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Episode Guide

  • Episode 5605
    Episode 5605
    Episode 240
    It's the day of the head to head boat race organised by Mr Simpson to try and relieve some of the tension between Declan and Kyle. However when Kyle takes the competition too far, three residents end up going missing and Declan's left helpless. Where are Libby, Bridget and Zeke?
  • Episode 5604
    Episode 5604
    Episode 239
    Tensions are high between Declan and Kyle. Mr Simpson decides that the best way to stop the two boys from fighting is to set them a head to head challenge.
  • Episode 5603
    Episode 5603
    Episode 238
    Sam places an intervention on Susan, meaning she isn't allowed anywhere near her, including the office.
  • Episode 5602
    Episode 5602
    Episode 237
    Susan decides to go against Karl's warning and after witnessing Sam's inteference with Libby and Dan's Christmas plans, has a word with Sam.
  • Episode 5601
    Episode 5601
    Episode 236
    Toadie gets Steve to dress up as Santa to get Callum to believe, however when the plan backfires, Callum's furious.
  • Episode 5600
    Episode 5600
    Episode 235
    Paul wants to sabotage Rebecca and Andrew's developing relationship. Rebecca ends up inviting Andrew into her house.
  • Episode 5599
    Episode 5599
    Episode 234
    Donna decides that the best way to make Rachel and Ty's song a hit is to rope in some eye-candy and make a video. However when the video of the song is put on the internet, Rachel isn't happy.
  • Episode 5598
    Episode 5598
    Episode 233
    Carmella bids farewell to the street to go see Oliver in Portugal. Whilst Harold and Bridget make their return.
  • Episode 5597
    Episode 5597
    Episode 232
    Bridget unexpectedly bumps into Harold, after seeking refuge in a shelter. She tells him why she's decided to go travelling, whilst Harold tells her why he's run away, will either return to Ramsay Street?
  • Episode 5596
    Episode 5596
    Episode 231
    Sam sabotages Libby and Dan's romantic getaway. On the road, Bridget is befriended by a group of travellers, who end up stealing all of her belongings and stranding her in the middle of nowhere.
  • Episode 5595
    Episode 5595
    Episode 230
    Oliver sends an invitation to Carmella and Chloe to come see him in Portugal. Andrew hits on Rebecca. Bridget decides to set off on the road.
  • Episode 5594
    Episode 5594
    Episode 229
    Lou finds out about Harold's cancer and demands he gets the operation to get it removed. As the street turns on the Christmas lights, Harold manages to slip away to the campervan.
  • Episode 5593
    Episode 5593
    Episode 228
    Lucas wonders If he's done the right thing telling Sam when the wedding was, as she starts telling people her timing was pure coincidence. However when the wedding's called off by Libby, it makes his decision even harder.
  • Episode 5592
    Episode 5592
    Episode 227
    Sam turns up the day before the wedding carrying Dan's baby. Libby quickly loses it when she see's Dan feeling Sam's belly for baby kicks.
  • Episode 5591
    Episode 5591
    Episode 226
    It's Libby's big day, however an unexpected guest in the form of Sam has a big surprise with her which will change everything.
  • Episode 5590
    Episode 5590
    Episode 225
    Elle helps Carmella realise that her love with Oliver might not be over, finally realising she's over Oliver herself. She worries however if she wants to move on with Lucas.
  • Episode 5589
    Episode 5589
    Episode 224
    Donna sets up a protest for Bridget at school, making Mr Simpson angry. Rebecca handcuffs herself to him, making him calm down. Ty ends up becoming a reluctant toyboy to Tanya, following Rachel's suspicions.
  • Episode 5588
    Episode 5588
    Episode 223
    Before his welcome back barbeque, Harold visits Maggie's grave to try and find some advice as to what to do with the news he has cancer. At the barbeque Karl makes a very emotional speech.
  • Episode 5587
    Episode 5587
    Episode 222
    Susan prints a story in the paper in support of the Parkers, putting both Libby and Dan's careers on the line. Andrew knows that the undisclosed sources are Libby and Dan and suspends them both. Karl has some bad news for Harold.
  • Episode 5586
    Episode 5586
    Episode 221
    Bridget takes her expuslsion to the Erinsborough News, convinced that the real reason is that she's pregnant. Declan's worried about how being a dad could ruin his AFL career. Ty receives a harsh dressing down from manager Tanya after Rachel warns her off.
  • Episode 5585
    Episode 5585
    Episode 220
    Bridget's first day back at school is a nightmare as Justin Hunter's teasing becomes unbearable. Principal Andrew sees her push him over later and expels Bridget on the spot.
  • Episode 5584
    Episode 5584
    Episode 219
    Rachel covers for Ty when he becomes the main suspect in the painkiller theft. Ty convinces Karl he doesn't have a problem, however when Rachel sets up a meeting for Ty and a band manager, Ty's more concerned about his hands then anything else.
  • Episode 5583
    Episode 5583
    Episode 218
    Declan's back and tells Steve and Miranda that their grandchild will be in good hands. He tells Bridget that he'll never leave her again. Miranda wanting a child becomes apparent as she starts planning for the birth of Bridget's unborn child, scaring Bridget a little in the process.
  • Episode 5582
    Episode 5582
    Episode 217
    Donna has gone along to the abortion clinic with Bridget and to gain them some extra time for Declan to come and stop Bridget from going through with her abortion, she pretends to faint.
  • Episode 5581
    Episode 5581
    Episode 216
    Bridget decides that since Declan's on the run, she won't have the baby without him. It's up to their friends to reunite the pair before Bridget gets her and Declan's child aborted. Declan is shocked as his fatherly side comes out with a baby wombat.
  • Episode 5580
    Episode 5580
    Episode 215
    Bridget collapses over Declan's behaviour and after been rushed off to hospital, Steve and Miranda find out about her pregnancy. Ringo gives Donna a ring.
  • Episode 5579
    Episode 5579
    Episode 214
    Declan is chucked out of the Parker's house as his betrayal becomes public knowledge. He goes speeding off in his car.
  • Episode 5578
    Episode 5578
    Episode 213
    Libby turns up to her and Dan's engagement party in the same dress as Elle. Bridget finds out about Declan and the other girl.
  • Episode 5577
    Episode 5577
    Episode 212
    Zeke see's Declan with the football groupie, and Declan realises his mistake.
  • Episode 5576
    Episode 5576
    Episode 211
    Declan goes off the rails after finding out he's going to be a dad, he even ends up getting locked up overnight, then accepts a football groupie's proposition, after she throws herself at him.
  • Episode 5575
    Episode 5575
    Episode 210
    Bridget tells Rebecca about her pregnancy. Declan's AFL future becomes overshadowed as Bridget is convinced to tell him and her family.
  • Episode 5574
    Episode 5574
    Episode 209
    A desperate Elle tries to convince Bridget to get the medical attention that she needs, however she's finding pregnancy harder then what she thought. The Fitzgerald's restage their bike race.
  • Episode 5573
    Episode 5573
    Episode 208
    Elle walks in on the three girls crying over pregnancy tests, however finding out who the positive test belongs to becomes a difficult task.
  • Episode 5572
    Episode 5572
    Episode 207
    Zeke suspects Rachel might be pregnant when he finds unused birth control pills in the bin. The girls are shocked when they take a pregnancy test and one of them really is pregnant!
  • Episode 5571
    Episode 5571
    Episode 206
    Dan calls it a day on his and Libby's engagement, after a fight between Libby and Elle reveals some home truths. The teens become parents to life-like babies.
