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    • Need to Know, Fri., June 8, 2012: Cambodia revisited, intern
      A report from Cambodia, where former leaders of the Khmer Rouge are being tried for the mass murders committed there decades ago. Ray Suarez interviews author Philip Gourevitch. Plus, an essay from Sadia Hameed from Human Rights First.
    • Need to Know, Fri., June 15, 2012: America's immigration pol
      As part of its "Fixing America" series, Need to Know anchor Ray Suarez hosts a panel discussion about America's immigration policies. Among the topics: has President Obama reneged on his promises of immigration reform? Is Republican candidate Mitt Romney's proposal for "self-deportation" realistic?
    • Need to Know, Fri., June 1, 2012: The future of health care
      Need to Know'?s medical correspondent, Dr. Emily Senay, travels to Massachusetts to examine how that state'?s health care system is working six years after the legislature there adopted an individual mandate requiring individuals to buy health insurance and businesses to provide it or face fines.
    • Need to Know 7/13/12
      Need to Know 7/13/12
      Season 2012 - Episode 07.13.12
      This week's epsiode of Need to Know takes a critical look at whether or not additional banking regulations are needed to curb another financial meltdown. Jeff Greenfield hosts.
    • Need to Know 7/20/12
      Need to Know 7/20/12
      Season 2012 - Episode 07.20.12
      On this week's episode of Need to Know, our team traveled deep into the mountains of central Mexico to speak with a woman who says she was sexually assaulted by a Border Patrol officer. Later, correspondant John Larson speaks with a former Border Patrol agent turned whistleblower, who describes deplorable conditions in detention centers.moreless
    • Crossing the Line
      Crossing the Line
      Season 2012 - Episode 07.20.12
      In the rush to stem the tide of undocumented immigrants, has Border Patrol committed widespread abuse on American soil? A former Border Patrol agent blows the whistle on unacceptable conditions in detention centers, including massive over-crowding and detainees who claim they were deprived of food and water.
    • Need to Know, Fri., June 22, 2012: Nursing wounded veterans
      This week's Need to Know examines how long-term care for veterans wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan is placing a growing strain on America's health care providers. Scott Simon hosts.
    • This week Need to Know examines an experimental program in Oakland, Calif., designed to help the working poor emerge from poverty.
    • Need to Know, Fri., April 27, 2012: Sea-level rise, death on the border
      This week on Need to Know: how the city of Norfolk, Virginia is grappling with massive flooding caused by sea-level rise. Plus an update to last week's investigation into the death of an illegal immigrant.
    • Need to Know, Fri., April 20, 2012: Crossing the line
      In partnership with the Investigative Fund of the Nation Institute, Need to Know investigates whether U.S. border agents have been using excessive force in an effort to curb illegal immigration.
    • Need to Know, Fri., May 4, 2012: The view from Main Street, leaving Afghanistan, Dan Savage
      This week on Need to Know: How one small town in Washington state is coping with the economic crisis. Plus, Joshua Foust on Afghanistan and Dan Savage on "don't ask, don't tell."
    • Need to Know, Fri., May 11, 2012: Legal immigration and entrepeneurship
      In this edition of Need to Know, the program explores the debate about legal immigration. Should the government make it easier for foreign-born, hi-tech workers to stay in the U.S.? Plus an essay by Jon Meacham.
    • Need to Know, Fri., May 18, 2012: Financial inclusion
      Stacey Tisdale travels to Missouri, where activists are collecting signatures for a ballot initiative that would cap payday loan rates at 36 per cent. Jeff Greenfield hosts.
    • Need to Know, Fri., May 25, 2012: Green jobs, volunteerism
      Need to Know correspondent Mona Iskander updates her report from Greenville, Mich., about a town that tried to reinvent itself by bringing in a solar panel manufacturing company.
    • Need to Know 7/27/12
      Need to Know 7/27/12
      Season 2012 - Episode 07.27.12
      In our ongoing series '?Your Money, Your Life,'? Need to Know takes an in-depth look at the difficult spending decisions facing the nation'?s working poor. This week'?s episode profiles one Newark, N.J. family, who keeps a monthly financial diary detailing its expenditures, including the additional costs incurred by living in a poor neighborhood and by not using available banking services.moreless
    • Need to Know 9/21/12 with Spanish Subtitles
      Need to Know 9/21/12 with Spanish Subtitles
      Season 2012 - Episode 09.21.12
      "ABTN significa America A Través de los Numeros. Esta nueva serie noticiosa cuenta las historias humanas detrás de los cambios demográficos de los EEUU.
