Neo Angelique Abyss

Season 2 Episode 9

Snowfield Termination

Aired Monday 2:00 PM Sep 01, 2008 on TV Tokyo
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Snowfield Termination
While traveling to Wodon to save Yorgo, Erenfried learns that Yorgo's execution is scheduled for the following morning, at sunrise. He begs for a carriage to borrow but no one helps him due to him being from the Foundation as they destroyed part of the village. After nearly being runover by a cart and horse, he gets an offer for a ride by an old man. Meanwhile Jet is wandering around and has a flashback of when he was first excavated and recalls being called "defective" due to not being a finished weapon like "the previous one", meaning J.D. Jet tells himself he is not defective and says he will carryout whatever his master's commands are, that being to find the Queen's Egg, Angelique as that was the last order Mathias gave him but also to find "Original" (what he calls J.D.). Erenfried makes it to Wodon and gets past the guards, racing to reach Yorgo before the sun rises. Bursting in before the firing squad could shoot Yorgo, Erenfried is apprehended but drops the pouch Renè had given him. Out of the pouch falls a Holy City badge which causes the execution on hold for Erenfried to be questioned due to have something from the Religious Order. Erenfried reveals the situation at the Holy City, of Mathias' rebellion and the new Religious Leader, Renè having to flee. He says in order to stop Mathias, he needs Yorgo's help since the Artifact chip to amplify Purification Powers is a Foundation project. The Congress agrees that if Yorgo and the Foundation can stop Mathias and recover the Holy City, his execution will be dismissed and the work will be considered as compensation. Yorgo and Erenfried set out to Farian to work on how to get the Ship of Stars to fly once more. Jet appears before the Aube Hunters, stating he will capture both "The Original and the Queen's Egg" and return to the Holy City. J.D. steps forward and tries to reason with Jet, telling him he has no more masters to answer to and should make his own decisions. Jet says he was made to fight J.D. and J.D. concludes that he must fight Jet in order to protect Angelique. The two fight and J.D. constantly gets knocked down only to get up again, saying that emotions can give you strength at times while Jet said emotions merely cause hesitations which lead to defeat. Jet starts suffering from flashbacks once more and believes that if he simply destroys Angelique, all the memories of her will be erased as well. But as he goes to attack her, his emotions kick in and he hesitates attacking, allowing J.D. the time to knock him out, defeating him. While unconscious, Jet remembers Erenfried saying he was able to complete Jet by using research from J.D. but that the Original, J.D., had emotions which was useless and defective for an Artifact. Jet was believed to be a perfect Artifact due to following his master's orders unlike the Original. Jet awakens to Angelique crying and when he asks her why, she says it is because he and J.D. are hurting one another. Jet then returns the handkerchief she had used when tending to his wound and tells her she is the only one he does not want to see cry. He leaves despite the Hunters telling him he could stay with them, Jet stating "I am also defective."moreless

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