  • Episode 5570
    Episode 5570
    Episode 205
    Libby threatens to cancel the wedding if Dan doesn't tell Lucas he can't be best man, Dan then tells Libby he knows she's slept with Lucas.
  • Episode 5569
    Episode 5569
    Episode 204
    Donna talks Rachel into following Ty when he starts acting suspiciously. When they find him meeting a mystery woman, they wonder if he's having an affair.
  • Episode 5568
    Episode 5568
    Episode 203
    Ringo and Zeke's ute gets impounded. Susan is furious with the way that the boys spent all their money. Elle saves Lucas from Jason and later at the hospital, sparks start to fly between the pair, Dan drops a bombshell which dampens the pairs blossoming romance.
  • Episode 5567
    Episode 5567
    Episode 202
    Jason the dodgy car dealer who threatened Elle's life, tells her that if she goes to the police, he won't be held responsible for what happens to her and her family. She tells Lucas and when the pair take things into their own hands, they end up stuck somewhere.
  • Episode 5566
    Episode 5566
    Episode 201
    Elle's new car plunges off the road and Lucas saves her, he sets off to prove that she bought a dodgy car. Zeke and Ringo start saving for a ute they want to impress the girls.
  • Episode 5565
    Episode 5565
    Episode 200
    Libby feels dismayed and confused as Dan pulls out of their plans of moving in together. However he has something bigger on the agenda, which should certainly cheer her up.
  • Episode 5564
    Episode 5564
    Episode 199
    Ringo pulls away from Donna when they get intimate, saying he wants her first time to be more special. Donna sees this as being rejected and once she finds out about Ringo's past romantic history with Carmella, she verbally attacks them both in public.
  • Episode 5563
    Episode 5563
    Episode 198
    The girls have a night in to escape from the boys but they soon realise that all they have to talk about is the boys. During the night Donna realises that she's pushed Ringo away and sets off to find him.
  • Episode 5562
    Episode 5562
    Episode 197
    Declan and Ringo go head to head to try and impress the AFL scout at the final game of the season.
  • Episode 5561
    Episode 5561
    Episode 196
    Steph makes Toadie realise he's made a mistake with Callum and he sets off to collect him from his Aunt's house. However his aunt won't allow him to leave, as much as Callum wants to.
  • Episode 5560
    Episode 5560
    Episode 195
    Rachel writes a saucy note to Ty, but he doesn't appreciate the gesture.
  • Episode 5559
    Episode 5559
    Episode 194
    Callum starts acting out over Nicola's breakdown and after further doubts are put into Toadie's mind by teacher Kelly, he decides to let Human Services take him away.
  • Episode 5558
    Episode 5558
    Episode 193
    Nicola cracks and convinces herself she's Miranda. Miranda doesn't know whether or not to believe her sister.
  • Episode 5557
    Episode 5557
    Episode 192
    Now Bridget has found the contaminated food container, and with her husband close to death, Miranda forces Nicola to confess. Both Callum and Toadie turn their backs on her, as she's taken away by the Police.
  • Episode 5556
    Episode 5556
    Episode 191
    Miranda sets a trap for Nicola and finds evidence to convict her further, however her evil plans haven't quite finished yet.
  • Episode 5555
    Episode 5555
    Episode 190
    Steve goes missing after complaining about stomach pains, leaving Nicola worried. She becomes more worried than she was expecting and loses her grip on reality, thinking she's killed him.
  • Episode 5554
    Episode 5554
    Episode 189
    Ringo's picked to lead the team in the football final. Steve starts to battle an illness he doesn't know he has, unaware of Nicola's evil plan. Ty gets hurt in the football game.
  • Episode 5553
    Episode 5553
    Episode 188
    Elle helps the cheerleaders prepare for the game. Nicola's plans begin to unravel, as Steve sets up an appointment with an amnesia specialist. She decides she has to get rid of him, so cooks up a special lasagne.
  • Episode 5552
    Episode 5552
    Episode 187
    Nicola is sedated after lashing out at Steve. Miranda decides to help her sister instead of listening to Steve who's now aware that Nicola's faking her amnesia. She is brought home to recover, annoying both Bridget and Steve. Rachel tells Ty she needs them to take things slow, and decides to bury the ring Angus gave her. Elle gives Donna advice about Ringo, and then makes a move on Lucas. After Donna tells Elle that her Dad has left, she says she doesn't have to go through it by herself, but moving in may not be the kind of support Elle was offering.moreless
  • Episode 5551
    Episode 5551
    Episode 186
    Declan advises Ty on what to do with the damaged ring that Angus gave Rachel and try as he may to hide it, he ends up giving her it back, with some choice words expressed at the same time. Bridget then advises Rachel to leave Angus in the past and see that Ty is there in front of her. Australian band The Veronicas are performing at Charlie's so Rachel bravely invites Ty along, Ty however rejects her invitation, leaving Rachel to go with Bridget and Declan. As Ty arrives the pair share their first kiss outside of Charlie's. Steve, who is now also convinced that Nicola is faking her amnesia, visits her in hospital and tells her he thinks it'd be best for her to go move in with her mum, Nicola relays the story to Miranda, however twists it to make it look like Steve threatened her. Steve now knows she's faking it and tells Miranda the truth. Miranda doesn't know what to believe. Steve decides the only way to prove she's lying is to hit on Nicola, but as Nicola succumbs to him, will Miranda believe him or her sister?moreless
  • Episode 5550
    Episode 5550
    Episode 185
    Bridget is convinced Nicola is faking it, so decides to tell her everything about her past. Later Steve sees her mask suddenly slip and begins to believe his daughters theory may be correct. Dan asks Libby to join him on holiday, however Libby is torn between Dan and Steph, after the hearing comes through about Jay Duncan, leaving Steph distraught. However Steph doesn't want to get in Libby and Dan's way, so decides to go stay with her mum for a while, leaving the pair able to slip away. Carmella finds out that Rosie and Frazer have named their baby Marco. When Ringo helps out a upset Carmella, she questions his feelings, he however insists he's no longer got a schoolboy crush.moreless
  • Episode 5549
    Episode 5549
    Episode 184
    Nicola wakes up from her coma, however only recognises Miranda. Karl diagnoses her with post traumatic amnesia. Bridget, however, becomes skeptical thinking that she's just faking it. To try and make up for his disastrous attempt at proving he's over Lucas and Libby, Dan tries to make it up to Libby by buying one of Lucas' photos of her. Libby loves the present, however when Lucas finds out Dan bought it, he offers him double what he paid to have it back.moreless
  • Episode 5548
    Episode 5548
    Episode 183
    Dan comes clean about his feelings about Libby previously being in a relationship with Lucas. After a conversation with Toadie, he decides to put his hang-ups behind him. Donna tries to cover up her fathers tracks and lashes out at anyone who tries to help her, however Rebecca manages to make a connection. Bridget tries to help Rachel find the ring that Angus gave her, but Ty finds it and worries about Rachel's reaction, since it's been damaged.moreless
  • Episode 5547
    Episode 5547
    Episode 182
    Lucas tries to stop photos of him and Libby when they were together from being displayed at an art exhibition, before Libby and Dan arrive. Dan ends up fighting with his brother, as the pair arrive ahead of Lucas. Libby wonders if she can endure primitive brother rivalry for much longer. Ty and Rachel become closer, performing at the art exhibition, however Ty feels rejected when Rachel pulls away to try and find the ring Angus had given her. After Donna's further confession of her father's involvement in making her lie, she watches alongside Ringo, as Matt gets arrested. Donna begins ignoring Ringo, realising that her father having to do a runner to avoid jail is his fault.moreless
