Neo Angelique Abyss

Season 2 Episode 7

The Night Of The Truth

Aired Monday 2:00 PM Aug 18, 2008 on TV Tokyo
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The Night Of The Truth
With Angelique taken by Nyx, Mathias orders Jet to bring her back. The Aube Hunters try to chase after Jet but Mathias stops them with his new found power. Meanwhile people in the Sacred City are being terrorized by the Thanatos which were summoned by Mathias. Jet does not understand his own thoughts of why Angelique's words stopped him even though she is not his master. He recalls J.D.'s words that Jet must have a heart also and becomes frustrated why certain memories keep replaying themselves in his mind. Nyx and Angelique get away by horseback while Jet is distracted and Jet declares his mission a failure. Bernard and Roche usher the people to safety from the Thanatos while the Aube Hunters continue to fight the Thanatos where Mathias is. J.D. manages to rescue Renè and Mathias states for him to be free to go anywhere he wishes and no longer be caged like a bird as the Hunters make their escape. Jet appears before them and the Hunters prepare to fight but Jet says he is not ordered to stop them. As they leave, Jet tells J.D. that there is one more person left who is underground, that being Erenfried, and disappears before J.D. can reply. Meanwhile Angelique and Nyx arrive at what is revealed to be Nyx's family villa. Angelique is simply happy he is alright but asks for him to tell her what happened that day when the Hidamari Mansion burned down. Nyx replies he has two hearts inside of him; one is himself, the other is Erebos, the one who sends the Thanatos into the world. When he was younger, the ship he and his family were in got caught in a fierce storm. As Nyx was drowning, he wished to live and that he would do anything. Erebos heard him and saved him, possessing him but Nyx's mother and father drowned. This is why Nyx fears and hates the sound of the sea as it was when Erebos first possessed him. Nyx adds that it must be Erebos' power inside his body that has kept him alive for 200 years and that he is the core that Erebos uses to help send Thanatos into the world. The only hope he had to get rid of Erebos was the Queen's Egg so he set out all over the world and found Angelique. When she becomes the Queen, Nyx wishes for her to give him a peaceful death. Nyx blames himself for making Angelique suffer, taking away her home and parents but Angelique says it was Erebos who did that and that Nyx was the one who gave her many precious things including a place to belong. Their time is cut short as Erebos takes over Nyx and declares he will kill Angelique. Meanwhile the Aube Hunters have taken refuge with Renè, Bernard and Roche at the Silver Wood, including an unconscious Erenfried whom J.D. rescued. Hyuga suggests they leave the Holy City and Renè says he knows a secret passage to get out. Angelique tries to fend off Erebos with her sword, saying she won't kill Nyx. Nyx momentarily regains control but Erebos takes over again, commenting on how strong Angelique has gotten before disappearing through a portal. All the Thanatos in the Holy City all disappear through a giant portal, recalled by Erebos.moreless

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