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Season 2 Episode 13

Eternal Arcadia

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The Aube Hunters on the Ship of Stars arrive to the place where Erebos is, discovering it is a desolate Arcadia all except for the Hidamari Mansion which is in perfect condition. Everything in the Mansion is how they remember it except a fire suddenly breaks out and separates Angelique from the guys, forcing her upstairs and into a room where Nyx is. While Angelique faces Nyx, Hyuga, Rayne, and J.D. all have visions of when they first met Angelique only she tells them she does not want to become Queen and forced to be alone in the Holy Land. The guys see through the impersonators easily and break the illusion, only to face a new opponent which turns out to be the three Queen's Eggs Renè had told them about. The illusion of the Hidamari Mansion is dispelled by Angelique's declaration that she does not want a fake Hidamari and the real one is in everyone's hearts. The Nyx before her turns into Erebos as Nyx and he states the desolate world will be Angelique's resting place. Angelique fights Nyx and tells him that even though the Mansion is gone, she still has her friends and their hearts are connected. Erebos comments that the others left her alone in the world and Angelique says they will all save Arcadia through their own ways, living together even without the Mansion, adding that Nyx is a cherished friend. Rayne, J.D. and Hyuga arrive to the battle and tell Nyx they also consider him a friend. Nyx briefly regains control and Angelique says she will bear Nyx's sadness as well as Erebos' crime while protecting beautiful Arcadia. Erebos takes over once more, unleashing his full power and changing his form. The Aube Hunters attack Nyx, protecting Angelique but the three forms of the past Queen's eggs attack them. Angelique charges Nyx with her sword, telling Erebos to give Nyx back. Erebos goes to deal a fatal attack to Angelique but the spirit of the true Nyx appears, holding his arm back, telling Erebos he will not let him do as he pleases. This allows Angelique to deal a finishing blow to Erebos and call her Purification Powers to purify Erebos. Nyx thanks Angelique for freeing him from the dungeon of time and he is now free to die but Angelique ask him to stay with them. Nyx replies having lived for 200 years, he cannot endure more pain but Angelique tells him to continue living for happiness. As Nyx begins to disappear into light, Angelique tells him they will reunite in the near future. Ervin appears and light burst from him, bringing Angelique to another place. The voice Angelique heard at the end of Season 1 speaks, identifying itself as the unification of all consciousness which exist in the universe. He tells her how he has waited for her for many years as all the previous Queen's Eggs died during their journey and Erebos collected their sadness and hate. Because of her strong spirit and kind personality she healed the girl's souls and purified Erebos. It was because of her great determination that she was chosen to be the Queen. Angelique agrees to go to the Holy Land and protect Arcadia. She then appears before Rayne, Hyuga and J.D. in her winged form and thanks them silently before unleashing an Aurora into the sky, healing the land, and disappearing into the sky. Angelique is seen watching the land of Arcadia from a distance, smiling. Rayne and Erefreid are seen talking to each other, calling the other "Professor" and "Eren" which each replies that did they not say to call them that but smiles. Roche gives Bernard some photos for an article and Bernard offers him a job in which Roche says he would have to be paid a lot and runs out laughing. Renè is seen overlooking the Holy City, talking out loud to Mathias before leaving but the spirit of Mathias is seen watching over him, smiling and saying he is always with him. J.D. is leaving to continue his journey and Hannah and Sally tell him to remember to tell them stories of his trip. Hyuga meets with Sir Dion and Renè, declining to return to being a knight, instead patrolling around Arcadia because Angelique is protecting it. Roche says he will find away to see Angelique and Bernard says he will continue waiting for her. Back at the Foundation, Erenfreid says he will reunite with Angelique someday and looks at the capsule beside him before leaving. Inside the capsule is revealed to be Jet, who survived the explosion in which he opens his eyes and says "Angelique." Rayne looks outside a window and says he will reunite with her someday. J.D. says he will continue on his journey until the day he meets Angelique again. In a gazebo, the figure of Nyx is seen holding Ervin who is cuddling in his arms. The series ends with a little girl walking to a chapel with her mother and declaring "Her Majesty!" upon seeing a portrait of Angelique as the Queen, smiling.moreless
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