  • Episode 5546
    Episode 5546
    Episode 181
    When Donna decides to confess at the police station, her credibility is questioned, as her dad tells everyone she's making the story up for attention. Later Matt tells Donna that the only reason he lied was out of love and after seeking support from Ringo, ends up rejecting him and dumping him. Later she sees that Ringo is being bullied by Matt, so she finally comes clean to the police, with both herself and Matt now in trouble. Libby has to take her car to the garage, meaning she has to deal with Lucas - Dan trys to be cool about it, but finds it hard and begins trying to avoid intimacy with Libby. One resolution is found out of this situation, as over an uncomfortable Kennedy dinner, Dan helps Karl overcome his problem.moreless
  • Episode 5545
    Episode 5545
    Episode 180
    As Sergeant Freedman has a word with Ringo about keeping quiet over the hit and run accident, however as much as Lucas and Matt try to keep it under wraps, Elle catches wind of a scoop. After confronting Lucas, she finds herself helping him out rather then coming away with a story, she realises how much damage the accident has done to the family and since Lucas and Ringo can't get through to Donna, Elle gives it a go. After which Donna decides to come clean to the police, however stumbles as her father appears. Rachel has to stand in as back-in vocalist for the bands first performance as Sienna can hardly breathe for nerves. After Logan comes on to Sienna, she quits the band. Logan's convinced the only reason Ty wants Rachel to take her place is that he still fancies her, but he convinces him otherwise, Rachel overhears the conversation and after confronting Ty, hears the truth in front of the rest of the band and reconsiders her options.moreless
  • Episode 5544
    Episode 5544
    Episode 179
    Donna still refuses to come clean about being the driver of the car in the hit and run accident. Carmella who oversaw Ringo's spat with Donna the other day asks him about what's going on, he decides to give Donna an ultimatum - she admits to the truth, or he'll tell everyone. After some more guilt-ridden denial, Ringo manages to convince her to come clean to her Dad. Matt decides that being a good dad is more important then his job and keeps it quiet, however he struggles to keep Lucas silent. Ty is touched when he realises that Rachel has been giving Sienna singing lessons, Rachel's happy to have helped but still wants to be in the band.moreless
  • Episode 5543
    Episode 5543
    Episode 178
    Donna's managed to cover her tracks over the accident that occured when she stole her Dad's car. However she learns that Nicola was a victim of a hit-and-run accident and realises that Bronte wasn't her only victim. Ringo tries to convince her confessing is the right thing to do, but the pair end up arguing. Steve begins to worry that his argument with Nicola is to blame for her dissapearance. Rebecca organises a date with Matt to make Paul jealous. Libby's first day of running a senior school comes with some hitches, quickly resolved with the help of Dan and Steph.moreless
  • Episode 5542
    Episode 5542
    Episode 177
    After Steve tells Nicola to get a grip or leave, she opts for the second option. On the road she finds Bronte injured, however Donna hits Nicola speeding in her Dad's cop car and after realising she's hit something thinks that it's Bronte and not Nicola. She calls Ringo to come and help her with the injured dog. Steve pulls away from intimate moments with Miranda after the guilt over Nicola's dissapearance hits him. Mickey tries to blackmail Bridget again, when Bridget gets to the bottom of why he's doing it, she realises he just wants company.moreless
  • Episode 5541
    Episode 5541
    Episode 176
    Donna's Dad catches Ringo making out with her in the back of his cop car, and makes Ringo walk home with nothing on but his boxers. After Matt barges in on Donna apologising to Ringo, Susan try's to explain that Donna doesn't need a boyfriend right now. Ringo then try's explaining this to Donna, who takes it as a rejection and sets off in her Dad's cop car again. Nicola gets the all clear from her HIV test, however when Steve comes over to help celebrate, she can't help but stare, he notices and tells her to leave town or move on.moreless
  • Episode 5540
    Episode 5540
    Episode 175
    Bridget and Declan's relationship heats up, however a blackmailer threatens to blow them apart. Donna convinces Ringo to go on a joy ride, in her dad's cop car.
  • Episode 5539
    Episode 5539
    Episode 174
    Declan thinks Bridget might be about to dump him, as she sends him a text telling him not to pick her up from the airport when she returns from Sydney.
  • Episode 5538
    Episode 5538
    Episode 173
    Pete allows Steve to take the place of Elle, as the hostage situation remains unresolved. Miranda and Nicola help Steve to overcome his foe, and Pete is taken into custody.
  • Episode 5537
    Episode 5537
    Episode 172
    Pete Ferguson kidnaps Elle and Susan and holds Paul to ransom - either his article gets published the next day or he'll pay the price.
  • Episode 5536
    Episode 5536
    Episode 171
    Dan and Libby's first official date is perfect, however Dan can't stop thinking about Lucas and isn't sure if Libby's thinking about him as well.
  • Episode 5535
    Episode 5535
    Episode 170
    Libby and Dan's rivalry intensifies, as they compete for the same job. Dan gets distracted by an upcoming football match, so Libby is more prepared for the interview. However after an unexpected cry for help from Zeke, Libby is late and Dan ends up getting the job. Dan finds out what happened, and gives up the job for Libby. Libby resents his apparent charity, so asks him about it, however the passion of the moment is to much for the pair.moreless
  • Episode 5534
    Episode 5534
    Episode 169
    Ringo's encouragement helps Carmella get over her grief over Marco. Rebecca questions how close they're getting, Carmella thinks Ringo must still have romantic feelings for her and pushes him away. Later, she realises she may of read too much into the situation and shows him how friendship can go both ways.moreless
  • Episode 5533
    Episode 5533
    Episode 168
    Ty decides he will audition for a female singer for his band, but makes a biased decision on Rachel's behalf, when everyone else thinks Sienna's better, Ty falls victim to his own plan and hurts Rachel in the process.
  • Episode 5532
    Episode 5532
    Episode 167
    Callum finds Mickey again and convinces him to return to Ramsay Street, however Mickey's convinced he'll just be sent back to Perth again. Callum decides to tell Toadie where they are, even though he knows he's betraying Mickey. Once returned to the street, a compromise is made, whereby Mickey will be sent back to his parents, but Lou will accompany him and help Ned and Kirsten decide what's best for him.moreless
  • Episode 5531
    Episode 5531
    Episode 166
    Mickey is still missing and Callum is called in by the police over his absence. Miranda decides to make up with Nicola, whilst trying to organise search parties. Callum decides to go looking by himself and finds him, with the others following suit. However a near miss leaves the boys alone again.moreless
  • Episode 5530
    Episode 5530
    Episode 165
    The Parkers' find out some shocking news about Ned's son Mickey. Libby thinks Dan is trying to sabotage her campaign for a new job at the school, when he's really just trying to win her back.
  • Episode 5529
    Episode 5529
    Episode 164
    Toadie catches on to Nicola hiding something. Carmella doesn't realise how she's putting Chloe in danger, with her sleepless nights.
  • Episode 5528
    Episode 5528
    Episode 163
    Donna decides to help out Rachel in her friendship crisis, by roping in Hamish and Andy. Libby learns the truth behind Dan's injury and is shocked.
  • Episode 5527
    Episode 5527
    Episode 162
    Nicola's secret causes a rift between the Kennedy's, as she tries to speed her diagnosis along.
  • Episode 5526
    Episode 5526
    Episode 161
    Toadie struggles with a parenting issue. Josh manipulates Bridget and Declan's relationship further. A face from Nicola's past brings dire consequences.