    • Need to Know 9/21/12
      Need to Know 9/21/12
      Season 2012 - Episode 09.21.12
      "How changing demographics are reshaping the political landscape of America. Clarkston, GA is a small town of 7,500 that has gone from being 90% white in the 1980s to less than 14% white today. In the shadow of Stone Mountain, once a gathering place for Ku Klux Klan cross burnings, today it is home to thousands of refugees from Vietnam, Somalia, Iraq and Bhutan and some 40 other countries.moreless
    • Money & Medicine
      Money & Medicine
      Season 2012 - Episode 09.25.12
      As Congress continues its battle over the budget deficit, policy-makers are turning their attention to one of the largest driving forces behind the nation'?s debt '? government health care spending. The focus of the health care reform debate has shifted in recent years from access to cost, and recent studies suggest that a third of all health care expenditures are unnecessary.moreless
    • Need to Know 9/14/12
      Need to Know 9/14/12
      Season 2012 - Episode 09.14.12
      "Need to Know'?s Hannah Yi travels to Pakistan to investigate the impact U.S. drone attacks are having on citizens in targeted areas.
    • Need to Know 9/28/12
      Need to Know 9/28/12
      Season 2012 - Episode 09.28.12
      Need to Know reports on the ground in Virginia to determine whether women's issues will play a role in which presidential candidate takes this swing state in November. Anchor Jeff Greenfield interviews Elaine Kamarck of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and in this week'?s essay, Greenfield offers an analysis of how the abortion debate has had an impact on previous presidential elections.moreless
    • What's at Stake: PBS Election 2012
      What's at Stake: PBS Election 2012
      Season 2012 - Episode 11.02.12
      What'?s at Stake reviews top campaign issues and considers how the outcome of the election could impact voters'? lives. What'?s at Stake leads viewers through issues at the center of this year'?s campaigns: jobs and tax policy, entitlements and debt, healthcare, and foreign policy. Frontline, PBS Newshour, Need to Know and Washington Week in Review contribute their special reporting and analysis.moreless
    • Need to Know 10/26/2012
      Need to Know 10/26/2012
      Season 2012 - Episode 10.26.12
      Controversial changes to election rules in the battleground state of Florida- will they root out voter fraud or keep legitimate voters from the polls? James Carter, the man behind the infamous '?47'²%'? video, and other amateur opposition researchers who are harnessing the power of the internet to upend campaigns. Comedian Dean Obeidallah on one group of voters that no one seems to be courting.moreless
    • Need to Know 10/05/12
      Need to Know 10/05/12
      Season 2012 - Episode 10.05.12
      Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has stated he plans to let expire a wind energy tax credit put in place by Obama. That threat has frozen the wind industry in its tracks '? forcing industry layoffs across the country, including in Pueblo. The layoffs have compounded an unemployment rate of 11%, already the highest in Colorado.moreless
    • Need to Know 10/19/2012
      Need to Know 10/19/2012
      Season 2012 - Episode 10.19.12
      In a special edition of Need to Know, anchor Maria Hinojosa travels to the critical swing state of Florida where one in seven registered voters is Hispanic. The show will examine how both presidential campaigns are courting the Hispanic vote and how those voters are receiving the candidates'? messages.
    • Need to Know 8/10/12
      Need to Know 8/10/12
      Season 2012 - Episode 08.10.12
      Need to Know reports from the Pacific Island nation of Palau about its effort to hold the world'?s leading industrial powers legally responsible for the environmental damage their greenhouse gas emissions are causing.
    • Need to Know 8/3/12
      Need to Know 8/3/12
      Season 2012 - Episode 08.03.12
      Need to Know reports on Chicago'?s crumbling infrastructure and Mayor Rahm Emanuel'?s controversial plan to fix it by partnering with private businesses in lieu of raising taxes.
