Neo Angelique Abyss

Season 1 Episode 13

Repatriation, And Then...

Aired Monday 2:00 PM Jun 30, 2008 on TV Tokyo
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Repatriation, And Then...
Hyuga is angry that Rayne would put Angelique in harms way to sacrifice herself for the world but sees that Rayne is serious about protecting her. He then asks if the rest of the Aube Hunters will help him protect Angelique and they agree. The plan is to utilize the Jinx's remote control system and release Angelique's Purifying power to all of Arcadia. As Thanatos have habit to appear when one of their own is in danger, the Foundation plan on using this as an advantage as all the Thanatos will appear in one place to attack Angelique and therefore take them all out in one go. The Hunters declare this will be a race against time as Angelique has to keep her Purifying light going constantly and it will put a strain on her body, chancing her death. Everything appears to be going well as the Thanatos are weakened by Angelique's light and easy to destroy. However after 3 hours straight use of Angelique's power, she begins to lose consciousness while the gathered Thanatos all join together into a massive and strong Thanatos. The Thanatos destroys the tower emitting and amplifying the Purifying Light as Angelique is unconscious. Angelique however summons her powers, awaking from her nightmare, causing a massive light to appear. The giant Thanatos is frozen in pain and the Aube Hunter guys combine their attacks, destroying it. The group arrives back home at the Hidamari Mansion and have dinner. Everyone is happy the Thanatos threat is over for now but Nyx says it's not the end as someone called Erebos is manipulating the Thanatos. To settle everything, they have to defeat Erebos. The only one who can defeat Erebos is in fact the Queen, which is why it is important Angelique become the new Queen sooner. Hyuga reinstates his vow to protect Angelique and she takes the opportunity to command him to stop with the formal speech as well as calling her "Queen" or "Lady Angelique." She says that since they are friends, they should all talk casually. Soon after Angelique falls asleep at the table due to exhaustion from use of her powers. Rayne, J.D., and Hyuga avoid waking her up except a fire starts in the Mansion. Angelique wants to put out the fire as the Mansion will burn to the ground but Rayne stops her, saying it's too late and J.D. and Hyuga say they will look for Nyx. However, Nyx appears, holding a flaming torch and grins insanely, his face covered in strange purple marks. He tells them to turn to ash like the Mansion and chucks the torch at them, causing the stairs to be engulfed in fire. Thanatos begin to appear inside the room and overrun the Mansion, forcing the group to retreat to safety on the hill, escaping the flames and Thanatos. Angelique goes collapses in despair while watching Hidamari Mansion burn. J.D. carries her up the hill while Hyuga and Rayne fight off the Thanatos. Upon reaching a cliff, they are cornered by the Thanatos. One destroys the cliff, causing the group to fall. Angelique cries as the thought of losing everything, a teardrop hitting her cat Erwin, causing him to glow. The season ends with a light envelops the group as they crash to the ground, the cliff falling around and on top. A voice calls out "Angelique" and fades away.moreless

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