  • Episode 5525
    Episode 5525
    Episode 160
    Josh plays a trick on Declan, which makes him lie to Bridget. Paul tempts Susan into entering a new career path. Steve and Miranda start to find it harder to act like nothing's wrong.
  • Episode 5524
    Episode 5524
    Episode 159
    Rachel believes that her stalker is Ty, because of his behaviour. Lucas refuses to give up on Libby. Karl decides to help out Nicola, not realising what implications it could have later for his marriage.
  • Episode 5523
    Episode 5523
    Episode 158
    Rachel gets scared by a mysterious stalker. Lucas plays hard to get to try and win Libby back. Ringo reverts to old habits, forcing Carmella to take action. Josh won't leave Bridget alone, but in the process ends up hurt, seeing her with Declan.
  • Episode 5522
    Episode 5522
    Episode 157
    Rachel's love life gets even more complicated, when she try's to move on from her affair with Angus. Libby try's to move on as well, but feels held back by Dan and Lucas.
  • Episode 5521
    Episode 5521
    Episode 156
    Libby's romantic interests become a matter of life and death. The Parkers decide to fake a reunion for Bridget. Declan and Bridget take their relationship to the next level.
  • Episode 5520
    Episode 5520
    Episode 155
    Rachel has a hard decision to make. Libby see's Dan in a different light and decides not to back down. Steve and Miranda try and set their marriage crisis aside for Bridget.
  • Episode 5519
    Episode 5519
    Episode 154
    Libby warns Dan not to take his jealousy out on the Kennedy's. Angus thinks he can stand proud because of Rachel's tainted article. The Parkers are still trying to put on a front for Bridget.
  • Episode 5518
    Episode 5518
    Episode 153
    In order to pay the bills, Angus thinks Rachel should sell their story to a newspaper. Libby discovers Dan and Lucas are brothers, walking in on them fighting. Declan goes to get Bridget's name tattooed on himself, but faints before the artist gets chance to start.
  • Episode 5517
    Episode 5517
    Episode 152
    Angus receives help from an unexpected source, Rachel struggles juggling home life with Angus and schoolwork. Libby skips work to spend a day with Lucas and ends up facing her fear of motorbikes. Toadie is a sympathetic ear for Dan who talks about his relationship with his brother.
  • Episode 5516
    Episode 5516
    Episode 151
    Toadie advises Dan on how to impress Libby. Rachel moves in with Angus, Carmella's house is left trashed after Declan's party.
  • Episode 5515
    Episode 5515
    Episode 150
    Libby's new lover shocks Dan. Miranda and Steve decide to try and find a way forward for Bridget's sake. Oliver makes a huge sacrifice on Carmella's part. Declan's 18th birthday party gets out of hand.
  • Episode 5514
    Episode 5514
    Episode 149
    Steve makes a mistake that could end his marriage. Angus leaves suddenly and Rachel wonders whether or not she can forgive him. Dan moves on from Sam.
  • Episode 5513
    Episode 5513
    Episode 148
    Angus makes a public commitment to Rachel. Declan receives a birthday present, that he'll never forget from Bridget. Oliver and Carmella reveal what their real feelings are and Miranda decides to hold out for Steve.
  • Episode 5512
    Episode 5512
    Episode 147
    Susan and Karl's marriage comes under pressure because of Rachel's affair with Angus. Oliver falls for Carmella's charms. Declan feels threatened by Josh, when he starts talking to Bridget. Toadie and Callum try and cheer Steve up.
  • Episode 5511
    Episode 5511
    Episode 146
    Declan feels the need to show how much Bridget means to him as he's feeling insecure about Josh, Rachel tells Angus she'll stand by him, and Miranda can't get her family to trust her again.
  • Episode 5510
    Episode 5510
    Episode 145
    Oliver can't bear to see Carmella not coping, Angus adjusts to life outside of prison again, and Bridget's ex comes back to the Street.
  • Episode 5509
    Episode 5509
    Episode 144
    The Parkers are all set to leave the Street and Rachel wonders if her dream romance with Angus will ever amount to anything.
  • Episode 5508
    Episode 5508
    Episode 143
    Libby is told to follow 'the rules' set by Steph and then she can no longer resist, and Miranda has a secret to share with Steve.
  • Episode 5507
    Episode 5507
    Episode 142
    Nicola is backed into a hole and tries to save her skin at the cost of others, and Bridget holds onto to Declan as everything else breaks down around her.
  • Episode 5506
    Episode 5506
    Episode 141
    Nicola finally comes clean about what's been going on, Ned is unsure what to do when Paul offers to help, and Libby takes revenge on Lucas.
  • Episode 5505
    Episode 5505
    Episode 140
    The Parkers are on the brink of exploding as things catch up with Ned and Nicola, and Susan bites her tongue with regards to her feelings towards Angus.
  • Episode 5504
    Episode 5504
    Episode 139
    Rebecca remembers why her and Paul split up in the first place, Rachel goes to see Angus, and Nicola can't lie her way out of her latest situation.
  • Episode 5503
    Episode 5503
    Episode 138
    Rebecca and Miranda vow never to keep secrets from their loved ones, Dan has to put up with Libby's new way of life, and Rachel has a decision to make.
  • Episode 5502
    Episode 5502
    Episode 137
    Libby and Steph are both struggling with relationships and Libby's attempts to move on don't help Steph, Rachel reads Angus' letter, and Toadie's break up becomes hot gossip.
  • Episode 5501
    Episode 5501
    Episode 136
    Libby comes to the decision that hanging around for Dan is not the best option, when Angus' presence comes back Rachel can't be stopped by those closest to her, and Toadie is ready for the next phase in his life without Steph.
  • Episode 5500
    Episode 5500
    Episode 135
    The last thing Steph expects is for the man who attacked her to be in the same hospital but she has more serious problems to deal with first, Donna may go behind Rachel's back, and Zeke's secret is let out of the bag.
  • Episode 5499
    Episode 5499
    Episode 134
    Will Jay go all the way and end Steph's life? Elsewhere Susan discovers something about Harold and his lover, and Oliver's secret is out.
  • Episode 5498
    Episode 5498
    Episode 133
    Toadie begins to wonder whether he can save Steph, Zeke gets more than he bargained for from Bridget, and Kirsten's friendship with Paul is bugging Ned.
  • Episode 5497
    Episode 5497
    Episode 132
    Steph has no way to escape the clutches of Jay, Rebecca tells Bridget there's no rush to stop being a kid, and Toadie still can't locate Steph.
  • Episode 5496
    Episode 5496
    Episode 131
    After learning where Steph is, it's up to Toadie and Nicola to save the day, and Declan and Bridget kiss which sparks trouble.
  • Episode 5495
    Episode 5495
    Episode 130
    Dan wants to make Donna see sense and so he asks Rachel if she will aid him in doing so, Harold spills the beans on his secret lover, and Steph places herself in jeopardy.
  • Episode 5494
    Episode 5494
    Episode 129
    Elle feels let down by Oliver so turns all her attention to her job, Toadie gets the answer he was looking for, and Libby isn't happy with Dan who wants to look after Donna.
  • Episode 5493
    Episode 5493
    Episode 128
    Paul takes the case of finding out the firestarter public in the hope it will bring new leads, Declan and Bridget show they can act like adults, and Oliver lets something slip he wishes he hadn't.
  • Episode 5492
    Episode 5492
    Episode 127
    Carmella and Oliver nearly become close once again, Bridget and Declan are cruelly torn apart, and Steph finds out more about Jay's lifestyle.
