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  • This show has gone downhill..

    I used to love this show and watch it every night. But now all the good actors have left and they've been replaced by horrible ones. The actors are absolutely horrible at acting. It looks so fake. Why would you put Fifi Box on there? What the hell.

    This show makes my skin crawl and it's such a shame because it used to be so great. It's time to get rid of Neighbours. It's the worst show now.
  • Carla Bonner

    Since she left Neighbours, what is Carla Bonner doing these days?
  • Paul Robinson has got to go!

    I have been watching Neighbours for about 20 years. But I am getting sick and tired of the

    character Paul Robinson & his scheming, conning and bullying. Surely he is past his use by

    date and until this character goes I will no longer be watching. Too much "same old, same old".
  • Pretty good...

    I did like it, I did watch it... Its a good series... but come on... its all the same... is it any different than Home and Away... its like... Someone is dating someone, someone dies, someone gets kidnapped, someone falls in love with their ex when they are with someone else, someone gets lost. A fair show... its ok for when Im bored... Neighbours follows the lives of the people living in Ramsay Street... ok... so we want to watch other people's lives get teared apart and somehow get back together again, good reason. But so what, I don't wanna sound mean... so... I did watch it, did enjoy it, liked the characters and story a bit... good show.
  • This show is set in Australia and is about the lives off a neighbourhood. It is fiction but it is directed do well that its feels like the show is real life. Watch it yourself and you will see what I meen!

    I choose a classifiction of absolutely fabulous simpily because it is. Neighbours is my life along with home and away. They are fake but yet so real. Once you start watching neighbours you just can't stop it is additive,in a good way. Thy way it is directed is incredible it makes you feel that the events happening in the episode are happening right beside you,it is vert belivible. The actors and actresses in it know just how to play the roll of the charecter they are playing and make it very belivible and realistic. Neighbours is a show that can get your itention very easily and I would reccommend it to anyone at anytime.
  • I love this show. It is so awesome.

    This show is the best. It makes you cry and be sad but it also makes you happy in some ways. It was a tragedy that Stingray died but the question is how he died? I was crying for about 3 days. Another tragedy is that Suesan has MS. But there is good parts about the show. Dan is with Sam and Fraiser is with Rosie. Little Kerry was born by Sky and Marco and Oliver are now getting along. This is a awesome show and everyone knows it is the best. I end by saying the only words that can describe this show "The best show ever made on Earth."
  • An amazing show which has truly captured the heart of a nation!

    So many reviews on this site view the show so negatively. But to contrast this, i argue that it is the success of this show which shows beyond doubt its long standing quality. The word popular can really tell us something about a show. This show (without doubt) is popular, and why is it popular? I intend to argue that it is the sheer quality that has braught this show to its extreme popular standing which it now holds in many nations. One only has to do a quick scan of a neighbours forum to see just how many and how extremely intent the viewers are. There are many intence forums which are both criticising and proving that this show is so great.
  • Much better than H and A!

    Where do I start? I guess I can't judge the early episodes, when you consider the fact that I was born during season nine, and didn't start watching till I was swept in by the 20th anniversary promos.I have seen only a very small amount of H and A but I much prefer the plotlines of Neighbours. It has much more action, and is on at a more convieneint (how do you spell that?) time. The recent Danceclub collapse was a good storyline, but not a particular favorite of mine. The only good that came out of it was that Jessica died (YIPPEE!). The plane crash was done ages and AGES ago, but I remember it as my current fav cliffhangar. So in closing, I will end with a mature statement: Neighbours Rules! Home and Away Drools!
    See Yas
  • An Aussie drama.

    It's a fair show that I watch on some weeknights. However, it doesn't have that addictive agent to attract more people and to hold on to viewers who are currently watching.

    I've said this about many shows, but it needs something. It needs something special.

    Well, this show is about the life and times of the residents of Ramsay Street in Melbourne, Australia. It has different plots that develop. A current one is Ned and Janae, with Kirsten trying to get them to break up. It's been going on for way too long.

    However, not all plots are bad. Some are good and those are the ones that make me want to watch.

    Please make an improvement to this show!
  • Actually heaps of people know that i watch this.

