows has to take a demeaning second job in neighbouring Carty Garbageton to pay the town's bills. 39B. ALL'S WELL THAT HENS WELL Ned's classmates watch in stunned horror as he shows the film he made for Health class with (unfortunately) Newton's help.moreless

      Protecting his owner from burglars, Newton unwittingly attacks the Tooth Fairy, who puts a curse on Ned that makes his front teeth grow to the of playing cards.


      Ned receives help on a rigged scavenger hunt from Newton... and from a magical remote that doesn't work on televisions but does seem to work on everything else.moreless
    • When a calender misprint cause July and August to vanish Ned and Newton have to figure out what happened to them before their summer holidays are over and every mom is hosting a Snapperware party but Newton gets sealed inside one of the boxes and shipped to parts unknown.
    • 312 Angry women - Ned ends up taking both Linda and a foreign student to the aquarium so, to fix the problem, Newton sets him up with every girl in school!

      Toys will be Toys - There's a new Furby-esque toy called Playbee and Ned buys one. But there's one problem- the toys are really evil trolls trying to conquer the world!moreless
    • Love Is A Many-Salamandered Thing - Ned wants to take Linda to a sad movie so she'll cry on his shoulder but there are no sad movies playing but then Newton gets into the Directors chair. Trouble Indemnity - After seeing Ned line up his toys makes Newton decide to line up his. After bowl and rock Newton decides the problem with his life is he needs more stuff.moreless
    • 10/29/99
      Rear Bus Window - All kids know that you can never enter the back door of a bus or you'll get sucked into a alternate universe however no one told Newton. Et Tu, Newte - When Newton loses party invites to the Flemkin's dinner party he makes up for it by going back in time and dragging infamous couples to it.moreless
    • Nedding Bells are ringing - Newton thinks that Ned and Linda are getting married.

      Newt's Ned - After getting struck by lightning, Newton and Ned switch bodies.
    • Cyranewt De Bergerac - Ned joins the debate team but Linda is on the other team making Ned nervous about debating with her because Ned has a crush on her however Newton is there to help out. The Boy Who Newt Too Much - Newton tries to fix the TV antenna the TV downloads top secret Government information causing Ned and Newton to run away.moreless
    • Summer Rental - Eric and Shannon decide the summer rental of a cottage with Eric's brother and sister in-law....which also means a month in the woods alone for Ned with Renfraw and his malicious cat Bundle. The Man Who Would Be Flemking - When a bottle washes to shore containing a note from a long lose Flemkin relative washes ashore Ned and Newton decide to look for him.moreless
    • Never-Never Ned - Because Newton believes grown-ups don't have pets he drags his owner off to never never land to enlist Peter Pan's help to lock Ned into boyhood forever. To Have And Have Newt - When the town figures out that rich boy Rusty Mcabe is only as rich as everyone it triggers everyone to have misplaced sympathy for him.moreless
    • Xylophone Camp - Ned joins Xylophone Camp but it's not all it seems. It turns out to be a club for kids to join when the others are full. Now Ned has to make people want to play the xylophone.

      The Friendly Triangle - The title says it all- it includes a parody of the Bermuda Triangle! Ned has to do a school project and he wants to do it on the triangle where stuff has been disapearing. Can he solve the mystery?moreless
    • When Rusty Mcabe and Ned meet at a carnival it's a face off to see who can win the most plush toys for Linda and in Go Fetch when Ned sends away for a toy and does not get it in the 6 to 8 weeks waiting period Newton, like a faithful pooch, fetches it for him.moreless
    • Diary of a Nedman - Ned creates a diary but Newton thinks it's boring! So, when Ned goes to the farm, Newton tries to make the trip more exciting!

      Last Fraction Hero - Ned starts doing fractions at school-and he doesn't know anything about them! That means Newton has to tutor him-but he ends up cutting himself in half!moreless
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