    • Need to Know 8/17/12
      Season 2012 - Episode 08.17.12
      On this week'?s episode, we report on the nation'?s high obesity and diabetes rates, which are disproportionately impacting children in low-income communities.
    • Need to Know 9/7/12
      Need to Know 9/7/12
      Season 2012 - Episode 09.07.12
      "Reporting from Charlotte, the site of the Democratic National Convention, anchor Jeff Greenfield looks at the first 100 days of a possible Mitt Romney presidency or a second term for President Barack Obama.
    • Need to Know 8/31/12
      Need to Know 8/31/12
      Season 2012 - Episode 08.31.12
      "Will Democrats be able to persuade the white, middle-class votes they need to win in Ohio in November? Will Obama\'s economic policy help or hurt him this election cycle? Need to Know reports from Tampa on how the Democrats are faring so far this election season.
    • Need to Know 8/24/12
      Season 2012 - Episode 08.24.12
      "Need to Know airs a special edition from Tampa, the site of the GOP national convention. Host Jeff Greenfield will report on Republican efforts to carry Ohio, a state deemed critical to their chances of winning the national election.
    • Fri., Feb. 18, 2011
      Fri., Feb. 18, 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.17.11
      Physicist Brian Greene explains the science behind the theory of multiple universes. We provide an update to our previous reports on fracking. Alison Stewart speaks with Michael Wahid Hanna to discuss what may come of Egypt's new political structure. Producer Mona Iskander provides a personal essay on her experience watching the Egypt protests unfold.moreless
    • Fri., Feb. 25, 2011
      Fri., Feb. 25, 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.25.11
      We go to Norfolk, Virginia, where climate change is causing flooding. Then we look at an investigation into millions of dollars in incentive bonuses that may have been wrongly paid out to members of the California National Guard. And: This week, four Americans were killed by Somali pirates. We reprise an excerpt of "The Trouble with Pirates," which explores the root causes of Somali piracy.moreless
    • Fri., Feb. 4, 2011
      Fri., Feb. 4, 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.04.11
      Amid the upheaval in Egypt, we turn our attention to the political tension between Egypt and the U.S. Also, the defunct "death panel" provision, a new scan for Alzheimer's, and "Reagan."
    • Fri., Jan. 13, 2011
      Fri., Jan. 13, 2011
      Season 2012 - Episode 01.13.12
      Need to Know explores how the Republican candidates' opposition to gay marriage will affect the outcome of the nomination fight and the general election.
    • Fri., Jan. 14, 2011
      Fri., Jan. 14, 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.14.11
      In the wake of the Arizona shooting, we revisit a story on gun rights and examine current laws. Also: two Haitian children treated in Boston after the earthquake, a look at high-speed rail and CNN's Peter Bergen on al Qaeda.
    • Fri., Feb. 11, 2011
      Fri., Feb. 11, 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 02.11.11
      As the nation debates how to get the best performance out of students and teachers, Need to Know presents an hour devoted to success stories in teaching.
    • Fri., Dec. 9, 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 12.09.11
      How can we make Congress work? Need to Know host Jeff Greenfield moderates a bipartisan panel discussing various proposals to get our government working again.
    • Fri., Dec. 17, 2010
      Fri., Dec. 17, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.17.10
      Jon Meacham reflects on the legacy of Richard Holbrooke. A look at the state of U.S. foreign policy and some big ideas to fix America. Plus: comedian Amy Sedaris, and sage advice from Peter Sagal.
    • Fri., Dec. 2, 2011
      Fri., Dec. 2, 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 12.02.11
      Need to Know revisits northern Ohio for an updated look at how many Americans with jobs are struggling to make ends meet because of the difficult economy.
    • Fri., Dec. 23, 2011
      Fri., Dec. 23, 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 12.23.11
      Need to Know shines a light on the precarious state of Christian-Muslim relations in Iraq. Host Ray Suarez also speaks with Anthony Shadid of the New York Times, and Jon Meacham gives an "American Voices" essay.
    • Fri., Dec. 24, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.21.10
      This week on our holiday edition of Need to Know, we feature some of our favorite interviews with artists, journalists and scholars from the past year, as well an essay from editorial cartoonist Steve Brodner.