    Neighbors is definitely the only soap that i allow myself to watch. The show is quite dramatic and a lot of stuff happens in such short periods of time. But then again that is what a soap is. Neighbors is one of those shows that you get hooked to and i have been watching it for the past 3-5 years. The actors and actresses aren't spectacular but there have definitely been some pretty talented people come out of the show. Take Kylie Minogue for example. To all those soapie lovers out there choose Neighbors over Home & Away and you will not regret it.
  • Ramsey Street, Erinsborough, the setting of a suburban dream home, with friends and family never too far away

    I have only caught a few episodes of recent, as I am never home in time for it, but always read the tvtome site for updates, and plots, so personally I cannot wait for it to move channels to Channel 5 UK. It's a bit lower on the scale than Home and Away for me, but yet it is different. The show is more on the reality pathfinder, and has introduced lots of characters that will stick in mind, Madge, Harold, Stingray, Henry, the Timmins, Paul, etc., and maybe needs to bring back a few original characters to boost themselves. I for one would love to see Paul get his comeuppance, once Gail and Christina walk into his life again. I'm sure it will get better.
  • Neighbours - a great drama with tonnes of great characters!

    Neighbours tells the story of the residents of Ramsay Street, a road in a fictional suburb in Australia. It's a great drama, helped by the fact that it has a huge cast, meaning there are always a lot of different, varied storylines going on at the same time, so you'll never get bored with what's going on. The great hjing about the show is that it mixes drama with some light-hearted comedy every now again. The dramatic storylines are truly enthralling (like the fire in Lassiters), while the comical scenes can be quite amusing too (think of some the more recent eps!).

    Overall, it's a fantastic show, and definitely worth watching!
  • Neighbours rocks

    I have been watching Neighbours for as long as I can remember and it is the only soap I watch with any regularity.

    I love everything about it, the characters, the superficial and ludicrous plots and most of all the Australian sunniness it has.

    Ok, so it isn't as good as it was in the mid to late 1990s but that doesn't mean it is past its sell by date. The plots continue to be strange and as I previously said, superficial but that's what makes Neighbours good. If I wanted heavy and depresing storylines I would watch Eastenders.

    As long as Karl and Susan are in this show will be good.
  • The best thing about Neighbours is that is it is easy to watch.

    Many people grow up watching Neighbours and that is because it is suitable for everyone. The programme doesn’t resort to sinister and gritty storylines to pull in viewers. The darker storylines in the soap are contrasted with funny and often ridiculous ones. Unlike other soaps that seem to be one grim storyline after another, Neighbours does at least give the viewer a bit of light relief even if the subplot is rather cringe worthy. It might not have ground breaking storylines but the strength of the characters and the brightness of the Australian setting make it great to watch! Neighbours doesn’t pretend to be anything other than a easy viewing soap for all.
  • Friendships, relationships and contreversy is always present on Ramsey Street!

    This show has been on for years now which says a lot about how successful it is! It has turned out so many famous people from Kylie, Delta Goodrem, the head singer of The Rogue Traders, Donny Osmond..and so many more!

    The show follows a street full of people who all get along but in their small community there are always problems but it shows that 'good neighbours' are all you need to get through all lvies ups and downs because they will always be there emotionally for you!!

    The show also has a lot of gorgeous people which is a plus! I need to watch it daily and if I do miss it I have to ask everyone what happened so that I don't get behind!! Definately one of the best EVER tv programs!
  • Neighbours is a great show full of drama.

    Neighbors is a romantic drama filled show with love triangles hate and secrets that rip people and familys apart some medical proplems and medical secrets as well there are mean people and nice some create proplems on feelings and some dont some cheat and lie its just they way they are and thats what makes the show so good.
  • I grew up with this show and continue to love it, well I at least like it now. This would have been solid 10 but then 2006 started....

    This is to come across as a negative review, it shouldn\\\'t. Neighbours has produced 20 years of (mostly) wonderful television. Escapism of the perfect kind. The Kennedy\\\'s, Robinson\\\'s, Martins etc have kept millions tuned it. But then came the 21st year. Sensationalism took over and Neighbours lost what was at it\\\'s core, family and heart. The theme song \\\"everybody needs good Neighbours\\\" is no longer relevant as serial killers etc have desended changing this show for the worse.

    The number of deaths and departures in the past year has been over whelming. Of course this did start in 2005 with the infamous plane crash, but the story was shocking and the death of an entire family was truly moving.

