Negima! Magister Negi Magi

Wednesday 12:00 AM on TV Tokyo Premiered Jan 06, 2005 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Asinus in Cathedra
      Introduces Negi Springfield as the new 10-year old homeroom teacher of Mahoraba Campus class 2-A (equivalent of 8th grade) which consists of all girls. Negi must teach as part of his magus training.
    • Omne initium est difficile
      Class 2-A throws Negi a welcome party. Asuna asks Negi to work some mind reading on Takahata-sensei with embarrassing results. Negi also needs a place to stay, but what if it's in Asuna's all-girl dorm room??
    • Amantes, amentes
      Amantes, amentes
      Episode 3
      To make up for all his recent screw ups, Negi makes Asuna the potion to get Takahata-sensei to fall in love with her. But when Asuna turns it around and uses it on Negi, the campus suddenly has the most popular teacher around.
    • Nullus est instar domus
      Asuna and some of the other gals fail one of Negi's quizzes and have to retake it until they pass. Later on Asuna gives Negi a bath (like a little kid), when her classmates arrive. As Asuna and Negi hide, the other girls debate over who gets to keep Negi. They decide on a contest where whoever has the bust size wins.

      Will Negi have a new room to stay? Perhaps, but when Negi tries some magic, something goes wrong.moreless
    • Fama volat
      Fama volat
      Episode 5
      A weasel-like creature visits the Mahora campus and it turns out to be an ermine spirit named Chamo. Negi gets a mail from his sister, who asks if Negi has met someone yet for a potential partner. Chamo relates the story of how magi work best when they have a partner to support them. A classmate overhears Negi pondering this and thinks he is looking for a girlfriend. And of course the whole class learns about this. Then Chamo tries to set up Negi with Nodoka to be Negi’s first partner, but in order for the partnership to work, the kids have to kiss!moreless
    • A fronte praecipitium a tergo lupi
      A series of recent vampire attacks have Negi and the students on alert. When the vampire turns out to be the student Evangeline, Negi has his hands full as he tries to chase her down with some magic spells. But Evangeline has magic of her own, and with her robotic super-assistant Chachamaru, Negi finds himself in some real trouble.moreless
    • Fallaces sunt rerum species
      Negi learns some wilderness survival skills thanks to his student Nagase Kaede. He gets his courage back and when he returns to the school. Chamo has Asuna form a compact with Negi, and they tail Chachamaru to see what she is plotting, but not everything is what it seems.
    • Omnes una manet nox
      Evangeline sets up a school-wide power outage that frees her magic powers for the evening. She challenges Negi to another magic battle. Will Negi survive Evangeline at full power or will he have to give up his blood?
    • Te capium, cunicule sceleste!
      Negi needs to deliver a message to a student, who's been doing some other covert training at the school. Negi looks lost, and meets up with the Narutaki twins, who are part of a walking club. The twins take Negi all over Mahoraba campus, visiting every other site except the student's place. Eventually he meets up with the student.moreless
    • Ubi concordia, ibi victoria
      During recess, Negi's class gets bullied by some high school girls, who want to claim their volleyball court. Negi tries to calm down the groups but the high school girls find that Negi's so cute they want to keep him. The classes end up playing dodgeball where the winner takes all including Negi!moreless
    • Cum tacent clamant
      Cum tacent clamant
      Episode 11
      Negi gets a School PC and class 2-A ponders ways to use the PC from microwaves to other frivolous things. This makes class member Hasegawa Chisame unhappy that her class is full of weirdos. Chisame, however, is secretly a savvy PC user, and has a popular webpage where she becomes Chu, the top Net Idol, dressing in costumes and posting touched-up pictures. With Class 2-A's webpage starting to become popular, Chisame gets more desperate; it becomes a competition just trying to keep up!moreless
    • Aut disce aut discede
      It's three days to finals, and Negi's job is on the line if his class ranks the lowest in the exams. Negi ponders using magic but Asuna talks him out of it and Negi decides to seal away his magic for the three days. The Baka Rangers (i.e. the other class dunces) decide to explore Library Island to find a magic book. They bring Negi and Asuna along on this multi-episode adventure.moreless
    • Tamdiu discendum est, quamdiu vivas
      Negi, Asuna, and the Baka Rangers attempt to secure the magic book and escape Library Island. But will they be able to find the book, and make it to their exam on time? And will they get enough smarts to score well and keep Negi employed?
    • Amicitiae nostrae memoriam spero sempiternam fore
      Konoka goes shopping with Negi and rumors quickly fly that they are on a DATE!! The class president sends the cheerleaders out on a spying mission. Will Negi be caught in an embarrassing situation?
    • Amicus certus in re incerta cernitur
      As summer break continues, the relatively wealthy class president Ayaka is excited to receive a visit from Negi. But it turns out the entire class is coming along as well, and they party it up. Then things as usual get out of control.
    • Amor tussisque non celantur
      Class 2-A sets up a "test of courage" where Negi has to go to the old campus elementary school at night and tie a ribbon around the science room skeleton. But, it's really a "Love-Love Kiss Event" for the girls as they compete (five teams of two) to find Negi. Whoever kisses him first wins.moreless
    • Nihil difficile amanti
      Yue helps Nodoka out by setting up a date with Negi-sensei to the local amusement park.

