Negima! Magister Negi Magi

Season 2 Episode 9

You hide the 'heart' with a 'sword' and read it as ninja. It is a little different than how you write 'serious' and read it as '

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Nov 29, 2006 on TV Tokyo
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Episode Summary

Negi and his partners go camping to train in magic and to prepare for new threats.

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    Rina Satou

    Rina Satou

    Negi Springfield

    Luci Christian

    Luci Christian

    Asuna Kagurazaka (#8)

    Akemi Kanda

    Akemi Kanda

    Kagurazaka Asuna (#8)

    Monica Rial

    Monica Rial

    Konoka Konoe (#13)

    Ai Nonaka

    Ai Nonaka

    Konoe Konoka (#13)

    Cherami Leigh

    Cherami Leigh

    Setsuna Sakurazaki (#15)

    Norihiro Inoue

    Norihiro Inoue

    Takamichi T. Takahata

    Recurring Role

    Mahito Tsujimura

    Mahito Tsujimura

    Konoe Konoemon

    Recurring Role

    R Bruce Elliott

    R Bruce Elliott

    Dean Konoe

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (11)

      • The first episode title: "Looks like it's camping" is signed by Motsu.

        The second part of the first episode title: "Why?" is signed by Shichimi.

        The second episode title (the actual one) is signed by Kaede.

      • Kaede makes a pactio with Negi giving Negi his 7th pactio partner.

      • The science human body statue behind Asuna only has half a moustache.

      • There is a science human body with a small afro on it's head standing behind Asuna. After Asuna mentions her stupid idea about chapacabra signed t-shirts you can see his Afrom is ten times bigger than it was before.

      • Konoka is wearing the Chupa team leader's outfit instead of Asuna this time.

      • The first portion of the episode matches with Negima graphic novel volume 8 (Chapter 66).

      • At the beginning of the episode, the two snowmen resemble the ones in Super Mario 64 (N64 edition).

      • Number of forks on table
        When Ayaka goes to reach for a fork she notices there are quite a few of them. If you pause the video and count them yourself you can see that there are 19 forks on table next to her and on the other side are 6 knives.

      • Around the end of the episode when all of Negi's partners come into the room, Shimichi is seen bouncing up and down and doing stupid things on Kaede's head. While Motsu was the dinner that Asuna was trying to cook.

      • Between the time of 19:52 to 20:48 Negi looks more like a teenager instead of a ten year old.

      • Instant glasses
        Around 20 minutes into the episode, when Konoka wakes Negi up and takes him to the kitchen he's not wearing his glasses, and while he and Konoka are talking he's never seen putting on his glasses. After Konoka smiles at him, he is seen with his glasses on.

    • QUOTES (3)

      • Negi: How's it going? Catching anything?
        Nodoka: Ah, Negi-sensei!
        Chamo: It's useless, we can't catch anything!
        Konoka: Did it not occur to Asuna... to buy some fish?
        (Fumika, Fuka and Setsuna nods their heads)
        Asuna: If we fish, we can avoid using money, and it'll be all-you-can-eat!
        Setsuna: But that's if we can catch anything...
        (Fumika, Fuka and Konoka nods their heads)
        Asuna: (angrily) I'm gonna catch something! Just you watch, I'll catch it with a bang!
        (Asuna swings around the fishing pole) Bang, bang, boom boom, boooooom, bang! (Asuna casts the pole with her thermos on the hook) NOOOOOOO! MY THERMOS!!
        Chamo: Looks like we're gonna starve for the night!

      • Chamo: What are you doin', Ane-san?
        (Asuna shows a Chupacabra T-shirt)
        Asuna: And I'm done! Whaddya think? Let's give these Chupacabra-signed T-shirts as premiums to members! We should've gone with this instead! With this we'll be reeling in sales!
        Konoka: Without a doubt?
        Setsuna: Obviously with a doubt!
        Chamo: And anyway, that's your handwriting, not a chupacabra's!
        Asuna: It's~ o~kay! If we don't tell, they won't know!
        Nodoka: That signature... isn't "chu." but "cha." you know.
        (Asuna is shocked and rips the T-shirt in half)

      • Negi: Wait! Wait...father...
        (Negi wakes up squeezing something)
        Asuna: Negi, you freaking retard! (blushes) You drifted off and slept in my bed again! Isn't your futon bed on the floor?! (gets up and pulls back covers angrily)
        Negi: I-I'm so sorry, Asuna-san!..Huh? (Negi wonders what he was really squeezing) Then, what's this? (pulls back covers to find his hand squeezing the life out of Motsu).
        Motsu: My insides are gonna come out!
        Narrator: Seems like it!

    • NOTES (1)

      • Opening Song Credits:
        The opening theme for this episode is "1000% SPARKING" and was sung by Rina Satou (Negi Springfield), Akemi Kanda (Asuna Kagurazaka), Ai Nonaka (Konoka Konoe) and Yu Kobayashi (Setsuna Sakurazaki). The animation remains the same from the previous episode.

        Closing Song Credits:
        The ending theme for this episode is "A-LY-YA" and was sung by Ryoko Shiraishi (Kaede Nagase), Kimiko Koyama (Fuka Narutaki) and Mari Kanou (Fumika Narutaki).

        This animation ends with Motsu wearing a black jacket and having yellow hair and holding up a sign of a clenched gloved fist when he reaches the Negima circle.

        Under the circle, a chibi version of Asuna is dancing with maracas while a chibi version of Konoka is playing the tambourine and a chibi version of Setsuna playing the triangle.

        The background color of this animation is red.

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • When Ayaka opened the Gachapon that contained Motsu, it suddenly opened with the sound effect quite similar to the sound used in the series, Pokemon (when a Pokemon springs out of its Poke Ball).