    • Fri., Dec. 30, 2011
      Fri., Dec. 30, 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 12.30.11
      Need to Know homes in on Iowa, where the all-important presidential caucuses will take place to set the stage for the 2012 campaigns ahead.
    • Fri., Jan. 20, 2011
      Fri., Jan. 20, 2011
      Season 2012 - Episode 01.20.12
      On the eve of the South Carolina primary, Need to Know looks at how African-Americans have become a permanent political minority within the state. Jeff Greenfield hosts.
    • Fri., Jan. 21, 2011
      Fri., Jan. 21, 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.21.11
      This week, we visit with parents struggling to maintain care for their developmentally disabled adult children in the face of budget cuts. Plus: where are Michael Vick's dogs now? And: the Amy Chua phenomenon.
    • Fri., Jan. 28, 2011
      Fri., Jan. 28, 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.28.11
      How will seniors get around in our car-happy suburbs? Also: the State of the Union and the state of the Congo. Plus: an animated editorial by Steve Brodner.
    • Fri., Nov. 11, 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 11.11.11
      For Veteran's Day, Need to Know dedicates the entire half-hour to the difficulties troops face once they return. Sebastian Junger proposes a way to help veterans who struggle with the painful memories of civilian deaths. And essayist Marcos Villatoro profiles a housekeeper whose son is fighting in Iraq.
    • Fri., Nov. 18, 2011
      Fri., Nov. 18, 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 11.18.11
      Need to Know shines a light on the debate over the Pentagon's budget, exploring whether the $700 billion defense budget can be cut and, if so, how and by how much.
    • Fri., Nov. 19, 2010
      Fri., Nov. 19, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 11.19.10
      We continue last weeks story on Somali pirates. Rick Karr explores the governments contradictory messages on nutrition. The U.S. military collects biometric data from Afghan citizens. Alison Stewart speaks with religious scholar Reza Aslan about the Middle East. Steve Brodner returns with an illustrated review of Sarah Palins new reality TV show.moreless
    • Fri., Nov. 25, 2011
      Fri., Nov. 25, 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 11.25.11
      Scott Simon hosts this week's edition of Need to Know, which explores the nation's struggle with immigration reform through the through the lens of Alabama's controversial new law.
    • Fri., Nov. 26, 2010
      Fri., Nov. 26, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 11.23.10
      On this special Thanksgiving Edition of Need to Know, we bring you some of our best coverage on soldiers fighting in Afghanistan and some of the ongoing troubles they face even after they return home.
    • Fri., Need to Know, April 8
      Fri., Need to Know, April 8
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.08.11
      Need to Know visits the island of Hispaniola, where the Dominican Republican is beginning to deport Haitians who fled across the border after last year's earthquake. We look at the life of an Israeli-Palestinian actor and social activist who was killed this week. We also examine Republican proposals for changes to Medicare and Medicaid, and Jon Meacham looks at the legacy of the Bay of Pigs.moreless
    • Fri., March 4, 2011
      Fri., March 4, 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.04.11
      How are university sports programs affecting the classroom? Also: The international community's responsibility in the Middle East, and legislators' controversial tactics in Wisconsin and Indiana.