    • Amor ordinem nescit
      Asuna attempts to bake a cake for Takahata-sensei. Negi has an opportunity to respond to Honya's love confession. Now it's Asuna's turn to confess; can she do it?
    • Verba volant, scriptamanent
      Introduces the student, Aisaka Sayo. No one has been able to see her, since she's been a ghost for around 60 years. This episode covers her story. Evangeline and Negi do notice her and make her feel welcome to the class.
    • Nisi credideritis, non intelligetis
      Class 2-A goes to Kyoto for their field trip. Set-chan acts suspicious. In secret, she's been Konoka's bodyguard, since Konoka has some latent powerful magic abilities. Konoka is kidnapped by the Hogun Group. Negi, Asuna, and Set-chan go on a rescue mission to save her.
    • Nil desperandum!
      Nil desperandum!
      Episode 21
      Konoka is kidnapped again. Setsuna, Asuna, and Negi go after them but Amagasaki Chigusa summons some demons. Negi's students, namely Ku Fei, Nagase Kaede, and Tatsumiya Mana, arrive in time to help them out. Sensing the battle is lost, Chigusa taps into Konoka's latent magical powers and summons a large demon Ryômen Sukuna-no-Kami. Overwhelmed and tired out, Asuna and Negi might be at the end of their rope, but get some help from a former rival.moreless
    • Difficile est tristi fingere mente jocum
      Negi, Evangeline, and the Rangers report to the school administrators on what happened on the trip. In order to protect his students better, Negi asks Evangeline to teach him magic. Things are somewhat back to normal. Asuna works double-shifts, while Konoka hangs out with Setsuna. Asuna prepares herself to confess her love to Takahata-sensei, but sees the nurse is involved. Asuna returns to the dorms depressed, but physically, she's been coughing, and feeling dizzier.moreless
    • Memento mori
      Memento mori
      Episode 23
      Asuna's condition is getting worse. The class arranges a party for her birthday.
    • Et arma et verba vulnerant
      The days following a significant event from last week's episode, Negi asks the class to focus on an upcoming festival project. The class agrees to do a musical. Negi searches for a way to bring his student back.
    • Mors certa, hora incerta.
      The science gals help Negi out by using a time machine activated by Negi's magic, which transports Negi back a bunch of years, but also grabs the entire class along for the ride. Negi meets a young girl who is traveling with a man who looks very familiar!
    • Non mihi, non tibi, sed nobis
      Negi's class team up to defeat the demons and convince young Asuna to reach out for help when she needs it.
    • Negima! Spring OVA
      Negima! Spring OVA
      Episode 27
      Negi embarasses Asuna yet again but this time she refuses to forgive him. Meanwhile Ayaka invites Negi to a private island but ends up having the class coming along as well. What sort of trouble will Class 3-A get themselves into now and will Asuna ever forgive Negi?
    • Negima!? Summer OVA
      Yue casts a spell on Nodoka in order to find out who Nodoka's red thread of fate is tied to, but the thread literally ties Nodoka and Negi together. Now they are invited to Ayaka's resort spa before it opens. What sort of problems will Negi and Nodoka, as well as the rest of Class 3-A encounter now?moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 3