  • Episode 5491
    Episode 5491
    Episode 126
    Paul comes clean to Toadie about his guilty feelings, Steph tells Toadie her thoughts on Callum, and Carmella tries to come to terms with her loss.
  • Episode 5490
    Episode 5490
    Episode 125
    With the prime suspect no longer in the picture, Paul is the next in line for questioning, and Lou makes things difficult for Harold.
  • Episode 5489
    Episode 5489
    Episode 124
    Ramsey Street suffers its first loss in the aftermath of the fire, and Declan and Bridget take their love one step further.
  • Episode 5488
    Episode 5488
    Episode 123
    After proposing to Carmella, Marco has to pursuade her to say yes, Ned comes out with his feelings for Kirsten, and Toadie and Nicole bond.
  • Episode 5487
    Episode 5487
    Episode 122
    As the fire is now over the search for survivors is on and with the news that it may have been deliberate, theories are abound as to who started it.
  • Episode 5486
    Episode 5486
    Episode 121
    With a fire setting in, the residents are stuck on the wrong side, Marco even more so than the others.
  • Episode 5485
    Episode 5485
    Episode 120
    Steph is unsure how she feels about Toadie, Donna causes problems with her peers, and Marco has an important question for Carmella.
  • Episode 5484
    Episode 5484
    Episode 119
    Paul is back on top as he pulls a fast one, Rachel worries when Donna is infatuated by her, and Toadie and Steph come together but is it just as friends?
  • Episode 5483
    Episode 5483
    Episode 118
    Harold spills the beans about why he has come back, Paul and Elle sqaure off, and the love triangle comes to an end.
  • Episode 5482
    Episode 5482
    Episode 117
    Sam warns Dan she is going to leave him, Harold makes an appearance on the Street, and Bridget and Declan make their love public knowledge.
  • Episode 5481
    Episode 5481
    Episode 116
    Marco confides in his father, Steve is wary of what the future holds for him, and Dan and Sam come to a realisation.
  • Episode 5480
    Episode 5480
    Episode 115
    Carmella wants to see Marco and Franco getting along, Elle shocks Paul with her descision, and Toadie faces the fact he needs to sort out Callum.
  • Episode 5479
    Episode 5479
    Episode 114
    Steve lets Nicola in on his secret bringing them closer together, the truth about Franco is out, and Paul has a proposal for Rebecca.
  • Episode 5478
    Episode 5478
    Episode 113
    At the kissing booth, the youngsters face their true feelings, and Dan's hand is forced and has to act to control Sam.
  • Episode 5477
    Episode 5477
    Episode 112
    Dan and Sam's relationship hits the rocks, Steve is keeping something to himself on his return, and the people closest to Susan can't all agree about her treatment.
  • Episode 5476
    Episode 5476
    Episode 111
    Toadie finds his adopted son is taking stuff that isn't his, Susan is going to take a risk regarding her health, and Sam covers up a lie.
  • Episode 5475
    Episode 5475
    Episode 110
    Paul attempts to get Rebecca to notice him, Steph has a new love interest in Jay, and Oliver and Sam spend the night in each other's company.
  • Episode 5474
    Episode 5474
    Episode 109
    Bridget gets good news but it doesn't help her get over the guilt she's feeling, Paul pounces on the fact that Marco is selling up, and Sam's condition worsens.
  • Episode 5473
    Episode 5473
    Episode 108
    Callum is nowhere to be seen as Susan falls down and faints and even though Bridget comes clean it doesn't help out Steve.
  • Episode 5472
    Episode 5472
    Episode 107
    With Steve soon going trial the family are struggling to hold in the truth about what really happened, Susan's ill health causes trouble, Marco forgets about his dream to look after his dad.
  • Episode 5471
    Episode 5471
    Episode 106
    Toadie offers to care for Callum after Callum's grandmother is hospitalised and Marco can't decide where his loyalties lie.
  • Episode 5470
    Episode 5470
    Episode 105
    Miranda forces Nicola to reveal her true feelings, Carmella abandons Marco for a night out, and when his new son doesn't arrive, Toadie is disappointed.
  • Episode 5469
    Episode 5469
    Episode 104
    Carmella is once again tempted into stealing despite trying her hardest not to, Bridget wants to just tell someone about what she knows, and Steph thinks she now knows where she stands with Toadie.
  • Episode 5468
    Episode 5468
    Episode 103
    Nicola goes to Karl for work, Dan tells Libby to steer clear of Sam, and Rebecca decides to stay on the Street.
  • Episode 5467
    Episode 5467
    Episode 102
    Libby has her suspicions about Sam's health and everyone gets behind Rebecca after finding out about what Paul did to her.
  • Episode 5466
    Episode 5466
    Episode 101
    Rachel and Ty are pretending to be an item which doesn't go down well and Rebecca still can't believe Paul had an affair with another woman.
  • Episode 5465
    Episode 5465
    Episode 100
    Carmella and Lyn spend some quality time together, Sam starts to take things too far, and Susan revals all about Paul's affair.
  • Episode 5464
    Episode 5464
    Episode 99
    Sam tricks Libby into thinking she's having a baby so she stays clear of Dan and Carmella has free will on her side again.
  • Episode 5463
    Episode 5463
    Episode 98
    Dan can't decide between Libby and Sam, Declan has reason to believe Bridget was involved in Chris' death, and Kirsten and Ned's relationship might soon take off.
  • Episode 5462
    Episode 5462
    Episode 97
    Dan is talked into having a baby and worrying about the risk later, the Parkers don't know what to do now that Steve isn't around, and Ty and Libby's relationship comes to and end.
  • Episode 5461
    Episode 5461
    Episode 96
    Declan acts as a good samaritan towards Bridget, Steve is given his penalty, and Paul gets on the wrong side of Lyn.
  • Episode 5460
    Episode 5460
    Episode 95
    After Steve comes clean the rest of the family are in shock, Riley decides to tke a step up in the news world, and the person blackmailing Paul is uncovered.
  • Episode 5459
    Episode 5459
    Episode 94
    Steph is surprised by how her mum is acting, Steve tries to spare his daughter by telling the truth, and Marco tells Sienna to leave.
  • Episode 5458
    Episode 5458
    Episode 93
    Declan faces time in jail if he doesn't change his ways, Lyn is back and is keeping something to herself, and Bridget comes clean.
  • Episode 5457
    Episode 5457
    Episode 92
    Zeke and Taylah prepare to say their farewell, Bridget has to live with the consequences of the night before, and Libby and Ty find something they wish they hadn't.
  • Episode 5456
    Episode 5456
    Episode 91
    At the formal, Zeke and Tyler decide to end things, Bridget's night doesn't go as planned, and elsewhere Toadie is still set on adoption.
  • Episode 5455
    Episode 5455
    Episode 90
    Declan brings out the decorator he didn't know he had in him, Toadie wants to adopt but Steph isn't sure, and Bridget and Chris get intimate.