    • Fri., Jan. 6, 2011
      Fri., Jan. 6, 2011
      Season 2012 - Episode 01.06.12
      On the eve of the New Hampshire primary, Need to Know visits Nashua. The poverty rate in New Hampshire is the lowest in the nation and the unemployment rate is the fourth lowest. But Need to Know also discovered many people drowning in debt, unable to pay back their student loans or to pay their medical debt.moreless
    • Fri., Jan. 7, 2011
      Fri., Jan. 7, 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 01.07.10
      Need to Know investigates the potential overuse of powerful antipsychotic medication on foster children. We also tell the story of a Sudanese "Lost Boy" who returned to Sudan. And we talk to three more "big thinkers" on how to "fix" America. Plus: Barbara Strauch on the "grown-up" brain and Peter Sagal's advice for making it big in children's publishing.moreless
    • Fri., March 11, 2011
      Fri., March 11, 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.11.11
      We look at the ongoing conflict between public unions and state governments: Are public unions responsible for states' budget problems? Also: A growing number of medical professionals are questioning how blood transfusions are used in the U.S. Plus: Editorial illustrator Steve Brodner conducts an "illustrated interview" with author Eduardo Porter about income inequality in America.moreless
    • Fri., March 18, 2011
      Fri., March 18, 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.18.11
      The devastating earthquake in Japan has prompted fears of a nuclear crisis as the country desperately tries to curb the damage. This week, Need to Know provides an update on Japan's unfolding tragedy. We also reprise some of the best segments from our hour-long special on education, which aired earlier this year.moreless
    • Fri., March 25, 2011
      Fri., March 25, 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 03.25.11
      On this episode of Need To Know three possible breakthroughs in breast cancer treatment are discussed. Also a group of U.S soldiers are interviewed whose lives were unfortunately changed by a rocket attack in Baghdad. There is also an interview with the activist Leymah Gbowee who has worked in Liberia to bring down the regime of Charles Taylor. The episode also contains an interview with the Education Secretary Arne Duncan who discusses the Obama administrations attempts to revise the No Child Left Behind act.moreless
    • Fri., Dec. 16, 2011
      Fri., Dec. 16, 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 12.16.11
      Big cities are facing growing pressure to balance budgets while still keeping necessary services. Need to Know explores the challenges that face these cities and solutions for revitalizing them. Maria Hinojosa hosts.
    • Fri., Dec. 10, 2010
      Fri., Dec. 10, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.10.10
      This week on Need to Know: A look at coal mine safety. The U.S. ranks low in a global education study. A social innovator outsources "microwork" to developing countries. Jon Meacham analyzes the tax cut deal. And director Julie Taymor on the Spiderman musical and her new adaptation of Shakespeare's "The Tempest."moreless
    • Fri, Dec. 3, 2010
      Fri, Dec. 3, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 12.03.10
      This week on Need to Know, we examine the recent flare-up between North and South Korea. We also revisit the question of nuclear waste storage. Then, we profile the young men of the "Fort Dix Five" who were sentenced to life for plotting to kill U.S. soldiers. And Jon Meacham speaks with author Gary Shteyngart about his novel, "Super Sad True Love Story."moreless
    • Fri, Jul 2, 2010
      Fri, Jul 2, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 07.02.10
      The TED conference and female viagra.
    • Fri, Jul 23, 2010
      Fri, Jul 23, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 07.23.10
      Shirley Sherrod & debate on Afghanistan
    • Fri, Jul 30, 2010
      Fri, Jul 30, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 07.30.10
      Wikileaks and discrimination in the USDA
    • Fri, June 18, 2010
      Fri, June 18, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 06.18.10
      Music star K'Naan and health in the Gulf
    • Fri, Aug 6, 2010
      Fri, Aug 6, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 08.06.10
      The Last Outpost, drawing life in a war zone
    • Fri, Aug 27, 2010
      Fri, Aug 27, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 08.27.10
      Fracking and Harry Shearer
    • Fri, Aug 13, 2010
      Fri, Aug 13, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 08.13.10
      Chicago violence and Carl Hiassen
    • Fri, Aug 20, 2010
      Fri, Aug 20, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 08.20.10
      The Park 51 Mosque and Gary Shteyngart
    • Fri, Nov. 5, 2010
      Fri, Nov. 5, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 11.05.10
      Need to Know follows up on the recent cargo bomb plot with an in-depth update on Yemen and interview with expert Christopher Boucek. We also preview an upcoming "Nature" documentary on marshes in Iraq. Jon Meacham sits down with New Yorker reporter George Packer to discuss the dysfunction of the U.S. Senate, and Steve Brodner returns with another editorial cartoon.moreless
    • Fri, Oct 15, 2010
      Fri, Oct 15, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 10.15.10
      Has a program intended by Congress to help native Alaskans delivered on its promise? In cooperation with the Washington Post, Need to Know examines whether a plan to promote the welfare of the disadvantaged and disenfranchised has instead enriched non-native executives and shortchanged taxpayers.
