Neighbors from Hell

TBS (ended 2010)


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  • Utterly painful, dismal and hopeless... kind of like hell! Heh. Heh. :[

    Wow, I saw this on Adult Swim the other night... and boy was I disappointed to have the time slot taken up by such a pile. So let's go and evaluate this...The plot setup, well it isn't exactly creative or new, but that doesn't mean it couldn't work out. The big problem, is that it doesn't. The jokes are embarrassing, lame and very poorly executed; instead of smoothly working through the script, all the gags stick out like a sore thumb. I half-expect a laugh track to be blasting off every 40 seconds. It's pretty much like they rounded up all the worst writers from places like Nickelodeon or Disney Channel, and then asked them to make a cartoon for adults. It feels like a lot of the jokes only a 10 year old would laugh at, yet they use crude 'adult' humor (read: POTTY JOKES GALORE!) Didn't really get the neighbor lady; I next to never get worked up over crude humor but the concept of a character that just about revolves around bestiality is a little strange, hard to take a lot of at once and would be bound to get stale quickly. The art is pretty bad. It's not awful but it in no way draws me in; it looks very generic. I'm not asking for a lot in terms of animation, but if you're gonna make a cartoon, it has to be visually appealing to some extent. Overall, this is probably gonna stay sucky. I might give it another chance in a few episodes to check for any shred of hope, but yeah... I'm not counting on it.