  • Episode 5454
    Episode 5454
    Episode 89
    Nicola surprises Riley while he is surfing and attempts to seduce him again. Instead, she shocks him by revealing her true feelings when she says Steve's name. Shocked and disgusted at her behavior, Riley speeds off and accidentally hits a dog, which belongs to Chris Knight. Chris heads to the vet surgery, where he meets Bridget. Oliver and Carmella reach a final custody arrangement. Taylah reveals to Zeke her history with Chris Knight, who is understandably shocked.moreless
  • Episode 5453
    Episode 5453
    Episode 88
    Elle and Paul convince Kirsten not to go to the police about the second blackmailer, however she does confess her affair to Ned. Oliver reveals to Carmella that he wishes to drop his case for sole custody of Chloe, and the pair meet with Sam to draw up legal arrangements. Custody is thrown up into the air again however, when Sienna lets slip that she she saw oliver and Elle kissing, and Carmella realises that they are together again. Toadie arrives back in Ramsay St to an awkward reunion with Steph, who quickly learns that he has returned with some extra baggage.moreless
  • Episode 5452
    Episode 5452
    Episode 87
    Despite their near kiss, Libby starts relaxing around Ty, however Steph becomes increasingly stressed out at the thought of Toadie returning to Erinsborough. Paul, Elle and Kirsten close in on and confront their blackmailer. However, is that the end of it all? Steve and Ned make amends with their father before he leaves Erinsborough again.moreless
  • Episode 5451
    Episode 5451
    Episode 86
    Steve is shocked by Jim's revelation that he is not Steve's biological father and struggles to deal with the emotions it stirs up. Ty invites Libby out on a friendly date, and while she at first turns him down, Steph convinces her to take the offer. Elle and Oliver argue over how quickly their relationship is moving, and Oliver's desire to hide the truth while the custody case is ongoing.moreless
  • Episode 5450
    Episode 5450
    Episode 85
    Steve is still upset at his father's presence, even more so when Ned insists that Steve takes Jim on a fishing trip. Steve does so, but when Lou is caught cheating, things unravel quickly and a secret is revealed. Sam and Dan babysit Chloe and bump into Libby at the park. While Dan plays footy with Ben, Sam confides in Libby that she will be unable to have children while she is on her medication. Taylah visits Karl at the hospital with a surprising question.moreless
  • Episode 5449
    Episode 5449
    Episode 83
    Ned returns from his family holiday in Queensland with a nasty surprise for Steve, their father Jim has come to visit.
    Paul begs Kirsten and Elle for their help in tracking down the blackmailer.
    Bridget and Rachel have an unpleasant shopping experience when looking for formal dresses, but Miranda and Nicola help them get revenge on the snooty saleswoman.
  • Episode 5448
    Episode 5448
    Episode 83
    An excited Rebecca asks Kirsten to cater a 'welcome back' party for Paul. With both Kirsten and Paul struggling to hide their affair, Elle insists that Paul tell Rebecca the truth. However, when he takes Rebecca aside for a private conversation, he proposes to her. However, Paul's joy at the forthcoming wedding is he receives a package of incriminating photos of himself with Kirsten. Who's blackmailing Paul and what do they want?moreless
  • Episode 5447
    Episode 5447
    Episode 82
    Riley is shocked and regretful after falling for Nicola yet again and giving in to passion. Heather offers Riley the chance to move in with her, but when she catches Riley and Nicola kissing again, she breaks up with him. Bridget's feelings for Ringo cause her confusion and she starts sending him very mixed signals. Ringo on the other hand, is fed up and breaks up with Bridget. Carmella confesses her $20,000 debt to Marco. Marco approaches Elle to sell her his share of the business to cover the debt, however she offers him a loan, much to Carmella's dismay. Elle finally admits that she has feelings for Oliver when she watches his happiness at seeing baby Chloe again.moreless
  • Episode 5446
    Episode 5446
    Episode 81
    Miranda's sister, Nicola, arrives in Erinsborough to help Miranda and Steve celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. Bridget is happy to see her aunt, however Riley is not. What is he hiding? Carmella returns home from her holiday in Italy to discover that her cousin Sienna has arrived in Erinsborough and Marco has gone into business with Elle. Carmella, however, has a secret of her own, having racked up a massive credit card debt while on holiday.moreless
  • Episode 5445
    Episode 5445
    Episode 80
    Rachel surprises Susan by presenting a statement to the court, however her desire to take responsibility for her actions fails to save Angus from jail. Rebecca worries that Steve is pushing Declan too hard, but Declan realises that tough love is what he needs. Ty reveals his crush on Libby.
  • Episode 5444
    Episode 5444
    Episode 79
    Steve offers to help Rebecca steer Declan onto the right path. Dan confronts his desire for Libby. Rachel decides to attend Angus' court hearing despite not having written a victim impact statement.
  • Episode 5443
    Episode 5443
    Episode 78
    Sam and Dan's relationship becomes uneasy as he lies about attending a school meeting the night before and Sam does not reveal that she knows the truth. Ringo and Bridget's new romance is put to the test when they're busted kissing by Bridget's whole family. Taylah's father refuses to budge on the issue of her dating Zeke, forcing the young couple to sneak a moment together at school whenever they can. Rachel is taken by surprise when she bumps into Angus at school shortly before the court hearing.moreless
  • Episode 5442
    Episode 5442
    Episode 77
    Elle and Kirsten engage in a battle of wills as Kirsten attempts to confess her affair, and Elle tries to force her to leave Erinsborough. Finally, they reach an uneasy truce as they both try to protect their families. Zeke is caught in Taylah's bedroom after falling asleep during a secret visit the night before. When he declares that he and Taylah want to do the right thing and treat their families with respect, Karl attempts to talk to Brad Jordan on their behalf, with little success. Dan and Libby are recruited to teach the Year 11 students how to dance for the school formal. When Libby gives Dan a few lessons after school, Sam catches them in each others arms yet again.moreless
  • Episode 5441
    Episode 5441
    Episode 76
    Karl returns from his visit to Izzy and Holly in London and steps right in the middle of the Zeke and Taylah uproar. Taylah's father bans Zeke from seeing his daughter, however Karl is impressed by Zeke's mature arguments to the contrary. Elle admits to Oliver that she bought the alcohol for Declan. Kirsten returns from her tryst with Paul in Paris and is determined to confess all to Rebecca.moreless
  • Episode 5440
    Episode 5440
    Episode 75
    Ringo celebrates turning 18 with his brother and the other men of Ramsay St at Charlie's while the women and his underage friends prepare for the surprise party. Touched by the kindness they show, Ringo reveals his eating disorder to his friends, impressing everyone, including Bridget, who kisses him. Rosie and Frazer leave for Italy, happy with the knowledge that Ringo is recovering, and has plenty of support. Frazer also mends his relationship with his mother before they leave. Steve and Rebecca continue to butt heads about their different parenting styles, and when Steve accidentally knocks Rebecca over when trying to throw out some teens who crashed Ringo's party, things take a turn for the worse. Taylah and Zeke attempt to take their relationship to the next level,only to be caught by Susan and Libby uses her new friendship with Ty to distract herself as Dan asks Samantha to move in with him.moreless
  • Episdoe 5439
    Episdoe 5439
    Episode 74
    Prue is unhappy with Ringo's plan to move into Susan's house, but when Susan offers Prue advice and reassurances, she relents. Frazer is fed up with having to constantly seek his mother's approval and decides to cut ties with her before he and Rosie leave for Italy. When Zeke realises that Taylah has an older ex-boyfriend, he thinks he needs to be more mature to keep her interest. Despite Taylah obviously preferring Zeke the way he is, Zeke and Declan convince Elle to buy them some beer for Ringo's party.moreless
  • Episode 5438
    Episode 5438
    Episode 73
    Bridget asks Dan to step in and talk to Ringo when he won't listen to anyone else. Prue blames Ringo's anorexia on Frazer, and Rosie threatens to cut Prue out of their lives, and her grandchild's life, if Prue doesn't stop blaming him. Rebecca realises that her fears about Oliver hurting Elle are unfounded; it's Elle who is using Oliver.moreless
  • Episode 5437
    Episode 5437
    Episode 72
    Ringo is found washed up on the beach. Bridget's CPR lessons save his life, but when she declares her feelings for him, Ringo pushes her away. When Prue lashes out, Frazer is shocked to learn she hasn't forgiven him for the death of his brother Paul. Ty moves in with Steph and Libby while Elle discovers that Kirsten has joined her father in Paris.moreless
  • Episode 5436
    Episode 5436
    Episode 71
    Ringo's disappearance at the beach starts a sea and air search. Sam and Libby's friendship blossoms as they comfort his family. Rebecca attempts to have Elle rethink her relationship with Oliver.