    • Fri, Oct 8, 2010
      Fri, Oct 8, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 10.08.10
      This week Need to Know profiles different faces of unemployment. And In between each segment, Jon Meacham and Alison Stewart are joined by Clinton administration labor secretary Robert Reich, and Sara Horowitz, founder and CEO of the Freelancers Union, who provide perspective, suggestions and potential solutions to the jobless crisis.
    • Fri. Sept 10, 2010
      Fri. Sept 10, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 09.10.10
      Rebuilding Ground Zero and Alex Gibney
    • Fri., April 1, 2011
      Fri., April 1, 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.01.11
      On this episode of Need to Know Jon Meacham talks about Barack Obama's failure to ask for congressional authorization for American military involvement in Libya. He says that President Obama created a military campaign without following American laws. Also discussed in this episode is how struggling cities can survive the current financial crisis and provide for their residents.moreless
    • Fri., April 15, 2011
      Fri., April 15, 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.21.11
      One year after the BP oil spill, we revisit families and business owners affected by the crisis and talk to experts about the spill's impact on the environment and energy policy. Plus: A follow-up to our "Fixing America" series on how to fix American education. And Jon Meacham calls for the repeal of the provision in the Constitution that allows only native-born Americans to run for president.moreless
    • Fri., April 22, 2011
      Fri., April 22, 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.22.11
      Need to Know teams up with ProPublica to examine the harmful effects of tainted drywall manufactured in China. We also look at a controversial plan in Detroit to "right-size" the city for easier management by paying residents to move out. And Jon Meacham examines a recent controversy over a pastor's remarks questioning the existence of hell.moreless
    • Fri., April 29. 2011
      Fri., April 29. 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 04.29.11
      Why haven't any of the executives behind the financial crisis been prosecuted? We talk to New York Times columnist Joe Nocera and business reporter Louise Story. Tavis Smiley talks about his new book "Fail Up." We visit a music school in Chicago that provides free lessons to fill the gap left by budget cuts. And Jon Meacham discusses transparency in corporate political spending.moreless
    • Fri. Nov 12, 2010
      Fri. Nov 12, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 11.12.10
      A special international edition: the Burmese government's nuclear ambitions, an abduction by Somali pirates, and a discussion with author David Grossman on the Middle East. Plus: sage advice from Peter Sagal.
    • Fri. July 9, 2010
      Fri. July 9, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 07.09.10
      Veteran's courts and female bomb squads
    • Fri, Oct. 29, 2010
      Fri, Oct. 29, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 10.29.10
      Need to Know brings you a special hour-long report on the midterm elections. First, we investigate the nationwide fight over redistricting. Then we examine the flaws in electronic voting machines, a fight over global warming in California and the emergence of large numbers of women candidates this election cycle. Plus. Peter Sagal offers some advice to candidates.moreless
    • Fri, Sept 17, 2010
      Fri, Sept 17, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 09.17.10
      Afghanistan and the New York Highline
    • Fri, Sept 3, 2010
      Fri, Sept 3, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 09.03.10
      A new jobs program and Charlaine Harris
    • Fri, Sept. 24, 2010
      Fri, Sept. 24, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 09.24.10
      Nuclear waste and the problem of obesity
    • Fri. July 16, 2010
      Fri. July 16, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 07.16.10
      FDA hearings and the limits of Food-Aid
    • Fri., Nov. 4, 2011
      Fri., Nov. 4, 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 11.04.11
      On this month's edition of Help Wanted, our ongoing project featuring stories from America's jobs crisis, Need to Know travels from one coast to the other to highlight two statewide initiatives that have helped curb unemployment. We also launch our new series, American Voices, featuring essayists from diverse backgrounds with diverse points of view. Jeff Greenfield hosts.moreless
    • Fri., Oct. 14, 2011
      Fri., Oct. 14, 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 10.14.11
      Host Jeff Greenfield explores the Occupy Wall Street and tea party movements in a report that examines the politics of resentment throughout American history.
    • Fri., Oct. 21, 2011
      Fri., Oct. 21, 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 10.21.11
      Is nuclear power a safe, cost-effective alternative to our current energy sources, or do the risks outweigh the benefits? Maria Hinojosa hosts.