    Now however I amk struggling to care. I hope the show picks up in 2007 as I fear I may be on the verge of giving up. So I give the show an 8.5, mostly out of respect for what it was and out of a knowledge of what it could be again.
  • The best show I've ever watched!

    I have been watching this show since the first episode aired (and I was only 8 years of age back than). I still can\'t miss any episodes or I will have missed out on a lot of information. Most shocking would be that I even got my husband hooked to it now ;-). I think the show has a really good storyline, always catchy, always interesting. They feel like my own neighbours at times. I laugh and I cry along with them, I jump up and down my seat when former neighbours return to Ramsay Street and I grieve about the loss or leaving of a neighbour.... that means I\'m a total neighbours addict doesn\'t it ;-)
  • Easily the best international soap out there!

    This is a guilty pleasure as one knows that to watch a soap is a complete waste of time. They are at times hilariously ridiculous and in no way improve IQ.

    None-the-less, once you have watched atleast two episodes of neighbours, you are hooked. A selection of rangey characters to suite any type of person with plot lines to match.

    One does feel slightly repulsed by a few of the story lines such as the recent cliche where there is an evil twin brother who assumes the identity of the good twin. These blindingly bad twists, however, aremade up for by the choice caliber of ladies.

    In and ideal world, the family would sit around a fire playing trivia board games, but one can't resist the lures of cheating wives, pregnant daughters, crashes, drug dealing nuns and evil tycoons.
  • Neighbours is just the best.

    I think that Neighbours is so good. It has good storylines and a good amount of comedy. It is just awesome. The characters are really good to. The only character i really don't like in the show is Lyn. The rest i think are good. My favourite family is the Timmins. I think that they are so funny.
  • omg i love neighbours its so dramatic i love all the characters...(well most) and i love janai although i think its all a bit far fetched getting marriaged and all.. though she used to go to my primary school!! and shes gorjezz

    I love neighbours I watch it practically every night.
    My mum says that you could miss it for a month and still catch onto it ...but I know she loves watching it too lol
    I think it is all a bit far fetched and very veryyy dramatic but I guess that’s what a soap opera is like and it certainly brings me in.
    My sister and I have watched neighbours since we were young and we still haven’t gotten bored of it :P:P. I really love neighbours and I hope it never goes off the air and I day want to meet all the characters.
    annie xoxoxo
  • Really good! one of my favourtites!

    Neighbours is a really good show, deffinatlyon my favs. list
    It is very realistic and very addictive
    There is a good mixture of romance, drammar, suspence, and alot more!
    the charactures are fun to watch, and I love the way they mix with reality, like for eg. when it is christmas here, or something like clean up Australia day, they will include it with the show. They don't go over the top with drammars, they keep it simple and realistic which is what i love. I also love how they have so many children. What is a show with out ittle kids? BORING.
    Also im loving the affair with Paul Robinsen and Lyn haha, that is classic and really funny!
    I ALSO really like the writers sence of humore i can really releate to it!
    Its also at a great time in Perth, 6:30 so i still have time to do other important things in the afternoon. ^_^
  • I would rather eat stake knives than have to sit through a half an hour episode of this terrible, terrible show!

    This show is horrible! I don't think I can find one person (who I respect) that likes this show! It is awful!

    The writing is either boring, cheesy or just plain soapy!
    At least soap shows like Passions are funny to watch - this one is just abysmal!

    The acting is absolutely awful! It just looks like the person who their speaking to's face is a script that they are reading for the first time!

    How this show has lasted for like a zillion episodes, I'll never know. I wish Australian TV would get some better funding and then maybe we could afford real television shows!
  • i just love neighbours eliza taylor cotter is so hot neighbours its way better than home and away

    i just love neighbours eliza taylor cotter is so hot neighbours its way better than home and away eliza taylor cotter makes the show i just love her i always watched neighbours i started to like it when i was only 2-3 years old my fave character all time are janae , anne , cody , nina , tahney , michelle , steph , libby , izzy and the people i hate are sky , lyn , dylan , bree , kim , boyd , summer , rachel , zeke , ned , elle , katya , nax ,
  • My daily dose of Australian drama!

    Neighbours is my favourite soap opera of all time. I watch it every single night, and I can't get over how entertaining the show is. Each week, there's a new story that I can get hooked on, or a shocking twist that could change the lives of any Neighbours character.

