Neighbors from Hell

TBS (ended 2010)


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  • The best animated show of the summer (in my opinion), this adult-oriented cartoon has everything you could ever ask for in a sitcom: laughs, good characters, and excellent plots.

    Being obsessed with adult-oriented cartoons such as Family Guy, the summer is the worst time of year for me, as no new episodes of those shows air during the summer. Neighbors From Hell turned my frown upside down. From its unique animation compared to other animated sitcoms, to the setting, to the humor, there really is no other show like it.

    Neighbors from Hell revolves around the Hellmans, who are sent from hell (the center of the earth) to the surface to prevent a massive drill from drilling to the center of the earth and possibly destroying hell.

    Neighbors from Hell has become one of my favorite animated sitcoms on television. This is one show definitely worth watching.