    • Egypt, Now
      Egypt, Now
      Season 2012 - Episode 02.23.12
      Egyptian-American Mona Iskander returns to Egypt where she was born and reports about how ordinary people including members of her own family are doing a year after Hosni Mubarak was swept from power.
    • Fri., Feb. 24, 2012
      Fri., Feb. 24, 2012
      Season 2012 - Episode 02.24.12
      Egyptian-American Mona Iskander returns to Egypt where she was born and reports about how ordinary people including members of her own family are doing a year after Hosni Mubarak was swept from power.
    • Fri., March 2, 2012
      Fri., March 2, 2012
      Season 2012 - Episode 03.02.12
      In an updated "Help Wanted" edition of Need to Know coinciding with the release of the nation's monthly unemployment report, correspondent John Larson reports from Ohio about whether recent economic gains have changed the fortunes of four people - with jobs - who suffered greatly during the great recession that began in 2008.moreless
    • Ohio 360: Part 3
      Ohio 360: Part 3
      Season 2012 - Episode 03.02.12
      In an updated Help Wanted edition of Need to Know coinciding with the release of the nation's monthly unemployment report, correspondent John Larson reports from Ohio about whether recent economic gains have changed the fortunes of four people with jobs who suffered greatly during the Great Recession that began in 2008.moreless
    • Fri., Feb. 17, 2012
      Fri., Feb. 17, 2012
      Season 2012 - Episode 02.17.12
      On this edition of Need to Know, we ask: Why are so many Americans on food stamps, and what does it say about the federal safety net and the state of poverty in America? Jeff Greenfield anchors.
    • Fri., Feb. 10, 2012
      Fri., Feb. 10, 2012
      Season 2012 - Episode 02.10.12
      Need to Know looks at the dilemma many students face: Skip college or rack up mountains of debt. Then we ask: Does going to college make you less religious?
    • Cleaning Up The Tax Mess
      Cleaning Up The Tax Mess
      Season 2012 - Episode 03.08.12
      How do we make our tax code simpler and fairer? And how do we produce more revenue without stifling job creation? This week, Need to Know's Ray Suarez hosts a panel of tax experts who debate how to fix the tax mess.
    • Fri., March 9, 2012
      Fri., March 9, 2012
      Season 2012 - Episode 03.09.12
      How do we make our tax code simpler and fairer? And how do we produce more revenue without stifling job creation? Ray Suarez hosts a panel of tax experts who debate how to fix the tax mess.
    • Fri., March 30, 2012
      Fri., March 30, 2012
      Season 2012 - Episode 03.30.12
      While its known for its high number of executions, Texas is taking the lead on an innovative treatment plan to keep former prisoners from committing new crimes. The goal is to build fewer prisons and, by some accounts, has already saved the state billions. Anchor Jeff Greenfield interviews Adam Gelb of the Pew Center on the States about how lawmakers in other states are embracing prison reform.moreless
    • Friday, March 23, 2012: Coming home
      Friday, March 23, 2012: Coming home
      Season 2012 - Episode 03.23.12
      Maria Hinojosa updates her report about military veterans who have difficulty finding work and, in some cases, have become homeless after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. In an essay, Dr. Todd Baker, who ran an emergency room in a military hospital in Baghdad, offers ideas about how to care for returning vets.moreless
    • Fri., March 16, 2012
      Fri., March 16, 2012
      Season 2012 - Episode 03.16.12
      Scott Simon returns to Baltimore to see how the chronically unemployed are faring, and a Vietnamese-American essayist discusses bridging the racial divide in Philadelphia.
    • Fri. Feb. 3, 2012
      Fri. Feb. 3, 2012
      Season 2012 - Episode 02.03.12
      "Need to Know" visits Nevada on the eve of the Republican presidential caucuses and reports on the state's enduring foreclosure problem. Nevada has had the nation's highest foreclosure rate for more than four years. The show interviews the state's attorney general and examines why federal programs designed to alleviate the problem haven't had greater impact.moreless
    • Help Wanted: Revisiting Ohio
      Help Wanted: Revisiting Ohio
      Season 2011 - Episode 12.02.11
      Need to Know revisits Cuyahoga County in northern Ohio for an in-depth look at America's jobs crisis.