  • Episode 5435
    Episode 5435
    Episode 70
    Rebecca is shocked when she catches Elle and Oliver kissing. Bridget realises she has feelings for Ringo and reveals this to him. Ringo however, is feeling betrayed by Rachel after she told Susan of his eating disorder and turns his back on his friends and heads to the beach. Will a swim in the ocean lead to tragedy?moreless
  • Episode 5434
    Episode 5434
    Episode 69
    Sparks fly as Oliver and Elle start flirting with each other again, but will Elle's plans to buy a share in the General Store put a stop to it? Riley and Johnno make amends after a difficult childhood together and years of guilt experienced by both. Ringo's eating disorder resurfaces after Frazer and Rosie announce they're taking an extended holiday to Italy.moreless
  • Episode 5433
    Episode 5433
    Episode 68
    Libby invites Sam and Daniel to a dinner party, despite Susan's reservations. When Sam and Steph both pull out at the last minute due to the awkwardness of the situation, Dan and Libby are left alone. When Sam decides to attend the party, she sees Dan and Libby playing with Libby's son Ben, and wonders if her relationship with Dan will ever work out. Riley refuses to discuss his past with Johnno, leaving Steve to find out on his own. Rosie has a second ultrasound to put her mind at ease before having the procedure to have the mole removed, with some astounding and joyous results.moreless
  • Episode 5432
    Episode 5432
    Episode 67
    Dan tells Libby that he and Sam are giving their marriage another chance. Riley is charged with assault after his confrontation with Johnno. Frazer's mother Prue arrives to help the couple through their grief. Lou starts a "Save our General Store" campaign against Marco and Frazer's proposed changes.
  • Episode 5431
    Episode 5431
    Episode 66
    Rosie goes into denial regarding the future of her baby, much to Frazer's sorrow. Frazer simply wants them to be able to grieve and move on, but their inability to see each other's points of view threatens their relationship. At the local footy team try outs, a newcomer heckles Riley, causing him to lose his temper. What is Riley's connection to this mysterious stranger?moreless
  • Episode 5430
    Episode 5430
    Episode 65
    Dan and Samantha give into passion. Steve tries to deny he has issues with his father. Frazer and Rosie struggles to deal with their shock.
  • Episode 5429
    Episode 5429
    Episode 64
    Steve and Rebecca clash over their differing parenting styles. Oliver tries to fight Marco's new business. Rosie and Frazer receive devastating news.
  • Episode 5428
    Episode 5428
    Episode 63
    Rachel realises her feelings for Angus are still lingering beneath the surface. Libby is drawn back to Dan, but he isn't ready to say goodbye to Sam.
  • Episode 5427
    Episode 5427
    Episode 62
    Lou sells the General Store. Frazer begins his new career. Dan struggles with his emotions.
  • Episode 5426
    Episode 5426
    Episode 61
    Dan and Samantha are still drawn to each other. Libby is determined to move on from Dan, but Ben is making it difficult for her.
  • Episode 5425
    Episode 5425
    Episode 60
    Ned and Kirsten plan a family a holiday with Mickey, but will Kirsten be tempted by an offer from Paul? Sam tells Rosie about her bipolar disorder. Declan and Ringo decide to form a band, and Ringo impresses with his musical talents.
  • Episode 5424
    Episode 5424
    Episode 59
    Oliver asks Marco and Carmella for a favour, Marco is forced to decide between his family's wishes and his own, Libby gives up her own happiness for Dan and Steve confesses his troubled relationship with his father to Ned.
  • Episode 5423
    Episode 5423
    Episode 58
    Dan makes a decision about his future, Mickey calls Paul Kirsten's boyfriend, Frazer and Marco discuss opening a restaurant. Steve reveals some Parker family secrets to Ned.
  • Episode 5422
    Episode 5422
    Episode 57
    Samantha and Libby begin to bond, Dan and Steph are trapped in a mineshaft during the SES training session and Steve faces his fears.
  • Episode 5421
    Episode 5421
    Episode 56
    Steph joins the SES with Dan. Ringo and Declan receive their punishment, Ned gets suspicious of Lou and Steve's bond.
  • Episode 5420
    Episode 5420
    Episode 55
    The Ramsay St residents say their final goodbye to Harold. Carmella is fed up with Marco and Oliver's fighting and agrees to a family holiday to Italy without either of them. Taylah tries to get Rachel interested in Ty.
  • Episode 5419
    Episode 5419
    Episode 54
    The neighbourhood teenagers convince their parents to let them see a band at an all ages event with Dan and Libby's supervision, but Ringo and Declan end up in trouble. Harold starts saying goodbye, Toadie leaves and Valda decides its time to head home after an accident at the bar and asks Harold for a ride.moreless
  • Episode 5418
    Episode 5418
    Episode 53
    Harold prepares to leave Ramsay St. Steph is shocked to learn that Toadie's destination after leaving Erinsborough is East Timor.
  • Episode 5417
    Episode 5417
    Episode 52
    Toadie decides he needs to take some time away for himself. Libby remains attracted to Dan, but steps back due to his marriage. Elle becomes suspicious of Paul and Kirsten. Sam accepts a position at Rosie and Toadie's law firm.
  • Episode 5416
    Episode 5416
    Episode 51
    Steph returns home to find Toadie wants to talk about access to Charlie. Paul continues to be attracted to Kirsten while Libby considers her options with Dan.
  • Episode 5415
    Episode 5415
    Episode 50
    Libby decides to give Dan a chance. Miranda gets upset when Steve invites Lou to live with them. Elle gets upset when Riley starts dating Heather.
  • Episode 5414
    Episode 5414
    Episode 49
    Dan tells Libby the reasons for his failed marriage. Oliver charges Marco with assault. Lou realises he is not ready to leave Erinsborough and the school camp ends suddenly when Declan spots a snake.
  • Episode 5413
    Episode 5413
    Episode 48
    Libby and Dan almost kiss before Dan reveals he is still married. Rachel and Bridget begin to repair their friendship while Zeke and Taylah wonder if they should take theirs to the next level.
  • Episode 5412
    Episode 5412
    Episode 47
    Lou tries to remain loyal to both Harold and Mickey. Oliver's determination to have sole custody of Chloe alienates him from his friends and family.
  • Episode 5411
    Episode 5411
    Episode 46
    Lou finally tells the truth about his health scare. Marco and Oliver come to blows at Chloe's christening. Toadie worries that he will not be able to spend any time with Charlie.
  • Episode 5410
    Episode 5410
    Episode 45
    Carmella reveals Marco's secret to a shocked Rosie. Oliver asks Mia to stop hiding their relationship. Harold sells his house to Marco and Carmella, but is he ready to leave Ramsay St?
  • Episode 5409
    Episode 5409
    Episode 44
    Elle begins to have her suspicions about Paul and Kirsten. Lou gives Harold his blessing to leave on his holiday. Libby struggles with her feelings for Dan. Rebecca and Elle plot against the local council.
