Neighbors from Hell

Season 1 Episode 5

Family from Hell

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 05, 2010 on TBS

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  • Sweet, huggable Blathy gets badass.

    Blathy is nervous to see Tina's mean parents.

    they give the kids a plants he's alergic to, Tina's mom nags her about doing EVERTHING wrong. which leads her to join a band with the dog-rapist nextdoor.

    Daddy-in-law is nice to Blathy but it's all a horrible trick, embrassing him infront of Killborne.

    Pazuzu doesn't get to see Lady Gaga. Uncle whatever has a unicorn tattoo and is sick with worry when he hears the in-laws' plan.

    so, at a TGI-Xmas, Blathy is pushed enough that he beats up his Dad-in-law and Tina fights with her mother- FINALLY! the kids are there, but the daughter is texting and doesn't notice.

    Satan collects the in-laws, Killborne is impressed again and Tina& Blathy make-out in a publlic place...again.