    • Need to Know Premiere
      Need to Know Premiere
      Season 2010 - Episode 05.05.10
      PBS's TV and Web news magazine show fills you in all of America's hot-button topics. In this first episode, Bill Clinton tells you what he thinks you need to know, as does Michael Bloomberg.
    • Need to Know, June 18, 2010
      Need to Know, June 18, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 06.18.10
      Music star K'Naan and health in the Gulf
    • Help Wanted: New Hampshire
      Help Wanted: New Hampshire
      Season 2012 - Episode 01.06.12
      On the eve of the New Hampshire primary, Need to Know visits Nashua. The poverty rate in New Hampshire is the lowest in the nation and the unemployment rate is the fourth lowest. But Need to Know also discovered many people drowning in debt, unable to pay back their student loans or to pay their medical debt.moreless
    • Fri., September 16, 2011
      Fri., September 16, 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 09.16.11
      NPR's Scott Simon guest hosts the first episode of NTK's new format. We look at how cities are privatizing infrastructure to make ends meet, and former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman discusses shrinking state budgets.
    • Fri., Oct. 28, 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 10.28.11
      We travel to a town in Indiana to see how NAFTA, the most controversial trade deal in recent U.S. history, continues to impact communities today. Ray Suarez hosts.
    • Fri., Oct. 7, 2011
      Fri., Oct. 7, 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 10.07.11
      Need to Know launches its new series dedicated to exploring America's jobs crisis. They look at job insecurity in Ohio, and author David Simon discusses chronic unemployment with young men on "the corner." Scott Simon hosts.
    • Fri., Sept. 23, 2011
      Fri., Sept. 23, 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 09.23.1
      Need to Know visits a town in Michigan for a first-hand look at the challenges faced in creating a new economy for "green jobs." Also: The changing nature of the American garage sale. Maria Hinojosa hosts.
    • Fri., Sept. 30, 2011
      Fri., Sept. 30, 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 09.30.11
      Need to Know visits a small town in upstate New York that has been plagued by chemical pollution and disease, and FreedomWorks' Matt Kibbe discusses the EPA. Ray Suarez hosts.
    • Fri., Sept. 9, 2011
      Fri., Sept. 9, 2011
      Season 2011 - Episode 09.09.11
      A special edition on the ten-year anniversary of 9/11. We visit three military families to see how the nation's longest war effort has affected military children. Also: Six-word memoirs on 9/11, and an "In Perspective" essay from Jon Meacham.
    • Thu, June 11, 2010
      Thu, June 11, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 06.10.10
      "Heart of Jenin" and Charlaine Harris
    • Thu, June 4, 2010
      Thu, June 4, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 06.03.10
      The Gulf Oil Spill and renewable energy
    • Thu, May 21, 2010
      Thu, May 21, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 05.21.10
      Mexico's drug war, pot clinics
    • Thu, May 28, 2010
      Thu, May 28, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 05.27.10
      Money laundering and Sandra Day O'Connor
    • Thu. May 14, 2010
      Thu. May 14, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 05.13.10
      The war in Afghanistan and school textbooks.
    • Thu. May 6, 2010
      Thu. May 6, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 05.06.10
      Featuring Bill Clinton and Michael Bloomberg
    • Wed. Oct 22, 2010
      Wed. Oct 22, 2010
      Season 2010 - Episode 10.27.10
      The foreclosure crisis and Peter Sagal
    • Fri., Jan. 27, 2012
      Fri., Jan. 27, 2012
      Season 2012 - Episode 01.27.12
      As the GOP presidential candidates head to Florida, anchor Jeff Greenfield looks at the political power of the state's large senior population. That's especially relevant this year with talk of Social Security and Medicare reform - reforms that are strongly opposed by many senior groups. It poses a problem for candidates promoting entitlement reform that would reduce the national debt.moreless
    • Need to Know 11/2/2012
      Need to Know 11/2/2012
      Season 2012 - Episode 11.02.12
      It'?s not your average '?Main Street'? town. Dubuque'?s been called '?Little Rome'? because it boasts such a strong Catholic population, that the town is considered a barometer for the Catholic vote nationwide. John Larson reports from Dubuque, Iowa '? a town in a swing state worth 6 electoral votes in the road to the White House.moreless