Negima! Magister Negi Magi - Season 3

Wednesday 12:00 AM on TV Tokyo Premiered Jan 06, 2005 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • There's A Bastard Who Gets All Happy With Secrets, Then Reveals Them, And It Really Pisses Me Off.
    The identity of the Black Rose Baron has been revealed, and it’s none other than Negi’s sister – Nekane! Questions abound and inquiring minds want to know what’s behind her puzzling alter ego.
  • Natsumi, Family Will Always Be The Home Run King Of Bonds.
    A gorgeous new arrival is discovered lounging “au natural” in the locker room! This pretty face is the hot topic on everyone’s minds – at least until the mysterious Boingy-Boingy attacks again.
  • Oh-Ho, So That's How A Probationary Contract Card Is Used.
    After the shocking revelation that Eva is a ruthless vampire, she begins an assault on Mahora Academy. What does she want? Blood, of course! Her flavor of choice? None other than Negi himself!
  • Another World Episode 2
    negi and chachemaru have survived the forced transmission spell and are in a jungle however they have to locate the rest of the ala alba team before they have to go back home, they set off in pursuit of the nearest, chisame. meanwhile chisame is attacked by a giant frog with 4 eyes. negi and chachemaru show up just in time to save her. they manage to meet up with kontaru. negi fights with him and afterwards kontaru reveals that negi had a magic fever and so had to use up the magic that was in him to cure itmoreless
  • Another World Episode 1
    Negi and the Ala Alba have finally reached England, but unfortunately their fellow classmates are also there and caught up with them almost immediately. They visit some sites in Wales which were of significance in Negi's childhood and met up with Negi's cousin, Nekane. Negi pays a visit to the villagers of his old village that are still petrified. Next morning, Negi and the Ala Alba proceed onto the the gateport that will lead them to the Magic World but once again their classmates follow them but this time an old foe is also there at the Gateport.moreless
  • Ala Alba Episode 3
    Ala Alba Episode 3
    Episode 3
    Negi, Anya and the rest of the Ala Alba make their final preparations before they head to Wales. As they do, they recall some of the events that happened to them and the rest of their fellow classmates from Class 3-A during the first part of their summer vacation.
  • Ala Alba Episode 2
    Ala Alba Episode 2
    Episode 2
    The Negima Club heads to the beach to take a break from their magic training but unfortunately for them, a few of their fellow classmates from 3-A have decided to crash their vacation. But they aren't the only uninvited guests in their trip.
  • Ala Alba Episode 1
    Ala Alba Episode 1
    Episode 1
    With the events of Mahora Festival over, Negi finds out that his father is still alive and that he would most likely be able to find him at Mundus Magicus (Magic World). But Negi feels that he may not be able to return once he sets out on this journey, but Asuna sets up a new school club with the intention of finding Negi's father and bringing him back safely. With Asuna's fellow cIassmates left out of the club, honorary club advisor Evangeline gives them the chance to join in, but at the cost of a member's spot in the club! Will the Negima Club be able to survive Eva's test?moreless