Season 3 Episode 89

Episode 489

Aired Weekdays 6:30 PM May 14, 1987 on Network Ten

Episode Recap

After Henry has been arrested, The police reveal that they belive it to be an inside job. Madge and Charlene go to try and prove Henry's innocence. They try and track down Sue Parker who he was with at the time. Sue tried to go to the police to give Henry his alibi but is stopped by Warren who would be in trouble if she tallked to the police.

Meanwhile, after Jeremy Lord trys to blackmail Paul, Paul not only throws him out of his office but out of the Lassiters hotel. Gail later gets angry at Paul for trying to defend her against her ex-husband.

In the Robinson Houshold, Jim puts his foot down and tells Lucy that she has to has to return from her trip. Scott and Jim go to the airport to pick her up but she has already left in a taxi. Lucy returns to Ramsay st but is in a bad mood because she was forced to come back. Jim sends her to her room.

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