Neo Angelique Abyss

Season 2 Episode 11

The Slumber in Celestizam

Aired Monday 2:00 PM Sep 15, 2008 on TV Tokyo
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The Slumber in Celestizam
Nyx appears before the Aube Hunters and they try to reason with him but Roche and Angelique tell them it is useless as Nyx is possessed by Erebos. Erebos then says he will collect Mathias' debt but first destroy the Holy City which Mathias' loves so much. Mathias tries to fight Erebos but his Artifact chip breaks, making him powerless. Erebos says he will kill them all one by one starting with Renè, the Religious Leader. He sends a dark shock-wave attack flying at Renè, who is helpless to dodge but Mathias steps in the way, taking the hit instead. Mathias becomes mortally wounded, causing Angelique to become disgusted by Erebos' actions and her powers grow intensely, a bright light emitting around her. Her power causes Erebos and the Thanatos to retreat. The Giant Silver Tree regains its health as Mathias tells Renè he has seen the radiance of a true Religious Leader, thanking Renè for giving him a reason to live before he dies in Renè's arms. Renè tells the Hunters he knows where to find Erebos as the time to fight him is drawing near and the place is revealed as Farian. Rayne says it is because they need the Ship of Stars. While Renè and Angelique are saying goodbye, Rayne overhears Renè telling Angelique the time to tell everyone that she will be leaving is soon as no one else but her can enter the Holy Land. With the key to the Ship of Stars in hand, Angelique and the Aube Hunters leave for Farian. Upon arriving, they meet up with Erenfreid who shows them a much restored Ship. Everyone pitches in to help finish restoring the Ship. Later that night Jet appears before Erenfreid, asking him to disassemble him as defects should be disassembled, declaring himself a defect since whenever he is around Angelique, priority to fulfill his missions decline. Erenfreid tells Jet he cannot take him apart for that as it is a heart, which he used to believe Artifacts could not have but J.D. proved him wrong by saving him from jail and since Jet told J.D. where he was, showing he cared. He tells Jet to act as he wishes from now on, being his own master. Erenfreid asks Jet to help with the restoration with the Ship of Stars, not as an order but as a favor. Angelique is torn up by the knowledge of her only having a few days left with everyone which they do not know. She runs away from Bernard after he tells her Roche and him cannot come with her on the Ship but will await her return. At meal time, Angelique cannot bear it anymore and tells everyone what will happen once she becomes Queen; that they cannot live happily together anymore but Rayne says he doesn't want to hear it. Angelique collapses into her chair sobbing while everyone is shocked into silence.moreless

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