    There aren't many people who know I watch this show, but I want to reveal to the world how great it is. After reaching 20 years, the show keeps on getting better. The characters are so interesting, and the actors and actresses are some of the best Australia has to offer.

    I can't wait to see what else is coming up on the greatest soap opera in Australia!
  • This show keeps getting better and better!

    I never thought that I'd be in love with a soap opera as much as I'm in love with Neighbours. The show is just so realistic and so entertaining. It's been around for more than 20 years, and I think that's an amazing accomplishment.

    I only really got into the show in 2003, and every time I see it, it just keeps getting better and better. The characters are so interesting, and the storylines are very exciting (although sometimes a little farfetched). Each week there's a new twist and a new shock, and each week, I'm enthralled by the cool ideas that the writers come up with. I hope Neighbours continues to delight and inspire me.
  • Getting worse!!!

    I\\\'ve watched Neighbours since i was four (because of my mum) but it seems that it\\\'s got worse and worse. I only remember episodes from 2002 onwards but i think the older episodes were better than the ones on TV now, i mean the storylines were better (everything with Nina and Jack and the love quadrangle, Dee & Toadie\\\'s wedding and Dee\\\'s death), the characters were better (Nina, Jack, Michelle, Dee, Libby, Tahnee...) and i think they should bring some more of those older characters back to make it as good as it used to be.
  • This is one of those shows you love watching but won't admit it to anyone else.

    Like drama? Intrigue? Romance? Want to listen to people who have names like 'Stingray' and 'Toadfish' say things like "Spiggin' awesome!" and other nonsensical words that are supposed to sound like Australian slang? Then this is the show for you!

    Neighbours is Australia's longest running soapie, recently celebrating it's 5000 show. For years, Neighbours has been a daily institution throughout Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and 60 other countries. The show is an institution- showcasing some of Australia's best talent and spawning the careers of people like Kylie Minogue, Dani Minogue, Guy Pearce, Natalie Imbruglia and Delta Goodrem.

    Even though the scripts can be ridiculous and the actors barely acting, the only difference this show has from more popular dramas such as The O.C. and The Bold and the Beautiful is the wardrobe.
  • Excellent Australian TV Programme

    Title: Neighbours Original Run: March 18, 1985 – Present Genre: Serial, Soap Opera Original Network: The Seven Network Current Network: Network Ten, BBC One, TVNZ Cast: Stefan Dennis, Ian Smith, Tom Oliver, Carla Bonner

    Neighbours is one of the best Australian Serials broad casted on Network Ten in Australia, BBC One In The UK and TVNZ In New Zealand the series was originally conceived by The Seven Network in 1985 however it was canceled later that year after that Network Ten bought rights to continue the series and has screened it ever since Neighbours is a strong series always at its peak and introduces promising actors and singers: Kylie Minogue, Natalie Imbruglia, Delta Goodrem and Holly Valance.

    Neighbours is a weekday soap opera exploring the lives and relationships of the residents of Ramsay Street in Erinsborough. Now in its twentieth year of production, Neighbours is Australia's most successful television program, not to mention being a hit world-wide.

    Neighbours is shot in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Australia by Grundy Television and is shown in fifty-seven countries around the globe.

    Averaging around 120 million viewers daily, Neighbours has launched the successful careers of international stars such as: Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Guy Pearce, Natalie Imbruglia, Holly Valance and most recently, Delta Goodrem.(who has had the highest selling Australian album called innocent eyes and her latest album has gone five times platnium)

    Neighbours has already hit the 4000th episode mark and looks set to continue serving up the laughter, tears and drama that has taken the world by storm.
  • "You could not pay me to watch this tripe..."

    This show was once a great interresting and fun half hour of television. Now it is riddiculous. This show has totally fallen down with rubbish bizzare storylines and very attrocious acting. Since the introduction of the white trash family we have decided to make them the centre piece and let other better actors with better charatcers fade away. Watching while a girls mum sells her daughter out then at the end of that episode comes out with some dumb revelation about there being another bree. (i think thats her name?) In anycase it is riddiculous and incredibly low class. I think that this show insults my intelligence. You could not pay me to watch this tripe. Ther are lightbulbs that need to be eaten.
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