Neo Angelique Abyss

Season 2 Episode 10

Payment For Sin

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The Holy City is deserted and Mathias begins to feel lonely though he is confused as the city is now his and the scenery he has loved has not changed. Roche observes secretly, calling Mathias a "lonely king." Mathias has flash backs of the people in the city as well as Renè. He starts for the vision of Renè but his Artifact chip begins to activate, causing him to cough up blood. Renè reveals to the Aube Hunters about the being call Erebos. Erebos was an evil being that brought calamity to Arcadia in the past and that it gets stronger by girls like Angelique who would become Queen. There are miraculous girls like Angelique in every era who have strong Purification Powers. They all were pure-hearted and aimed to become Queen to save the world but each had a cruel fate. One was called an impostor, one was betrayed by her friends, another was forced to realize her lack of power. Erebos grew by taking in their despair and their feelings toward the world during those times are what drives Erebos. Erebos attacking the Queen's Egg shows its fear of the Queen's birth in Arcadia. Angelique will one day see its true form because it is her destiny. Roche runs off to tell Angelique that since Mathias regrets what he has done, they might not have to fight but is captured by Nyx possessed by Erebos. Roche fights Erebos but gets beaten up. Meanwhile the Aube Hunters arrive back inside the Holy City via the secret passage. Angelique faces a vision of the past Queen's Eggs taunting her for not telling her closest friends that she is scared and that she will be going to the Holy Land alone once she becomes Queen. Mathias then appears before the group while Erebos spares Roche's life, taking his photo of Angelique instead and tells Roche that Angelique is at the Giant Silver Tree. Renè asks for Mathias' forgiveness for never considering how he felt and instead worrying simply about himself. Renè promises to change the Order so what happened to Mathias would never occur again. Mathias begins to forgive Renè but the chip kicks in and he goes to attack Renè instead, only to be fended off by Hyuga and Rayne. All the guy Hunters get hurt protecting Angelique as well as Bernard and cannot stop Mathias from preparing to stab Renè but Roche manages to make it in time and stop Mathias. The Aube Hunters prepare to kill Mathias but Renè intervenes, saying as the Religious Leader he would take on the responsibility of Mathias' actions. Mathias says how he thought his life was meaningless but Renè was in fact his reason to live as he helped to raise him. He rededicates his life to Renè and what life he has left to help save Arcadia as atonement for what he has done. Erebos appears before the group, stating Mathias has betrayed him and launches an attack of Thanatos upon them, telling Angelique to dance the last waltz.moreless
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