Neo Angelique Abyss

Season 2 Episode 8

The Resolution Of The Boys

Aired Monday 2:00 PM Aug 25, 2008 on TV Tokyo
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The Resolution Of The Boys
Mathias is suffering from the Artifact chip he implanted upon himself. Jet returns and Mathias sees he does not have the Queen's Egg, Angelique, whom he had ordered to bring back. He dismisses Jet, telling him he does not need anyone who does not follow orders adding Jet is a defect as Artifacts are suppose to follow orders perfectly; Jet is now free to wonder and act upon his own will. The Aube Hunters are traveling to safety when Bernard realizes Roche is not with them. Erenfried wakes up and sees J.D., at first mistaking him for Jet. Angelique reunites with the group, much to everyone's relief. They all stay at Nyx's family villa from the previous episode while being concerned for Erenfried. Angelique reveals to them all about Nyx being possessed by Erebos. Bernard leaves to gets supplies in town and go looking for Roche. Renè is conflicted about Mathias' actions and how he was he was the closest one to him yet does not understand what happened. Back at the Holy City, Celestizam, Erebos appears before Mathias who pledges the cooperation of the city to Erebos now that his body, thanks to the Artifact chip, is now half controlled by the Thanatos. Mathias asks for Erebos to let him rule over the Holy City and Erebos complies, saying Mathias will surrender himself to him once the Thanatos take over his body. The Giant Silver Wood tree begins to wither and Roche witnesses it. Erenfried realizes his mistake of making the Artifact chip to amplify Purification Powers after Rayne tells him the user is at risk of being possessed by Thanatos, which is why he destroyed the information the first time. Erenfried wants to see Director Yorgo to apologize for all he has done and obtain information to stop the chip but Bernard reveals that Yorgo has been given the death penalty. Angelique comforts Erenfried and tells him to do something instead of cry. Erenfried leaves in the early morning and Rayne gives him instructions to get to Wodon faster to reach Yorgo, telling him he will leave his older brother to Erenfried as he cannot leave Angelique's side due to the threat of Erebos. Renè follows Erenfried outside and tells him not to blame himself for what happened to Mathias as he was the one who drove him up the wall. Erenfried promises to save Mathias as that is why he is going to save Yorgo. Renè gives Erenfried a pouch, saying it is a good luck charm. After Erenfried leaves, Renè makes up his mind to go back to the Holy City and become the Religious Leader and save Mathias. He is, as the Religious Leader, the only one who can save the Giant Silver Tree which is connected to all living things, thus all of Arcadia's vitality is dimming with its withering. The Aube Hunters, along with Bernard agree to go back to the Holy City.moreless

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