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FOX (ended 1999)


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  • Seems to be based on a total rip off of Disneys Genie character from Aladdin.

    I mean think about it, Newton is blue and does everything that the Genie can do - transform himself, transform significant parts of his surroundings and even to a certain extent sounds like the Genie as well.

    Personally Newton even Acts like the Genie and thats not a good thing, in fact newton is even worse because he is far more annoying and much stupider than the genie. Newton is constantly getting Ned into trouble as well.

    Apart from that, the other characters of the show are so mind-boggingly stupid it isn't even funny, it seems to be made up as it goes along - completely random.

    That's all there is to it, thats my review, this show gets a 3 from me.
  • A funny show, If you get the References.

    Neds Newt. A Show about a boy, (Ned) who owns a newt called Newton. Come back here, everything is not as it seems. When Ned feeds Newton with Zippo newt food, Newton changes into a large talking, morphing creature. This is where the fun starts. Newton morphs into many characters from other TV shows, Movies and from real life. The animation is quite fluid and I quite enjoy the jokes, though a tad silly, its still a funny show.

    Overall, A funny show, yet if you don't get the pop culture references, then it won't be funny for you.
  • It's a rare chance a person can actually like this show. The annoying theme song doesn't help either.

    Not a very promising show. Viewers may view Ned's Newt as more of an annoyance than anything else. The show doesn't show any potential and people will dislike it from the very first episode (which is a bad intro into the series). You'll regret ever watching it in the first place.
  • A questionable show that makes you wonder, should it be legal?

    A questionable show that makes you wonder, should it be legal? I say, why, it's so lame. The animation, voice, and everything are lame. It tries to be funny with references, but no-one gets them. Animation is okay, and plots stink. When they try to be funny, you shake your head. Most likely you will turn the channel before watching three seconds of the show.. that is if you can even find it. My question is, why would you want to find it? Sorry for the negetive approach, but this show truly has no value... how did the Canadian show even last 20 episodes?
  • It's all a matter of taste.

    If you hate idiotic characters and don't get the references this show isn't for you.

    It's loaded with both.

    It also has some weird stuff that might annoy some people, like the weird character with strange hair and five o'clock shadow.

    There's a student in Ned's class that looks just like him and they never say whether they're father and daughter or the same person.
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