  • Episode 5408
    Episode 5408
    Episode 43
    Kirsten makes her demands to Paul. Lou continues to suffer since Harold's announcement. An angry Toadie hits the football field with damaging consequences.
  • Episode 5407
    Episode 5407
    Episode 42
    Lou suffers chest pains after fighting with Harold. Toadie avoids Steph while Paul tries to pay Kirsten for her silence.
  • Episode 5406
    Episode 5406
    Episode 41
    Toadie resigns from the class action. Paul tells Kirsten they have no future together, but she discovers he is still with Rebecca. Lou is upset that Harold is planning to leave Erinsborough.
  • Episode 5405
    Episode 5405
    Episode 40
    Paul realises he is risking everything he loves. Bridget and Rachel's friendship is ruined.
  • Episode 5404
    Episode 5404
    Episode 39
    Steph receives a shock regarding the dance party tragedy. Has Bridget been betrayed by her best friends?
  • Episode 5403
    Episode 5403
    Episode 38
    Frazer and Rosie announce their news. Toadie walks out on Steph.
  • Episode 5402
    Episode 5402
    Episode 37
    Toadie makes a life changing decision. Marco confesses to Carmella.
  • Episode 5401
    Episode 5401
    Episode 36
    Steph and Toadie's wedding ends unexpectedly. Rosie reveals her pregnancy to Carmella. Mia and Oliver give in to their mutual attraction.
  • Episode 5400
    Episode 5400
    Episode 35
    It's Steph and Toadie's wedding day. Susan makes a big decision.
  • Episode 5399
    Episode 5399
    Episode 34
    Toadie convinces himself that the wedding is doomed. Paul feels he is on the outside with his family and flirts with Kirsten while at Charlie's.
  • Episode 5398
    Episode 5398
    Episode 33
    Paul admits more of his past to Rebecca. Susan suffers another relapse for which Rachel blames herself.
  • Episode 5397
    Episode 5397
    Episode 32
    Toadie returns to the beach where Dee went missing to say goodbye. Mia falls for Oliver's charms.
  • Episode 5396
    Episode 5396
    Episode 31
    Evelyn Wallace's moving story about Jessica changes Rosie's thoughts on being a mother. Susan tries to hide her returning MS symptoms.
  • Episode 5395
    Episode 5395
    Episode 30
    Mia discovers the real reason Marco and his wife broke up while Frazer shocks Rosie with a proposal about their future.
  • Episode 5394
    Episode 5394
    Episode 29
    Mia becomes concerned about Marco and Carmella's relationship. A rift develops between Elle and Paul.
  • Episode 5393
    Episode 5393
    Episode 28
    Rachel returns to school, Elle is forced to take a break from work, Rosie and Frazer await the result of the pregnancy test.
  • Episode 5392
    Episode 5392
    Episode 27
    Rosie's strange behaviour continues, Steph and Toadie struggle to agree on wedding ideas and Elle offers to help Rebecca with her research.
  • Episode 5391
    Episode 5391
    Episode 26
    Miranda is shocked when she discovers what Steve has done. Rebecca agrees to help Evelyn Wallace research a class action suit against the dance party promoters.
  • Episode 5390
    Episode 5390
    Episode 25
    The Parker's win the auction, but at what cost? Steph makes a big announcement.
  • Episode 5389
    Episode 5389
    Episode 24
    Elle continues to suffer after the dance party disaster. Marco and Carmella consider bidding in the auction of the Timmins' place.
  • Episode 5388
    Episode 5388
    Episode 23
    Libby and Steph head to Shepparton so Libby can close that chapter of her life. Bridget's recovery is almost complete.
  • Episode 5387
    Episode 5387
    Episode 22
    Libby tries to relate to Rachel with her own experience, much to Susan's anger. Ned and Mickey try and cope without Janae.
  • Episode 5386
    Episode 5386
    Episode 21
    Marco heads back to Melbourne, Mia and Oliver tip toe around each other and Bridget and Declan try and sort out their relationship.
  • Episode 5385
    Episode 5385
    Episode 20
    Rachel returns home to learn that Susan betrayed her. Marco and Carmella are on opposite sides of the country, but still connected in their hearts.
  • Episode 5384
    Episode 5384
    Episode 19
    Rachel finds a friend in the most unlikely place. Janae makes a decision that will shock Ramsay St.
  • Episode 5383
    Episode 5383
    Episode 18
    A devastated Rachel runs away. Elle refuses to quit working at the newspaper.
  • Episode 5382
    Episode 5382
    Episode 17
    Janae and Ned grow further apart. Declan and Oliver say goodbye to their father.
  • Episode 5381
    Episode 5381
    Episode 16
    Rachel is interviewed by the police. Karl encourages Rebecca to forgive Richard.
  • Episode 5380
    Episode 5380
    Episode 15
    Paul hides the truth about Richard's whereabouts. The Kennedy-Kinski family recovers from the shock of Rachel's confession.
  • Episode 5379
    Episode 5379
    Episode 14
    Dan Fitzgerald attempts to get to the bottom of Declan's allegations. Paul discovers Richard is back in Erinsborough Hospital.
  • Episode 5378
    Episode 5378
    Episode 13
    Declan reveals that Bridget is covering for Rachel. Darren leaves Erinsborough and Marco heads for the airport.
  • Episode 5377
    Episode 5377
    Episode 12
    Bridget lies to protect Rachel. Mickey blames himself for Ned and Janae's separation. Carmella returns home from the hospital.
  • Episode 5376
    Episode 5376
    Episode 11
    Carmella and Rebecca bond over single motherhood. Darren confesses all to Libby.
  • Episode 5375
    Episode 5375
    Episode 10
    Darren's infidelity is revealed. Dan believes Angus is having an affair with a student... but has he guessed the right one?
  • Episode 5374
    Episode 5374
    Episode 9
    Karl deal with his first emergency patient at the hospital. Rosie throws a party in baby Chloe's honour.
  • Episode 5373
    Episode 5373
    Episode 8
    Carmella puts her baby above everything else, while Ned finds it difficult to hide Darren's infidelty from Libby. Karl returns to medicine, and Susan's MS starts to affect her daily life.
  • Episode 5372
    Episode 5372
    Episode 7
    Karl finds that Zeke is upset due to the fact that Karl seemingly abandoned him in the warehouse collapse. Carmella blames herself for the baby's condition.
  • Episode 5371
    Episode 5371
    Episode 6
    Carmella's baby's life is still at risk, Lou and Harold start a protest campaign and Elle shuts down her feelings for Riley.
  • Episode 5370
    Episode 5370
    Episode 5
    The birth of Carmella's baby does not go according to plan. The teenagers farewell Jessica, and with the Timmins' house on the market, the competition starts to get fierce.
  • Episode 5369
    Episode 5369
    Episode 4
    Carmella begins planning the birth of her baby, but has less time to prepare than she thinks. Bridget finds it difficult to choose between the 2 boys in her life. Ringo struggles to speak with Jessica's mother, while Steve and Miranda risk losing number 26.
  • Episode 5368
    Episode 5368
    Episode 3
    Ned's life starts to fall apart after Janae's confession. Darren walks on eggshells when Ned agrees not to tell Libby. Ringo and Zeke are tormented by memories of the dance party disaster.
  • Episode 5367
    Episode 5367
    Episode 2
    Janae realises the high price she must pay for Kirsten to keep her secret. Paul calls on his old inner steel to save Elle, surprising even himself as rescue efforts draw to a close.
  • Episode 5366
    Episode 5366
    Episode 1
    As rescue efforts continue, Neighbours are left wondering who will survive the tragic roof collapse at the dance party.