Neo Angelique Abyss

Season 1 Episode 12

Imprisoment of Angelique

Aired Monday 2:00 PM Jun 23, 2008 on TV Tokyo
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Imprisoment of Angelique
At the end of last episode Angelique was kidnapped by Jet, much to the helplessness of the guys. Even J.D. could not stop Jet from getting away with Angelique. Angelique asks why Jet kidnapped her and why he hurt everyone, including J.D. who is like a brother since the two are artifacts. Jet replies that J.D., "the original", is defective and will eventually break down. The Aube Hunters figure out it was Erenfried who ordered Jet to take Angelique. Angelique is being experimented on by Erenfried for more research and development of Jinx at the Artifact Foundation's Headquarters in Farian. Just as the experimentation begins, the Aube Hunters come to save her. It then leads up to where the first episode began, the Aube Hunters breaking in and confronting Erenfried. They fight the Jinx and destroy all the units. Jet then engages them and the Aube Hunter guys attempt to fight him but lack the power, leading to their seeming defeat. However, hearing the voices of the Hunters, Angelique awakens her power, screaming "Don't hurt the people important to me!" and casts a healing light upon her comrades. With renewed strength, they defeat Jet, much to the shock of Erenfried. Director Yorgo arrives, telling them to cease fighting. Yorgo asks what Erenfried was up to as he ignored the Yorgo's order of suspension on dispatching the Jinx and did not report about the destruction they caused. Erenfriend declares he did it all for the Foundation and Yorgo calls him a fool. Angelique awakens to see that she is reunited with the rest of the Hunters. However, their time together is cut short as Yorgo comes in and apologizes for what happened but asks Rayne if he can talk with him. Yorgo tells Rayne that the Thanatos will soon be too much for the Silver Wood Knights to handle and that Angelique can save the world with her Purification power if it is tuned to the frequency of Jinx. Rayne objects saying it would be too much strain on her body. Yorgo argues it is the only way and Rayne responds to give him a night to think about it. After Rayne arrives back at where they are staying, Angelique tells him she would like to talk to him. She tells him that Erenfried said her power could save the world and if possible, she would do it. Rayne does not think the method is right and he does not want to put her in any danger but cannot deny Yorgo's words that her power might be the only way. The strain on her body could be too much though and she would end up dying but, he declares he will not let her die as long as he is around and they will all return to the Mansion. Rayne adds it might be unfair but he wants her to decide what to do and leaves. Angelique says how she wants to return to the Mansion with everyone but if she can save the world with her power, even at the cost of her life, she will do it.moreless

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